Butterfly fall Wisteria

Wisteria hanging in the high cloud wooden flower vine like soaking up the sun, feel the share beautiful sunny mood is always beautiful butterflies dancing around you this is the language of flowers on thick wisteria bay leaves, addicted to love…  Flowers wrapped look, drape hanging my secret heart, butterflies swaying willing to stay on your share of crooked cane weigh heavy thoughts, your wonderful never ending drama, starring in the network to you and me quietly watching the screen before you look at when people leave on the web, I see myself, alone and solitary thoughts, you can feel it…  You are wisteria, you wind swaying in the wind in their minds met in the virtual network wisteria full of strings, as you see the drop Sunrise night flashing on the screen you figure my mood is particularly excited to stay in butterflies put your heart on Wisteria plug in the wings of a butterfly just want to have their own world of illusion can no longer willing to quietly enjoy their noisy dancing happy but I still never forget I will never leave you words of love in his dreams I believe there will always be love.  If it can be like the wind and rain once and alienation and intimacy do not ask you do not say that the secret joy that will warm your heart you dry in such stories leave me in such sad thoughts may be moved will become memories make me very easy to daydream wish yourself into a beautiful butterfly dancing around you, count on you for you are a wisteria addicted to love Do not forget to quietly love, then I have been less than give.  You’re Zi Teng flowers butterflies dance around your wisteria happens I will also see to your.Addicted to you.You also need to thank you miss.Give me dancing attachment you are in my heart forever heart is still beautiful wisteria soldiers