Forgive .

On the third day, you still did not say a word silently, prepared breakfast, and then left the house with your bag on your back.. Outside the door, your back is drifting away. I can’t see clearly. Tears have filled my eyes.. In fact, I have forgiven you . that night, I dragged my exhausted body and opened the room. What I saw was your flustered eyes, looking at the door left unlocked. I understood what you did, looking at the door left unlocked, my work schedule in your notebook, and the computer just opened. At that time, I really wanted to hear you tell the truth, even if 90 % of the truth lies, but you didn’t, you told the false lies pale, you protested to me silently with your righteous eyes and clenched fists, protesting my thorough analysis of you.. But you don’t know, I don’t know a clown’s performance on the stage. The clown’s performance is clumsy and unconvincing. Before that, I have told you countless times to be honest and moral at the very least.. A man is not a saint. He is a man of high moral character if he has ever had the courage to bear it..   Whenever I am proud of your achievements; Whenever I applaud your independence; Whenever I have mercy on you, I don’t know whether you have such amazing behavior under such a glorious aura, is I too demanding your perfection at ordinary times, or have never really entered your inner world?   I want to hear your statement, your distress, your reason, but you don’t. Three days, three days you didn’t say a word, three days, I didn’t cook you a delicious meal. Not that I don’t want to cook, as long as I think of the scene that night, my heart will tingle. Don’t you know how many times you have to circle such a lie for this clumsy lie whenever you use it to justify your mistakes?.   For three days, I struggled with your behavior. I expect you to confess to me and talk to me voluntarily.. But I have seen you cook the food silently these three days and comfort us with steaming food. I think I have already compromised with you. What I compromise is not to prove that I have really forgiven you, but that you have already repented yourself with your actions.. You said, at the moment, what reason do I have not to forgive you?!   Tonight, I will sit in front of the computer screen with you and play your favorite song to participate in the Half City Smoke and Sand Bill. I hope you will join me and truly blend into the soul of Half City Smoke and Sand … Some love is like breaking the kite’s end, some hate is like a circle of injustice, but some love is like a lie of self-deception that will pay a lot of blood and loyalty just to fulfill a long-cherished wish. Some love will go back to the window of suffering, and some hatred will become a bridge between the moon and evening. Some hatred will turn into a sword in silence, but only to complete a long-cherished wish of desolation.