Childhood, cute cat bird

Cat, is the world’s most beloved animals.She is bright, clever, beautiful, health, a rat’s natural enemy, the friend of mankind.Even the literary master Bing, also a cat, the cat model.That year, she kept a dog named “Mimi” authentic Chinese big white cat, once get lost, Bing Xin are anxious to cry, she personally wrote the “find cat notices” three, posted outside the building of the road.However, it is the sight of Bing Xin’s handwriting, on as a heritage, carefully preserved peeled off, leaving a literary stories for this purpose.  I was ten years old, had his first cat.It was a summer evening, the neighbor’s cat gave birth to a litter of kittens.Cute little guys!There is not even a hair at birth, piled up together like a flow of a meat ball.A week later, they finally woke up, opened his eyes one by one; a month later, they can play with mother.That is, at this time, they will leave my dear mother!  I got the bird, black body is a little cat.Little guy black body oil, not a Soke.Her eyes sparkle, radiant with a strange glory.Wonderful changes will occur in the cat’s eye one day.At noon, miosis, goes to the next vertical line; night, circular pupil sufficiently amplified.Feeding kittens is very simple, because her recipes are almost the same with humans.  Over time, kittens grow up, I became inseparable friends and kittens.Happy at school at night, she would wait for me at the door, roll in front of me, Sahuan, and I share his childhood together; go to school in the morning, she would send me out of the village.If my friends and I play games, she will seriously looked on, sometimes also actively involved in.  One day, my friends and I playing Ga (a kind of two sharp stick, can play far), the cat looked on.At the time of Ga scored about to fall, Ga stick my hands fly out.At the same time, the kitten to be left toward the upcoming landing Ga.Ga to the cat to, stick to, even-handed, stick the middle of this kitten’s head, straight play cat muzzle bleeding, no breath.I hugged her limp body, burst into tears.Maybe God touched my sadness, perhaps kitten life should never, she miraculously regained consciousness after a few hours up.But a fatal blow, affecting the growth of the kitten, she will never grow up!  My kittens are sleeping king.From morning to evening, she would even snoring, tell old stories, “Hu Lulu, Hu Lulu.Xu sending them off, the old package hybrids!”That is the Song Dynasty, five mice fine row Tokyo Kaifeng, God granted Bao Zheng, Yu borrowed the cat to the Jade Emperor, the lower bound for civil eliminate Rodents.Just because too many rats, or put a run, so the cat was left in the world.As a result, the world only the cat, the cat eat mice, cats also scolded Bao, it all became perfectly justified.  My kittens are an industrious spirit.Do not look at her day to sleep, can the night, she must go out hunting, and onward, and often a rewarding experience.Every catch mice, she never eat out, sure to bring back prey.Sometimes, Zhuohui mice actually live, she will not be killed immediately, but rather with its tease, fiddle with its claws, so that rats flee back to catch again, sometimes playing playing, has allowed the mice run away!I do not like this cat and mouse game.This is a bit too cruel.Because of their strong cat, the rat juggling between, let it not survive, Qiusibuneng, human society is sometimes so cruel!  My cat catch anything, magpies, swallows, frogs, snakes and sometimes even.Once, the cat came back at midnight towed back foot long snake, grabbed the grandfather, a cat fell down together with the snake from the window.This fall, gave a new blow kitten.Since then, the cat was pregnant, a huge blow to the cat caused a miscarriage.From there, kitten mid-pregnancy, abortion, vicious circle, life has never given birth to a cat cub.  My kitten or a Chanmao.If you catch a big rat, she would eat one breath, and then a few days and nights lying in bed, do not eat or drink until the front chamber hungry posted back cavity; because of greedy, sometimes doing nothing, the rat poison died way back, the result is very tough medicine; sometimes steal mouth, was blinded in one eye, it was not inexplicably disappeared.  I love my cat, although she was ugly, but also blind in one eye, but she is my best friend.Her appearance, to my childhood brought endless joy to the monotonous, boring life adds luster, makes me even more love life, love life.Childhood, cute cat bird, and there are those cats together, stay together, love each day, became the best memories of my life!


“Horses and sheep, just a few kilometers hog.This domestic animals, feeding people, “which is” Three Character Classic “in statements about domestic animals.For rural children know the animal world, the earliest from home reared domestic animals begins.Southern plains, horses and sheep are rare, in the years of my childhood, the more is the memory of some of the chickens, pigs, dogs, cattle.Ever since I can remember, my family has never empty houses seem too.Giggle when call out loud crowing of the cock crisp chicken mixed with the mother, it is a day where I can enjoy the free music feast.In the evening, the mother would smile and said to me: “Go and see, today gave birth to several?”Before I came to the chicken coop, a small hand into his chicken coop mother’s.One, two,.According to his mother’s instructions, except for leaving a “funny nest” outside, I will receive a special collection of the rest of the egg ceramic jars carefully.At that time, be at home more eggs a luxury nutrition.Mother almost never want to eat, except to occasionally frail father taking a dip in a nutritional supplement, but is brought up to a little picky I am a poached egg fried rice.Go to the fair, the mother put the remaining egg mention set up, selling change to support their family.Chinese New Year, the family would kill a few capon improve their lives, as hens, unless too old to lay eggs, and the mother is reluctant to kill.Chicken not only to improve family life, but also to support their family, of course, we paid special attention to this mother.Spring February and March each year, the mother began to raise a chicken hatch.To the chicken coop covered with a thick layer of straw, the largest and most preferably fresh eggs in the hen house, careful to serve large hen hatching.After about seven or eight days the mother quietly in the night to hold large hen to the side, then lit a kerosene lamp, the henhouse eggs hatch had a get a headlight, through the thin eggshell, carefully distinguish whether the yolk is increased, if a mesh bloodshot.The mother said, no bloodshot eggs were hatched chicks must come up.After an additional twenty days, cute chicks hatched on the.The chicken, the mother will be in front of the chicken coop, beware of just hatched chicks will not be stepping on the hen while already hatch into but not completely broken shell of chicken carefully breaking out of the shell.No hatch into chicks “few eggs,” the mother can not bear to throw away, fried pepper, sprinkle pepper, arguably the best nutritional supplements.To April and May, the family began to have a litter of cubs a nest of chicks, hens clustered around a large chirp barking.Chicks grew up, the mother did not do this less to worry about.Too small when only feed grain, slightly larger at the beginning bran feed, feed vegetables.In the evening we have to look into whether the chicken coop, had to beware of the weasel farms behind the house and the sky eagle.Between eighty months, rice fields mature, the new chickens can lay eggs.The first new chicken eggs most small.Mother said, though it is small, but the most nutritious.Where the first under the new chicken eggs, the mother who would not let eat, give me all the fried egg.Can not empty sheds, barns is the same.Often in the big pig pig not “slaughter” (then feeding tube after the big pig meat to the company or at home slaughter called “slaughter”), there is a pig “into the field” the.Mother pigs are the players, even the hair shaft body lean piglets, as long as the feed for some time by his mother, Zhunneng oil Maofa Liang, Biaofeitizhuang.Mother said, humans and animals alike, pigs also like children, to let it eat well, sleep well, it can grow faster.Pig is a simple one, but my mother always clean up dry cool and dry.Winter was covered with a thick layer of straw, summer just in time through open doors and windows.Often you have to clean up manure, and sometimes have to sprinkle some of the lime.At that time food shortages, pigs mostly lettuce with a little rice bran, is the best time to feed distiller’s grains and sweet potatoes.Species most is sweet potato or beet on family limited amount of private plots.Summer and sweet potato vine, winter and spring leaf beet.When sufficient food, I will follow her sister to play ragweed.Spring and summer, the fields to a green lawn.Sister told me what pigs eat grass, which pigs can not eat grass, which likes to eat pig grass.Purslane, wild onions, the dish, so I went into a wild kingdom of.Pigs get fed twice morning and evening, the mother pig vegetables, chopped them into a large pot and cook on Shaoshui, then mixed with the rice bran is a pig food.When fed to pigs, I like his mother stood watching, watching the pigs eat “Kua Kua Kua” to swinging two big ears, I feel that this time, for me, for the mother, is a revel and enjoy.Pig fat everlasting day grow up, I know, but hope that our family of six months.My sister and I have new clothes, new shoes, oil, salt and eat at home, because there is not enough work points to make up the money for food was the production team, all large pig count on the other end of the house.Most mothers are fed large pig meat company sold and turned into cash, sometimes every festival, will kill a pig on holidays.For me, that time, butcher day itself is a grand festival.Mother got up early in the morning to spend time in the kitchen burned a pot of boiling water, put benches, door panels and a big round barrels in a clearing.Soon butcher carrying a basket into the house, then catch the pig, pig, only a kung fu, big pig was carried into the great circle filled with water barrels.After a few minutes, a large pig butcher remove, draw a small opening with a knife edge in trotters, along with a small hole in an elongated barrel while the glossy iron, mouth and blows it against the small opening gas.Just listen whistling while fierce blow, a large round rolling pig to be blown.He began to put on the still warm fresh pork and pig plane, a cross-sectional pig, stool door strapped.Neighbors began to buy meat, leaving only the family lard, pig bones and pig brain.Cut a small page pork liver, cut one of the best pork, cook to entertain at noon butcher, while the whole family can also be a good meal.Before dinner, the mother had to cook for a large pan of pig’s blood and sprinkle with chopped green onion, bowl of a bowl to the neighbors.Compared to other domestic animals, the dog’s usefulness is minimal.But the dog most intelligent and humanity.In addition to the house, the owner can accompany play.I do not have a dog at home for many years.Mother always said, the dog waste food is good or not to raise.By the time I was slightly larger, I remember it was March and April, I fail to beat the mother, the father from the outside to a wonderful reflection of a black puppy.Small black dog black body, not a Soke, I named it black.When I first came to my house, I can only put it off in a small cage, and give it a thick layer of wadding on teasel.Puppies bark all day and night, I think it must have been looking for its mother, it makes me sound a little bear.I have time to prepare every day delicious dog, but I can not put it up, otherwise it will get lost quasi.Two or three days, beginning not called black, and slowly with my close up.I dedicated a day to feed black, and sometimes his bowl of something delicious, could not help but eat to give black.Black all the day long, I turn around.I went to school, and black to have sent me to the school gate; when I get home, black will run all the way out to meet me; summer noon I lay in bed hall house of bamboo, black obediently the mud lying on the edge of the bamboo bed.Black grows very fast, and hair more bright, autumn, its front foot lifted, can already catch my shoulder.Black generally will not go away, even to go out in the evening will be time to go home.Probably already in the winter, but for several black came back late at night.I remember the day some of the cold weather outside, whistling wind blowing, I see black and did not return late, he went out to look for the black.I kept shouting black village after village before, but it still does not see the black shadow.At that time I was somewhat uncomfortable tightly, and began to have a sense of foreboding.After finding my father pulled me forcibly home to comfort my little black’ll be back tomorrow.I could not sleep that night has been.The next morning, I started looking around.Looking for a full seven or eight days black end is not coming back.Later, a school classmate told me that he had heard a few days ago was killed by a big black dog.He had those days where there is only the beginning of a bitch in heat, there are many male dogs nearby to catch the last day.My poor little black, even for its “first love”, missed his life.For this reason I am sad for a long time, since we do not keep dogs at home.When I was young it is not widespread in rural areas where agricultural, cattle is the most important productivity.Production team has ten backing buffalo by hand with care.Although buffalo tall, can be gentle.Adult cattle, we like to follow the children to play together, the most fun than riding Cattle.Young children are tall, tall climb Cattle, buffalo will bowed his head, let it climbs the corner and climbed back of the bull neck.Cattle generous and soft, we rode on it, just like mighty generals.As a reward for Buffalo, we will cut the most juicy buffalo grass to eat.In the summer, we like riding a buffalo pond to bathe in the winter, we like to come secretly closed rodeo buffalo’s, a man riding a catch a round and round in the cattle pen.Busy time, Shimoda buffalo was a day of arable land, more than ten days, the scarlet worn around the neck on cattle.During this time cattle eat the best.Once, I saw a large breeder half a bucket of hot egg soup fragrant buffalo eat feed.At that time the baby cow is a farm, it may not work unless the old is not to kill, but I heard the slaughter of cattle have to obtain the approval of superiors.I once saw the slaughter of cattle.That spring and summer, fields of grass seed flowers, purple piece.Do not know what a cow unattended, went to the paddy fields meal Mengchi.So when it was discovered, just so stuffed buffalo to die.Seeing the buffalo would be Chengsi, desperation had to give it added something knife.The team in every household, assigned to a small piece of beef.Later sub-field home, my family not assigned buffalo, and another just bought a cattle together.Although small cattle heads, but farming is hard, like buffalo.Just some bad temper cattle, cattle once when I look at its big tail is very beautiful, to seek stepped forward to touch the tail, the results have not touched the hand, it was lifted one foot, kick me out of the old far.Since then, no longer afraid to have more intimate contact with it.These years back home, to see the villagers have been far fewer livestock.In addition to professional farmers, farmers generally have very little chicken and pig the cattle.Dogs actually a lot more than that time.Some also raised a good few, began to learn to city people, there is a tendency of a pet.As for the city’s children now, in addition to the dog, naturally difficult to see the other animals.Although you can go to the zoo, but also in the TV program “Animal World”, “Man and Nature” in seeing all kinds of exotic animals, but we were feeling around for these domesticated animals, after all, they are unable to experience.This feeling, reveals earthy fragrance Ze, his mouth Kuxin life, accompanied by the joy of growth, exhibited the influence of warm sun.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM)


Childhood is flying freely in the sun, with open arms, embrace the sun.    Childhood is lying comfortably on the grass, nobody, did not care, looking at the blue sky.    Childhood, as one hundred thousand why, question mark over the place.    Childhood, like vinegar, soy sauce, salt, sugar, oil mixed with the taste.Pots and pans, Ding Ling rattle clatter, covers all overshadowed – childhood, just leave.    I do not know how to divide childhood.Everyone has a childlike heart, always has, always tried to the.Knowledge can be abandoned, but perhaps it’s that childhood back,.But how grasping are not catch, like a flood, you can not control, but kept beating, hit the waves from Melaleuca, polished shore reefs, but there is always ups and downs, ups and downs, can not control.    Perhaps childhood long gone, everything’s run is no longer free, just around the playground ran round and round boring, no longer imagine himself in among the mountains, watching the beautiful scenery.    Perhaps we are one living in their own little world, there is lots to talk about, perhaps in childhood, perhaps in young people in.Not living in a period of two years.    It says a child or is said to live in the childhood I put, it is almost there in the fairy tale of tolerance, kindness and successful.He still asked when home “peddlers” to go, do not move Oh, I’ll have to play the!The next day, still remains untouched, happily play until tired, will close up.Even picking leaves it outside playing house to pick up a worm (tree osmanthus trees never opened flowers), my grandmother would put the insect on the tree clean up, the second year to bloom.Perhaps, this tolerance, kindness, always inappropriate successful in society, but in the carefree childhood, is still present, we together have in this era of innocence.Nightlife net if we are really tide, ebb and flow is not determined by us, we just live in the plan, someone else’s plan, is planning, and childhood is the only no, the times are not the only plan, It is our paradise.It was a naive, I am not afraid to ask what love paradise.

Childhood things

Childhood memories is only mysterious gyro, before death comes, I can not stop its rotation.- Inscription on the ground like a long queue winding canal through the land in the abdomen.Guangzhuobangzi folks with hard labor as a forage crop storage relief.This is for the erection of sparkling water beds.Those are cheerful or sad water, crowded, noisy with the door into the ground canal.Hear the water’s laughter, those thirsty soybeans, corn, sorghum, dry face, immediately flush fresh glow.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) My little friends lying on the ground on the edge of the canal, listening to the rhythm of neat pumps chirping, watching the water and downs like naughty, my heart glow in his eyes immediately focused.We went into his arm, and running water for the play.Drainage on the ground, I thought you is not very long, but is floating in the hometown of a long or short the tape, over time, will break.Now I know, you are very, very long, even in my mind and extends more than 30 years.Drainage on the ground, you hear my greetings to you yet?You are not rare trees and woods, it is nothing more than some common home of poplar, willow, birch, acacia trees, jujube.But I used to see the valuable trees of the city, I was to you, my childhood soft spot for guys.My childhood in front of date groves, ah, you still do?If still, you will not forget, and my little friends lantern in the Lantern Festival, the way you spin around, it is a ritual of our country and look forward to good weather in the coming year, also bless the whole family peace.Also, in Zaohua spit Fang season, I always take advantage of opportunities after school, secretly went to your feet, to capture those cute little bee.I pinch it transparent ass, big beans out of honey, sip into the mouth.I will not kill it.I put it gently let go, I know, will not take long, it will stomach filled with sweet Miye.Jujube ah, that is your credit in your arms, there is an inexhaustible raw material.Also, my little friends got into the low-lying west of that one square, a sight edge of the willows in with a long bamboo pole, to set the message (commonly known as cicadas and Zen).Those who think that smart messages, one by one got into our trap.Horsetail bamboo buttons on the inside, or on the dough, captured one booty.Yard house accompanied by removal of those crops, field hospital room almost stands alone outside the village of Wali.Harvest season, here busy.The yard filled with golden corn, millet, or wheat, beans.Livestock pulling Luzhou, repeatedly rolling on these crops mature ears until they remove their jackets, revealing plump flesh.Choose a sunny, windy weather, the crops of those players who took a wooden shovel, against the wind, the particle crops raised high, blighted grain is stripped to the side wind.After a good grain drying, time is allocated.Farmers are pushing a wheelbarrow, carrying a bag, standing patiently waiting in front scales.When it’s your turn, the accounting will be shouting your name, the harvest will be a shining golden light, slowly flowing into the eyes of your joy.Field hospital room and stare at it all.Yard watching a house inhabited by people.They are usually more highly respected elderly.At night, they light a lamp Marty, the chess, or conveying a semiconductor, the yard sitting hear weather forecasts.Occasional naughty children steal or take the wheat block sweet potatoes, to see a very angry person would pretend to call a few times, and then the boy away.Slack season, here became insect habitat.Of course, there is also a children’s playground.They beat ragweed tired, will playing hide and seek game, yard came in handy.The children will be covered with a band of hay, sitting in the shade house yard.Yard house is a place homeless people accommodated.Especially in the winter, after snow, cold weather, those beggars begging, or the mentally ill, will live in homes entering the house, they will be spread in a break is, or find some grass spread beneath.Well-meaning folks will run out in the road, wrapped with a towel, put an end to them hot meals.In this way, they make a brief habitat, but also on their way tomorrow.Cemetery I did not want to write you, but my memory pen and you can not bypass.Zuozuo ancestors of the house, quietly placed in the wilderness.We went to visit you again and again with adults.With offerings, incense, also with a miss, and tears prayer.Great Year’s morning, is the busiest time.Every family gathered together, with enough firecrackers, accept your review.Shangfen this day, a man of the patent, the women should stay at home, preparing meals for the men.I will treasure in the heart of a story, quietly tell you, make you happy for me.Grandpa, you are a basket story.You know, I was a kid listening to your story, it is always just enough to listen.By now you’ve told me, “Fool apprenticeship” I still remember, once recall, covered with cells can overjoyed.Grandpa, do you remember?You and your beloved tools of each other, after you are gone, they are terribly lonely.I have your story written in the article, published in the journal.Father, mother, you live these days in paradise?Those of you alive dig pit of the stomach, then I firmly remember.You worry, we have six brothers and sisters live well, this year every family purchased a new home.Your granddaughter, my daughter has graduated from college, participated in the work, get married soon.In this way, in the memory of future generations, the cemetery area is growing.No matter what the holidays before his death, they still have to live on the same land.Perhaps they have forgotten the unpleasant previous.I think.Feeding at the feeder, the local team is the collective production of breeding animals.Thirty-two soil the house, in the breeder.Breeder usually held by five guarantees for the elderly, on the ground that they do not work during the day, feeding the animals, is their only occupation.Feeding at Acres often removed feeding livestock, animal feed but also stacked firewood.Feeding is that small partners good place.Spring and summer, or autumn evening, they gathered in the place where feeding, playing hide and seek, or wrestling games.In the winter, small partners will be pushed on the hot kang breeder, vertical pairs of small ears, listening to the breeder Grandpa nonsense (commonly known story).Elementary education in rural areas often start from here.Keepers are some serious work, they treat collective cattle, just like with their children, from the unyielding, blame the.They will rise up several times at night, feeding on animals.Livestock feed, mostly by guillotine chopped straw crops.For those animals give birth soon, or work more tired mule, also some food, so that the fat cattle fodder will be in Riga.My hometown of a production team, there was a breeder of cattle in particular got the idea.A summer night together, he found a particularly large number of mosquitoes, put their nets off, just given birth to a horse hung.The matter was compiled opera sung in the village publicity team.So far, I remember one of the libretto: “The syndrome uncle, a horse hanging nets hey, hey hey shout.”After production responsibility system at feeding ceased to exist, becoming relics.But here we enjoy the warmth of a child, still in my veins continue.Bay at the center of our village, there is a Bay.Bay fills with water in.These are the accumulated rain water rain.Only when the weather is dry, inlets where will dry by sun exposure, exposed cracks in a road.You do not underestimate the usefulness of inlets.The men build a wall to build houses, to the water here.Women who want to do the laundry here.Those kids do, inlets temptation for them is even greater.Summer, they will bare buttocks, she jumped into the inlets bathing, fishing in troubled waters.In winter, they are skating on top.This is a natural ice rink.Wearing shoes, far better to withdraw the bar, quickly ran forward, feet together and the rapid slide.In the spring or summer, little friends will gather at the edge of inlets, they dig up the floating mud, slap down a deep, will see the light red fruit mud.They cut out a kitchen knife with a sub ferreting out a fruit puree, find a hard surface, like a woman, and the same plane, repeatedly beat, kneading, jerky gradually ripe fruit mud.At this time, the fruit of mud in handy on the big.Can throw “concave House”, is to use a mud evaporated into a bowl shape, the bottom surface of the thinner, the better.In order to get good results, small partners often spit saliva in the “concave House” on the bottom surface, rub with your finger repeatedly grinding, grinding until as thin as a piece of paper like a twist.Then, mouth down, cast down towards the ground hard, ultimately, who burst hole in the bottom surface of the large, who even won.Good material or fruit mud carved fire dies.With a piece of ripe fruit mud wrestling, attached to the fire die from hawker in return, then gently pressed with your finger in a circle, the new mold to make a fire.After the make, can be placed on the windowsill in the sun, it can also be wrapped in an old shoe into the kitchen fire burning inside.Then, let the other small partners to change with firewood, firewood for a general one.In the hearts of young children, home inlets, the sea is their life.They are sailing from here.Shining car Shining go from village to village, always on my mind.Chest floating gray beard, do not waist drum with a peddler, peddler with his wheelbarrow to a small alley in the village.He stopped the car, out Shining Shining drum skilled in shaking hands, shake out crisp phoneme.Also ripe accent rang out: “Napoleon lay abuse cap, to change Zhentouxiannao!”The women, the children ran out from every household.They welcomed the old man in general, are welcomed Shining.In their view, Shining car is their new world.Tousheng, scarves, Zhentouxiannao, fire die, let them put it down.Comb their hair down with hair, rotten or broken iron, copper, cattle bones, those things they need to change home.At this time, the village of smoke curl rising, the tinkle of car Shining issued more clear and melodious.

Childhood sticky bun

REVIEW: I remember before my meal to eat five or six on a sticky bun, and now they can also eat one or two, living conditions changed for the better, kind of sweet, sticky tongue for no attractive, but also a variety of food now tastes have changed his tongue Diao.Just before contact with the taste polenta, cabbage and radish, for a natural flavor of the prepared favored added.  Sticky bun, did not know this title is not specific, because the accent is called the home of Uncle sticky, sticky surface which is wrapped in sweet bean paste.Is a winter food.Now there are streets tricycle selling out loud, it will not lead people to buy a bag.The food processing because it is very troublesome own.    Remember hour, entered the winter, and everyone started doing sticky bun, is invariably, sometimes a meeting and asked: Do you do home sticky bun yet?It has become a ritual of the New Year approached, it is necessary to do the whole family will mobilize.Rice mill man, woman stuffing do, do sticky bun, and then the man light a fire, because the one to do that on a few steaming cauldron, then put out frozen hard, then placed in a large tank stood in the yard, then went to eat from the cylinder holding hot to eat, can eat after the New Year.After families are often steamed sticky bun, on New Year approached.As a child I saw my grandmother and sisters do get together with sticky bun, you know New Year approached, pleased with helping busy or ran before the busy shuttling between adults after running back and forth, often shouting adults do not make trouble, while playing to.They know where the child’s happiness is in the busy adults ah.There are also some elderly do sticky bun choose a good day, then a few days ago soak rice, a bag of rice is a bubble, there are three or four pounds, each household to grind rice according to its own population , was enough for the family to eat when the spring thaw.Good soak rice and other rice mill ground pushed to the village, and some number, let it again on more grinding mill meters for good taste, many will be fine.After grinding finish can not be done immediately, put faces on the outside, try to be ventilated place to dry where water.Hu again after the surface dry bean paste, or with white beans or red beans with, I favorite kind of white beans, white beans with a small mill to remove the hulls, leaving the watercress, then they Hu out of bean paste, sweet and delicious , entrance through the sense of beauty, but this approach is very cumbersome.Then do every bean paste is a big pot of good Hu then sugar, then poor condition, only put cheap saccharin, a big pot of bean paste will be just a little sweet.After that time our children can not wait to see the adults marinated bean paste, sometimes a wait to use the clutch, aside shall we eat, is behind condemning the adults, we never mind those who do.    Today’s children will not understand it seems, they eat bean paste As for that right.Adults are less afraid stuffing can not do enough sticky bun, that is a man all winter rations ah.At that time, those conditions, in addition to every meal polenta is Hu sweet potatoes, cabbage and turnips only vegetables, meat just hope the New Year, red sugar is rare, but when the Dragon Boat Festival to eat dumplings every family to buy a little when the eyes of children best draft fructose only New Year New Year to get someone else to twelve months, when we run into a little sweet on the tongue incredibly beautiful.Put a little beside the point, he went on to do something sticky bun.    Such as the grinding, Hu stuffing things well, women with big tub and face, put a large pan of stuffing, then put a table, put a big steaming tray, and then have to do cross-legged on the kang, said as he laughed a one to do it, this is not rolling sticky surface of the skin, only a hand grasping the appropriate size of the dough, only experienced will be normal size, put my hand into a round Wowo by a palm-sized, take some bean paste in the middle, and then filling the package with both hands clenched inside, not exposed, and the final shape, with both hands into a steeple-like group, Wotou similar shape, but the bottom is not empty.When the province after the fire quickly filled with two drawers, the men began to stand over high heat, and two pot of steaming drawer, province.Our children are also helped add some more firewood or something around, I looked at the atmosphere while emitting thick white gas from the crevices of the pot has been raised roof.Each time, my mother always gave riddles: There are trees on the stove, hug hug also live.Oh, that pot smoke of it.    That was most looking forward to exposing the pot that moment, the children with greedy with regard the pot fenced, and other adults to take a lid open, more white steam blowing, that aroma quickly drill into the nostrils, can not wait to eat sticky bun sweet and sticky, but not now, will stick in one hand, the drawer into the yard and other adults to cool off, a steamed bun skin will stick to pour a layer of shiny crust, this when not too hot too sticky, each person holding a child we eat and drink, adults will pick up one hand to the mouth and put a first-hand busy, a big year, and often eat first called eloquence it fresh.Adults live only on a sticky bun was busy picking down into the flat and let cool on the board, I remember my grandmother is not so much wood, filled with my grandmother put on waste door, leaving it on the door a round the blot.After completely cool and then into the yard and other large tank gracefully, that our children will do well, of course, not forgetting while doing while eating, then adults will not curse.    I remember I used to eat a meal on five or six of sticky bun, but now it can also eat one or two, living conditions changed for the better, kind of sweet, sticky tongue for no longer attractive, is now a variety of food tastes have changed his tongue Diao.Just before contact with the taste polenta, cabbage and radish, for a natural flavor of the prepared favored added.    Suddenly want to return to the past, to taste busy as a get out of sticky bun, the dish of the kang kang do thirty-five do in case of sticky bun, then white, warm steam filled the kitchen, a drawer drawer filled with sharp sticky bun, and Zaotang red flames, adults pleased, walked brisk pace picking up sticky bun, sipping loudly yo: this vat is full!Fall harvest as much joy.These will not be there, but there will be in my memory, I feel the warmth of a family, friendly.    Now there are still sticky bun to eat, but could not eat the taste of childhood, the joy and happiness that there are childhood.[Editor: Tianshao Yu]

Childhood spring

“Where is spring Yeah, Where is spring, Spring is in the green of the mountains, there are green grass There safflower Yeah, there was little oriole singing.”Chilly wind with the quietly faded dawn darkness, the warm spring breeze accompanied Cute childish falling slowly.Blowing awake grass, willow green blowing, blew red peach; cheering birds blowing, blowing stream runs.Light spring breeze gently blowing on people’s cheeks, Happy Together, with spring tempting, so Chunxindangyang.Oh!Spring has quietly moved into the people’s hearts.    Wander in the spring sunshine, feel the spring flowers and leaves, smell the fragrance of colorful, March spring left behind after years of dreams, covered with rain pattering past memories.Spring image childhood appear to fade from the memory of the film came out, like a picture of spring slowly spread out in a colorful verse.    Childhood abundance of pristine spring.Fields of young wheat is like a green sea, the waves a little play in the gentle spring breeze; pond willow green light yellow light dance in the spring breeze curl; Thriving March peach red birds on branches in the flowers Capers singing; grass are mustering the strength drilled soil, quiver with delicate pan-green body, looking forward to the spring of comfort.From the sober awakening of nature in winter, it is decorated with green onions Yucui, pretty charming.    Childhood is the most relaxing thing in the spring outing, fold a few branches willow, the movie turns into a People’s Liberation Army Uncle wore combat concealed straw hat, bounce ran up the hill.Step on the soft grass, with a whistle to imitate the birds chirping, singing from time to time hoping to find a few insane song, “flowers” birds on the flowers stand up to such a shock, flap its wings, and ran quickly flew away.Still verdant hillside pine, peach shiny red fat pier partners face; white pear hill, surrounded by tightly together, tenderness tenderness in the spring, petal crystal jade, moist Wanli, from time to time in the micro-smoked spring breeze to dance with the wind, quiet onion leaves on the branches, flowers foil with this fairy.Shuttle between green flowers, enjoy the chase, laughing, distributed on the grass-flavor and a hint of flowers perfume the mountains, vibrant spring more than a layer of romantic atmosphere.(Chinese prose network WWW.SanWen.COM) Spring colorful childhood dream.After school, the nearby together, brace Stock your basket, bring a shovel digging wild, trotted sneaked into the green wheat fields, along the thick Barley patiently to find the eggs, perhaps can be picked up when good luck a few, show off among partners.Soft Springfield became a stage play, somersaults, Tiaopi Jin, playing chase, the release of nature urchin, and revel in the spring fields.    Digging wild along the ridge, digging chatting laughing and joking from time to time came the laughter.Wild variety, mother Ding, rutting vegetables, herbs, shepherd’s purse, lush buds.Mom used to say, these wild roots in the spring season of the most abundant nutrient.And green leaves, white cabbages, the mother of skilled processing, a white bean dish with green appear at the dinner table, unique charm, delicious taste.Chine grass on the ridge slopes glowing green, soft and thick green leaves with undulating terrain, direct access to the sky, spring micro ask, soft body swaying, dancing.Although there is no graceful weeping willow, no gorgeous peaches and plums, but energetic nature, the deep roots embedded in the soil, gave birth to the coming year with spring green life.We find a piece of Chine sparse grass, digging with a shovel soil around, exposing the white bamboo-like Chine, Chine carefully to pull out from the soil, a few rub on your clothes, put chewing, sweet sweet pleasant influx heart.Chine after a winter of breeding, there is no release of nutrients, so sweet and refreshing spring of Chine.Chine there is a high medicinal value, people will go to winter ridge dig them dry for a rainy day.Chine taste sweet, harvest basket full of vegetables, marching sunset twilight, twitter home.Smoke curl country shrouded in the spring evening, just like a post ink Dan, reveals a quiet and leisurely evening.    Spring is a childhood dream by Liulv bonus woven fairy tale.Although time flies, time is bald throbbing, childhood memories are always happy and mottled during that spring season.

Childhood snacks.Snacks and talk

REVIEW thus reminds me of childhood Shanghai night to do that. “Tuk tuk” sell sugar porridge and “Osmanthus……Red bean soup, spiced.Boiled eggs!”Come cries, like the music of the march, so rhythmically move the human stomach, people open the appetite.  A place where there is a snacks and souvenirs.Such as Nanjing salted duck; chicken in Texas and fuliji; Beijing Quanjude roast duck; Tianjin ignore the dog buns; Zhenjiang vinegar sauce; Yangzhou pickles; Changzhou radish; Wuxi meat bones; Suzhou tofu Zaoni Ma Bing; Qingdao beer; Xinjiang grapes, cantaloupe; Hangzhou Longjing tea, small walnut, the seeds, etc..    Like Shanghai snacks and snack on more, such as soup dumplings Nanxiang, the old Temple Yuyuan side pavilion nine bridges in sale.Can be a taste of the fast, thin and delicious taste, a bit off the soup splattered.You had better pay attention, experienced Chike first bite a small hole in the side bun, exhaustion of its juice, and then expel their flesh, that is it with relish!There Songjiang lamb buns, no smell, sweet and greasy properly, catchy.    Thus do I think of childhood night to Shanghai, that “Tuk Tuk” sell sugar porridge and “Osmanthus.Red bean soup, spiced.Boiled eggs!”Come cries, like the music of the march, so rhythmically move the human stomach, people open the appetite.Since you spend 2 cents hand lug bear children sell sugar porridge man took a small cup of porridge, the porridge was as white as frost plus a few dates with decorations, snow ground and drove a few pieces of bright red flowers bloom ; 4,5 cents since then spend fragrant cinnamon tea floating in a hot pan, handing me a spiced boiled eggs, the shell open entrance suddenly felt salty moderate, full of taste; then if the appetite of a few cents, drink a bowl of floating flowers golden osmanthus number of purple liquid, cool and refreshing red bean soup that the taste is thicker.If so winter night, a dime eat a bowl of piping hot, sprinkled with yellow curry powder, onion soup floating in green, filled with a few slices of beef curry soup; or eat a bowl of clean green onion placed in dozens Founder block brown chickens and ducks blood soup, whole body heat Tim Burton, came to a belly like a little red stove like the sun, very warm.Cold rain in the sharp cold, without a full clean up.If coupled with a small dish of beef soup outside, pass through yellow dry crispy fried tofu to the pan, topped with sesame oil, sprinkled with bright red chili sauce, Oh the heat, eating up the taste will be thicker a; or eat a bowl of plain noodles sprinkled with green onion; or of a large five cents eat a bowl of fresh meat ravioli both affordable and economical why not do it!.    Past the temple, the temple open day is like a pendulum snacks, snacks ring.Mixed with jelly, bean curd, roast eels, fried dumpling, big red buns, filling points cattle, sheep, shrimp, pork are four prime of vegetables, bean paste, mushrooms, tofu and so on child.There are fried dumplings, oil Atsuko (radish and flour, fried in the pan through food), fermented glutinous rice dumpling.Stand one by one, ten as long stalls.Customers seated stall yelling to each other, Ren taste.Here children and female compatriots can enjoy a variety of flavors of snacks do.Such as various flavors of melon seeds, what ah cream, plum ah, ah sesame oil, etc..There are green peas, mung bean soup, assorted fruit soup, beans crunchy candy.There are glass lug burden of the elderly, where of 2 cents, he gives you a salt payment date, or a few slices of hawthorn slice, or a plum butter; or a few tastes of bayberry, or a sandalwood olives; or a lollipop.There to buy caramel-old Bang Bang extend into use two bamboo caramel pot, then stir the caramel stick to the front of you; re in front of “Pata, Pata” foot machine is spitting scenes like cotton is so soft and white as floating clouds of cotton candy to make your fun.Useful flour and then color or colored sugar into plastic surfaces of Monkey, Pig, Shahe Shang Tang Seng and other characters come and blown with colored sugar candied fruit, mice, cows, sheep, dragon, tiger, snake, etc. to sell the Zodiac artist.The most prominent is walking to and fro in the bazaar, yelling sell Hawthorn candied fruit string of girl and guy, stuck with a string of rock sugar gourd hawthorn stick on that grass, as Montagnards a smile Zhanghong Tang Hall, on like a yo-yo in a folk song with a beat note, like a string of small red lanterns, a little more like a warm sun.Girl coming towards the mouth “puff puff” shook blowing bubble gum, like a fairy tale “Flower Fairy” reproduction.    With the changing times, it has been difficult to see such a sight on the streets today, the temple is also uncommon.Of course, sometimes there are a variety of snacks on the street exhibition, crowds of people, but such a scenario only stay in the depths of our generation’s memories of.[Editor: southerly]

Childhood slate tables

Today’s children, not only good learning conditions in schools, go to school as well as parents pick, really happy enviable.    We at that time, thanks to walking to school, not only to break the classroom door closes people can drill back and forth, and even the school with desks, cement board is doing, low-grade student’s desk, as simple as a pile of cement board below on a few bricks, and only the fifth grade, students can enjoy the tables have holes desk, but it is also to do with cement, winter, northwest wind blowing from the door, the stone table desk, wow cool wow cool.    At that time students enrolled than later, but few go to school before the age of eight, however, did not go to school before, he is going to participate in the labor.Remember I was seven years old, and adults have been doing the same work, and because our family to how much labor, his father do not live year-round, so the uncle whenever the harvest time, we must as far away from Linyi Please stand on the medicine a few colleagues to go home to help.    In addition to such heavy work wheelbarrow, the age of eight, like wheat seed, Reaper, breaking farm work such as corn, I almost can handle the top Adults.That uncle back with his father back from Linyi (father just discharged from hospital), and I just met my grandfather dig sweet potatoes in the ground, dig sweet potatoes over, grandfather and uncle to another piece of land they gone, leaving me cut with a guillotine dry melon.Speaking cut melon dry, this is a technology live, it is easy to cut a bad injury to his fingers, so many elderly and children cut sweet potatoes all the time wearing gloves, wearing gloves, though relatively safe, but affect the speed of work, and I was never cut sweet potatoes do not wear gloves, although the experience had cut your finger, but around a number of able-bodied adults not as good as I’m going, that kind of feeling of pleasure, is and can not eat some candy par.    Cut sweet potatoes finally finished, I threw away the day guillotine shook hands, slowly pressing the back straight a bit back, and then lying on the ground Guayang deep breath until you see the clouds the horizon gradually reddening, then pack things ready to go home.    At this time, uncle and they came back, cut over to see me all the sweet potatoes, uncle was surprised, took my hand and said, in the fields: “Send you go to school?”So one day, I like other children, also sitting at the table made of cement slate.    Today, modern school building became the local’s most beautiful buildings, a group of children clerking mountain running, lower river fishing in troubled waters with the scene, never see him again, then those frayed sleeves of many stone tables, have long been busy the parents pick up their children forgotten without a trace.

Childhood Memory

Part One: Childhood memories of childhood is everyone’s life in the most innocent, the most brilliant, the most flawless of a good time.  A few days ago went back home, walking deliberately walking in the village side of each road, past bit by bit gushed from the body, good sigh, never going past the.At that time I could not find the carefree joy.Now remember, as a child nice, no worries, only happiness, the United States was as white as the clouds of heaven children bright, colorful, flapping in the wind like dandelion as free, was a curious fantasy time, had little small head, always filled with weird ideas, sometimes imagine that he is a bird, sometimes free to fly in the high sky, sometimes alighting on a branch shaking fan their wings, sometimes fantasize Things in fish, low in the clear see water swimming, etc..Always a lot of fantasy.We wanderers in rural areas, are capable of suffering from childhood, so unlike the doll in town after school, finished school, to enjoy their lives.Our after school to eat the pot rest of the meal had cattle to go, then we have a team of cattle, cattle farm after school every day is laughter, then the village every household raising have a cow, my family has three cows, a bull and a cow, a calf there, I remember my bird bull lazy, but also very obedient, sometimes I ride uphill on its back, (I’m lazy) where you can wait until the cattle and then down, and then let them graze yourself out there, we have to go to cut firewood, playing wild, spring, summer and sometimes taken to the natural mushrooms, a group of us wanderers for installation are not the same color in different clothes, colorful hillsides.Done afterwards, we in the mountains, the field of rape chasing, slapstick each other, we are laughing, we quarrel, tired, lie down, lying in the golden canola flower, watching the fluttering butterflies, busy bee, talking to our great dream, looking forward to a bright future.Part II: childhood memories of everyone’s childhood has a lot of different memories, each memory will make us not help but think a lot of memories, perhaps sweet, bitter perhaps, will cry when think, will laugh, some people may will choose silence. Nightlife net sometimes watching those kids happy when I think of slapstick to join their team, the body burden I stopped, although they are still young and we are synonymous, they can be compared to the feeling that we still face more many traces of the years, perhaps more of a life attitude, and more experience of it, and now face the pressure of society, university graduates is equivalent to unemployment, finding a job, buy a house is difficult, and so many, many, really want to return to that easy and comfortable life during childhood, like to sing the same song, “do not want to grow up”, can be seen whenever me to support my parents’ hearts more guilt, so big and still spend their money, they worked so hard to make money not just to have a good life we do, yes, we are the parents of hope, the parents hope we have a good future, the country needs us to build, we need to grow, mature, last-ditch effort to success , so the memory of that period there is a period of childhood, having been away from us life, but will always remember in our hearts, forever recalling memories of childhood.Part III: Childhood Memories “a half an acre of Fang Tang Kam open sky clouds were hovering” When my father explained to me this poem, I naturally thought of the small pond next to the house, and that the pool of clear blue water not only reflecting the perennial trees Red house my home, also printed childhood indelible mark on me over the years.  Every spring, my father always bought some of the jump into the small fry still a little cold water in.Pang hospital side Shujie red flower reflection is often disturbed by the fish swimming, calm waters from time to time there Bai Liangliang small grass carp jump out of the water, hanging bite on the water, just to give birth to the willow buds branches and leaves.  In the summer, the fish have grown up.Each encounter hot weather or rain in the morning, lack of oxygen in the water the fish will float to the surface dense, one of a mouth slowly swimming in the water.Love fishing grandfather and uncle Peter, come to my house every time, always give my family’s dinner table add a platter of fish-flavored.  Autumn calm and serene ponds, in addition to running before the rain rush of thin and black leeches on the water, that is, after falling frost feel old leaves blowing in the wind on the water.A sky full of clouds and the flock is my figure more often seen in the pond beautiful picture.  When pumping catch fish generally at the end of the winter, then I will quickly drain the water around the fish pond, look nice plump fish in shallow water rushing swimming look.I was told that big yellow dog, like my family, merrily around the ponds and pond kitchen, waiting for the sense of smell to smell fragrant and groaning are not enough fish!  When to go home?Let me re-sit the pond under reaped a rich, look at the fish, reading.    Part Four: childhood memories along the way Tao Heung nostrils, another year of harvest season.  We think of a child, the rice cut into a winding road, and then we cut barefoot along the road race, race each other, and occasionally heard adults bawl.  Got home is already dark, the family dog has been wagging his tail behind me, from time to time raised his front foot, as if to welcome me home like.  Grew up with friends, in between a smooth, do not know the evaporation gone.Some make a living, busy running around, a few did not come back at school.  After dinner, alone embark on a primary school child.Previous lively, quiet now, very deserted.Sitting in a ping-pong table look quiet basketball court, not what.A child in this school, wanted to find a quiet place are not, now oddly peaceful.  They looked up to accompany us grew up with a small piece of the sky, do not know this is a small piece of the sky we saw how many times.Transparent moon high in the sky, next to a lot of little stars as a foil, a kind of familiar and unfamiliar feeling.  I do not know why, look at the moon there are so many ideas.Before looking at the moon to see the stars, just know that the moon is brighter than the stars, but the stars look better than the moon.Quiet and look around, those who play hide and seek in the campus we have lost in between along the same place, but you can not see the year of our innocence.  A little cold days.

Childhood memories; 46

46 childhood memories, donkey mule was very young, father and family in a few middle-aged, spent about half the time, I do not know where to buy it back from a group of donkeys, there are about twenty or thirty head like it.So a large group of donkey, uniform stood in the yard of my house, because are not familiar with each other’s sake, stop with the donkey who heads conflict with each other, and sometimes also with the mouth bite each other, with tear bite also issued a hoarse chirping.    In the spring adoptive father to buy back the donkey, and I and several children in the family, a large group of donkey into the mountains.Donkey in the mountains, have run crazy and real joy; sometimes, one of the few donkeys will fight bite up in the mountains, so the bite is completely hostile battle.Typically, each other’s body will be raw and bite each other, the blood kept constantly streaming out from the mouth to break open yard; however, those animals, like do not know pain, or so crazy battle with.Our children do not know how wild donkeys would be so crazy battle.What are they to do?In order to do grass?Wild grass everywhere, they do not eat grass to chew on it.The animal world where the rules must have a mysterious people do not know, otherwise, they would not fight a badly beaten up in the mountains.More it is strange that those battles was badly beaten donkey, even a sudden stop at first fierce battle began to suffer very close to the grass to eat something on the mountain.Children in mind, after all, can only be a brute beast, the beast is among many things people can not understand.    Father bought the donkey, and later continue to be people of the village and others nearby villages went to buy, father, leaving only a mixed population of mule donkey in their own breeding.Mule, mule and hinny have the points, either mule or hinny, is not all-litter monster.In the animal kingdom, such as mule “unprecedented, and no latecomers,” the strange species is rare.Father leaving the other end jennet to raise their own, must have a reason it is extremely secretive?No son adoptive father raised mules, in the eyes of others, perhaps a symbol of wealth, but who knows, keeping a mule, in feudal ideology very strong father and my heart is not with some of the unspeakable sorrow and grief it?    My family has a mule, not as in the past, like in the evening riding on the back of the home wether.Every day, I will be out of the house mule, riding on the back of a mule, wandering in the mountains, as sheep do, naturally delegated to the mother; the mother busy time, the village shepherd girl became my family sheep-generation tube who.Compared to the sheep, laden with me every day all over the world to Fengpao mule is obviously much more interesting friends.Sometimes, mule back and forget the children, will be back at full speed run fast mule, then, the child fell off the back of a mule to.Fell child covered with stinging, lying on the ground unable to move, it mule, kiss the child from the ground to use hot air puffing of lips, too obvious, this is a rich spiritual beast.Day and night to get along, have established a deep affection between the mule and children.    In my memory, it is difficult to wait on others like a mule my family, including father and two brother, mules are so conflicting emotions give birth to it.Even when I left home, two cargo brother mule mule to the market to sell, had also suffered mule prank played out – standing in the market mules, even leaving its owner and that it piggyback cargo, frantically ran to the home!Even now when away from home has two decades of my home, when I walked around from it, the animal will punch me a nose ring, and look forward to using my vision of deja vu.I went into it, gently stroking the shoulder mule, my mule, it so standing still standing, as if my mind can perceive it!    The countryside is more common donkey figure, as the mule, a donkey than to because the price is expensive, not ordinary people can afford to raise circle of wealth beast, and secondly because the mule tall body, is not appropriate in the rugged mountain road walking on consignment; therefore, the people in general always raising a donkey.Busy season, people pull a donkey dung circles back grain; idle time, people are going to catch a donkey far away, beasts of burden back to the cold winter of coal.The function of coal not only to help people resist the cold, coal burning fire, but also the color of pure baking flue-cured tobacco is the people of the village, pure color of flue-cured tobacco to let the village children out of the mountains, sitting in bright and spacious classroom City books, read good books children return home, they will have a wealth of ideas to make home.Thus, it will become home to the rugged mountain road spacious, donkey becomes a mule; now, running on the road home, it becomes not eat grass to eat a gasoline truck.    Today, my mule, mission accomplished belong to it; old mule, standing quietly in the yard of my house every day in the sun.