Fate ( the other two )

Life is so short that we are eager to release our dreams when we are young. Unconsciously, in the drifting sound of time, we are looking for our own best years. I don’t know how many years later, at the moment when you suddenly look back, do you still remember my vaguely beautiful appearance and whether you still moved by the lush years.   The fate is as light as the wind, and I always yearn for each other as if I were a drowning man desperately grasping the straw in a dream.. However, after all, I still can’t catch it, just like tears in my dream.   Tears are meaningless cries and all beings are equal. Because the desire is too much and the search is too far away, fate is even lighter. The dead are like this, the river flows eastward, as if the scenery is beautiful, everlasting and peaceful, but it is so hurried that I am caught off guard.. Close at hand, and quietly passed away.    [ time ][ original ]jiangdong, waves washed out. The dead, like husband, don’t give up day and night. Time, like running water, drips silently forward, irretrievably in the rising and falling of the sun and in the splendor and gloom of the stars..   The greatest power in the world is the power of time, because he is irresistible, because he will never return, no matter how brilliant and beautiful a person is at one time, he will eventually grow old in time and settle in the dust of history.. Even though the’ spring breeze glows over horseshoe disease’, it will eventually become loess. No matter how rich a person once was, he will eventually disappear in time and melt into nature, and his money will eventually be owned by others..   As if people were born here and died there, they interpreted a dream in the transformation of time. The prosperity and decline of the past are the changes of the sea and the fields in time.. Creation makes man, and man is the most elven species in the world. He can feel the changes of the four seasons and the alternation of the sun and the moon. However, ordinary people cannot appreciate the ” gradual” of time.. Gradually, it was an imperceptible change. Unconsciously, the figure of a child was gone. Unconsciously, the world began to become more complicated. Unconsciously, frost and snow were added to the temples, and the former passion faded. Unconsciously, the old dragon clock shrank into wood carvings in the warm corner of the winter until this moment, when it was suddenly awakened that he was really old.! Looking back on the past, one’s life – youth, youth, middle age and old age – is like a flash in the eye.. Very close – as if in yesterday; Far away – that was clearly many years ago. Sigh in memory: Alas, life is really short!   In fact, people’s life is very long. We just numbed the changes of time in the gradual progress of time. By the time we discovered it, it was already many years later.. As if our changes were completed in a flash, that’s why we have the feeling of ” between the fingers and the waves”.   Jiangdong, the waves washed out. I woke up early in the afternoon without giving up the night and day.. The solar term has arrived in late autumn, and the day is very short. When I got up, the afternoon sun lazily dropped into the courtyard of the patio, and the white walls around me reflected the yellow sun, giving me a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.. On weekdays, when I am free, I have no intention of feeling the beauty of this godsend life until I find it after work – this short break, but I am not allowed to enjoy it more and more deeply..   About half an hour later, I have gone to my workplace. After a short break, we started our own work. At this time, the sunset has been hidden under the earth, but the curtain of the night has not completely hidden the vacant world. Before long, the night became heavy without interest, and the high-pressure lights in the freight yard shone with a bright yellow and red color, shining every inch of my work.. These bright lights in full bloom will shine all night and will accompany me faithfully tonight.   The long night was full of peace and noise, as if in a lonely dreamland, but the roar of the surrounding machines clearly demonstrated the extraordinary excitement. The bustle annihilated the silence and also annihilated everyone. I occasionally looked up and looked around. Everyone was doing his own work and no one was paying attention to others. The atmosphere at night easily made people ” indifferent” and in this ” indifferent” inertia, I suddenly felt the insignificance of people – how insignificant people were in the endless nights around me..   A thousand years ago, a guest of letters visited Red Cliff and sighed ” One Chestnut in the Sea”, and tonight’s night was also a source of such feeling, as if the ancients had gone after a thousand years of reincarnation, leaving only such a sentence and such a state of mind to give the latter taste when the long night is over and when the black wings of the long night fade away their great curtains, the light of the new day will soon shine on the earth.. In other people’s dreams, I worked all night. I learned in the dawn that life is not easy. When I think back to me at this moment several years later, I should thank tonight, because it gives me a deeper understanding of the meaning of ” life is not easy”. These four words alone give me more reason and understanding to respect and tolerate others.!   The morning breeze blew away the dawn, and the feeling of numbness that hung over the night suddenly vanished, like the longing to wear that will come out of the East China Sea in the day, although I don’t know what I want at the moment.. Just when I had this mood at the moment, I inadvertently looked up and it flew into my sight. It hovered in the air gliding, but never flew out of my horizon. Finally, it stopped on a steel shelf not far from me. This is an eagle, an eagle I don’t know where it came from.   The place where I work is near the sea to the east, with jagged logs and spreading thousands of grass on the shore. Pine trees are in the majority, pine leaves are like needles and pine branches are like covers. It is very suitable for the reproduction of small animals. Perhaps it is the reason for this. This eagle flew here to look for them..   There are thousands of classes in the world that live forever and are busy because of their lives, just like me and like this eagle. I work tonight to live, and eagles leave their nests to feed for a living. The eagle in memory is low on the hill, and the legend says that the eagle is nestled in the cliff..I looked to the south, it was a dense village, and in the distance was a misty mountain. Although the mountain was not very high, I thought the eagle’s nest should be somewhere secluded there.? In the secret place, there is the eagle’s concern. My eyes flitted past the village where morning smoke curled up, and through the thin foggy Mianshan, I seemed to see a nest hanging on the cliff, two pairs of inexperienced and sleeping eyes in the nest, and I seemed to see a pair of gentle wings firmly guarding the eagle’s hope..   For the eagle in my horizon, it doesn’t know where the food it is looking for is hiding at the moment, however, it suddenly flies away, toward the depths of the forest, disappears, disappears in the line of sight I watched, and I know it has gone to the place where it is looking for hope..   The first ray of sunshine on the new day cast itself on the earth, and I stood in the sunrise. Suddenly, I felt like I was standing in hope. Although everything was hard to predict in the future, as long as I pursued it, as long as I did not give up, like the eagle that had just left me, hope would be closer and closer to me until one day, I could reach it.

Early autumn

On the sunny day of early autumn, the sun is warm, the wind is cool, the wicker is graceful, the autumn insects deep in the grass chirp and sing in the afternoon, and the plump caterpillars crawl anxiously on the ground looking for a way out. The garden has long been uninhabited and overgrown with weeds, and the flowers originally planted have been submerged. The first two days suddenly saw a small yellow flower in the garden and white butterflies dancing among the flowers. It turned out to be a cauliflower, just blooming in this season. Is poured out a new idea.     Sometimes when I rest at home, I will voluntarily weed in the garden, with all kinds of grass juice on my hands. There is a small piece of green grass in the garden, but a lot of dog’s tail grass will grow in the garden one summer. When weeding, sometimes I will roll to the leaves of the grass, and the grass juice with slightly bitter palms will be mixed with light vanilla flavor..     The early autumn afternoon wind is also cool, although the sun is still a little warm. This kind of weather is the most pleasant, isn’t it. Beans covered with fences, white or purple. The melon seedlings on the haystack, the big leaves standing upright, the yellow flowers facing the sun. The corn cob in the field is about to mature. The leaves of bean seedlings are yellow. Although it is still a large green area in front of me, it is no longer the lively tender green in spring, but dark green.. It was green with time settling down, green with sentimental attachment before saying goodbye to the world. After a gust of wind, some leaves that are too early to grow old will fall in rustling. Day by day, the ground rolls with the wind.     Sitting on the bench, I will quietly listen to the wind in the shade. The sun sent the shadow of the wicker down sparsely. The shadow on the ground is wobbly, just like the ripples on the surface of the water. I like to listen to the wind, the wind between flowers and plants is like a butterfly stirring its wings, it is a whisper of tenderness. The wind among the willows is as graceful as it is, and it is also rustling and soft, and the leaves rub against each other to appease each other, which is the chatting of ancient beauties.. The sound of Hongda comes from poplar forest. Poplar tall and strong body posture is not jump in its thick voice shouts. Even if a small gust of wind passes through, it also stirs up waves of echoes. If there is a strong wind, it will be rough. The wind is either gentle or surging, or whispering through the heart, or purging the feelings of love and hate between the breasts.. wanton and simple, will eventually calm down. If you lie on the sunny grass, you are a small member of all things in nature, and you are the same walker, walker and reader. Maybe I will never understand the mystery of nature and the meaning of life, but it is a great happiness to feel the wind with my body and mind at this moment..     The blue sky, white clouds and sunshine in early autumn . Ah, not only my love, but also the love of swallows, sparrows and all the unknown birds.. It is the love of bees and butterflies. They danced so joyfully and sang happy songs. Even if the cold is about to strike, they also know their respective destinations. As long as the sunshine is sunny and warm during the day, it will still be a good day.     I don’t know when the haze will come, but it will leave after all. Just like the summer and winter of the season, the weather is sunny and rainy. Some people say that the sufferings and difficulties of the world, the disputes and troubles, are only a practice in this life. Someone once encouraged me to convert to religion and find spiritual support. And I always stay away from religion. Whether it’s the creation of God or the gift of nature, enjoy all kinds of scenery, listen to all kinds of beautiful sounds, taste or coarse or delicate food … Ah, enjoy it and suffer it inevitably.. People are nothing more than perceptual or rational feelings and thinking. It is like a high sky in autumn, which can hold bright sunlight and heavy rain and strong winds.. Try to be a person with a broad mind.     I would like to be calm in this world’s practice.


When I came out of my mother’s house, it was getting dark, but my son Zhe offered to go to his classmate Qijia with the following sentence: Mom, you don’t want to go, go home by yourself.     Because of this month’s exam, my son did not do well in the exam. To be exact, he didn’t want to answer the exam. The teacher in charge called me several times and said that the child’s adolescence was a rebellious period and he should watch carefully.. No, I will go with you too, I answered without thinking.     What are you going to do, mom? I’ll go home after a while.     My mother will go with you, and I will chat with Qi’s mother, which will not affect your playing with your classmates..     When my son saw that he couldn’t get past me, he could only agree that I should go to his classmate Qijia together..     Qi is a resident of the school. His mother worked in the Arrongqi Hotel because he did not do well in the monthly exam. Her mother also gave up working and went back to the small room where she used to accompany her.. Qi casually threw potatoes outside the cellar, and I told his mother about the children’s schooling. We parents really have nothing to do with our children.     Coming out of Qi’s house, his son and Qi said to me, ” Mom, let’s go south. It’s at least 80 meters from the south to the big puddle. How can we get there and wade in the water?”? I asked him both back.     Then listen to you and go north. The two teenagers, who are a big head taller than me, smiled at each other. I was carrying a handy bag of potatoes, and it was even harder to walk.     But I took a few steps, why didn’t they move? A look back, ok, two boys, go south, turned out to be trying to get rid of me, but it’s not so good. I quickly turned around and headed south, shouting as I walked: Are you two playing with me in the opposite direction? Smelly boy, also cheat me.     Mom, I didn’t lie to you. I talked to Qixiang alone. You can go by yourself. Mom won’t listen. I’m behind you and keep a certain distance. Besides, Mom’s ear is near – sighted. She hasn’t brought a mirror yet and can’t hear anything. You two can rest assured.     I also poked fun at my son and Qi. In fact, it is also true in my heart, probably because of my desire for freedom. I like to give my son and daughter some space, and I don’t know whether to respect their privacy or indulge them..     This section of the road is not very long, it is a little more than a mile long. The cement road built the year before last was already a sandy road because of its poor quality and low cement number.. In my opinion, it is not as good as the original dirt road, because some potholes will be filled with a lot of sewage during the spring, summer and autumn of each year, causing great inconvenience to pedestrians.. The car couldn’t hit the driving door when it came, and the water overflowed the door. While thinking about it, he secretly scolded those who did the project: Spend black money, cheat people, and it would be better not to repair a good road like this? People in this world have lost their conscience?     Mom, what are you muttering about? Slow down. It’s not easy to go. I have been warned by my son who swam across the frightful’ river’ on the other side..     On this side of the bank, I carefully explored the road for fear of getting wet and soiling the high heels. Picking places that have little water and can safely walk past slowly and slowly with their feet up..     At the end of the day, the son did not know whether to wait for me to get impatient or to keep the ” certain distance” with me, and they left again.. I was angry and wanted to laugh.     But now I’ve come out, I’m strolling hard about my shoes, and the mud on my shoes has fallen off. Son and Qi still walked in front talking and laughing, keeping a distance of about 30 meters with me from beginning to end..     Didi, the phone rang. I quickly put down my handy bag and answered the phone. It was from a classmate in the county and asked me about buying a house.. I simply talked a few words, hung up the phone, looked up and disappeared my son and his classmates. I regretted not looking at where they went and chasing them quickly. The first reaction was to go quickly.     Mom, why are you walking so fast?     Suddenly, there was a cry from his son behind him. Turned around and saw that his son and his classmates had entered the supermarket. Now my son has asked me to pull down a long distance. I urgently need to find a proper reason for my mother to go to your two parents’ home to borrow books. I don’t know if I am there. Maybe it’s because I panicked my son.. My sister-in-law’s house is near where I am. I often go to her house to borrow books. For the sake of the lies I just told, I went into my sister-in-law’s house crustily and came out with two more books in my hand to participate in the bosom friend regulations..     My son smiled when he saw it: My mother loved reading books and was a tailor in her previous life.. Ha-ha. He and his classmates laughed at each other. I also smiled shyly and got red in the face..     The road ahead is much better, and my son also took over the potatoes in my hand. I am also very pleased. The son is a very tall young man, wearing a small pair of glasses, very handsome and lovely.At the age of 16, when I was in adolescence, I knew what to do with him, but the theoretical practice I saw in those books was really a piece of paper, and I still did not trust or trust more..     More than 500 meters of road, I seem to act as a spy, following two teenagers who want to leave me behind. Think about it, it’s really ridiculous, and there are many helpless. However, as far as my son and I are concerned, this distance has been maintained all the time. I just follow the distance instead of breaking it..     Between people, between parents and children, isn’t it? Trust and communication will shorten this distance, or they will only get farther and farther away from each other.

Country Park Travel Notes

With the footsteps of spring, my heart began to recover after a quiet winter, and I began to want to take a walk in the suburbs, so I went to the nearby country park to feel the breath of spring and see the budding of early spring..     Stepping into the park, it looks humble and is still under construction, with the busy figure of workers and machines. However, it just satisfied my desire to see no nature in the city, the simplest nature, in which I saw an unmodified shadow. Some wild vegetables began to emerge from the woods, one by one. From time to time, we saw 3322 vegetable diggers looking for this delicious little life among the woods..     Looking at the sprouting small bone flower, my heart slowly overflowed, my small desire was suddenly satisfied, and my small life implied what a beautiful life and hope. Clusters of grass on the ground began to stir up their heads and saw a lonely but beautiful migratory bird at the water’s edge. It looks as if they have lost their way with the birds..     Every time in nature, there is always the feeling of being integrated with nature, and I can’t even feel tired. It’s just the feeling of the pulse of nature that is connected with my own breath, as if life is also connected, and it is beginning to become full of vitality.. The most real essence of human being is also nature, and the animal that belongs to it is just like a bird jumping between branches, so it can enjoy this feeling of nature and be embraced by it, as gently as all things in nature, and all kinds of life naturally accept this embrace like a baby. What a natural and harmonious nature I have started to be poor again, and the foolish self in nature has also been embraced without exclusion, including my shortcomings, shortcomings, mistakes, etc.. Every time I came to nature, my heart was washed clean, and the affection and satisfaction that I couldn’t get rid of began to enrich into all the cells in my body, sucking enough oxygen from nature, and my eyes looked at everything that was full of life, and my heart was moistened, as if I instantly became young, and wanted to blossom like a bud and jump away like a bird..     With the gift of nature, I left the park, returned to the city, and began to realize that I wanted to live in seclusion.

Borrow money to know friends, how much sincerity is in it

I saw a story in my nephew’s space: so-and-so borrowed money for business and called one by one according to the degree of closeness and closeness of his friends, and did not borrow it until the 10th place, feeling extremely empty. At ordinary times, there are so few friends who can be trusted when things happen.. The friend who learned of the matter wanted to try his friendship and also tried to borrow money from his friend: the result was that the first five or six said they could not lend immediately, only the second two said they were ok and would try to make money.. It is certainly not the only way to test a friend’s relationship by borrowing money – but it is also an extremely important way in today’s society.. I deeply understand this.     Last year, I borrowed 300,000 yuan in a week to raise funds for buying a house and agreed to return it in three months.. Sister – in – law said there would be no problem, just asking when to ask for it, and also saying that there is a need to find another way – the same flesh and blood, which outsiders can’t compare with.. The other two friends all said a little discount, but they also mentioned it in time – it was a true friend, and they could count as much as they could at that time.. One of them also said, ” Take it and use it whenever you want. When I return it on time, he also said,” If it’s tight, give it back to others first; I’ll put it here first, and then I need to get ” —” what a good friend can do this? Moved at heart. Only one, according to the relationship I calculated in my mind before opening my mouth, was quite good. I did too much help to himself and his wife when they worked. I didn’t expect to say anything about it. He was the only one who didn’t lend me any money – of course, I left room when I opened my mouth, and it would have been enough without his money.. The experience gained from borrowing money is the same as the experience gained in life: it is not your help but your true friends, there is not much contact with each other at ordinary times, but the people who are warm in heart are the people you can trust. Some people have not learned to be grateful, and those who often depend on each other in their hearts can rely on them.. Of course, friends who communicate with each other attentively and treat each other sincerely are still true friends after all.     Compared with my friends in the story, I don’t think I have lost much.. As soon as I opened my mouth, I got support and didn’t do any more tests. It seems that my basic feeling is still right. I thought that the people who can give me money to use are not different from the actual results.. In addition to the sisters, three people were found, and two agreed and implemented, accounting for 66 %. 6 %, in the current social environment, is a high score. This number represents two facts: what my friend thinks in my heart and what I think in my friend’s heart. More than half, basically can be gratified.     However, I also feel that if I expand the scope and have more needs, it is doubtful whether I can keep such figures.. I can’t be sure that all the friends I think are really’ iron brothers’, and a friend that may be overlooked at ordinary times is the true man. I don’t think borrowing money can definitely test the distance of friends. Perhaps I don’t really know enough about the current economic situation of friends. Maybe people just need money when things happen. I know that there are not too many real good friends in a person’s life. Don’t overestimate the value of helping others in other people’s lives over the years, and don’t overestimate your position in other people’s hearts … Ah, I also wonder what I would do if someone asked me to borrow money.. I think, maybe the result is the same: there is nothing to say between relatives, which was practiced earlier when siblings needed it.. As for friends, two friends recently spoke, and one borrowed without saying anything. Another borrowed something, saying that a boss who had just met was caught looking for a woman in a hotel somewhere and asked him to help pay the fine and give the account number. He didn’t help but let me lend it.. I was confused and said you should find out the situation first. How could such a thing be possible. A few hours later, he called to say that it was no use and fell for it. His 2000 yuan hit Shui Piao. I said fortunately, if you insist on it again, I might have thought about it. It seems that some friends want to think clearly about borrowing money from each other. Maybe it is not to help him but to hurt him.. It is said that there are some exquisite things about borrowing money: those who do business can’t borrow, those who lend to others can’t borrow, and those who don’t do business can’t borrow … ah, if you can’t borrow money from friends in serious matters, you’ll really be cold in your heart.. This will surely show the true and false degree of friends, and also the living state of oneself: without a few true friends, I am not true either.. It is indeed appropriate to look at your work and life in the mirror of friends.     February 3, 2012

life like summer flowers

Legend has it that Epiphyllum was originally a flower god who was demoted to the earth because he fell in love with Wei Tuo, a young man who watered and weeded her, and could only open for an instant a year.. In the spring of each year, Wei Tuo went down to collect morning dew for Buddha to fry tea, and epiphyllum chose to open at this time. She will gather the essence of a whole year to bloom in a flash, hoping that Wei Tuo will remember her. One thousand years later, Wei Tuo never remembered her, but epiphyllum never regretted it.. A flash in the pan is only for Wei Tuo, and a brief bloom is also a kind of unforgettable beauty, because eternity is only moving in a fixed moment.     So we expect to be in full bloom, and life will be in full bloom.     Dega said that art and life are both short and lonely, and it is this loneliness that gave birth to brilliant ballet dancers and dance steps, placing hopes and hopes of her life in the rotation of time and time again. You can’t see the scars on her toes, you can’t fathom her inner exhaustion and hardships, and you only remember her elegance, nobility and lightness – that is enough, enough for her to leave without a regret smile at the end of the day, enough for her to shed a gentle and pure tear in the corner of her eyes when her temples are bare..     Try to see Peng Teng’s heart flame dancing in his graceful years, and don’t wait for his dull eyes to support his dying years..     Some people say that Xu Zhimo’s eyes are like ancient Greek statues, because he kisses the blazing fire of reality and sings about the magic of life like a Greek: Kangqiao is the residence of his soul, Pei Lengcui is his spiritual partner, and he is the April day of the world, lighting up bright Yan.. Thirty – four years of life, precipitated in the same sweet and melancholy dream, even if only in a hurry to come and go, solitary fragrance moment, is also a unique fragrance month Huaqing. Born like a summer flower, it was originally a great confidence, not afraid of years of erosion and fading.     Life is like summer flowers, but also a great humility. Thanking the Creator for choosing us, giving life and wisdom among Qian Qian’s possibilities. Appreciate the suffering and give us experience. Yi Shu’s works are full of women of all kinds, sophisticated and intrigued. They are the materials she is good at digging, but the end of the story is always full of pity and encouragement for the heroine.. Every woman is a flower in her eyes: the young girl of cardamom is an unopened lotus. The middle-aged woman who has become a mother is a jasmine that is on the verge of death. Women in the workplace are agave and poppy … Ah, this is not only women’s preference for women, but also life’s sustenance for life.. Yi Shu and her writing are like butterflies in the heart, believing in the magnificence of nature and life, and pursuing a stunning season..     Lonely and cold, themoon buried Chang ‘e’s fantasy about her old face. In the moon palace without feelings and thoughts, there were thousands of amorous feelings, more to whom? Chang ‘e only knows that worldly desires in the world will limit the length of life, but she forgets that the life without love is a gift in itself. Life without love is just a dead silence. It is not as good as pursuing a complete soul and turning it into a bubble as the daughter of the sea. You will regret that she gave up her 300 – year life, and she will be glad that she has the right to be brave – like a summer flower, it is a great courage..     Eileen Chang thinks that’ holding hands’ is a very sad sentence. After holding hands, she will eventually separate, so she would rather not start. She refused to be brilliant, because she could not bear the cold and cheerless after brilliant. She chose to blossom persistently and accept withering persistently.. Being born like summer flowers is a great insistence. Besides, tomorrow’s world may not be a bleak one, so we should stick to the attitude of flowers. The sky may not leave my mark, but I have already flown by..

Childhood without going back

Everyone’s heart has a most warm corner, where there is an innocent young image, where the world is still so beautiful and clean.. When my heart is tired, I have a great intention of returning. But time has gone and will not return again. – The magnolia tree in front of the brook is tall, leafy and flowery. Flowers bloom and fade, year after year. Looking up at the blue sky, the faint white clouds are rolling and drifting as far as the eye can see.. Heart, surges with a faint nostalgia, a wisp of mournful chase love. So I opened the dusty diary and looked through the slightly yellowed paper, writing every word to record the youth that I couldn’t go back to.. The life of childhood makes people think deeply, the childhood partners are close to each other, and the childhood years are so pure and innocent..     Time is like quicksand between the fingers. If you don’t hold it tightly, you will lose it a little bit.. Tong Zhen’s elegant interest only remains in the memory between the lines and will not come back again. The fairy tale book that was held in his hand and refused to be put down is now nowhere to be found.     In the dictionary of childhood, there are only words like ” good” and ” dream”. The pure laughter floats like a wind bell on the edge of the tender grass, scattered on the gurgling brook, flying in the colorful blue sky and white clouds..     At that time, what I longed for most was to have a small pistol and slingshot of my own like other children. Put it under your pillow at night and stick it on your waist when you go out to play.. And that cute puppy, shaking his head and tail every day, followed me. As a child, there were many dreams. When I grow up, those dreams call for me in strange and beautiful corners of the world.. So, backpacking around looking for my dream; But always in a quiet night, I think of the happy life at home, the small hair that was inseparable, and the happy and carefree play all day long..     The childhood songs that often jump briskly in the ear and hum and sing in the mouth still have a lot of fresh memories and sing freely.. The regulations of the little girl who took part in mushroom picking became the most unforgettable memory in her mind with its cheerful melody and simple and fresh lyrics.. My little sister’s hardworking, brave and hard-working character has become an example for me to learn, bringing a bright sunshine and a beautiful heart to my young heart.. The graceful melody and brisk rhythm of the participation let us sweep up the ” Regulations” of the double oars and listen to Mom’s description of the past with poetic language and scenes, graceful and lyrical, gave me endless imagination, cultivated my feelings of love for my motherland and life, and also made me feel the incomparable happiness of being born under the red flag and growing under the red flag.. In that blue sky and white clouds, sunny season, under the light guitar playing, the soothing and fresh singing voice like water, and the beautiful time of the green campus, most of them are burned in the cerebral cortex, which is difficult to erase.. Everything in childhood, flowers, grass, toys, laughing and playing, is so beautiful that it can’t be said. The beauty of childhood flooded all the worries and pains in the world.. In retrospect, it’s like a subtle smile on your lips. What is love? In that simple and beautiful childhood, I felt that’ love’ nature is forever oh, never separated. It’s the player’s home. Gently” Lala Little Hands”,” Kiss Face”, play together” groom”,” bride”,” enter bridal chamber”,” love”’ just to be able to keep on improving..     The joy of childhood cannot be replaced by any happiness. As a child, she still remembers the families we played together? At that time, you were ” bride”, ” I am” groom’s officer ”. Will we meet again at some place one day?? Really miss you, really want to go back to the past, back to when I was a child.     Remember? Together we ran hand in hand on the soft green grass, lay on the green grass and looked at the blue sky, telling stories that we thought were funny and building our future’ grand plans’. I really want to see time to go back, who is still with you, sitting side by side with me, imagining what will happen when I grow up. Two little feelings without guess, although without result, because of innocence, can remain in the bottom of my heart for the rest of my life. Every time I think of it, I have a knowing, silly and sweet smile.     Spring, summer, autumn and winter change in turn, and the cycle never stops. Month, round and short, everlasting cycle to this day. Colorful dreams have gradually evolved into black and white reality. Innocent also gradually fade away, in exchange for the cheating that they often face every day. In the course of growth, when people reach the crossroads, they begin to wander about with hesitation and meditation that is difficult to debate at one time and difficult to decide at the other. When I grow up, my thoughts become more complicated, and my worries and worries increase.. At this point, instead, I envy the lightness and freedom of the cloud, yearn for the absence of memories of the cloud, dream about the dream of the cloud, and aspire to be a free man like white clouds, floating around without a definite place, not loving an inch of the blue sky, and being free and natural and unrestrained.!     Facing the sunshine in June, walking on the cobblestone road with a thorn foot, there was only a long figure behind him. Side, it is no longer easy to find friends who travel together. Rare friends often miss out because of their own arrangements. Now, I don’t know whether my mind is old or mature? I hope to have a breath-like resonance with you who have the same mood, to travel together in the rest of the long journey of life, to enjoy the scenery along the way and to escape loneliness together..     Turned around and looked back. Many of the original ones were already changing. Want to send a message but don’t know to whom, want to talk to someone, mobile phone and don’t know to whom.Today, there are fewer text messages, and the monthly package is not available. The phone calls are also rare.. Now there are fewer words and more silence. Actually, there is less, and virtual coping is much more. Thinking, friendship, loss, silence, forgetfulness and loss in the process of growing up have aged and enriched life with the time of sneaking away.. Perhaps, it is accompanied by insincere words that cannot be avoided in the process of growth. Today, there is no longer a child’s outspoken, what all say is pure; Now I have a lot of worries hidden in my heart. I don’t like to talk to others.     I really want to look back, look at the people and things around me, listen to the children’s childish voices and look at their lovely faces. That’s also a kind of happiness, isn’t it? I, too, have long gone.     In the process of growing up, I missed too many scenery because I walked too fast and too fast. I really need to slow down. There are still many beautiful scenes to watch along the way. Can’t miss it any more, don’t be too lonely, don’t let the scenery along the way flash past, let’s enjoy those lonely scenery that can’t escape. In the process of growth, only by relying on one’s own efforts and using one’s own hands to improve one’s life can one improve one’s satisfaction with life. The process of growth, have you and I found the answer?     When I was a child, I couldn’t go back. What I was waiting for was a realistic adult age. At that time, when the light was gently turned over by the wind again, it was still blue sky and white clouds. Added, is a little aftertaste . Ah

Be a brave dandelion in the wind and rain

Today is July 14, the sixth day for our dandelion practice team to come to Xinyou Primary School. Time flies too fast, but we cherish every day, every moment and every second, every day we study happily with the children of the new primary school, and every day we fight alongside our teammates.. Today’s weather is very cool, with sunshine alternating with rain. This weather indicates that after the storm, it will be sunny. We will work together to be brave dandelions and create miracles that belong to us.. We still started our daily routine and went to the fifth and sixth grade classrooms in the morning to observe teaching and give help.. They are not so clever and active in class as the children in the lower grades, even a little naughty, which is reflected in their enthusiasm in class is not so high. Some students still have their own personalities, do their own things in class, and are not enthusiastic in answering teachers’ questions, probably because they are not very interested in the content of the lecture. Fortunately, with the help of the teacher in charge, they successfully finished the class and did their homework requirements after class.. After careful observation, we found out the characteristics of their classes, and we will also carry out targeted teaching according to the characteristics of their classes to improve the efficiency and enthusiasm of learning.. In addition, our art group also started printing materials for the games and art parties, rehearsing programs, and preparing props for the games.. After discussion, we unanimously decided to change the two songs from the original regulations on participation in childhood and participation in the same song into ” Pride for You” and to participate in the same bill as you, and rehearse and sing heartily.. Since there are lessons tomorrow, we will continue to prepare for the lessons tomorrow. With my team. After the completion, my sense of accomplishment is full, and I look forward to the different classes that will be brought to the children tomorrow. I hope they will like it and learn a little knowledge that we have taught them..

At midnight, a messy mood filled the whole space

On a quiet night, the intoxicating moonlight mingled with the faint scent of the air, permeating the sky over the silver waterfall and spreading around with the swaying of the breeze, wandering around in a roundabout way as if it were a wonderful world.. The taste of the night gradually became thick. In the misty night, the air still plucked the strings without a trace of sleep.!     In this quiet Yamashita, looking at the moonlight like a slippery night sky, looking up at the stars that stir people’s hearts, I feel the verdure of the lush green grass, as if it were integrated with nature.. Moonlight pours in the whole space like running water, and drops of silver light are sprinkled on it. The heart is naturally filled with holiness and emotion like moonlight.. The moon, as bright as silver, cannot hold me back from rushing forward. This most ordinary and simplest form is precisely the true meaning of life and the mystery of life.!     Deep night, like a supreme giant god, seems never to be disturbed by my extraordinary career and the tense rhythm of urban life, its mysterious transcendental thought still falls in front of me in accordance with the natural logic.. At this time, the phone heard a dull, gloomy, as if emotional ringing sound, echoing in the three-dimensional night and wandering in the arc-shaped sky, reminding me that it is already zero, and the ringing sound vibrates my heart pulse.. I stood at the window, staring at the unfathomable sky, the gate of thinking quietly opened and filled my boundless spiritual world with pentium!     I don’t know whether it was because the bright moon outside the window invaded my dream country and watched the cold moonlight poking its head through the window, leaving a long moon shadow in this sleepless night. I couldn’t sleep for a long time tonight.. I held out my hands gently and took up the full Yue Hui, tracing the memory of moonlight and recreating the beautiful image of the ancient city in the images of the years.. Only memories are the real harvest of my life. People can’t just bow their heads and move forward, maybe stop occasionally, take a look behind them, take a look at the string of footprints left behind, and know what to cherish in their life? Also will know what they have treasured?     Midnight still makes me feel a little fidgety, watching my daughter still concentrate on analyzing every topic, gazing at her tired body, and looking at her tired eyes because of lack of sleep, my heart aches and pains.. Looking at my daughter’s persistent study as always, the act of not fearing hardship and fatigue has been moving me. At this time, looking at her daughter, who is smart and beautiful and never gives up, I also feel a trace of relief.. As the exam is approaching day by day, my daughter’s nervousness also makes me uneasy. Recently, I am also feeling overwhelmed and not in the mood to do anything that has nothing to do with the exam.!     Thinking that students now cherish every minute and every second to meet their first challenge in life, the tense learning atmosphere also makes me feel suffocated, and every day I feel highly nervous, and the occasional uneasiness in my heart inadvertently permeates my thoughts and makes students nervous by looking at the striking countdown numbers in class schools. Recently, I often have worries and anxieties as well as worries about my daughters and students, which will affect the normal performance of good grades due to poor psychological quality.! For this reason, I often talk to students and daughters and advise them to release psychological pressure!     When I was alone, I like to make a cup of coffee, play a piece of music and immerse myself in my heart. In the melodious melody, scenes like water and time pass by in succession, either as clear as a picture or as light as smoke.. Time really waits for no one. Flowers bloom and flowers bloom, clouds roll up and clouds relax. Shaohua is getting old and flourishing. In the circulation of day and night, people have entered middle age unconsciously.. No longer pursue a prosperous life, knowing that time is a merciless sword and will amuse everything in the world, good flowers will inevitably be in profusion, and there will also be a gloomy day for a prosperous scene.!     Frequent gusts of breeze swept up my flowing long hair from time to time. Open the diary, silently write down the pen in your hand, the years that have passed between your fingers, not for other reasons, but only for the occasional look back on the past, and clearly depict the beautiful scenery that was beautiful and secluded.. Over time, it is inevitable to forget many beautiful dreams of youth. Over time, it may not be thought that the flowers once were the most beautiful scenery in the world.. The road to life is short, but time goes by in an instant. Therefore, every moonlit night like water can’t help brewing such endless lingering regrets!     I really want to hold my dream with my pen, but that pen only records the beautiful scenery of the cool breeze, but I can’t write any trace of pure heart in any way.. In the dark night, the beautiful words from the music box seem to be telling a moving story again. In the twilight, leaning against the window and silently looking at the bright moon, I was somehow moved by this humble calm. The wind blows over the hair and the moon is still thinking about youth. The stars all over the sky hang high in the sky with a bright moon.. This silent Yamashita, but I still can’t close those tired eyes for a long time.!     In the dead of night, a faint light penetrated into the room through the window and sprinkled much brightness on the ground.. Accustomed to the silent world, he spread out his thoughts and recorded a romantic feeling in warm colored words.. If life is a journey, happiness and sadness are the two long tracks that follow us closely.. In the line of sight of optimists, bright colors often appear. The negative people often see dim images. In life, what is rare is the ease and leisure, the comfort and comfort!     When I walked in the corner of the text to talk, I looked up and found that the moon had disappeared quietly in a vague halo, its shadow was becoming weaker and weaker, and my impetuous heart began to melt slowly in this vague halo.. This round of Kyaukphyun is drifting away in my sight because it is going to run on its own track, but it brings a bit of beauty to the early summer night and quietly takes away a pure thought from me.!     At midnight, a messy mood filled the whole space. So, I look forward to the moonlight like water, the mood like water … ah

All the way across the buildings, a fallen flower

The words, the man, the moonlight of that year. Walking in the depths of my own writing, I only remember the writing in the net and the setting sun, forgetting who I was rocking the boat with and casting the net with in the years of this life.. Wen: The hedges are scattered and scattered with acacia, condensed into scarlet beans, sprinkled on the words of the paper, in an attempt to root the full-bodied yearning into the hedges while waiting for delusion.. I like every night like this. When I feel lonely, I will talk to my own words, spread a white paper and dig out the moss growing in the corner in melancholy.. Xu was hurt by a piece of mourning zither, and the sound of zither strings aroused his sorrow, and the beauty of life began to fall in the night wind..     The world of mortals in the buildings, after all, is a lonely flower. Smoke past, I do not know who has fallen to whose acacia, dream memories, I do not know who has fallen to whose waiting. Don’t ask for your parting, don’t ask for the geometry of the pain you once suffered.? Even my soul, like a pearl on the shelf, has accumulated thousands of years of dust. Even a clear tear moistened the ethereal yesterday. Perhaps it is difficult for the thin world of mortals to cut off the oath that was considered to be broken by blowing a bomb..     At the moment, how much I miss him. I am a weak woman even though I have the talent of heaven and earth to write the clear words of Liu Fang and the Chinese seal handed down from generation to generation.. Perhaps, the woman leaning on the building and looking at the moon in the depths of the old words is also looking back in tears, looking back at who used to write lyrics with wine and gamble away tea fragrance under the acacia tree in the past.?     The cold wind of reincarnation can’t blow away the memory of heavy sleep, but I am naturally too stupid. Even a sigh in the volume can make people feel crushed if accompanied by the music of deep and remote worries.. Whether the words at the fingertips give me beauty or pain, the love classical by moonlight is always a beautiful clear language and a dream of endless pursuit..     Perhaps, my love in the past lives was left in a dusty poem. If not, why is the loneliness of this world always associated with classical writing?? Is the sound of the sound of the purdah Yangguan? It was a timeless agreement? Is it fate, or is it a kind of ghost call from the bottom of my heart? Perhaps, only sad eyes can look at the beauty and pain of parting that the world meets so thinly. Perhaps, only the slender fingers with tears of blood can play the piano of singing..     Remember often see a word is; It’s good to have you there all the time! I want to write such words must understand the feeling; Because of you, a little less loneliness, a little more loneliness, a little more happiness, but a lot more warmth. The women on the Internet, Otawa, are lonely and have an affair with lofty ideals. They have built ivory towers of their own world in the small buildings they have built. Occasionally, people they like are invited to sit, raise their glasses and look at each other. The tea fragrance between lips and teeth is dense, and the eye waves are warm and smouldering.! Words may not be too many, but they will listen to a piece of music they like together, twirling around in peace and quiet..     Taking a beam of moonlight, I walk through the upper part of the night, believing that I can stick to my dream, only then can I touch the other side of my heart, only then can I have a faint scent and ink mark, only then can I have a lotus-like rest, only then can I have the gentleness of your whole city, only then can I have an intoxicated look at each other, and only then can I have the sadness and sadness of health.! In a hurry, the hearts of the youth and the prime minister are united, and the world of mortals and buildings meet and renew this life..     Always tired, always empty, always dust to dust, soil to soil. All the way across the buildings, a fallen flower.     Hedgerow and sparse QQ: 766314719. The collection of ” Mo Dao Fireworks Can’t Be Cut” was published and distributed. Please contact me if you need to buy the collection of ” Original”