Be a brave dandelion in the wind and rain

Today is July 14, the sixth day for our dandelion practice team to come to Xinyou Primary School. Time flies too fast, but we cherish every day, every moment and every second, every day we study happily with the children of the new primary school, and every day we fight alongside our teammates.. Today’s weather is very cool, with sunshine alternating with rain. This weather indicates that after the storm, it will be sunny. We will work together to be brave dandelions and create miracles that belong to us.. We still started our daily routine and went to the fifth and sixth grade classrooms in the morning to observe teaching and give help.. They are not so clever and active in class as the children in the lower grades, even a little naughty, which is reflected in their enthusiasm in class is not so high. Some students still have their own personalities, do their own things in class, and are not enthusiastic in answering teachers’ questions, probably because they are not very interested in the content of the lecture. Fortunately, with the help of the teacher in charge, they successfully finished the class and did their homework requirements after class.. After careful observation, we found out the characteristics of their classes, and we will also carry out targeted teaching according to the characteristics of their classes to improve the efficiency and enthusiasm of learning.. In addition, our art group also started printing materials for the games and art parties, rehearsing programs, and preparing props for the games.. After discussion, we unanimously decided to change the two songs from the original regulations on participation in childhood and participation in the same song into ” Pride for You” and to participate in the same bill as you, and rehearse and sing heartily.. Since there are lessons tomorrow, we will continue to prepare for the lessons tomorrow. With my team. After the completion, my sense of accomplishment is full, and I look forward to the different classes that will be brought to the children tomorrow. I hope they will like it and learn a little knowledge that we have taught them..