Counter-attack – free

Run in the sun, falling in the night; left to run, leaving freedom; death is not far away from their own, killed on the cliff; counter-attack in the world, all the counter-attack, counter-attack blooming flowers!Mighty knight on horseback with guns, counter-attack the human soul.The river is flowing, flowing water and on the counter-current, wooden boat in the river, could not find the end, we hope to hear!Let black warriors, let representing time – black warrior sword, open the door to the time I returned to the juvenile, counter-attack in my life; I knock curfew to soul, when I was thirty years old.Bright road in front of me, I choose to fall, let yourself off the bottle ban announced cry piano will be my bride! See Iraqis, love at first sight!I can not wait, can lead people to wait for decay, deserted, fish and juvenile fish fate of the day is not given, they are trying to avoid each other, they forgot each other Shang Shi lover!Unlock the seal with dance, dance with the release of their time – Black Warrior, breaking the clock tower, and saw not the real, true, no one cares!Beautiful dancer, dance in Swan Lake!Situation, the broken line; flowers, folded back; piano, the string around! Puppets, controlled by the people, black and white have boundaries?Halloween prank in life performances, the dancers with the music of Beethoven’s dancing in the moonlight!I was an angel, or devil?Three years old, a grown man, the face of life’s turning point.Pumpkins are carved devil, he is handsome or ugly?When I am happy, happy with me, like angelic smile; when my anger, pain is my friend, no tears, because I never cry, cry very sad man!Anger I glared at all!Joy and anger are written on the face of the Mona Lisa’s smile add color, interrupted Venus legs, some people say I’m free!But I forget that I am an imprisoned poet, a joke, ha ha…. Spreading counter-attack, counter-attack life, the world counterattack, counterattack soul, flesh counter-attack, counter-attack Tu millet wilderness: Kangaroo no longer skip a line, no longer black and white zebra stripes, Wolf became docile, white rabbit becomes mad wild; counterattack ocean: fly fish, sharks started eating seaweed. Counterattack began to spread in every corner of the world, I swear: I am a free person!I will counter-attack on the Open button, let freedom counter-attack, counter-attack to make the world, the Statue of Liberty with a smile announced that the world began to counter-attack. I began to run like a wild horse; I began to understand – the world’s flawless; I started trying, I will work hard; I do not stand in the corner of the world; I wanted to be a writer painting, I no longer silent!Full freedom in every corner of the world!In the black metal cage, I will be released, let the world hear the voice of the young, twenties and thirties fellow citizens, our declaration, we are open to the world, we are on the cutting edge of the world, long live compatriots!Young rational, priceless youth!Freedom belongs to us.!Tomorrow turn counter-attack mode!Come on fellow!For themselves and future!