Amnesia Girl

Suddenly that step noodle shop from the street looked crowded, wide open shop shop signs posted huge poster face, attractive color food image people have of appetite, can not wait to walk into the store.This is a small shop, only a table, a small corner store also free up in advance to place a big pot of stew good pig’s trotters, Linzi Li glanced at the menu, only to find that spicy trotters face their own point too many times.Thinking less than a minute, she immediately made up his mind, “the boss, we must face up to this.”She said, pointing to signs pictures face.The boss is a little man, hand pull noodles longer than he heard a single point, he ramen action paused, and then came a loud and clear crisp words: “Go ahead, you first sit.”Although the memory has not been restored, but many things still have a strong sense of familiarity, like it happens all the way to the phase of the store, a look at the menu before they feel that they must often be, but unfortunately can not remember the previous scene.Surface has not come up, walked into this store to five people, men and women, to take the lead was a boy, seventeen-year-old, looks like a student, like themselves.Into the store, he was staring Lin Zili, looked up and down, from head to toe look too carefully, Lin Zili where to stand his eyes, just glanced at him, he goes on to conclude that fine eye pimple face life provoke tired, not to mention his other plans wretched eyes.Store only one table, they will definitely have to fight the table, the thought of this, Lin Zili changed his mind when the Church of noodles instead packed away.She left seat, went to pick-up window boss said: “My face pack it, I come back for a while, soups and sub-surface open.”That one will know the old customers, and know when to be packaged specifically asked, they will separately packaged noodles.Noodle shop next to a patisserie, two only separated by a wall, the store is so small that only the sale of a window, just came out of glutinous rice cake also suffused with heat.Looking at the mountains of colored snacks, life and she asked one: “Boss, you have Jianbao?”” No, we do not sell Jianbao home, you need to look at what other point.”She then you look closely, previously a dazzling look Jianbao into a beige floss bread,” then point to the right.”She said, pointing to floss bread.Paid the money turned around and found previously stare people in the face of the store which will in turn look to their own standing in front of the shop, Lin Zili scared clenched his bags in his hand, he pretended nothing had happened to go forward a few step, the man actually did not wanted to move up, to keep up with his.She suddenly remembered before heard rumors from the city occurred a few cases, all girls are men followed to the house were killed, this thought scared her scalp tingle again.Now have to hurry to get rid of this man, her farther and anxious, turned into a commercial street in front of the street commodity dazzling, crowded, and she told the man she lost, disappeared.And so relieved ready to go home, a bigger problem in front of her, she forgot how to go home, standing in the center of the crowd, looked dazed.Left Inquiry back to the house noodle shop, and the remaining four have been eating face, and his bowl is also squarely on the table, packaged noodles share of people still have not come up, old hesitation after the money or else first and then the following.Inquiry just left a funeral pedestrian students come back, that shijiazi people of tears, took them to ask things of the deceased during his lifetime, until finally get out, already growling stomach, eat a few people discuss together bowl.Li Yuan consultation and left the best relations, Li Yuan died a few days before they came to this noodle shop, the store, though small, but the taste is another home can not match.Entered the shop and saw the girl my age, he always felt that you saw her, flashed the kind of sense of familiarity impact on his brain, forcing him anxious to solve this mystery, whenever he to open the girl got away with it, and eventually even disappear in the crowd still have not seen back.”Usually can not tell Li Yuan a place where not, and how he would suddenly take things too hard of it.”Short hair cut with small Aya says.”Oh, I heard from the sea to float when the people are bubble up, especially terrorist.”Speaking of another person.Inquiry ignore them left the topic, his thoughts went back to Li Yuan last time he came, Li Yuan was talking about himself and what was it, the day they drank, two people feel are good, said a muddle stack.Oh, yes, he said, a girl, also open the phone so he glanced photo.Left inquiry put down the chopsticks, looking heavy, he remembered something made him realize: “Perhaps Li Yuan was the killer.”The people here are quietly eating face, he did not put this idea to say, in order to avoid any further complications.Lin Zili back in the home with the help of the police, saying that in fact the only home and cook their own aunt, my parents divorced when she was little, my father travel frequently, can not contact her mother, she would just lay in confused to grow to 18 years old.Today saw the man may be in the noodle shop, Lin Zili had a bad dream, she dreamed that a man by himself to the ground, frantically tearing their clothes, scared she awakened from a dream, to take cold sweat.Vacation is not over, temporarily do not go to school, Lin Zili not know what kind of student, school or learn slag Pa.The doctor said she was affected by the stimulus, the memory only slowly restored, these days she has been thinking about why they would amnesia, and that will not dream about it, every time I think she felt a wave of panic here.Her home not far from the sea, Linzi Li imperceptibly to the beach, he happened to meet a man yesterday.”Students, please wait.”That man take the initiative and say hello to her.”I am also II, like you saw in school, we met yesterday, and I feel a bit familiar to you straight staring at you, you might scare.”So, I am not a bad man, now Made Man, Lin Zili feel that he was not so ugly.”I was too cautious, forgive me.”” You, who lives near here?How time to come?”” Not very far, walk on to.”Just then, playing games on the beach holding a child root very thick stick and ran over, busy woods answer did not notice, but fortunately, the man quickly pulled her hand.”Be careful!”She nearly hit several children, left roar wanted to ask the children if there is thought in Lin Zili, it changed the tone, he said:” The stick accidentally hit someone else, from where you brought, fast go back.”Several children pointed to the distant, he said:” There is ground to pick up the watermelon.”Then we go long.After a simple conversation, so two people met, but also had a left inquiry Contact.After Somehow, the left and consultation carried out some conversation, Linzi Li changed his initial image, manners conversation that he felt very gentleman, courteous, Pro, respectively, when in fact she really admit that he regarded guy.Inquiry today left deliberately went to the beach and see where Li Yuan was found.Li Yuan died that night left another inquiry and friends to have a drink, go home and Tang Chuangshang, and stumbled Li Yuan took the phone, he seems to be what people blocked the mouth, he heard a strange sound , in addition to the woman’s voice.Left inquiry has not remember it until he felt the girl look familiar, he remembered the girl’s crush on Li Yuan, just think of it that night phone.He kind of intuition, Li Yuan’s death and about the girl, although he could not analyze what.However, he preferred to think too much.And left that night after the consultation meeting, Lin Zili dream about him, he came toward you in the midst of beautiful woods, made her feel everything is so wonderful and happy place, perhaps, she was a little like him.The next day, she even think about meeting him, but this is no reason to use it, and as a girl, too initiative also is not right, they just know it, even friends are not really.She found him to enter the number of micro-channel, apply friend added, soon I got consent, which made her feel overjoyed.But they are no more talk, Lin Zili checked his circle of friends.It turned out he would write poetry, circle of friends, there are a few first signature poem, well written, is her favorite type.With this intention, she seems to be able to back out a few modern poetry: “You come to the world trip, you have to look sun in the sky, and your sweetheart walking down the street.”She memorized the verses themselves think of it, it seems doctor of medicine really useful so high drug prices is justified.For his past, his life bit by bit, she is ever more like it, I feel he is the kind of guy you like, do not exaggerate, not artificial, real and interesting.She thought, the school must be more dealings with him, what the story might get it, seventeen-year-old girl can occur, like when people always naive like a child.She danced holding the phone in the house, talking to himself, looking very happy.Since the exercise left to think of it the night of the phone, and my heart has been very uncomfortable, it is not the police, should not control it, but just think something was, he would rather he did not think of it this detail.Lin Zili plus his friend when he agreed, but her heart is still inconsistent, although a sophomore girls can not have any similar murder of amazing moves, but she is, after all, people like Li Yuan, after all, their doubts objects.School come soon, Lin Zili been tempted mood they want to see Left inquiry, she really felt in love.Now all the students know her amnesia, teachers are also exceptionally tolerant of her, she was careful to introduce a variety of situations, but strange to say, she’s a little knowledge did not forget, but more sophisticated than ever before.I heard that exercise has left the basketball game, she bought a bottle of water go out into the playground to run from the canteen, and bottled water when the booing crowd of people again and again: “Oh, there is beauty and bottled water Yeah, we have.”Lin Zili shyly ran away, but my mind was left mixed feelings inquiry.Lin Zili just because he is close to death and her doubts about Li Yuan, not to let her fall in love with himself, which he did not know at how to do, maybe he should not continue in the tube Li Yuan thing, otherwise it will affect to own life.He decided, no longer care about it, so he deleted the micro-letter Lin Zili, and decided not to contact her.Lin Zili soon find themselves being left Inquiry deleted friends, listen to her lesson was frustrated not go.Their performance is not too obvious?It is not that you are not looking so he does not like himself, a lot of problems plaguing her.Sure enough, the girls are not active, this will make her lose interest in boys.The inquiry was deleted left that day, she had a dream.A piece of watermelon at the beach, there is a boy put her on the ground, violently wants to take off her clothes, face and tears she cried, seeking the boys let her, but the boys did not hand movements stopped himself suddenly like a changed man like then, the effort becomes larger than that of boys, the last faint knock him with a wooden hand with a vine on his feet tied to a rock into the sea the.But so after she woke forgot to put this dream, she left for the loss of inquiry and sad, that did not get his favor and sad, but she was looking forward to a love of it, why he refused to give yourself the opportunity to do.Lin Zili Note treating physician in the month before contact her guardian, the result after a month to see the forest dad.The doctor said: “Your daughter’s situation is not very good, we recommend that you take her psychiatric take a look at, in order not to affect her physical and mental health of individuals, we did not tell the specific circumstances of her own, she may suffer from split personality.”I’m a dad, shocked the whole person in there, their hard work not just to give her a better life Mody, how would this be what he seems wrong, he should accompany her side.”Or treat it as soon as possible.”Unfortunately, Lin Zili know nothing, just wondering himself appeared destined for a life but can not have, even if recovered memories, she will never know their heart of hearts what kind of sin is also hidden, I do not know You have to bear what kind of sin, she is no longer enough to make it easy to simply love one’s sins.I heard that exercise left to transfer, and Lin Zili never saw him again.Dad came back, saying that with a doctor to help her treatment, she also hopes he can return to normal as soon as possible.Every time I go to the beach, she will always be remembered inquiry left, the sunlight, beautiful people.00