Butterfly sea Kuangxi

1986 mid-spring, mountain forest in northern Brazil.A more than 20 insect species and Research Expedition study habits of butterflies in secluded dense jungle.  This volunteer expedition team led by entomologist Professor Fei Leke, players have passionate students Herder, Olivia, Jack, dancer Charlotte, insect lovers Wu Ersi European and shooting champion Kamm et al..  That day, they came to the mountains of northern forest along the Amazon River in Brazil.When they came to a verdant jungle grass, beauty in front of their stunned: green carpet-like grass dotted with a variety of colorful flowers, bursts of fragrance makes Xinjing waves, like a cloud of colorful butterflies group clouds in the flowers flying, butterflies Pianfei play with blooming flowers suddenly, a group of terrible butterflies appear in jubilant sea butterflies, their wings if the giant palm-leaf fan, head like an owl, eyes glared, bigger than the whole body Eagles.Everyone uttered exclaimed, Professor Fei Leke informed quickly the camera at the group of giant butterflies, and to explain to you and said: This is a South American Amazon downstream of the giant butterfly in Cary, its shape, size, colors are not exactly like the introduction to Professor owl, these butterflies in Cary actually spread my wings, they looked up to observe the crowd suddenly swooped down.Just listen to scream, Charlotte avoid less, a few giant butterfly hit her forehead, she suddenly collapsed to the ground.Professor Fei Leke shouted: Sign bushes  lying to their aid each other, break up the giant butterflies, they are finally hid in a nearby bush.  Suddenly, giant butterflies found tummy group of people, and while they swooped down, shortness Big Wings fan will have to send loud howling, sky and butterflies filled the air.Cam no longer bear it, he rushed into the sky, raised his rifle against the dense mass of butterflies group fired several shots.A couple of giant butterflies fall to the ground, the more butterflies but launched a violent offensive, they bunch up a group coming towards Cam Kuangxi.Instant, Cam submerged in the sea waves mad butterfly.  Mysterious natives finally beat back the attack of giant butterflies, quietly dusk fell, the forest becomes more dark, gloomy mist swirling filled in the jungle.Players with even scared scared, they are tired, hungry and ill.Professor Fei Leke worry about what incidents happen again, he led the team walked toward the camp.  More and more concentrated in the night fog enveloped the forest, they unwittingly lost their way, came to a cliff, the team members one by one intolerable thirst.In this case, Jack suddenly saw not far from a large tree height of tens of meters, fine tree down, the crude intermediate.Little he heard biological knowledge of this tree itself can water storage, they quickly ran there, scuttling a gap with machetes.Sure enough, a fragrance smelling water from flowing out of the tree stomach gurgle.Players also surrounded pleasantly surprised to pick up the water around the tree.  At this moment of joy, surrounded suddenly shone a torch brightly lit, a large group of bent hair, bare-chested, deep-set eyes of Indian descent piebald Norma Hmong holding a bow and arrow spears rushed down the cliff, pairs of anger eyes staring people are drinking water.  Professor Fei Leke was very difficult to understand: What is so aroused their anger  headman looking to get into the tree, carefully looked up.Prof. down his eyes looked over and saw the top of a large tree wiped the clay, he suddenly understood: they hurt this strain symbol piebald Norma Hmong mind the god of rain, the land God and Ceres trees, profanity the natives of the gods.  Headman torch impinge upon Professor, Professor surprised, could not help himself backward, stumbled to the ground.Cam leaning next to the professor twisting flying, all the players have scattered in fright and ran.Earth people under the leadership of the headman, toward Cam go after past.  Just when everyone scattered died mysteriously fled the occasion, Olivia does not distinguish the direction it ran toward the depths of the forest, followed by Jack and Herder knife.  After half an hour, in addition to three of them, the other players have appeared in a collection of cliff.Professor anxious, he was about to send someone to search, surprised to find him hanging from a bloodstain Jack hand and a machete in one hand and leaning pale and trembling of Olivia stumbled walked over.Professor  Herder still disappeared with almost all the players to find the whole night, and finally in a desolate canyon edge Youyuan Herder’s body found.Curiously, in addition to the shoulders, arms, there are some scratches outside, other parts of the bodies intact, only the red imprint of a winding in the neck.  End bury Herder, with a heavy heart we left the canyon, he returned to camp.  The next morning, as they heard daunting screams woke people in the tent, professor got up and rushed out of the tent and saw a gun on duty Suoer Ti Bi panic rush over, breathless shouting: door Menger been killed.  Menger fell flat on the ground, he looked very fear look, mouth wide open as if to shout.Professor inspection body, and a winding dark red scars printed  suddenly the door frame in the neck, another burst of breathtaking soul of screams came, Mother ran professor and Cam.I saw all the players are around the corner tent.Professor Fei Leke flew into the crowd, I saw his face purple Sol Bi, stiff down in the grass.He subconsciously look mysterious death of Saul complete the neck or attached to a winding trail of blood  three players, the shadow of great fear in the heart of the expedition team.This mysterious dangerous forest can not stay any longer.Professor decided to temporarily evacuate, take a motorboat to Brasilia, then back to urban civilization.  Killer borrow expedition legging 10 km away, before dawn, red sun rises from the vast woodlands, the whole earth was disseminated too colorful.  Suddenly, a huge shimmering orange glow appeared in UFO, UFO flying toward them near.  A miracle happened, flying low through trees after flying saucer, and the rapid spread.The original is a large, colorful, beautiful brilliant butterfly  spruce Professor unexpectedly learned converge together spruce butterfly night, and can emit light is excited after sparkle.He quickly took out the camera, shoot from spruce beautiful butterfly, the players nerves completely relaxed, they jump on the grass, his net to capture the pole lovely spruce butterfly, laughter echoed in the crowd.  I do not know when they come in a group of huge Cary butterfly, flapping their wings swooped down like a palm-leaf fan to the people.Olivia scared screaming, your head will go towards drilling in the deep grass, but it was too late, a few giant butterflies swoop kept on her neck, Olivia screams, fell to the ground.Jack frantically hacked with machetes past, Cary in butterfly wings and antennae have to fall to the ground, without fear that they may still hit in waves to the crowd.  Professor Norma suddenly remembered bows Miao natives piebald, then quickly told Cam made a bow and arrow.Cam rapidly cut a cane with machetes, with a rope made of a bow, then deftly cut a good arrow, just listen to bang bang, a giant butterfly arrows fall to the ground.Oddly enough, the giant butterfly immediately stop the invasion, they burst into the air crash, blink disappear without a trace.  Jack threw himself into tears in the face, such as ashes of Olivia side, Professor Fei Leke found in the grief of her neck also has a curved trail of blood.  Suddenly, Wu Ersi shouted: Olivia did not die  people then look closely, Olivia’s chest and sure enough ups and downs, after a while, her mouth spit out a long breath, also opened his beautiful eyes.Professor once again plunged into the fog: Olivia did not die after attacked, it did not prove poisonous butterflies in Cary, that Herder, Menger, Bi Sol is how dead it  professor hearts of a tight, notice we rushed to the river and boarded small boats.  After another 20 minutes to go, the Amazon River expedition finally saw shining in the sun’s shining sparkling waves.At this time, but a small group of beautiful purple butterflies dancing fly from a tall tree, their beautiful wings in the sun Fanned bunches of purplish light.Charlotte was intoxicated purple butterfly graceful dance, she could not help unlock nylon hat, along with these beautiful spirit spin.Professor Fei Leke was extremely nervous, shouted allow Charlotte to wear nylon coat to prevent dangerous unpredictable.  But it was too late, suddenly, these leisurely flying purple butterfly surrounded by the joy of dance Charlotte, she burst into sudden and fierce bite, shrill call of a string of thrilling extract from Charlotte throats after a few seconds, then a distorted body Charlotte, heavily back tossed away.  Professor Fei Leke attention too late to Charlotte, ran hurriedly call on other members of a small motorboat, all the players have followed Professor bolted away Batui.But purple butterfly was moving like a cloud of smoke, Dash closely followed the crowd, a team of nylon cap loose, and immediately there will be a large group of butterflies gather in his head, like a blooming purple corolla.Instant, screams that players lay dead.  Professor finally understand small purple butterfly is this mysterious killer of Danaidae.Adenoid cystic and sharp teeth to its end of the abdomen are poisonous.  The more poisonous butterflies gather more rope, the more the faster the fly, like purple veil covered the sky.To lay siege ran in their small boats 50 meters of the river, still do not know how many players to lose, how do  the desperate, professor suddenly noticed that tree purple butterfly initial break down of the trees drum and a gelatin-like a big bubble, then remembered he was purple butterflies lay their eggs in the poison tree, from time to time to replenish the tree poisonous venom.Cam put his agony vine helmet, who then set a few pieces of nylon clothing, with machetes to cut the tree to open blister poison.Cam heavily armed, armed with machetes ran to the tree, while frantically hacked.Road strong-smelling cream venom overflow trunk, the large crowd of purple butterfly turned around and flew to a tree bubbling venom.  Quickly ran  Professor Fei Leke soon Puhou, led ism players flying in general rushed into the small motorboat.After Close the door, one by one, pale and paralysis in the cabin asthma uncertain.  A few hours later, he launches on a wide abundance of hurtling forward smoothly Amazon.EVA beautiful spring, the banks shady trees.But the players but could no longer enjoy this picturesque scenery.Enigmatic mysteries of nature attracts people, but these are the mysteries of mankind pay a heavy price in exchange.