A bosom friend can meet one of the most sought-after friends, the swan goose, to pass on a bosom friend

Handsome and Rong are from the same village. Handsome lives in the west of the village and Rong lives in the east of the village. Although there is a disparity between the rich and the poor, the two families have been predestined friends since childhood.. Rong envied being handsome and learning well. He liked being handsome and lively. They just hid their love in their hearts and didn’t say anything about it..     Rong is the youngest daughter in the family. Her father is an old woman and is regarded as the apple of his eye.. But Rong was born at an untimely time. Soon after birth, the New Fourth Army came here and her family began to fall apart. During the land reform in 1950, Rong’s family was classified as a landlord, her father was criticized, her eldest brother was arrested, the other brothers were scared away, her mother jumped into a well and committed suicide, and she lived alone with her sister.     Rong is 4 years younger than Handsome. Handsome was the captain of the school when he was in the fifth grade of primary school. Every time he left school, he was assigned the whole team and the company’s password.. On the way home, Rong always learned the tone of ” handsome company password” and was delighted to hear it.     One night handsome and several students from the village met and chatted, Rong sat beside handsome and inserted a few words from time to time.. While speaking, the handsome hand accidentally touched Rong’s hand. At this moment, the two pairs were tightly held together, and a pleasant sensation immediately spread throughout the handsome body.. At that time, adults did not like boys and girls talking together, so they called on Rong to leave handsome them. The handsome heart was very unhappy, but he did not dare to speak. Soon, Rong mysteriously disappeared, then handsome also went to study abroad, and Rong’s shadow gradually blurred in his handsome mind.     Handsome when he was in his third year of high school in pengcheng no 1 middle school, he suddenly saw Rong at the gate of the reception room. he couldn’t believe his eyes. this is really’ sister Lin falling from the sky’. The girl who was not seen in 1978 and loves to say that she loves to be noisy has become a dignified, beautiful and graceful lady, handsome, very surprised and her heart pounding.. At this moment handsome just knew Rong had studied with her sister over the years and had just transferred from Yanzhou to Pengcheng No.1 Middle School.     This meeting, handsome and ecstatic, how much he wants to meet Rong to discuss and relive his old love. However, as the college entrance examination approaches, Rong is afraid of influencing handsome students to review their lessons, so he intends to avoid being handsome. Handsome reading at Rong’s crossing several times was intended to see her, but Rong was nowhere to be seen.     Handsome got his wish to be admitted to the North Institute of Chemical Technology.. When reporting for duty in Beijing, handsome saw Rong again in pengcheng. By this time they had talked like old friends. The two met for a walk in the suburbs, recalling the past and looking forward to the future, with endless confidences. On the way back to school, handsome hold Rong’s small hand, talking and laughing. In the evening, Rong sent handsome to the railway station in the rain, and they stayed in the rain and rain. Rong’s big eyes flickered at handsome, silent and inseparable..     Handsome returned to school and wrote to Rong immediately to talk about his experiences in Beijing. Rong wrote back and told Yingjun that she had said to Yan Hua, the hometown, that she did not take good care of him at school and felt very sorry for him.. Yan Hua said, ” How old is he? He still asks you to take care of him.”? ‘ colourful jealousy is thick, I don’t know why. Since then, the relationship between handsome and Rong has become unusual.     After entering the school, Rong and handsome letters continued to share friendship to the point of no words but no words.. She writes passion, friendship and thoughts in hot language, making her handsome heart full of emotion and sweetness. Rong said she was like Lin Daojing, with big eyes, beautiful and sentimental. Rong often confides his troubles in his heart or quarrels with his classmates. Handsome and timely reply to comfort her, encourage her not to be afraid of difficulties, go forward bravely, and help her to solve the knot in one’s mind.. Rong Zeng wrote: ” Parents who gave birth to me, Brother Jun who knows me, will publish the letter you wrote to me someday to let the world know that I have such a good friend.”. She writes to Handsome almost every week and looks forward to a handsome reply every day. Whenever her classmates shout, ” Rong, Beijing has written.”! She danced and danced and was ecstatic. Students all thought she was in love with college students in Beijing and often made fun of her. instead of being annoyed, she laughed.     Rong sent an inch-by-inch photo to Handsome. Handsome loved it and often secretly watched it. Handsome once peeked at the photo in the toilet and accidentally fell into the toilet. Handsome regretted it..     On one occasion, Rong really couldn’t hold back his feelings and said bluntly in her letter, ” Jun, how much I miss you, and I hope to see you as soon as possible. I’m waiting and looking forward to seeing you.” Before the words were finished, I quickly blamed myself: ” I’m too selfish, I’m sorry for my friend, I didn’t do my kindness to my friend, and I know there is a woman like me waiting for you in your family.”. ‘ Since then, Rong seems to have sent fewer handsome letters to her, but handsome but oblivious to them, he still keeps writing to her.     After returning home in summer vacation, Rong braved the wind and talked about it and went to the railway station in the middle of the night to meet handsome people.. They walked up and down pengcheng street until dawn. Later, he sat at the edge of the old Yellow River and said his confidence. At this moment, Rong embarrassedly asked to take the letter back, but handsome said nothing back to her, saying only that the letter had not been brought. Then handsome comforted her and said, ” The true friendship between men and women does not have to be combined. I will always be good to you.”. Rong smiled shyly. In the end, they wanted to take a photo as a souvenir, but the photo studio was closed at noon and became their permanent regret.     Handsome returned home. A few days later, Rong returned to the village to see Handsome. Handsome and family members warmly hosted Rong, and they had a heart-to-heart talk with each other and had a good day of fun..Handsome passed pengcheng when he returned to Beijing and gave Rong all his review materials for the college entrance examination, hoping she could go to college. Rong said that she must enter oneself for an examination at the institute of chemical engineering, and that her biggest wish is to go to university with jung..     Later, Rong wrote to Handsome that she was in love with a soldier and had reached the point of discussing marriage. Unfortunately, her boyfriend wrote that Rong came from a landlord and wanted to join the Party and be promoted to work. She did not agree organizationally to combine with people of her background. She was very upset about this and did not know what to do.. At that time handsome only felt absurd, but could do nothing, so he had to let it go.     After Rong’s failure in the college entrance examination, there were fewer letters between Rong and Handsome. Once handsome suddenly received a letter from Rong saying: Her sister’s child is short of milk, and Jun should buy her several catties of milk powder and a pair of children’s cotton shoes in Beijing.. At that time, it was a difficult time. More than a dozen handsome family members were starving. He sent home only a few wallets in a letter. A handsome poor student had money to buy milk powder and cotton shoes, but he was embarrassed to say to her that he did not reply or send anything.. Rong never wrote to handsome again. Later, Yingjun wrote a letter to her at Rong’s new address, and I don’t know if she received it. Since then, the two have lost contact and have not heard from her..     Later, handsome put Rong’s dozens of letters to him in a box and read them carefully from time to time to review the friendship. Once handsome collated letters and saw Rong’s letters, he was afraid of being discovered when he was young, and burned them. Now that I think about it, handsome is very regretful..     Later handsome heard rumors that Rong left her sister and went to the countryside to earn a living after dropping out of the list. Later, she married a production captain, gave birth to a pair of sons and daughters, then divorced, then went to the streets, then went to university, and then the days gradually improved.. What on earth, is all hearsay, handsome and unable to find out Rong’s news. Handsome can only call in my heart: ” Rong, where are you?”? How was your life? Your handsome but never forget you, you still have a certain position in his heart; May our friendship last forever and the afterlife never separate. ”