Butterfly Spring

Beautiful Butterfly Spring in Dali, Yunnan, originally known as the bottomless lake.Zhang puddles lived a farmer, father and daughter had each other.Daughter Wen Kou good hard-working, beautiful flower, but unfortunately violent Yu Wang took a fancy to.Wang Yu with his henchman, kicked open the door of Zhang, Zhang old man knocked to the ground, regardless of the Wen do grab his eighth wife.  However, Wen aunt did not seek wealth and status, but she has long been his sweetheart —- Xia Lang, she would rather die than do the king’s wife Yu.Wang Yu angrily, regardless of the Wen hung up, I want to use corporal punishment to force her promise.At night, climbed over the wall Xia Lang, Wen Kou will save out.Who knows, alerted the watchdog Yu palace, “bark” a few times, the Yu Wang woke up, he quickly took the dog and retainers caught up.When two people who love children fled to escape ah ah, fled to the bottomless puddles, Wang Yu with people surrounded them.Wen Xia Gu and Lang affectionately looking at each other, laugh, hug, jump as a bottomless pit.  The next day, bottomless lake of water suddenly roll up, flew out from one pair of Tan Xin colorful, bright beautiful butterflies, chasing each other with dancing.Since then, it bottomless lake has been called the “Butterfly Spring”.