Butterfly old wounds

Your primitive, stone or desolate jungle hot and noisy like thousands of years of wind on a beautiful fall gradually tighten in anger and pain of the season but remember wither on the account is waiting for winter to save or repeatedly watch land hazy with a caste style branded into the gaze bones stubborn as time and space thorns gene hunting tribes and ethnic groups of clouds in the early summer morning live pan growing green leaves and delicate pupae drop of sunshine nutrition at the mercy of fate palm expect colorful Chula out the same kind of off the old man and his horse that this study and understanding of the universe scriptures who deliberately trimmed into your dreams ever since the appearance of freedom and integration costs five thousand years Xinyu Road achievements of non-road sky flower dance an old erhu in the cemetery to pay their respects their sad loser yellow grass occupy shuttle ruins dying of love and beauty with a disability neglected cemetery as a starting point for all the nerves and eyes stabbed to change the way quite lyrical miserable Unfortunately ending to a beaming successful but empty of love butterfly flying fragile laden with poetic imagination and courage in the days Wander the depths of a musical instrument and a book to see the butterfly style ambush as Huayu slowly wither tears as ink take care of old wounds since I can not give that gorgeous and beautiful wings you need to stop what you should not hesitate to fly