Butterfly not smell fragrant cake

Text / day Street light rain in the evening, the sunset, the setting sun kissed the earth, shy flush half of the sky.    Northern town of summer, this is the most pleasant time of day.Did not get rid of intolerable heat, no hot air mixed with the sound of noisy, people slowly become footsteps.After dinner pedestrians twos and threes leisurely stroll in the pedestrian street, this century-old street people a day will dispel fatigue.Wind, this fan, gently shaking.Kocho wearing that piece floral dress, hair tied back in a pony tail wearing that her favorite pale yellow sun hat, apply powder, go down the stairs.Under the setting sun, she’s like a butterfly gently toward that destination journeyman.    Pedestrian street, the crowds, walking, dancing, playing musical instruments, and many more are quietly sitting on a bench enjoying the sunset in all, quietly enjoying a rare day of good times.Very far, Kocho saw an old couple sitting on a bench size ten.”Oh, late again today, someone else got into this position.”Kocho heart meditation Road, then smiled.Old man left hand gently holding the grandmother, grandmother head gently against the shoulder old man.Their white hair exceptionally beautiful against the background of the setting sun, that is happiness bloom.    Kocho far looked at, she will not break it all, just not at liberty to ink on a landscape, it would be a big mistake, too unpleasant.Kocho will pick up the phone at this picture taken lightly, looking at the cell phone photograph, she knew that if there was not an accident, she and Zhuo Wei, also lives in hand until the white-haired, so be sitting on a bench look at all the quiet, year after year.The bench opposite the 10th is a cake house, across the windows, a variety of cakes out there, like a piece of ornate treasures.I do not know since when, many years, this business has been very good cake house.Kocho like to sit on the bench on the 10th, even in winter should take a ride, just to look attractive cake.Like a butterfly, even though numerous flower fly, there are always its most fragrant Nama love, and sometimes leap thousands of miles, but also to find Anna’s fragrance.Old couple got up and left on the bench, watching Kocho they walk hand in hand in the afterglow.She sat on a bench, his eyes once again look to the opposite, she seems to smell fragrant cake.This aroma mixing with her thoughts, if slowly like a flower blooming shallow.Kocho poor health, grew afraid of her family died, so superstitious grandmother does not allow her birthday, always felt a year at least one year.According to a local saying, after a 16-year-old safe.So small partners Kocho grew up watching helplessly lived his birthday, even if that is not open and the development of the times, a birthday gift when the partners get really made Kocho envy.Zhuo Wei and childhood Kocho, Kocho year Zhuo Wei looked lonely birthday time, very sad and helpless.She promised to Kocho a promise: we must pass the first and most significant time for her birthday when 17-year-old Kocho, Kocho he wants to send a birthday cake.Kocho laughed, she knew Zhuo Wei love for her, for her pet, this life time is still long, Zhuo Wei will bring her countless birthday surprise, it will make up for the 16 years birthday of regret.Since then, Kocho birthday countdown began, she counted the stars and hope the moon, looking forward to 17-year-old birthday coming a little earlier, they will eat their own first birthday cake.    Life is a river, the river does not slow slow flowing forward, no stormy seas.17-year-old arrived, a month.October is a beautiful!Kocho feel every day so fast heartbeat.Every day she floated, like a beautiful butterfly.Human life, once the link up with hope, there will be dynamic; the hopes once associated with love, there will be an infinite passion.But sometimes, the water will touch the lives of silt, so water to a halt.    On that sunny day in September, far Zhuo Weiyong closed his eyes, a car accident, two people regard life and death two circles, all the promises, gone with the wind.Kocho no longer floated, because her world of darkness.Darkness, a butterfly is not every now and then, because there is no happy desired goal.When October comes the birthday, Kocho did not meet with cake.Butterfly not smell fragrant cake, I saw the autumn wind rustled the leaves, the leaves are tired sad butterfly.So, from that day, Kocho love the pedestrian street that house cake house.Sitting on a bench in the 10th, she quietly watching, all the memories accompanied by any eyes in the beautiful cake, like scenes in a movie playing, black and white film never yellowed memories.A drop of rain fell from the sky, dripping eyelashes Kocho, Xia also just red sky, instantly mended to rain?Like life, caught off guard interpretation of scenes you do not want to have to give it your own War.Kocho quickly got up, she knew no one an umbrella, as if no one would give her a birthday cake.Send cake person, where is?    Kocho softly look back to cake house, deep sniff a little, no, or I do not smell the aroma of cake!Looked up, her eyes seemed to see Zhuo Wei from crevices in the dark, I heard Xinyu came: “Kocho, go home, rain, do not get sick ah.”Yes, go home!Floral skirt dancing, accompanied by wind and rain prelude to heavenly eyes, quickly journeyman.Kocho know, butterfly wings is no longer wet injured.Days of street light rain in the evening of April 17 written in 2013 Original qq1123735360