Butterfly Lovers same hole

Type quarrelsome lovers in your life there is no such a person, his thoughts are always with you like his views coincide with you, but you can not help but sing a different tune with him, two people arguing with each other, appreciate each other, at the same time also produced a mutual love, feel like bickering with him, because that was a way to get along with your unique a way no one can replace the story might be affected after the “Little Fairy” interpretation, put aside at the end of the story of tragedy, Butterfly lovers is good, they are students, confidant, lover, they found more than one person is positioned in a person’s body.  Western Jin Dynasty, 30 km south of Runan County Liang village has a youth called Butterfly, follow their parents into the red Luoshan College study, passing a place called Cao bridge, resting on the roadside pavilion.  Liang from Guanzhuang eighteen years there zhuzhuang, Zhu members of the village away from home has a daughter named Zhu Ying Taiwan, very clever, as one study, convinced his parents, disguised as a man, a pseudonym Zhu Jiudi, also went to red Luoshan College school.The two met in Caoqiao Ting, ask each home, Niangeng, sworn brothers, Tong Fu red Luoshan College school.  Red Luoshan school is surrounded by water, scenic, once, Butterfly, Zhu Ying Taiwan and students a play, play with stones water duck.Zhu Ying Taiwan when stone-throwing flash back a little, the students shouted: Zhu Jiudi Like a woman.Zhu Ying Taiwan suddenly face crimson.  Mistress cautious, he found a girl being Yingtai, right in the middle of the bed Romeo and Zhu Ying Taiwan stand a block Jiepai.Butterfly naturally honest, I do not know its meaning, the three set out classmate did not expect Zhu Jiudi a woman.  Yingtai home to see mother, Shan Bo hands eighteen years.Along the way were many British units metaphor, Love still did not understand its meaning.Finally, Zhu Ying-tai home Jiumei marriage has not been, to say the Shan Bo, Bo Hill agreed.Zhu came to Britain to let Shan Bo table in the living room waiting and said let out Jiumei Xiancha.  British units put on her costume came out carrying tea.Butterfly said in surprise: you do not Zhu Jiudi?Yingtai said: Nine brother That Jiumei, namely nine Jiu Mei brother, then two about private life.  North mazhuang a scholar Ma Wencai, Laoniang home is zhuzhuang outer member Zhu determined to find a perfect match for his daughter married people, matchmaking on Thomas’s literary talent Laoniang, Xu Ma Ying-tai in frustration, the British units, against one answer.  Shan Bo to come for a proposed marriage, Yingtai tears report late.Shan Bo angry vomiting blood on the spot, to go home after a disease killed.West along the family Zunzhu be buried in Maxiang Guan Road, inscriptions Liang, Zhu name, black and red.  Ma Wencai marry Zhu Ying Taiwan after Ma sedan chair to countryside, projections whirlwind out of the way, Zhu Ying Taiwan Alighting cry Jishan Peter, tomb suddenly split, Yingtai threw herself into the grave, then close the tomb.From the tomb fly golden, white two butterflies, dancing in the sky.  In our time much more normal male and female students, a lot of beautiful love are also in the intersection with Sentimental age, really treat that accompany you through the green years of people think you are blessed, because your companionship for many years than others in the morning.