Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai

There was once a landlord surnamed Zhu, known as outside members wish, his daughter is not only beautiful and Lovers, and very smart, studious.Since ancient times, but the woman can not go to school to study, Lovers day had to lean on the window bar, looking at the street through the book reading people carrying boxes coming and going, and my heart very envious!Is it only women do in the home embroidery?Why can not I go to school?She suddenly asked myself: For ah!Why can not I go to school it?  Thought here, Lovers hurried back to the room, the courage required to parents: father, mother, I want to go to school in Hangzhou.I can wear men’s clothes, act like a man, must not be recognized, you promised me.!I wish the couple did not agree, but Yingtai pleading, he had promised.  The next morning, Yingtai and her maid dressed men, said goodbye to her parents boxes, happily set out to Hangzhou.  To the school the first day, Lovers met a classmate named Butterfly, and superior knowledge, character is also very good.She thought: such a good person, if you can every day together, will learn a lot, they will certainly be very happy.The Butterfly felt with her hit it off, there is a feeling of hit it off.As a result, they often talk about it with the text of the poem ah fall in love, hot cold ah ah mutual caring, knee to knee side by side, Liangxiaowucai.Later, the two sworn brothers, more intimate than.  Spring and autumn came three years later, the expiration of the school year, which is say goodbye to her teacher and return home in time.Classmate III contains the entire candle, Lovers have been deeply in love with her studying together, and although I do not know Butterfly Lovers is a girl, but also very strong admiration for her.He later parted reluctantly returned home, all day and night with each other.A few months later, I wish the family went to visit the Butterfly, result, he was surprised.The original time, he saw the Lovers, is no longer the handsome little scholar, but a young and beautiful young lady.Goodbye moment, they all understand the feelings between each other, has long been affiliated.  Since then, Love asked people wish to go home Qiuqin.I wish the members of which will be outside to see what this poor scholar, he had betrothed his daughter to a wealthy family of the young master Ma Gongzai.Butterfly and felt despair, fell ill, and died not long.  Butterfly hear the news of the death, has been working with parents to protest against arranged marriages Lovers became strangely calm.She put the red red dress, walked into the wedding palanquin.Escorting team all the way drums, bustling!Passing Butterfly grave, suddenly Feishazoudan, sedan chair to stop down.Lovers saw the car come out, take off the red dress, a clothes of mourning, slowly walked to the grave, knelt down and burst into tears, sudden stormy, thunder, thud, cracked grave, seems Lovers and saw her studying together gentle face, she smiled jump jump into.Then came a loud noise, closed the tomb.Then the cloud scattered wind, storm, all kinds of wild flowers gently swaying in the wind, a pair of beautiful butterflies flew out of the graves, dancing freely in the sun.