Butterfly Magic born, just broken wings

Dianpei fleeting, Red floating chaos, who love luxury, who left a sad?  I am you, you are at the end of time I will be discarded at the intersection of youth, etc., where the fate of that road injuries, you never not read pain!  Text / night Xiaoyun [] One summer evening last light through the windows, crushing knocked out in the room, so gently, as if afraid to disturb this quiet.Two beautiful flower woman, that quiet as midnight stars, silent but little flicker.  Sky clean and clear blue so blue.There are butterflies flying on the window sill, the window lightly across the sky with the birds, if they can understand, can understand from the house heard the music it contains sadness.Quiet inner tube some restlessness, agitation trace of sadness, death as a funeral song on.”Broken wing butterfly”, it took three years before I do this song, there has placed in my heart all the pain and unbearable, it is not visible to others.Every idealist always hear tears, did not want to upset her, so this song we have never sung on stage.But tonight is our last night at the school, will also be our last night in the city, yes, we graduated.Idealism says: dream language, here the end of it, say goodbye to the past, he will be completely forgotten, we buried him, you bury the past, so you can really start again.For idealism request, I never can not refuse, but not to refuse.As I like this woman’s life, like her twin, as I live my life, the pain was my pain.  Standing in front of the mirror looking at idealism, white jumpsuit dress, black hair, dark shadow in exchange, I saw an angel.Yes, she is an angel in my life, to accompany me through the darkest days of life.  Three years, three years, what kind of a concept?1090 days, 26,280 hours, 1576800 minutes, 94608000 seconds, to use a scientific calculator to large inventory numbers, but also unexpectedly traveled between.Station back to the intersection of time, still can not imagine the things that have occurred, reminding us of scenes a nightmare, nothing but real.My mind always remnants of those images, blurred and clear, but still remember that time, still remember that night, my world in a single instant collapse, eyes are dark, I did not see anything, hear anything, my heart is frozen at that second, from dusty.  [II] being lost in thought, MSN on a stranger’s head flashing, a woman’s sixth sense tells me this is not just a stranger, some abnormal heart beat frequency.Open dialog box, a simple words: Congratulations on your graduation!With curiosity and look forward to a little bit, open his blog, a photo that greeted my eyes sting.Mo Fan is really him, but his arms holding another woman, so happy sweet wedding, so I think how ironic yourself.I still do not know what to expect, what are waiting for, that’s not what you had expected?Just when dreams were shredded, when the true face of reality, the heart still pain.  Memories like the old film, slides in front of a picture, just lost color, only black and white.  It was a summer, sunlit warmth of the season, not off the childish I took to look into the youth ignorant of the city full of literary legend campus.In a sparse dawn of the morning, I met Mo Fan.I saw him, he was sitting in the shade Lake, he looked up at the distance, as if to penetrate the reality of light, to reach another world.So quiet, so sad.On that one, I fell in love with him, there is no reason, then I think love is such a sudden thing, just one second, one second is enough.I’m looking for an excuse to get in a word with him, knowing that I’m a freshman, he patiently explained to me.I asked him to phone number: I do not know what to say in the future, he also hopes the exhibitions, he hesitated, she promised.He wrote in a convenient affix his name and number, Fan, it was then that word would deeply engraved into my mind.I also left his contact information.Dream language, he said very nice name.  By asking, I know that he is my seniors with the Department, with honors, and is the chairman of our college students.In the coming days, I always look for a variety of reasons to look for him, but never dared to let him know my mind, because he is so good.I saw those girls he refused, so cold, so I think he is not sentimental, but he always took care of me.  Especially cold winter in the north, for me, came from the city year-round spring children, it is a difficult period.I always say to Mo Fan, too cold, I want to go to hibernate, wake up is the spring of hope.He always patted my head and said: silly girl.Whenever this time I feel good warm.I like him call me silly girl, I feel so kind.  First snow falling on Christmas morning, six o’clock, I still tightly reduction in bed, the phone rang not law-abiding, that is the alarm clock was going off the press, but to see that not every call.He would pick up the phone to complain: young master, you know what time it is, did you also allows people to live ah?Silly girl, get out of bed to see what is out there is different.I went to the window wide open hazy sleepy.Then I saw the flying snow, shrouded in a white world, so beautiful.I told Mo Fan, selected to the north of me, just to see snow, I like clean and transparent world, so pure, so simple, the whole world only one color.Being intoxicated, the phone’s voice was angry: silly girl did not see enough snow there is better looking than you brother, then how to say the hospital is also a brother of grass!I then head to look heavenward low, saw Mo Fan, he stood in my dorm room downstairs, that I shall never forget the picture of.How you stand there ah?I hurriedly put on a coat and ran downstairs to go, how cold standing here ah?Was going to grant him a staggering, he would me tightly in his arms, so hard, as if to rub it into his heart I.Not to wait for this fool you what, I love you, silly girl, I love you, I want you to take warmth, his chest so strong, his arms so warm, so I’m not in the winter cold.  [Three] happy time always seems to flies, had a chance to bask in this gentle, blink of an eye a year later.Fan, also graduated.Is still summer, still camphor garden day, still shade Lake.Mo Fan said he was going development of the South, I did not stay, just nod.I wanted to call him leave, left for me, but after all, did not speak, because I know he has his dreams, I love him, so I will support him, even though I know how to accept defeat.I dream language is not the time to take care of yourself, I will miss you, learn from it, so I came back ,,,,,, he said a lot of a lot of words, I almost more to remember, but the arms, the temperature, I will always remember.  Not every day is not around, the time seems to be set in front of a magnifying glass, unlimited stretch.Mo Fan always want the next moment will be able to stand in front of me and told me he came back.  Long-distance calls too expensive, we can only send text messages every day, but as long as he received the message, I feel so happy.Day so the water flows through a fine breeze, extracurricular spent most of my time in the library tube, because I need something to fill the missing share.I bought a good-looking notebook, labeled in the cover photo of me and Mo Fan, with a pen to record my daily life, I write down his thoughts every day.I was always a man walking in the place where we once walked, as if he was on the side, because there are worried about, the heart will not be lonely.  The wait was long and painful, especially when the result is just a void.  I foolishly thought it was just a question of time and distance, but never know, the other side end of the line who had the heart to take away children.  As time goes on, fewer and fewer Mo Fan message, sometimes I do not send him back, he said only busy with work, no time, I believe, because I love him.Later I learned that for him, how his love is cheap!  [Shop] Mo Fan finally came back, but his side more than one person.I want to say that not every school will not let me pick up the machine, I still secretly went, wanted to give him a surprise.The results surprised the man to get me, I looked at him holding another girl’s hand, laugh out of that look is so loving.I want to escape, but my feet at that moment lost consciousness, I was gonna stand there like, standing there watching them sweet.  Dream language, how do you here, do not have a class?When you see me, he was a bit scared, but soon calm down.He said I’ll introduce you: This is my girlfriend CHING, this is my dream language school girl.School girl, how ridiculous relationship?Seniors, welcome back.I have to teach, go first, so much I turned and ran, and I was afraid Zaichi second, the tears will fall.  Christmas is still, still snowy day, those who are still, but the heart has changed.That night we long walk in the snow, he finally spoke: dream language, I’m sorry.I would not look at him, could not say anything.He said: CHING her former girlfriend, also a first love.The day I met him, he just broke up and CHING.They are high school students, but the college entrance examination on a different university, after graduation he went to Gus Armstrong development in the South, he did not want, so they broke up.He said he had not intended to go to the south CHING, just want to see, in the end is what kind of world, so she can cast aside their feelings for so many years.Just do not expect to encounter CHING, Gus Armstrong says she still loves him, and he never forgot her.He said: They are coming back this engagement.What about me, what am I?I asked him.He smiled and said: friend ah.I firmly hold the fist, holding the palm came the sting, efforts looked up and said to him: I wish you happiness.Then turn around and let the tears flow behind, sprawling, and that he will never know the pain.  The original is my excess, I just episode of their love story.Running in the snow on the way, I want to use this speed forget about all this, but still can not stop the tears, cold over the face.  [Wu] special cold that night, I did not clinging tightly to their own temperature.So I went to school near the bar, ordered a whiskey most intense, under glass cup of irrigation, not drinking, because there is no taste, but hope this can warm yourself cold heart.  Bright lights, sad music, but also I could not stop the tears, that moment I did not know how much alcohol turned into tears of glare.Inter unexamined someone approached me, asked me to drink, I did not refuse, has been drinking, has been dancing.Inter stumbled and was taken to a room, I want to escape, want to struggle, but no trace of effort, I secretly press the number 1 health, it is not every shortcut key phone number, but he did not answer.Mouth that a trace of sadness with laughter with tears solidification, solidification at that moment, frozen in the night.Nama red infested the city through the winter snow, eroding every cell of my heart.  Woke up the next day in the morning, looking disheveled himself, has not the slightest perception that no one could read despair.I picked up a piece of broken glass, fiercely draw to his wrist, any bloody.Close your eyes, I think this will never hurt, so it will not be sad, and after athletic, cure my drink, everything will be forgotten, everything can be forgotten.Idealist find me there, I became unconscious, you can imagine how she was panic.When I opened my eyes, looked at the white one, I thought I had left, and left me sad world.But he saw lying in the bed next to the idealism, feels indescribably distressed.  Idealism is my best friend, we are classmates, but it is time we became good friends in the musical community.Idealist like guitar, drums and my favorite is.On New Year party, each new member will show their strengths.At that time, we became good friends.I like her to play the guitar, the way she likes to play drums I feel, she said, my hands flow with sadness, like my eyes.We often practice together.But after Mo Fan and together, I will not go, because I know he likes the quiet, maybe he did not know I had this specialty, in his eyes, I was a quiet woman blossoming.  I woke up and found, idealism tightly hugged me, said nothing, but tightly hugged, I could feel the tears dripping on my skirt.  [Lu] was discharged that day, idealism gave me a nice wrist, as I put her gently, as if afraid to touch my wounds.Her hands are wearing an identical.She said, so no one will doubt and curiosity.  That day, I went to a tattoo shop in person, in the right eye brow foot stabbed a butterfly’s broken wing butterfly, her only half of the wings.After idealism found, also went to the store, let the boss in her left eyebrow foot stabbed the other half on the wings of a butterfly.She said: dream language, we’re sisters, no matter what happens, I will accompany you spent together.  Later, we set up the band: Butterfly.I have all the emotional sustenance in the music.I always sad, I was always a man beat drums, severely beat, to knock all those sad, eyes closed, no more tears.  During the day, I would obediently go to class idealism, we will lay down their hair, all with wrist, so no one sees our brow butterfly tattoo, no one saw the scars on my wrists, and no one I see the pain in my heart.In the eyes of teachers and students, we are good students of all excellent.  When night falls, we are no longer us, is no longer a good girl, and we are the dark fairy, very tender and beautiful makeup, very sad eyes, standing in the bar singing enjoy the stage, enjoy the release, singing revealed that is hysterical despair.We use green lace long hair from the high beam, Mei Wei butterfly tattoo, flashing lights, a lifelike.But we are only half of the wings, we can not solo, but can be flapped together, this is the love that does not adhere to.  Such a noisy environment, and did not affect us.In exchange the lamp with shadow, sound and music, we still quiet with.Because our concert, the bar becomes particularly good business, and we will become legendary twin butterfly Ji, eyebrow feet are Butterfly, full of plaintive singing of twin sisters.  In this way the university spent a good time, so spend a beautiful youth, in the days without you, without you the world, frozen earth in mind, substantial but still numb.  [Qi] had the right?I have a boyfriend, right?He jumped out of the lines on the screen.  Oh, what is the concept boyfriend?I can not help but laugh.  Do you hate me?he asks.  What Haohen it, did you originally playing with my feelings, my cold words Qiaoxia.I think I do not care, the heart is dead, how would I feel.  I’m sorry, but I really loved you!  Really loved what kind of a concept, I was not sorry.Forget you said it, you’ll love me forever, every day a little more every day, how to light, how to forget it.I’m still waiting for you, and you have already gone, leaving me, and we have walked away from eachother, carrying another man’s hand wander.As you would expect, you have a forever love, just not the man I.You are in love with the catastrophe of my life, since there was no escape, I chose to bear.  Bell tower outside the window on the old-fashioned knock on six under, the sky has been dark.Dream language, quickly pack up, ready to go out!Spiritual urged me to start.We are all people who do not like to be late, in our eyes, everything is sacred, everything is worthy of respect, including time.Exit MSN, off the computer, turn off the lights, lock everything behind.  The last time the city stood on the land, the last time the city stood on the stage, crank up the music, the whole cast full light, the last, most vividly concert.Singing on such wanton, so unashamed release.Knocked any tears in the drum surface, and with a wailing sound.Scenes look at the past through the eyes, one by one to delete it, without leaving the slightest trace.  5:59:59, 6:00, a second time difference from the day and night, had both good and bad of earthly matter but also even for a moment between the.  When the light shines in the morning between the first line of the WTO, we take up the luggage, go to the other side of the sea, go to another city without your seat.  Mo Fan, this life will never meet again!  Postscript: There are many things in life we can not predict who do not know what will happen the next second.The so-called forever, it is only thought that second.Too simple is always fragile, something earthly, not far from our imagination so simple, perfect love story only exist in fairy tales, the reality could not be staged.  Butterfly fly, but the sea, not because she never had the courage, but the sea had gone there to wait.