Finally wait until ” you” — ” three villages to cook

Finally wait until ” You” – ” You” – ” Three Rural Areas” Cooking Date: 2017 – 07 – 16 Source: First Author of Lingnan Normal University: Second Author of Zhan Yaying: Luo Li Finally Wait for ” You” – ” Three Rural Areas” Cooking. With the ringing of the alarm bell at 6: 20 am, I opened my sleepy eyes, and the first ray of sunshine in the morning caught my eye, which was especially dazzling. I immediately refreshed myself and then set out with my team-mates to buy vegetables at the vegetable market.. Along the way, we felt the clear morning light, the bird song of joy heart, the gentle breeze, and the mood was very happy.. Soon, we bought the vegetables and returned to the practice base. We have to say that our friends who cook today are very powerful – we started cooking lunch at about 10 o’clock, and during the whole process we were united, talking and laughing, and very happy. We had already prepared lunch for 41 members of the practice group before 11: 30, and the smell of the food pervaded the campus.. My friends who have been busy all morning instinctively smell incense. Looking at the small partners one by one with a satisfied expression on their faces, I was moved to be extremely happy and had already forgotten the fatigue inside! Fingers are too wide and time is too thin. But it doesn’t matter. I was expecting the afternoon. Because I enjoy the process of making a delicious meal for my friends. Although I will be very tired, the important thing is that everyone is full and happy.! In charge of the team’s appetite today, we soon got busy for everyone’s dinner. The first time I cut onions and peppers, I had some hard work this afternoon – my hands were red and swollen with heat, like a pair of salted pig hands, burning, and there was another friend like me, haha, we were in distress situation one afternoon.. The plot of this day is drawing to a close. Today is July 16, 2017, the sixth day of our ” Tongxin” social practice team’s summer visit to the countryside. We are all happy and full.! What interesting things will happen tomorrow, let’s look forward to it!