Affixed to the ground youth

In 2000, 24-year-old Chai Jing presided over the Hunan TV’s “New Youth”, hundreds of times, smoothly liking.A telephone, breaking the old order and the peaceful life of Chen horseflies, deputy director of the Department of callers CCTV Comments.Has shown signs in Meidiya, he began to say: Are you mentally prepared to do to fame?Chai Jing said: I know I can reach heights.The Wild answered, laughing gas to Chen.Soon, she realized that stick to the ground in embarrassment and frustration.Entering the CCTV reporter Chai Jing to do the Time Line.The first topic is cesarean section, recorded live very smooth, finish editing the manuscript, it is unconcerned, to the field of play.The result is not good.Colleagues afraid to tell her the full results of the trial piece, only said to her: has happened, then you put the end of the record it again.How to change are not satisfied, she has a false sense of floating powerless.This program, Chai Jing Chen gadfly to throw ask shaking of nine, all of them have needle-like headlong into her mind, stinging, full of cool thoroughly.After that, whenever program to re-record, Chai Jing gingerly treading on thin ice.Middle of the night to call his colleagues back to the studio, felt extremely embarrassed, full of guilt.Her face shame.Shame shame go, work can not do a good job, had a tough time holding high the hammer, threw himself desperately.Chai Jing knitting machine for the first time on film, going through the embarrassment.She compiled before editing machine straight into the early hours three or four points, dare to breath slowly and really.Just a home, it was broad daylight, not lying stable, the phone chase, and directed says the tape in question, have to change once, eat in the cafeteria, Chai Jing received Chen horseflies Tel: People say, people are still Chen gadfly trick of?You do not let me lose face.A little girl, was yelled even have the heart to commit suicide!We do not accept ah, but the sentence is accused Chen to the point.Like.Through Chai Jing’s new book, “see”, I saw her youthful blue sadness, saw her in the precincts of youth, it is tough to stick to the ground, thrilling Wonderful.Chai Jing is the intellectual woman I have always been optimistic about playing one heart and reverence for female reporters, did not expect her youth where there is affixed to the ground so hard experience.Recall their youth, in 2000, I came out of a school, an editor at a magazine, not to six months, leaving it helpless.Went to a newspaper to do editing, never learned the news, find it difficult to interview, never learned typesetting, the draft also imposed a headache, has been written text and news the wrong way, often after being led to television was torn to pieces, everything always feel They are so difficult, like Zuozuo peak, daunting.Looking back, the youth is so beautiful, I wish with all my savings, in exchange for a year of youth, the world can there be such a good business to do it?Like one person said a word: people claim that the best years are actually the most painful, but later recalled it when it is so happy.These words set inside each person’s youth, when is an ideal fit.Youth who is not a feather?Was young, no qualifications, no wealth, no respected title, no aura wrapped the whole body, only a spirit and full of frivolous.It does not matter the embarrassment, a feather clutter does not matter, even to despair of being branded all right, as long as we realize that he was still young, have had time to change everything, OK.Young people, could there be affixed to the ground, because too much pressure, too shallow knowledge.Because the future is very long, so start lower; because of slow growth, so affixed to longer.Through youth, the days will gently hold our altitude, the experience of growing life will take us ascend to the stratosphere, into the formal and smooth journey of life.Through youth, the years will help us clean up behind a feather, then gently sniff, quasi can smell success of breath, eyes everything go up gradually Shun Yi.Young is the greatest wealth.Difficult period of youth is the grindstone, we will be filing worn sharper, more powerful.Middle-aged, looked youthful story of Chai Jing, recall their sad reminder teenager, and I would like to say to young people today: difficulty bigger, more frustration, discontent again Sheng, also lost boy crazy Mo, Mo lost I do not know fear.You face encounter a wall, bend Shui Road in front of the road there; a hurdle, you are brave enough to cross inadvertently encountered in the past, the future road will certainly be broader!