At midnight, a messy mood filled the whole space

On a quiet night, the intoxicating moonlight mingled with the faint scent of the air, permeating the sky over the silver waterfall and spreading around with the swaying of the breeze, wandering around in a roundabout way as if it were a wonderful world.. The taste of the night gradually became thick. In the misty night, the air still plucked the strings without a trace of sleep.!     In this quiet Yamashita, looking at the moonlight like a slippery night sky, looking up at the stars that stir people’s hearts, I feel the verdure of the lush green grass, as if it were integrated with nature.. Moonlight pours in the whole space like running water, and drops of silver light are sprinkled on it. The heart is naturally filled with holiness and emotion like moonlight.. The moon, as bright as silver, cannot hold me back from rushing forward. This most ordinary and simplest form is precisely the true meaning of life and the mystery of life.!     Deep night, like a supreme giant god, seems never to be disturbed by my extraordinary career and the tense rhythm of urban life, its mysterious transcendental thought still falls in front of me in accordance with the natural logic.. At this time, the phone heard a dull, gloomy, as if emotional ringing sound, echoing in the three-dimensional night and wandering in the arc-shaped sky, reminding me that it is already zero, and the ringing sound vibrates my heart pulse.. I stood at the window, staring at the unfathomable sky, the gate of thinking quietly opened and filled my boundless spiritual world with pentium!     I don’t know whether it was because the bright moon outside the window invaded my dream country and watched the cold moonlight poking its head through the window, leaving a long moon shadow in this sleepless night. I couldn’t sleep for a long time tonight.. I held out my hands gently and took up the full Yue Hui, tracing the memory of moonlight and recreating the beautiful image of the ancient city in the images of the years.. Only memories are the real harvest of my life. People can’t just bow their heads and move forward, maybe stop occasionally, take a look behind them, take a look at the string of footprints left behind, and know what to cherish in their life? Also will know what they have treasured?     Midnight still makes me feel a little fidgety, watching my daughter still concentrate on analyzing every topic, gazing at her tired body, and looking at her tired eyes because of lack of sleep, my heart aches and pains.. Looking at my daughter’s persistent study as always, the act of not fearing hardship and fatigue has been moving me. At this time, looking at her daughter, who is smart and beautiful and never gives up, I also feel a trace of relief.. As the exam is approaching day by day, my daughter’s nervousness also makes me uneasy. Recently, I am also feeling overwhelmed and not in the mood to do anything that has nothing to do with the exam.!     Thinking that students now cherish every minute and every second to meet their first challenge in life, the tense learning atmosphere also makes me feel suffocated, and every day I feel highly nervous, and the occasional uneasiness in my heart inadvertently permeates my thoughts and makes students nervous by looking at the striking countdown numbers in class schools. Recently, I often have worries and anxieties as well as worries about my daughters and students, which will affect the normal performance of good grades due to poor psychological quality.! For this reason, I often talk to students and daughters and advise them to release psychological pressure!     When I was alone, I like to make a cup of coffee, play a piece of music and immerse myself in my heart. In the melodious melody, scenes like water and time pass by in succession, either as clear as a picture or as light as smoke.. Time really waits for no one. Flowers bloom and flowers bloom, clouds roll up and clouds relax. Shaohua is getting old and flourishing. In the circulation of day and night, people have entered middle age unconsciously.. No longer pursue a prosperous life, knowing that time is a merciless sword and will amuse everything in the world, good flowers will inevitably be in profusion, and there will also be a gloomy day for a prosperous scene.!     Frequent gusts of breeze swept up my flowing long hair from time to time. Open the diary, silently write down the pen in your hand, the years that have passed between your fingers, not for other reasons, but only for the occasional look back on the past, and clearly depict the beautiful scenery that was beautiful and secluded.. Over time, it is inevitable to forget many beautiful dreams of youth. Over time, it may not be thought that the flowers once were the most beautiful scenery in the world.. The road to life is short, but time goes by in an instant. Therefore, every moonlit night like water can’t help brewing such endless lingering regrets!     I really want to hold my dream with my pen, but that pen only records the beautiful scenery of the cool breeze, but I can’t write any trace of pure heart in any way.. In the dark night, the beautiful words from the music box seem to be telling a moving story again. In the twilight, leaning against the window and silently looking at the bright moon, I was somehow moved by this humble calm. The wind blows over the hair and the moon is still thinking about youth. The stars all over the sky hang high in the sky with a bright moon.. This silent Yamashita, but I still can’t close those tired eyes for a long time.!     In the dead of night, a faint light penetrated into the room through the window and sprinkled much brightness on the ground.. Accustomed to the silent world, he spread out his thoughts and recorded a romantic feeling in warm colored words.. If life is a journey, happiness and sadness are the two long tracks that follow us closely.. In the line of sight of optimists, bright colors often appear. The negative people often see dim images. In life, what is rare is the ease and leisure, the comfort and comfort!     When I walked in the corner of the text to talk, I looked up and found that the moon had disappeared quietly in a vague halo, its shadow was becoming weaker and weaker, and my impetuous heart began to melt slowly in this vague halo.. This round of Kyaukphyun is drifting away in my sight because it is going to run on its own track, but it brings a bit of beauty to the early summer night and quietly takes away a pure thought from me.!     At midnight, a messy mood filled the whole space. So, I look forward to the moonlight like water, the mood like water … ah