Do the older the more sad

A few years ago because the child is too young, too much housework, there is little time to watch TV.Occasionally a little space to see a little bit, a lot of plays are just scattered fragments, are more fragmented incoherent plot.  Even think of a more profound drama “golden”.Because it was only occasionally read a two sets, although the story is not coherent, the idea impressed.Probably talking about a pair of married couples fifties fifty years of ups and downs of married life.Mother chatted played, many of the scenes are like to write our own marriage, is very interesting, people moved more than.The story was talking about his wife in his early forties, and due to the tedious hard work, life, coupled with gradually entering middle age, no longer young, no longer beautiful.The whole person becomes irritable easily effort, ramble, for everyone in the family, every kind of things are pointing, even those closest to her mother more and more do not understand, can not communicate.Play father and daughter talk about her mother, her mother is full of puzzled and prejudice, and even disgusted with my mother, the play’s hero said, “you have to understand your mother, your mother was young is very nice she made you proud of her, but you do not know, in fact, when I was younger prettier woman ah, the older she will be more sad.”The hero, then let me into a long meditation.  I suddenly remembered many years ago to see a caricature of “mirror life”, probably because it was too young to understand a lot of things much, will laugh.Now think of it, in addition to humor, a little more sad sigh.Yes!When she was younger prettier woman, the older the more sad; the older the more helpless, inexplicable irritability and suspicion, more and more, maybe she did not let the passage of youth self-confidence.Like the comic book of the same painting, a woman from clever cute little girl grew up, the handsome pure girl slowly mature into beautiful bride from a slim girl, from passionate young woman Wenliang Xian Huang Hui-to-face hair thinning neighbor sister.Gradually, the years slipped away quietly from the side, facing the man in the mirror, no longer thick black hair, no longer shiny and delicate skin, eyes climbed a few fine lines go away, the muscles become slack , breasts sag.Gosh!Even homely I wonder years of relentless aging of the terrible.Not to mention a young man who had a very beautiful woman how can we not sad, how can we not deplore youth is past, Love flow away.Imagine how young they are favored, what scenery, many suitors What pains.However, the laws of nature is nature, once again hoot situation hero a man or a woman beautiful and graceful once again, in the face of the laws of nature are powerless, helpless.  Quiet, carefully taste, life is not that right, the old generation to generation, generation after generation grow up; former beauty and glory will always be gradually retreat, a new life, a new generation staged theirs brilliant.Since it is a natural law of nature to let everything come and go, do we not find it?Although the years go away youthful appearance, he took the passion of youth, but life experience has given us a mature and harvest, moved and brought aftertaste.Opened old photos, look youthful look, and then think about the mature now.Although a bit less pure and innocent, but some more maturity and wisdom; although less of burial hit and passion, but more have become more subtle and calm; although less of adventure and fantasy, has accumulated a lot of memorable stories and perception of life.We do not want the older the more sad, we should feel the older the more gratifying, the older the more satisfying.The old face can not change the laws of nature, if the heart is old and really old.We should greet our lives fall with a smile, that life’s most moving, the most abundant season.With a new passion for life to look forward to next season.  We do not want the older the more sad, we moved to the older more.  Autumn wind gently blowing my hair, blowing leaves all over the sky, falling eyeful of golden is so colorful and fun; the journey of life drifting away, and full of happiness and harvest, fall full of moving , is so rich meet, intoxicated.