Affirm ourselves, beyond ourselves

A person must first assert themselves.Many times we are grateful for someone to give us help and support, in fact, really only rescue their own, if we are sure he is right, then our world will be correct; if we want to change their world, they must be assured of their own, sure you will be able to transform the world, with the firm belief that we can overcome their own.    A person also needs to continue to overcome their own.People, in fact, has many weaknesses: self-esteem, lazy, timid; there are many difficulties: poverty, disease, failure.To overcome these weaknesses, to overcome these difficulties, we must continue to overcome their own, he who conquers himself, overcome self-confidence will be weak, hard work will bring success, but also he who conquers himself, can really harvest and the joy of harvest, in order to fruitful results in drink wine mellow success.    Each leaf has two sides, a smooth glossy front facing the sun, sucking sun and rain, the trees full of vitality, thriving.In fact, people are the same, there is the sunny side of life and nightside, do not always pessimistic toward the nightside sigh, just turned, we will hand the brilliant sunshine face a new world.    Affirm ourselves, beyond ourselves, we can make life more perfect, face enormous suffering and challenges, with our best and most strong of mind to face it, when we finally go beyond ourselves, we deeply appreciate to that kind of ” busy watching Pretrial blossom, “the Rongrubujing laid-back, that kind of ‘Man with the outer space Yunjuanyunshu’ of relaxing, life-like as cruising freely in the limitless ocean.Only assert themselves beyond their own, change their attitude without reservation, to those who do not care about the pros and cons work and life more or less, to defeat a glorious morning deep down most confident smile, very calm and quiet life sometimes face to you remember that heavy slap in the face!    Our life is limited, so certainly need life, you need to overcome, more need to go beyond.This will allow us in a time of bitter feelings after failure, overcome their own, beyond themselves, so that life feel the passion in the ring of walking, feelings of success, their own feelings that penetrate the soul smile.