Butterfly is honest story

Butterfly received the decree, with retainers, went to the county office to say that Mao Mao County, ah, is now Yinzhou previous YinXian.  The Mao County has always been an important trading port, but the former magistrate is a big moth, every day life of debauchery, much work, put politics into confusion, confused times of hardship people.  Butterfly after taking office, the first thing is to rectify the county government, to identify a few corrupt former magistrate, major disregard for human life.The dismissal of personnel associated dismissed the investigation and handling of the investigation and handling, promoted a couple of honest law-abiding officials, eliminate unhealthy trends, righting Ya wind.  The new magistrate’s good reputation reputation soon spread all over the county, people take it as a topic of drinking and laughing Chayu.  Here some rich and powerful landowners had originally thought that the newly appointed magistrate young, new broom sweeps clean, burnt no problem, can not become what climate.But now, to see him so serious and well-County, the county Mao flourishing, on one of those in power to send people to send a large number of gold and silver brocade silk forging, I think so little relationship with local administrative officials stained, even out Mao County, vessel operators are also eager to curry favor with the magistrate beams, like in here for some special trade authority.  Once the beam is working with the clerk magistrate negotiate to build a bridge over the river west of Takahashi things, to facilitate cross-strait residents and merchants to conduct trade, exchange and development of the local economy.However, due to extravagant former magistrate, Ya libraries have been empty.Liang magistrate had to shake his head hard, trying to.At this time, someone outside herald, he said there is a self-proclaimed surnamed Wang members outside carrying a large box gift box come to Meet.Liang magistrate listening, by open smile, said adviser: this bridges to carry on!And commanded the messenger invited him to Wang Yuanwai study.  Liang magistrate shook him a commoner, into the study, I saw a body yung swollen, wearing extraordinary people are anxiously wait there.He saw Liang magistrate came, had a bow waist, hello, a wave, two servants to find open that box, full of gold piled up in there.sparkling.Wang Yuanwai whispered: This is my business and several ship your gift to show my homage, you see fear and nervous Liang Wang Yuanwai magistrate refused to face.  Butterfly without saying anything I saw, sitting on a chair pondering for a long time, and finally hand on the table snapped a shot, which look to Wang Yuanwai be scared in a cold sweat, academics can beam magistrate said: Well, I received!.Wang Yuanwai overjoyed, thinking: Everyone says this surname Liang honest, I do much better than this.  The next day, Wang Yuanwai was about to ship out, Liang came magistrate.He gathered some people say, please go to Wang Yuanwai.The Butterfly and get what tricks?Wang Yuanwai muse.  Just listen to Butterfly said: folks, the Wang Yuanwai yesterday gave me a box of gold, said he wanted to donate to local people building a bridge to facilitate cross-strait trade.I thank you on behalf of the people here Wang Yuanwai!This time Wang Yuanwai silly, but in front of so many people, had to bite the bullet and fight on, and more local people are grateful.The move also makes some of the local rich man can not stretch their hands gifts of Butterfly.  Liang magistrate started the construction of a bridge.Is planning the occasion, the adviser said the Butterfly: classic, the bridge does not take so much gold, half enough, as.Such people neither know, do a good thing, fame and fortune, why not?  Butterfly staring adviser, right and proper Lise said: no one knows how?Not there you know, I know, Heaven knows, to know you?Since adviser no longer afraid to say anything.After six months of effort, the bridge finally completed.  Butterfly see the bridge towering stand upright, they named Takahashi, also ignited a backgammon or meaning.This is today’s Takahashi.  After the bridge was built, merchants around the area more and more exchanges Takahashi.In order to promote the local economy, but also please Butterfly traders around to warn Takahashi.  Four-day fair will, in endless streams, unprecedented, income taxes light Mao booth accounted for four percent of the county government library inventory.They say the beam magistrate is guarding Jinshan not be envious, really commendable.  Butterfly’s death, Takahashi to commemorate Butterfly, buried him in the Takahashi, Takahashi also changed Butterfly temple festivals, and the annual session scheduled in August Butterfly seventh birthday.  This custom from generation to generation, has followed until now, the temple form a more prosperity, if you do not believe?Seventh lunar month every year, invite you to take a look Takahashi.