life like summer flowers

Legend has it that Epiphyllum was originally a flower god who was demoted to the earth because he fell in love with Wei Tuo, a young man who watered and weeded her, and could only open for an instant a year.. In the spring of each year, Wei Tuo went down to collect morning dew for Buddha to fry tea, and epiphyllum chose to open at this time. She will gather the essence of a whole year to bloom in a flash, hoping that Wei Tuo will remember her. One thousand years later, Wei Tuo never remembered her, but epiphyllum never regretted it.. A flash in the pan is only for Wei Tuo, and a brief bloom is also a kind of unforgettable beauty, because eternity is only moving in a fixed moment.     So we expect to be in full bloom, and life will be in full bloom.     Dega said that art and life are both short and lonely, and it is this loneliness that gave birth to brilliant ballet dancers and dance steps, placing hopes and hopes of her life in the rotation of time and time again. You can’t see the scars on her toes, you can’t fathom her inner exhaustion and hardships, and you only remember her elegance, nobility and lightness – that is enough, enough for her to leave without a regret smile at the end of the day, enough for her to shed a gentle and pure tear in the corner of her eyes when her temples are bare..     Try to see Peng Teng’s heart flame dancing in his graceful years, and don’t wait for his dull eyes to support his dying years..     Some people say that Xu Zhimo’s eyes are like ancient Greek statues, because he kisses the blazing fire of reality and sings about the magic of life like a Greek: Kangqiao is the residence of his soul, Pei Lengcui is his spiritual partner, and he is the April day of the world, lighting up bright Yan.. Thirty – four years of life, precipitated in the same sweet and melancholy dream, even if only in a hurry to come and go, solitary fragrance moment, is also a unique fragrance month Huaqing. Born like a summer flower, it was originally a great confidence, not afraid of years of erosion and fading.     Life is like summer flowers, but also a great humility. Thanking the Creator for choosing us, giving life and wisdom among Qian Qian’s possibilities. Appreciate the suffering and give us experience. Yi Shu’s works are full of women of all kinds, sophisticated and intrigued. They are the materials she is good at digging, but the end of the story is always full of pity and encouragement for the heroine.. Every woman is a flower in her eyes: the young girl of cardamom is an unopened lotus. The middle-aged woman who has become a mother is a jasmine that is on the verge of death. Women in the workplace are agave and poppy … Ah, this is not only women’s preference for women, but also life’s sustenance for life.. Yi Shu and her writing are like butterflies in the heart, believing in the magnificence of nature and life, and pursuing a stunning season..     Lonely and cold, themoon buried Chang ‘e’s fantasy about her old face. In the moon palace without feelings and thoughts, there were thousands of amorous feelings, more to whom? Chang ‘e only knows that worldly desires in the world will limit the length of life, but she forgets that the life without love is a gift in itself. Life without love is just a dead silence. It is not as good as pursuing a complete soul and turning it into a bubble as the daughter of the sea. You will regret that she gave up her 300 – year life, and she will be glad that she has the right to be brave – like a summer flower, it is a great courage..     Eileen Chang thinks that’ holding hands’ is a very sad sentence. After holding hands, she will eventually separate, so she would rather not start. She refused to be brilliant, because she could not bear the cold and cheerless after brilliant. She chose to blossom persistently and accept withering persistently.. Being born like summer flowers is a great insistence. Besides, tomorrow’s world may not be a bleak one, so we should stick to the attitude of flowers. The sky may not leave my mark, but I have already flown by..

Childhood without going back

Everyone’s heart has a most warm corner, where there is an innocent young image, where the world is still so beautiful and clean.. When my heart is tired, I have a great intention of returning. But time has gone and will not return again. – The magnolia tree in front of the brook is tall, leafy and flowery. Flowers bloom and fade, year after year. Looking up at the blue sky, the faint white clouds are rolling and drifting as far as the eye can see.. Heart, surges with a faint nostalgia, a wisp of mournful chase love. So I opened the dusty diary and looked through the slightly yellowed paper, writing every word to record the youth that I couldn’t go back to.. The life of childhood makes people think deeply, the childhood partners are close to each other, and the childhood years are so pure and innocent..     Time is like quicksand between the fingers. If you don’t hold it tightly, you will lose it a little bit.. Tong Zhen’s elegant interest only remains in the memory between the lines and will not come back again. The fairy tale book that was held in his hand and refused to be put down is now nowhere to be found.     In the dictionary of childhood, there are only words like ” good” and ” dream”. The pure laughter floats like a wind bell on the edge of the tender grass, scattered on the gurgling brook, flying in the colorful blue sky and white clouds..     At that time, what I longed for most was to have a small pistol and slingshot of my own like other children. Put it under your pillow at night and stick it on your waist when you go out to play.. And that cute puppy, shaking his head and tail every day, followed me. As a child, there were many dreams. When I grow up, those dreams call for me in strange and beautiful corners of the world.. So, backpacking around looking for my dream; But always in a quiet night, I think of the happy life at home, the small hair that was inseparable, and the happy and carefree play all day long..     The childhood songs that often jump briskly in the ear and hum and sing in the mouth still have a lot of fresh memories and sing freely.. The regulations of the little girl who took part in mushroom picking became the most unforgettable memory in her mind with its cheerful melody and simple and fresh lyrics.. My little sister’s hardworking, brave and hard-working character has become an example for me to learn, bringing a bright sunshine and a beautiful heart to my young heart.. The graceful melody and brisk rhythm of the participation let us sweep up the ” Regulations” of the double oars and listen to Mom’s description of the past with poetic language and scenes, graceful and lyrical, gave me endless imagination, cultivated my feelings of love for my motherland and life, and also made me feel the incomparable happiness of being born under the red flag and growing under the red flag.. In that blue sky and white clouds, sunny season, under the light guitar playing, the soothing and fresh singing voice like water, and the beautiful time of the green campus, most of them are burned in the cerebral cortex, which is difficult to erase.. Everything in childhood, flowers, grass, toys, laughing and playing, is so beautiful that it can’t be said. The beauty of childhood flooded all the worries and pains in the world.. In retrospect, it’s like a subtle smile on your lips. What is love? In that simple and beautiful childhood, I felt that’ love’ nature is forever oh, never separated. It’s the player’s home. Gently” Lala Little Hands”,” Kiss Face”, play together” groom”,” bride”,” enter bridal chamber”,” love”’ just to be able to keep on improving..     The joy of childhood cannot be replaced by any happiness. As a child, she still remembers the families we played together? At that time, you were ” bride”, ” I am” groom’s officer ”. Will we meet again at some place one day?? Really miss you, really want to go back to the past, back to when I was a child.     Remember? Together we ran hand in hand on the soft green grass, lay on the green grass and looked at the blue sky, telling stories that we thought were funny and building our future’ grand plans’. I really want to see time to go back, who is still with you, sitting side by side with me, imagining what will happen when I grow up. Two little feelings without guess, although without result, because of innocence, can remain in the bottom of my heart for the rest of my life. Every time I think of it, I have a knowing, silly and sweet smile.     Spring, summer, autumn and winter change in turn, and the cycle never stops. Month, round and short, everlasting cycle to this day. Colorful dreams have gradually evolved into black and white reality. Innocent also gradually fade away, in exchange for the cheating that they often face every day. In the course of growth, when people reach the crossroads, they begin to wander about with hesitation and meditation that is difficult to debate at one time and difficult to decide at the other. When I grow up, my thoughts become more complicated, and my worries and worries increase.. At this point, instead, I envy the lightness and freedom of the cloud, yearn for the absence of memories of the cloud, dream about the dream of the cloud, and aspire to be a free man like white clouds, floating around without a definite place, not loving an inch of the blue sky, and being free and natural and unrestrained.!     Facing the sunshine in June, walking on the cobblestone road with a thorn foot, there was only a long figure behind him. Side, it is no longer easy to find friends who travel together. Rare friends often miss out because of their own arrangements. Now, I don’t know whether my mind is old or mature? I hope to have a breath-like resonance with you who have the same mood, to travel together in the rest of the long journey of life, to enjoy the scenery along the way and to escape loneliness together..     Turned around and looked back. Many of the original ones were already changing. Want to send a message but don’t know to whom, want to talk to someone, mobile phone and don’t know to whom.Today, there are fewer text messages, and the monthly package is not available. The phone calls are also rare.. Now there are fewer words and more silence. Actually, there is less, and virtual coping is much more. Thinking, friendship, loss, silence, forgetfulness and loss in the process of growing up have aged and enriched life with the time of sneaking away.. Perhaps, it is accompanied by insincere words that cannot be avoided in the process of growth. Today, there is no longer a child’s outspoken, what all say is pure; Now I have a lot of worries hidden in my heart. I don’t like to talk to others.     I really want to look back, look at the people and things around me, listen to the children’s childish voices and look at their lovely faces. That’s also a kind of happiness, isn’t it? I, too, have long gone.     In the process of growing up, I missed too many scenery because I walked too fast and too fast. I really need to slow down. There are still many beautiful scenes to watch along the way. Can’t miss it any more, don’t be too lonely, don’t let the scenery along the way flash past, let’s enjoy those lonely scenery that can’t escape. In the process of growth, only by relying on one’s own efforts and using one’s own hands to improve one’s life can one improve one’s satisfaction with life. The process of growth, have you and I found the answer?     When I was a child, I couldn’t go back. What I was waiting for was a realistic adult age. At that time, when the light was gently turned over by the wind again, it was still blue sky and white clouds. Added, is a little aftertaste . Ah