Afar warm

July 18, Love clay social practice squad in electrical Baiyu Xian Elementary School garden activities carried out.In this day of joy, love clay social practice team also welcomed two friends.    The two friends drove from Wuchuan in Zhanjiang, Maoming dianbai district Yuk Yin Primary School.They come to this, to bring two players on clay ducks, take care of greeting gift.In addition, they are still professional photographer, also brought the arrival of professional photographic camera equipment to help carry out the shooting clay garden activities.    ”You do not see outside, when we are a part of your team like.”The two friends arrived he said with enthusiasm.Laterite’s players have also said that they are pleased to come and hope that the two friends can have fun at Yuk Yin Primary School.    Then, the two friends followed the clay players came to the playground, they adjusted the equipment, could not wait to integrate into the collective.Every corner of the playground can see them with a camera, carefully capture a picture of each figure.They appreciate the colorful campus life in the busy, fixed smile student.    The last event, the two friends also uses drones to shoot a video for the primary school students Yuk Yin and love all laterite social practice team members, so that the activity has a perfect ending.    ”Wow, how today’s dish so rich?”The players came back after the event found on the table neatly arrayed hearty meals are startled expression.In today’s food is that these two friends brought over all the way when players have to express their gratitude.After a pleasant meal, they embarked on a journey home.    The visit friends, brings us a big lunch, but also left us with a lot of beautiful pictures and videos, adds a touch of bright color line of clay.    Author / week Ice forest Di photography / Liguan Ming Zhong Xiaoxian source / Lingnan College Teachers’ laterite love “social practice squad