City Florist

City Florist afternoon, walking along Xizhimen Bridge, moat edge of a lot of people stall.An uncle pushing a car colorful chrysanthemums, caught my attention. Although Tao Yuanming Aiju read poetry, also I grew to know chrysanthemums strength of character and character, but I am not a person Aiju.But, large dark green, bright yellow like an exhibition of oil paintings, this gray city to add a little angry.I can not help but stop and saw the car clumps of red-purple flowers, heart suddenly happy.I pointed to a pot of purple daisies, Q: How much money, “Boss, this pot chrysanthemum?”I do not look up, in front of the chrysanthemums is truly dazzling, shy yellow of the core is wrapped in layers of petals purple meantime, the outermost layer of petals stretch posture, like opera in Tsing Yi gently Shuaixiu, the United States will it is a wave between Young.”Oh…Oh..”I heard the sound trippin vague, can not help but look up.Just this 50 years old gray-black face florist, with rough right hand in left palm carefully read, “30”, that earnest enthusiasm like teaching a child does not know the number of.I realize the original Florist is a deaf patient.I do not know what to say, just stood woodenly.What I want to say, but I know I can not say, so I will skip some panic and pointed white chrysanthemums next.I subconsciously know, with your fingers, he will be able to understand.He carefully in your hand that says “35”, over and over again.Perhaps, I immediately took out money, but also carefully stuffed into the hands of uncle, then more than a “cow” gesture, leave.However, I rummaged through the bag every corner, plus change coins only, leaving only 18 dollars.I do not want to bargain, but I do not know how to bargain and a deaf uncle, can not ah.I am anxious intolerable, but I do not know how to express. Panic, I pointed to spend next, hope can afford.Uncle still seriously in the hand slowly read, “25, 30” and so on, over and over again.I mean the car all the flowers, I found not bargain, do not go buy a pot.At the moment, a burst of clouds drifting across the sky should actually began to rain.I am more anxious, pinching shabby 18 dollars, palms sweat and sweat, dilemma.Do not buy it, ask for so long, too embarrassed; buy it, and a deaf uncle to bargain, more embarrassed.Uncle look like I have been hesitant, it seems effortlessly put the car I saw two pots of chrysanthemums have moved down.He pointed to the lush chrysanthemum flowers, leaves, my outstretched thumb to his mouth again hesitated for a while.I am more anxious, Uncle do not necessarily know what I was thinking, even if it is a stray flower, I certainly want to buy, not to mention the chrysanthemums to bloom so gorgeous!just……I really hate myself, why not come out with a wallet.Uncle see me frown, gesturing up even more seriously, it seems to tell me that the origins of chrysanthemums, story.I can not bear to let the flower vocal interpretation uncle laborious, so I took out 18 dollars Samsam sweaty, placed in front of it.How I want to be embarrassed to ask: “Uncle, I’m only 18 yuan, you can do?”But I actually do not know how to express the tone of this negotiation!I like being a big rock blocked the chest, uncomfortably suffocating!I can only embarrassed, pointing to this little bit of money.I hope he can understand my embarrassment.Uncle surprised a moment, took the money from my hand, patiently stroked money every one folds, still so focused and serious look.From his already graying eyebrows, I seem to see a trace of frustration and disappointment.Yes ah, this riverside station for a day, probably not sell flower pots, if you encounter a buyer can not be normal communication, perhaps even less selling pots, but also happens to have what I insist on this “bargain”, “less to a few “buyers!I clenched lips, it feels as guilty as sin.He counted seriously again, the gloomy brow add another layer of.At this time, the rain fell on his messy hair. He did not gestures anything, just crouch down, carefully packed in a blue chrysanthemum bag, she picked up and handed me.What I want to say sorry, thank you!But I do not know how to thank gestures, I like holding a flower, affectionate uncle looked lonely, quietly leave. People of goodwill, but I do not know how to express goodwill, became deeper for one kind of injury.I think I must have hurt him.