Afar gift

From 2012 onwards, the brain began to short circuit, no thinking, no text, or just do not have any means of expression.Tonight, reopen the dusty heart, a kind of thick brushed the dust on the books of the carefree mood.    A long absence, teachers, friends, from Xinjiang sent me a bag of walnuts and a bag of dates Aksu thin shell, collections of full, sincere capsules.Colleagues envious eyes, surprised sigh, I read some of the women praise men, men affirmation of man.His head just flashing, I would politely thank: “Colleagues are wondering who sent it, so you spend money,” he is wise, forbear, but also a gentleman, clever sentence: “Colleagues they also are wondering who sent it.”Really is a teacher of writing, is really to teach elementary school teachers how to teach writing teacher.    I am a 2011 graduate of.Upon graduation, I heard a piece of text on the network reproduced in his book, which is natural to me, roughly I remember from a high school student to a college student, broke into his world from a press release, the following disappear, which in turn intersects with “friend” status at the time of senior process.He used the phrase “water is water, and since then raging sea” to evaluate me, remember I joked about their “no rain and no sunshine”.But in reality, I have wind and rain, there are clear, and even more than they imagined menacing and vigorous, but instantly disappeared, and the passage of time gone, it now seems to me precious emotions.Today, the object was not found to play this sentiment, we can not do whatever they want to play, this is probably the so-called social reality, taught us very calm and sophisticated still not known.    In fact, long overdue to write about him, writing in my college career, he was the first to affect my teacher.Some say the impact polite, essentially from his classroom skills I learned a lot of writing, it is true, but writing this in itself is very pure, my joy text itself, while construction of the text and just make up one called “writing” course.So, naturally with Contact intersection with writing and writing teacher, but also with his story.But the real reason I should write his senior year, inexplicable link, inexplicable conversation, for some inexplicable together created a sense of heart to heart.This pledge allegiance, and clearly different from the friendship between friends, love between lovers, between father and daughter do not like intimate, mixed with a trace of the identity of students and teachers, but also beyond the familiar age.I know, but that he is bound to find a suitable location, as document writing to the same sub-parallel and level of problems, but in the end did not distinguish, so it has not written document.    He was a period of time, very carefully read my words, my gestures, and even some of my offshoot distal, small irrelevant details, and I think that observation is a subtle, sensitive perception of teachers’ traits and personality.But suddenly I thought: why does not he take some effort to read someone else?This is probably a selective up.Here naturally there are many factors in charge of such familiar, such as close, such as interesting, and so on, there are many objective reasons, I naturally have not explored.If it is determined and for the things others might not find any entry point, even some of the author’s own words, in his words is: “In view of this, it touches me with the phase.”Just at the moment that eating sweet dates, think of those four years in Huzhou naive and mischievous, self-willed and assertive, smiled, got him no time was full of.    He gave me some books and told me a good read, but I was not reading, not like reading, it is true, always feel this time gave the school twenty years, he is unwilling to.Today came out, but also to return to prostitution, more heart is not happy, but still read, because he gave the.A reading, only to find how small their horizons, it really is like a bird flew over my head and said: “The sky really is not a boxy look, it is very very wide, not marginal, white blue.”Ha ha.    Very precious gift from afar, through the sand, after a change of area, has also been passed from person to person, but even more valuable is: This gift gives me the courage to re-write the text.   The wise man, people sigh!