A cool life

I spent every lonely night smoking cigarettes and drinking tea, swimming in the vast sea of mortals, listening to music and tapping the keyboard with my fingers to write one mood after another.. Walking through the long river of life, step by step, walking towards maturity and the end of life. The impression of years not only engraved on my face, but also deeply settled in my heart. The edges and corners of my life have sharpened my delicate and soft heart..     The flowers bloom and fall in the four seasons are exhausting, and the wind, flowers and snow in life make people haggard. At this time, I will have a cool heart to enjoy the joy and sweetness of life in the face of all the world.. A cool life is beauty! Cool charm is mellow!     People tend to be eager for quick success and quick success in the noisy and impetuous situation. If they have a cool feeling, they will be able to overcome arrogance and grandiose mood, find a quiet and quiet place, enjoy peace and peace, keep their hearts free from worldly worries and desires, maintain their natural nature, sublimate their personality, purify their emotions and moisten their hearts..     Indifferently, I advocate a simple life, tolerance and non-exaction to others in life, and gain peace of mind. Being kind, straightforward, and magnanimous and simple will give you time and mood to evaluate the three tastes of life and enjoy the joy of life.. Cool I will steal my spare time to care for the sunshine with my cool state of mind in the busy day, showing a straightforward and honest sunshine smile, making my life full of vigor and vitality..     In this materialistic society, people are unwilling to be content with plain striving and enterprising. No matter whether you are fighting in the workplace or fighting in the business world, few people stop to take a look at the beautiful scenery around you. I think you should also learn to enjoy a peaceful beauty when you are in power on the stage of life. Even if I am indifferent, I am not successful and have no career at all.. However, I will often read some books and write some essays under the lamp after my half-life of pioneering and struggling, and quietly nourish the heart to repair the increasingly coarse soul, cultivate calm mood and healthy mind, so as to achieve a state worthy of conscience of heaven and earth, enrich my life and enrich my life..     Indifferent I, lightly come, lightly go, lightly get along with. Give a person peace, give a person a faint desire, live simply and have a taste. Life is too short to pursue. Everyone will be bumpy and full of thorns on the way to life, with their own shortcomings and deficiencies.. To foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, we must increase the value of our life and blossom the most beautiful of our lives.. Live a new world. Cherish your life and everything you have. Would rather live simply and live simply, just like a spring rain, a clear song, moisten things silently and take a long time..     Cool is like an idyll, deep and remote, pure and elegant. Cool is a landscape painting, wash away the carved ornaments of lead and leave it fresh and natural. Cool is like a deep feeling song, melodious and melodious, singing softly and softly; Cool is a warm wind that blows away the snow and brings infinite spring scenery. Time is like water, time is fleeting, time is fading away how many memories I have, but I have never changed my pursuit of cool life.. Only with a cool attitude towards life can society move from apathy to peace and well – being. With a cool mind, we can move from melancholy to singing. With this coolness, even if the dust falls to the ground in a fiasco, even if you look up and open your eyes to see a piece of wild land, you will feel regretless as long as you struggle hard.!     With this equanimity, on the long road of life, you will feel that even silent search, even if there are twists and turns and repetitions, is also a kind of exercise and simulation. It is this equanimity that reflects the sanctity and loftiness of your life and makes you feel that heaven and earth are vast and broad – minded. It is this equanimity that makes you feel the beauty of the world and the colorful life.. If you have equanimity, you will have a indifferent and beautiful life!     Life is long, but in the long river of years it is only a drop in the ocean. Life is a process. The long river of time will lead us to one post after another. Looking back at the moment, we may find many wrong passages, so we have tasted the sweetness and bitterness of life.. All success and failure sometimes lie between one thought, so sometimes we will be extremely happy and disconsolate.. In fact, we are just a grain of dust contained in the world, sitting and watching the clouds gather together and enjoying the blandness quietly. No matter where you are, you will only appreciate the truth of life with your heart and swim in the river of years, no matter how you feel, it will pass like a cloud..     I think the same is true of online love. No one does not want love to be like the sea. But I prefer cool love. Only by turning love into a trickle can it produce a lasting lasting appeal. A cool life, no matter how the world changes, will always entrust its countless worries to a gentle and tolerant heart. Even if the years go on and off, it will eventually be able to hold its hand and live and die.. Years like the passing of Sichuan, do not give up day and night. There is no need to look back too much. Life is short, but the road and shadow are long. Walking on the road, the scenery is infinite. A happy life is a persistent adherence to that dull life! The cool life is more beautiful and the cool lasting appeal is more mellow!