All the way across the buildings, a fallen flower

The words, the man, the moonlight of that year. Walking in the depths of my own writing, I only remember the writing in the net and the setting sun, forgetting who I was rocking the boat with and casting the net with in the years of this life.. Wen: The hedges are scattered and scattered with acacia, condensed into scarlet beans, sprinkled on the words of the paper, in an attempt to root the full-bodied yearning into the hedges while waiting for delusion.. I like every night like this. When I feel lonely, I will talk to my own words, spread a white paper and dig out the moss growing in the corner in melancholy.. Xu was hurt by a piece of mourning zither, and the sound of zither strings aroused his sorrow, and the beauty of life began to fall in the night wind..     The world of mortals in the buildings, after all, is a lonely flower. Smoke past, I do not know who has fallen to whose acacia, dream memories, I do not know who has fallen to whose waiting. Don’t ask for your parting, don’t ask for the geometry of the pain you once suffered.? Even my soul, like a pearl on the shelf, has accumulated thousands of years of dust. Even a clear tear moistened the ethereal yesterday. Perhaps it is difficult for the thin world of mortals to cut off the oath that was considered to be broken by blowing a bomb..     At the moment, how much I miss him. I am a weak woman even though I have the talent of heaven and earth to write the clear words of Liu Fang and the Chinese seal handed down from generation to generation.. Perhaps, the woman leaning on the building and looking at the moon in the depths of the old words is also looking back in tears, looking back at who used to write lyrics with wine and gamble away tea fragrance under the acacia tree in the past.?     The cold wind of reincarnation can’t blow away the memory of heavy sleep, but I am naturally too stupid. Even a sigh in the volume can make people feel crushed if accompanied by the music of deep and remote worries.. Whether the words at the fingertips give me beauty or pain, the love classical by moonlight is always a beautiful clear language and a dream of endless pursuit..     Perhaps, my love in the past lives was left in a dusty poem. If not, why is the loneliness of this world always associated with classical writing?? Is the sound of the sound of the purdah Yangguan? It was a timeless agreement? Is it fate, or is it a kind of ghost call from the bottom of my heart? Perhaps, only sad eyes can look at the beauty and pain of parting that the world meets so thinly. Perhaps, only the slender fingers with tears of blood can play the piano of singing..     Remember often see a word is; It’s good to have you there all the time! I want to write such words must understand the feeling; Because of you, a little less loneliness, a little more loneliness, a little more happiness, but a lot more warmth. The women on the Internet, Otawa, are lonely and have an affair with lofty ideals. They have built ivory towers of their own world in the small buildings they have built. Occasionally, people they like are invited to sit, raise their glasses and look at each other. The tea fragrance between lips and teeth is dense, and the eye waves are warm and smouldering.! Words may not be too many, but they will listen to a piece of music they like together, twirling around in peace and quiet..     Taking a beam of moonlight, I walk through the upper part of the night, believing that I can stick to my dream, only then can I touch the other side of my heart, only then can I have a faint scent and ink mark, only then can I have a lotus-like rest, only then can I have the gentleness of your whole city, only then can I have an intoxicated look at each other, and only then can I have the sadness and sadness of health.! In a hurry, the hearts of the youth and the prime minister are united, and the world of mortals and buildings meet and renew this life..     Always tired, always empty, always dust to dust, soil to soil. All the way across the buildings, a fallen flower.     Hedgerow and sparse QQ: 766314719. The collection of ” Mo Dao Fireworks Can’t Be Cut” was published and distributed. Please contact me if you need to buy the collection of ” Original”