Father loves family and gives me warm strength

On Father’s Day, a warm holiday, there are emotional ripples in my heart. It is said that fathers love mountains, and my father is as simple as the walls of his hometown with the flavor of primitive simplicity, yet strong enough..     Every time I think of my father, his tiny camel’s back, tanned and bony by the sun, appears in my mind.. Mother has always said that father does not eat fat. Father has not been fat all the time. I know why: Father is the only man in our family of five, mother is fat for nothing, and three daughters are also fat for nothing.. My family is in the countryside and will have more physical work. I see other boys can go down and drive tractors when they are in their teens, while my family’s third daughter can only cook and pull out grass.. Even so, when summer comes, my father always loves us, saying that it is too hot not to go to the ground, and he can live in the ground. So many summers I read under an electric fan and slept when I was sleepy, while my father tanned day by day in the sun and his eyes became deeper and deeper..     I have been living in a relatively poor family, but growing up surrounded by love. This has had a great impact in my later life. My father taught me that love is a powerful force that can take you through darkness and overcome poverty.. Although the father is a thin plate, it contains a kind of tenacious and persistent force. I heard that when the father was young, there were many children in the family and he took part in heavy physical labor too early, resulting in a slight camel on his back.. But in my memory, my father never complained about it, and probably the kind father thought that it was the responsibility of a eldest son.     During the production team, our three children were small and our mother wanted to stay at home to look after us. The family only earned a job and lived a miserable life. Father’s eyebrows were always gathered together. When our three children chattered about him, he would yell, ” It’s noisy and annoying.”. The three of us will keep silent. now I think my father still loved us at that time, but the heavy burden of life will also upset him. but my father, under such heavy pressure, never touched a finger of our three sisters from childhood. now I think about it, I still miss those hard but warm years..     After the reform and opening up, the village was divided, but the family’s three daughters and daughters could not help. However, my father did not say anything because of this. In order not to be left behind by other people’s family, my father started to get up early every day and greedy for dark ground. My father was not very physically strong, and his work was not as good as those of the younger ones. He got up at three or four o’clock in the morning every day and didn’t go home until he could not see it at night.. My father raised us with diligence in the early days and late nights.     Father is a man of few words. He has never said to us that he loves you, but he has incorporated his love for his children into his life. This love is now rooted in my veins.. I still remember the hard years in junior high school, when my father got up early to cook breakfast for me every day, when my father filled my aluminum lunch box of that year with cabbage fried steamed buns without a canteen. I kept that lunch box, but I was still sad for a long time when I could not find it after moving..     The most interesting thing is that my father got up early one morning in the second year of last year to prepare a meal for me for fear of being late in the morning and called me to get up. When I got up to finish the meal, he packed my bike, schoolbag and lunch box for me.. I looked at the dark outside and the moon’s light had not faded. I believed in my father’s love despite my doubts and set off on the car.. The light is very dark and my driving skills are not good. In addition, the country road is in disrepair and the potholes, large and small, are paved with roads, but my heart is warm. Father’s love is the street lamp on which I go forward..     I just walked along the road happily, but the car was getting harder and harder to ride, so I had to get off the bus and feel a little wrong when my feet fell to the ground: how soft. Take a closer look at the ground, and before you know it, you rode your car into the ground.. At that time also did not think much, pushed the car back and headed for the school.     When I came to school, the door was closed. My heart was surprised: Father must have read the wrong time. Only after waiting patiently for a long time did the janitor get up and open the door. On that day, I was the first person to get to school in the whole school. I was thinking of going back to tell my father that he had called me for an hour.     When I came home from school in the evening, I saw my father waiting at the village gate at a distance. I was embarrassed to say, ” Girl, I read my watch this morning and it was an hour earlier.”. After listening to my father’s humble attitude, my complaints have gone with the wind. I put my arm around my father’s neck and talked about the adventure that morning. Father and daughter both laughed!     Now that things have passed for more than ten years, I still remember clearly that some love and some emotions will not grow old with the sun and the moon..     When I finally walked out of the muddy village and carried my bags away, I thought that the place would not be missed because it was poor and shabby.. But I was wrong. When I was sitting in the air-conditioning room, I missed the adobe house in my hometown. Summer is natural and cool. The most important thing is that there are parents and relatives there..     When I returned home with gifts, my father always asked me to stay at home for a few days and what I liked to eat. I know that no matter how I grow up, it will always be a permanent concern in his mind.     Now life in the family has improved. Mother will argue with her father about trivial matters. Most of the time, father is silent, only complaining to us when we return home. Every time I want to talk about mother, mother always says that our sisters are eccentric and always toward father.. In fact, I know this is a sweet complaint from the old couple.     After the family circumstances improved, my father was as frugal as ever and still smoked the ten yuan a kilo of dry tobacco. My mother persuaded me many times and we did everything we could. My father said that I should not deprive myself of this hobby.. Looking at the aging father’s thinning hair, I suddenly remembered the ancient saying’ parents are not traveling far away’. my heart felt sour. father, please take care of yourself.     Father’s Day, send greetings to you: Father, happy holidays!