Affliction nevus

Legend of the plight of the mole of history is this: According to legend, after death, they had a gate of hell on the way their lives, the way I saw the flowers in full bloom, but not leaves Bana.Yesheng Sheng spent two gone, with never read Xiangxi phase loss, end of the road there is a river called the forgotten Rivera, athletic, there is a river.A man named Meng Po woman waiting there, handed to each bowl after cure my pedestrians, who drink cure my people will forget all this life tie him down, no care into the six, or as a fairy, or a man, or as livestock.Also known cure my Love Potion, a drink and then forgotten past lives.Life, both good and bad, I, drifting gains and losses are forgotten with the cure my bowl was clean.Life care of people, people hate this life, the afterlife are seeing not know.    But there are so some people for whatever reason, do not want to cure my drink, Meng Po no option but to promise them.But these people who made a mark, the mark is the back of the neck sinking mole.Such people must jump forget Rivera, by flooding the torments Huo Zhi wait thousands of years to reincarnation will bring memories of past lives, past life with a sinking mole lovers looking after reincarnation.Treasure around the back of the neck have a mole that person, whether family, friends, because he (she) may be your past life lover, after waiting for years to find a past life who love unfulfilled, unfulfilled aspirations to complete past life, forever not to hurt him (her), because not everyone have the courage to jump into the forgotten Rivera, wait a thousand years of bitter suffering.. Holding the neck of his wife, Deng Yuan eyes looking for nearly five minutes, finally found a suspected mole plight of black spots.A hand rub, out!Heart suddenly aimless, confused.Did I not started and there is still a very poignant love story?I do not know where in a corner of my past lovers still silently waiting?Is there really a lovestruck woman willing to endure the torture of flooding Huo Zhi, suffered the bitter suffering of thousands of years, waiting for my past life that unfulfilled love?Thinking now, relieved heart, pride was palpable.So I have to watch wrapped around his wife’s neck and there is no mole behind.Ask the wife the whole story, still indifferent, painted mask goes pale face full of disdain: “Your mole axle neck with a color, not tell!”hate!I turned around and left!Wife whispering in the back: the heart of pretty flowers Flowers, Look at your bad luck virtues!!I disgraced, hung his head sitting on the bed angry.    Xu said: I will be a big crowd to visit my only soul mate, My fortune; not my life.that is it..