A woman who loves reading is open-minded and dignified

A woman who loves reading is a beautiful scenery no matter where she goes. She may not look amazing, but she has an inner temperament: elegant speech is free from vulgarity, and beautiful manners do not need to be decorated. It is quiet and dignified and graceful. It is dignified in sitting state and free and easy in walking. It is a mixture of natural simplicity and implicitness. It is soft like water, charming like wind and flowery like flowers … Ah. Some women don’t look beautiful, but she walks among the women who are full of flowers and make – up. She stands out especially for her temperament, cultivation and scroll flavor.. Talking to her always makes people refreshed and tacky. Her association with her often leads to a lack of talent and bright sunshine.. Indeed, after reading enough good books, a woman will become very good, because the book gives her the bottom spirit, nurtures her feelings of truth, beauty and purity, and makes her gentle, refined, considerate and full of scroll flavor.. Women like books: buying books, reading books and writing books, books are their durable fashion and cosmetics. Ordinary clothes, plain clothes, walk among the women who are full of flowers and make – up, but they are particularly striking, temperament, accomplishment and scroll flavor that is overflowing all over.. Women who love reading are good at thinking, because reading can make people wise and magnanimous, have no desire but just, and have unselfish heart and wide heaven and earth.. Reading can make Xiu De’s nature, wisdom, vision and soul beautified.. In life, eating delicacies from mountains and seas is a kind of enjoyment, and reading some books with shock, hearing and hearing loss is a kind of enjoyment. The former can only be satisfied for a while, while the latter will benefit you for a lifetime.. Admittedly, in today’s materialistic world full of money and desires, few women have settled down to study, especially beautiful women who watch TV or go to shopping malls, beauty salons, play poker, play mahjong and chat in their spare time.. Although beauty is a’ ticket’, those beautiful women are too dependent on God’s gift. God loves them but spoils them. Rich and powerful men always think they are omnipotent God..     Beautiful women can always easily get everything they want from men: money, love, a house and a carefree and free life.. Men don’t care whether they love reading, whether they have knowledge, taste and taste. Men care whether they are pleasing to the eye and have enough beautiful capital to allow them to the legendary swordsman and talk about life in public.. Basically, it is men who connive at women and create enough reasons for beautiful women to stay away from books.. Books make women intelligent and mature, and make women understand that it is important to wrap their appearance, but more important is to moisten their hearts. If a woman does not read, she will become ignorant and vulgar without knowledge and will be abandoned by the times.. Even if the face looks like a fairy and wears luxurious and fashionable clothes, those masks smeared with material will be shallow after all and will not last long.. On the contrary, as long as she likes reading and is full of scroll temperament, even if she wears simple clothes, she will still look so elegant and graceful. For her, clothes are only ornaments and decorations, which will only make her more beautiful and more attractive..     A woman who loves reading has a lamp in her heart that can keep the peaceful harbor of her heart and always regards books as her spiritual companion.. Without gold and silver, she is very confident. She dares to face the sky with her heart clear and bright, and lives in a busy city, but she can keep away from the red dust and the hustle and bustle.. She loves to hear all the sounds that belong to nature: wind, rain, chicken calls, cricket calls. When I heard them, it was the most peaceful time to endure loneliness, no peace of struggle and no freedom of greed.. A woman who loves reading regards reading as the greatest happiness of her life. She immersed herself in the story of writing weaving, paddling the waves with her eyes to find the distant spiritual shore. She doesn’t have time to nag and gossip, or to fiddle with right and wrong. When other women are talking about fashion and Zhang Jiali’s short life, she is intoxicated in the world of books, washing herself, enriching herself, sad herself and happy herself.. In the large reading room, women who love reading sit and read alone, the whole world is their own, without noise, strife, hypocrisy, fatigue and pleasure.. Women who love reading are swimming in the sea of books, and they are devoted and obsessed with these great men as much as they admire high fashion and makeup and beauty.. They often get life’s fulfillment and peace in casual moments and find the value and true meaning of life.. A woman who loves reading has a dream in her heart. Even if she is as ordinary as a leaf, she can still create a paradise for the beauty and life of the leaf.. Lead yourself to a place with flowers, birds, trees, blue sky, white clouds, stars and bright moon. The dream that will never be lost is a poem, a picture, a daydream, a mood, a little comfort and some hope in their life.. A woman who loves reading likes to write something. Diary is a confession of her true heart and is the most willing lesson of the day.. The diary is filled with her mood and is a small attic where her heart rests. All the sweet, sour, bitter, joys and sorrows can be reasonably and reasonably expressed here, and finally she will be calm and calm.. When she had a feeling and understanding, she wrote it at will, posted it, published it occasionally, got a share of joy and smiled contentedly alone..     Reading – loving women look at the world and feel that the sky is blue and the earth is rich and beautiful. They write beauty in their hearts with intelligent hearts, broad and simple love, and considerate cultivation. She read life into poetry, prose and fiction. Reading life as honesty, friendliness, self – esteem, integrity, love and beauty enriches one’s own spiritual world, and allows loftiness and dignity to lead women’s eyes. To the world, she does not put on airs or flatter herself, but always exudes a bookish and lofty flavor.. Women who love reading all know that life has wind and rain, and books are umbrellas that can keep out the wind and rain. Life has dangerous beaches and reefs, and books are bright lighthouses. When life is full of mountains and rivers, there are many hidden flowers in the book. Life will lose good friends and lovers, but books will always be faithful.     A woman who loves reading is a beautiful scenery no matter where she goes.. She may not look amazing, but she has an inner temperament: elegant speech is transcendent and free from vulgarity, beautiful manners do not need to be decorated, it is quiet and dignified, moving and elegant; It was dignified sitting and free and easy walking. It is a natural mix of simplicity and implicitness, soft like water, charming like wind and flowery like flowers … Ah, for books, different women will have different tastes, different tastes will have different choices, and different choices will have different effects, thus deducing a scenery line of women and books..     Some women read books in order to acquire knowledge and increase their talents. They pay more attention to books with strong ideological content, philosophy and depth.. Books improve their life and enrich their lives. Such a woman is itself a book, an interesting and good book. Some women read books to please their body and mind and cultivate their sentiment. They like to read poems from Tang and Song Dynasties and beautiful prose from ancient times to modern times, both at home and abroad. They cultivate their morality and cultivate their character in leisurely leisure, thus casting a quiet life.. Such a woman is like a poem, fresh and plain. There are also women who study only as entertainment and entertainment, or just as arty. They are keen on sentimental stories and lacy news about movie stars and celebrities.. They are more practical and a little tacky, but they can read some books and understand some things. Books can affect people’s hearts, and people’s hearts and temperament are interlinked..If a person wants to dress up as cute, beautiful or attractive, he or she should read books.     Reading is the foundation of a woman’s body. Women who like to read books may not have high academic qualifications, but they must have cultural accomplishment. Most educated women are sensible, calm and considerate.. Those who often read books can be distinguished from the crowd at a glance.. Especially in human life will also appear calm and decent. It has been described that people who often read books do not speak at random, and their words must be based on facts. Each conclusion will be drawn through reasonable deduction, rather than following the same line and saying nothing.. People who often read books will think about things and know how to come up with a solution. Their intelligence quotient is relatively high. They can sort out the chaotic and chaotic world, grasp the root and the key, and then propose solutions to the problem. Science refuses to be blind. Every step they take is considered. These are all the things that people who do not read at ordinary times lack. The woman who loves reading is beautiful, and the woman who loves reading is beautiful and unique. She is not a flower, not a wine. She is just a cup of light green tea with faint fragrance. Even if she doesn’t apply powder, she looks healthy and energetic, personable, natural and unrestrained, graceful and graceful, and beautiful.. Only by reading with an open-minded heart can we appreciate the subtleties of the book and absorb the nourishment from it. A good book, accompany life. As the ancients said, if you read 300 Tang poems, you will sing them if you can’t write them.. The book has its own golden house, learning from the merits of others, and you will become a fine product. Learning from other people’s shortcomings, you will become a waste, promising and talented person.     Women read more with the years and also want to write their own books. A woman writes the sweet and sour taste of life on paper and then turns it into type, and others are reading her book.. The books written by women are delicate and gentle in brush strokes, flexible and agile in thinking, and between the lines, they are integrated into the unique spiritual temperament and spiritual experience of women.. Their interpretation of the life process, their struggle for survival and their pursuit of life value show a sense of responsibility to participate in society.. Nowadays, women write books that not only women love to read, but also men love to read. The woman who reads books spends most of her time reading. Reading is a vital element and a way of life for her.. Compared with some beautiful women outside and inside, she is a wise man who knows how to keep life beautiful inside.. Books make women intelligent, tough and mature. It is important to make women understand that the appearance of packing is more important than the nourishment of the soul.. Live with books and never sigh. Roman Roland is urging women to read more books, read some good books, knowledge is the only beauty product, and books are women’s fashion. Books will keep women beautiful forever. The woman who loves reading is beautiful, and the woman who loves reading is beautiful and unique. She is not a flower, not a wine, she is just a cup of light green tea with faint fragrance. Even if you don’t apply the powder, you will look energetic, personable, natural and unrestrained, and graceful..