Affectionate land

Land affectionate mention Li Shixian teacher you will not be unfamiliar, he is “East rivers and lakes,” the author, is a senior commentator, who is the homeland of obsession.They called him Li Lao.  Li Lao know his reputation is derived from a number of comments and readers.That was four years ago things, four years, both long and too short.Li Lao important is that I see the most spectacular winter holiness into the soil, then choose the setting sun bloom blooming time.  For several years, I have seen many works of Li Lao in “East quack” magazine, an octogenarian old man so full of pride, is really very admirable!Review of Huang Yiyuan “even entertainment set,” Li Lao very deep analysis of the works of “fine, gas, God” in the name, turns out to be penetrating.Li Lao skillfully brought to the reader’s mind a long-term vision and height, without reservation, to present their views, he said, mistakenly believe that the old town of Huang Yiyuan no rivers, is caused by changes.It is easy to overlook the reader’s question, that he was reminded readers have different views on this mountain and imagination nest of the old town, wonderful ah!Then Li Lao put forward their objections, he had said through the city and the river became a launching channel destroyed like a drainage ditch, built high-rise buildings, it is the science-illiterate move on the river.So even readers eliminate misunderstandings while letting the reader know how to respect nature and love of nature, really kill two birds with one stone ah.  Water is a spiritual, if the river sang cheerful songs, the town will be more clean and elegant.Although Instead blocks of high-rise buildings, but listening to the foot of the water, how can people forget the past laughter and sorrow..If today or the creek, the book that accompanied the sound of running water is a beautiful view of today’s volume!As everyone loved this land could not but deplore it!  Li Lao beautifully written article, read his works like a cup of juice, a cup of coffee, intoxicating!He reviews but also like peel the rind, from coarse to fine layers of depth.From outside to inside, until the “crystal clear” only.  I have to look at each issue Li Lao reviews, one did not fall.  Li Lao reside in Zixing, in close proximity, a highly respected old man, and so is the refreshing?Indeed some people feel the magic!At a mid-autumn afternoon, I and Li Jie they decided to visit the old man.Li Lao live a teacher apartment buildings built in the eighties, the house simply furnished, full cabinet could not conceal his scholarly books total connotation of a wise man.A TV and a computer has become his life’s most faithful companion.  Li Lao learned after we had come very enthusiastic to see Li Lao us feel at home, as if familiar, not at all unfamiliar, so we had to be completely relaxed mental tension.He unreservedly and we explain how he walked financed from Xing Xing back to the capital after the whole topic and showing his dedication to the cause of the infinite love of home, wit and humor.Zixing in his eyes like a perfectly round moon, could not find the slightest flaw.The whole person into a home’s obsession.  Back home, he bursts into Man United will take a look around, as if Man United is his second home.He will feel a lot of love and turned into a beautiful sunset poured in this land.He works and we talked, and talked about how his students and to his students; Zixing talk about the old culture, old Beijingers like to say that, very real and honest Beijing.Really is not difficult to imagine the feelings of homesickness wandering ah!From his words and actions are all showing people Zixing authentic, wisdom and loyalty.Li Lao and talk just like reading a history Zixing, very interesting.He talked about literary friends, talk about the author, about his work, sometimes deep, sometimes laughing remarks, fascinating sentence.  Li Lao also turn on his computer, put the captured Zixing beauty turned to us, he said: “Dragon King Canyon rocks different, is a magical place.What still Jiuzhaigou Guilin, many rely on publicity and reports of.Zixing East rivers and lakes is a natural beauty!”He added:” zixing is a good place, you should pick up the pen more publicity for the East rivers and lakes.”Li Lao participated in the underground, also played guerrilla.Second Revolutionary War experience to the reform and opening up three decades, witnessed the rise of the ancient county of damage to the Cultural Revolution, Li Lao cents talking about the cloud cover was very deplored.He referred to the three beaches twelve waves Yi source, the Northern Song Dynasty pagoda, Han group ninety-nine heap, quite scenic pond construction Song Yuquan Yuquan Moon and other still fresh in my memory, but today have become an underwater site.Then he took a deep sigh!  It comes to literature, the teacher is very thorough, and even revel.We were infected by his cheerful personality.That afternoon, we are fully immersed in Li’s laughter, really feel a feeling of release.The visit, which was no regrets, really benefited!  At this point, it was already dark, at dusk, we are still immersed in the laughter!  Since then, I read Li Lao gave me two masterpiece, experienced wind and rain to see him fall and winter from the “proud and Spring”, we can see the forest after snow capping BREE!See Li Lao’s body do not help me think of Sima Qian’s life, though they have had different experiences, but suffering is the same.Sima Qian was humble, honorable, the cause of Tengda, but was dogged by misfortune, the more regrettable is the ultimate fate cliff fall.He sighed as all the world!  Li Lao, because the term “specialty” newspaper, completely changed his fate, has gone from heaven to hell, from generals to experience the unknown slave, after braving the wind and rain wore ballet wisely.Fu Lei He is described by Mozart, behind the pain filled with joy.Lament is that he did not exchange objects as a confidant pour out, it did not express anger as a weapon.But across the pure, peaceful peak of mind; but people knew he was not a setback, no pain.Li Lao writes: “I was eighteen years that prime time, if it is used to create wealth, value can not be estimated; if this can be for the party eighteen years, to do something for this nation, which is a huge sum wealth ah!”He added:” The real loss is that our nation!”It’s eighteen years in prison, ‘bourgeois’ hat, ‘counterrevolutionary’ hat vaccination to really” people seek relief yet, but put on more heavy yoke.”Li Lao said:” I will support the faith, the next step to walk in the dual pressures of mental and physical, and went beliefs become reality day.”What a heroic integrity!Some people say: “Human life should not be too low, not too high, pain and joy, and your splash, will remain in a horizontal line.”Time belongs to everyone are under twenty four hours, we should be every hour every day and lead a rich and meaningful!Li Lao Kidnapped together and a lot of people have already left, Li Lao With a belief alive, he said: “I always believe that the party will give yourself a fair statement.”After he vindicated happy to be alive.One kind of trust and loyalty of the party’s very deeply rooted in his mind.He put bitter for themselves, happy to leave to others, this is his personal charm.  Li Lao sprinkle with happiness and loyalty in this soulful land, his spirit will always endless optimism that we can learn!  Li Lao strong will, a broad range of talent, pure innocence, condensed into a pinnacle of the total people want and can not.Li Lao recognize themselves vulnerable or impetuous soul comforted, be calm complex psychological!  Now think about it, if not take the liberty to go that day, if the master does not know, my life would be remorse and regret!