Happiness of sardines

There is a little story about catfish that I believe everyone has heard. Norwegians like to eat sardines, especially live fish.. The price of live fish in the market is much higher than that of dead fish. So fishermen always do everything they can to get sardines back to the fishing port alive. However, despite all efforts, sardines died of suffocation in the middle of the road.. But there is a fishing boat that can always bring most sardines back to the fishing port alive. The captain kept a strict secret. It was not until the captain died that the mystery was solved. It turned out that the captain put a catfish with fish as its main food in the fish tank full of sardines.. After entering the fish trough, the catfish swam around because of its unfamiliar environment. Sardines were very nervous when they saw catfish. They rushed left and right, dodged around and swam faster.. In this way, the problem of sardines lacking oxygen will be solved and sardines will not die.. As a result, sardines came back to the fishing port in a happy and disorderly manner.. This is the famous’ catfish effect’.   Many people will have different views after reading the story. Some people pay attention to sardines, others value catfish, so-called ” one flower, one world, one leaf, one Buddha”. I personally like sardines.. Apart from the loss of sardines caused by their death, I prefer sardines’ carefree attitude towards life.. Let’s think about it. If sardines are also a tough fight, will they be covered with aggressive thorns instead of being delicious on our dining table? Everything has its pros and cons and there is no ultimate existence.   Many people who don’t like sardines may feel that they don’t like swimming and idleness, resulting in death. In reality, many people will lack motivation to make progress and do nothing in their life.. Such people are harmless to most onlookers, but they will not create anything for society. I believe there will be many such examples around everyone.. But have you ever watched their lives carefully? Maybe they do not have very high achievements, but we will find stability, sureness and optimism in them.. They are as happy as sardines.   Most of the catfish worshipers are full of dreams. They classify themselves as strivers. They are not afraid of nothing, they like to challenge, they plan their life early, work hard and make positive progress.. Every day is a battle for them. Every night when they return home, they are like survivors after fighting. Every colleague and friend will become their competitor.. Tired and worried, the smile has not appeared on their faces for a long time, adding pressure to themselves and increasing their load. They are like silkworm chrysalis, spinning and wrapping themselves constantly, which makes them unable to coexist with everyone. All these will ultimately not make them become a butterfly, and excessive pressure will crush them..   Once upon a time, I also like catfish, energetic, striving and not yielding. Even strong with a hint of self – righteousness. I like everything on my own, to be exact, everything can and must be on my own, living in a tangle and helplessness every day, feeling that the whole sky is gray and life is also gray. Life is full of accidents, which makes me exhausted. Moreover, I found that in that state of mind, I was automatically isolated from my colleagues and couldn’t fit into the whole team. Everyone saw your stiff face every day and wouldn’t chat with you. When you were away from the whole group for too long, you would eventually quit automatically.. Friend, do you do the same?   Now I prefer sardines, like their slow-paced life, and like them wandering around in groups, watching them have the meaning of peace and indifference to fame and fortune.. But after all, I am not a fish. I have a smarter brain than them, so I will not let myself sink. I will only work and study in a peaceful state of mind and gradually accumulate and mature.. Wait until one day, I will find myself in what looks like a’ low – key, slow’ life, and I won’t achieve less than before. More importantly, I will learn to enjoy life and happy work..   Many people will be afraid that too many’ sardines’ will slow down the pace of society and reduce its efficiency.. In fact, whether the efficiency can be improved depends on the improvement of technology on the one hand and talents on the other. No matter how good the machine is, if no one operates it, it will also be a pile of scrap iron, so that people can live a stable and happy working life and will not regard work as a chore and believe that the efficiency will not be reduced.. Moreover, the environment will only affect some things and will not determine the development trend of things. Isn’t Zhuge Liang setting a three-part plan in the thatched house?? Newton also did not propose gravitation in the air-conditioning room. Zhuge Liang enjoyed his tea in a thatched house, shook his feather fan gently and showed his detachment to see the development of the situation. Newton was so absorbed in staring at the apple that the outside world could not interfere with him at all..   Associated with reality, once upon a time, I hated this place of red cliff, which was not angry or combative, but now I love this small fishing village. whenever I go home from night shift, I always walk back. when the weather is good, I can see stars all over the sky. I suck the pure and warm air greedily, and my body’s fatigue will disappear, and my mood will be quiet and quiet.. I can’t sleep at night, make a cup of coffee and pick up a book I like. The calm in my heart will make me absorb and learn better. I understand the rhythm of life in a big city. Everyone is struggling, and more people are struggling helplessly. They seldom understand life, more for survival.. When they found out one day that they had got what they wanted to pursue, they found that they had lost too much and too much.   Dear friends, dear’ catfish’, we are faced with many temptations, but not every temptation will have a good result, just as every story does not necessarily end in warmth.. Why don’t we try sardines’ carefree life, accumulate daily and live in harmony with the people around us, will we be more perfect than before??   Some people say that happiness is not how big the house is, but how sweet the laughter in the house is. Happiness is not how luxurious a car you drive, but how safe you can get home. Happiness is not how beautiful your lover is, but how warm his smile is. Happiness is not the applause when you succeed, but someone said to you when you are frustrated: Don’t fall down, keep on insisting, victory will always come. A carefree life, a tranquil state of mind, and a happy mood, do you think we will create happiness here? Sardine’s happiness, I can do it, I believe you can also.

Don’t let yourself ” catch a cold”

If reality is a benevolent person, the world may be less than half sad. It is said that reality is cruel and will hurt people to be separated. I used to giggle naively, but now I have had my own experience, only to find that I can’t even hold up this silly giggle.. In fact, is the objective world controlled by human beings at all times?? The reality is that it only takes the blame again and again and chooses to remain silent, quietly performing what it should have done.. And the person, also only played the role he should have played, sad or happy, crying or laughing, the real play is talking, and the person is just playing.     Reality is a double-faced guest. You can choose to be attentive to him or to oppose him mercilessly. Your joys and sorrows, love and hatred can’t hurt him or touch him.. Your suffering, it never feels, is what you call’ cruel’; Your joy, it also never moved, is regarded by you as ” apathy”. It’s like an invisible man shuttling between the starting point of your life and the ending point of your death all the time, accompanying you for the rest of your life..     Don’t say reality is cruel, why must it be merciful to you? Even if the real drama follows the sad line, we are also one of the’ first authors’, how kind we are if we all set this’ sin’ on reality? I’m afraid this play will always push the waves, never subside.     If there are too many words, accept them. The dream is far away, just near; When the human feelings are light, add some firewood. When the heart is cold, talk about the old dream. If the reality is too cold, remember to prepare some more ” clothes” for yourself, don’t let yourself ” catch a cold” and don’t spread ” catch a cold” to others, you will find this so-called ” compassion”.     Want to know, the world coloured glaze, dust like a dream; If you don’t hurt your heart, the years will be fine.     It is good to be kind to others when people live. Also don’t forget one important thing, be nice to yourself.

Book a simple, remote send years

In the courtyard of clear autumn, the wind blows across the short courtyard wall and spreads the sweet-scented osmanthus on the tree. The air is filled with light fragrance and the sweet-scented osmanthus is a picture of autumn. The flowers bloom at the latest and fall at the earliest, making the sweet-scented osmanthus bloom warmly and beautifully in the short flowering period.. Compared with lotus, I love her more real, full and full, with the taste of earthly fireworks..     After the Double Ninth Festival, people are as pale as chrysanthemum. Between the eyebrow eyes of autumn, the green and scattered petals of summer, together with the bits and pieces, are sandwiched in the pages of the book to keep a pool of water, wash the autumn white, see the frost on the skirt of autumn, and appreciate the beauty of autumn leaves. In fact, a steady and stable life is just a simple thing to repeat on ordinary days..     I have always believed that time can change a person’s state of mind. More and more I don’t like flowers that compete in the spring sun, but fall in love with the quietness of autumn flowers. I no longer yearn for fresh clothes and angry horses, start to yearn for simplicity, yearn for the deep courtyard, find a person to share the time, share the music of heart, distribute clothes and scanty food, have a simple life, deep old green, heavy flower shadows, blurred moonlight, and the eyebrow eye that knows each other well, looking at the east flow of spring water, autumn waters and ying ying ying ying, silence, and relaxing smile. The true meaning in this is beyond words. As time goes by, I am old in the early morning bird noise, old in the evening warm lights, old in love with each other..     Want to see the misty rain in the late spring and clear dreams in the early autumn are all beautiful. Season is a painting depicted by years. You only need to treasure it, say goodbye to summer with a free and easy gesture, turn around and meet autumn unexpectedly.. We should learn to be simple and full of life in the course of our journey by watching the tide of time and beating the years..     I’m from the wind, you’re from the moon, not all things in this world should be persistent. Bai Yueguang, who faces the moon’s lack of full moon lightly and converges to a window, is also poetic.. Years are long, and all the encounters will fall to the ground in the depths of time and become flowers. I have a heart like chrysanthemum and treat plants gently, indulging in small fireworks and flowers, and only one will not be lonely..     Like, let the time slow down occasionally, hold a cup of tea, clear light, a song in my heart, turn back and forth, find a feeling in the text, and make my heart warm.. Life is always too hasty, and there is no need to live so crowded. If you always rush about and move forward blindly, you will leave your heart desolate because of fatigue, leave some time to sort out your thoughts, to savor the deep shallowness of time, and to let your life exchange have more precipitation and ease..     The joys and sorrows of those years do not want to talk about who to listen to, but only drink with tea fragrance and then remember or forget. In the ordinary days, open a window in your heart, plant flowers and sunshine, always think about warmth, let smiling into your arms, let the years arrive safely on the other shore..     I’d rather stick to the fragrant branches than dance with the yellow leaves in the autumn wind. The plain Jane in my heart is light, light outside the honor and disgrace, light between calm and good, such as life and experience, accustomed to prosperity, far from vigorous persistence, leaving only the simplicity after Qian Fan. Such as years, Qian Fan, the rest is sparse and bright, the eye is simple. Such as flowers on the hillside, not deliberately, not affectation, just silent bloom; Such as the chrysanthemum in the mountains, regardless of looking to the left and right, only dimly fragrant with sleeves. Wash out the lead, read the plain water, be calm and happy, and be quiet. After the prosperity, it is like Jane, but in my heart, there is still the sound of flowers blooming..     I want to write a poem, send the years away, do not write love, do not write vicissitudes of life, only write, the buds of March, the joy of growing up in the sunshine. Write about the cool summer pond and the sharp part of Xiao He. Write the poetry of autumn high clouds light, frost dyed red maple, winter snow, pure without dust. When the spring breeze blows once, the lotus flowers are fragrant and the autumn waters and sky are the same color. when snow falls in winter and snow falls on the fence, there is always a faint breeze and a drizzle to moisten things in the notes of the years..     Some flowers, clearly knowing that they will spoil, are still so happy. The grass on the side of the road, though doomed to wither and yellow, is as green as ever. Why should it hurt spring and autumn? Why is it that freehand brushwork is perfect? It is good that I sang this song all the way. I cherish this love all the way. I appreciate the scenery all the way..     I walked along the vein of the growth of a leaf, from the bud of spring to the growth of summer, and walked into the brow of autumn.. I saw a Jian, leaning against the autumn waters and the sky, in the light shadow of bluestone alleys, a wild goose with a full moon and a northward return, singing a farewell song and a ballad, an empty Yuan Ye, watching in silence, the grass frosting, and also remaining stubborn. In the autumn wind, it was yellow and picturesque, only the evening color, opening quietly in the corner, and telling the time before it was old..     No matter what kind of flowers, there will always be fragrance, no matter what season, there will be sunshine. I hide myself in the autumn color and enjoy the moonlight on the fallen leaves. My heart will not be desolate, summer will be full of flowers, autumn will be bleak. Every time the season turns and turns, there will be different meanings. Why care, which flower can represent spring and which leaf will soon wither in autumn and the twining vines will float with dark fragrance. Hope is just around the corner..     I like to embroider on canvas in spring, cool and refreshing between eyebrow eyes in summer, weave silks in autumn evening, and purify my heart in winter white.. I write poetry, like to write spring breeze cutting willow, new Yan early return; Painting, custom-made mountains and rivers depend on each other, with appropriate shade. Singing, also want to be cheerful and free, lingering sound. Compose music, also want to turn melodious, mountain water. I know there is no perfection in this world, but as long as there is beauty in my heart, why should I worry about not having red leaves and green willows?? Without flowers, books can fragrance me. Why should I spend them? If you drink tea, tea is also intoxicating.     I see the sunrise from the east, I see the sunset, the young trees in front of the gate are taller, the flowers bloom and fall in season, life is just a hurry, there are many people on the road, you come, the breeze is light. You go, still water deep flow. The spring night is cold, and the clothes are added. Spring flowers and autumn moon, not clear sorrow, Huai Su is quiet, secluded and cool, planting a warm seed deep in the courtyard and with people, till next year, it will bloom with flowers..     The first collection of this article on ” Spring Warming Flowers” will be listened to. The sound regulations of flowers are being signed and sold. If there are collectors, please contact the telephone number 13943266107 QQ 227381825.

After a busy moment, the ground was full of flowers and flowers

The 2015 National Spring Festival Celebration Ceremony was finally concluded after a burst of fierce exploding firecrackers fell silent along with the fireworks that lit up the sky.. On the 16th of the first month, on my way to work, I saw red and green firecrackers and remnants of fireworks all over the streets.. I was thinking: the cleaning workers have something to do again. He saw several workers in sanitation work clothes sweeping the scattered fireworks debris into piles on the roads under their respective jurisdiction.. When a gust of wind passed, the red paper on the small pile was blown away again. There is nothing wrong with sweeping and scraping the festival carnival again. There are many ways to celebrate the festival, and setting off fireworks and firecrackers is just one of them. When people are more and more aware that the living environment of human beings has deteriorated to a point that cannot be ignored, how many people can truly start from themselves and truly love the living environment?? How far is it from us to see the sandstorm spreading all over the world and the smog forecast every day? Don’t you have to let your body change before you take pains to find ways to manage it? I am also unable to prevent my relatives and friends from doing so: when the family enjoyed their dinner, someone wanted to buy fireworks and lots of fireworks, saying that this new year should be bright. As soon as I showed a little intention of stopping it, I was besieged and let me realize the seriousness of the situation: if the fireworks don’t go off, I will make a big mistake, and I won’t get rich this year, and everything will not go smoothly.. I hurriedly kept silent. As a result, the fireworks of 600 yuan rose in a flash, blooming in the night sky with wonderful trivia and beautifying the sky of the festival.. I know that my family has a business, and those who have a business believe in Buddha very devoutly.. Along the way, several kongming lanterns hung askew on the trees nearby, wondering whether the good wishes of those who released them had been fulfilled. I came to the unit and heard from my colleagues that last night, the police accompanied me to the middle of the night in the square because some kongming lamps had already caused a fire on the building.. The traditional festival is a precious cultural heritage left by our ancestors and should be inherited and carried forward by us. My understanding is that we are only inheriting and not carrying forward. With the development of society, everything is changing. We should inherit some good things. What is not good should be discarded, improved or renewed so as to carry forward what our ancestors left behind. With the development of society, another phenomenon is more likely to rise, that is, the feudal superstition we have criticized. If you are sincere, you may as well take a walk to each family, especially the butler and businessman, who worships deities and Buddhas in the family, and the trend is getting stronger and stronger.. The crackling firecrackers must be more lively than the New Year’s Day on the’ God of Wealth’ birthday every year.. Everyone is praying for Buddha, and everyone is asking for Buddha’s blessing. As far as the population that believes in Buddhism in China is concerned, even if the Buddha has great powers, how can he be busy?? A few days ago, I saw a link shared by friends on WeChat to the effect: Why do so many people believe in Buddhism but fail? The article is very long, but it goes straight into the hearts of the people.. The article said: Buddhist disciples are worshiping Buddha and worshiping Buddha. However, ordinary people are worshipping Buddha and seeking Buddha. They want Buddha to act according to your requirements. Of course, Buddha will not listen to you.. If you truly believe in Buddhism, you must always do good deeds and help others more. And don’t do bad things on the one hand and ask Buddha to bless you on the other. This is also the same reason we often say’ do not act on the basis of small evil, do not act on the basis of small good’.. Do good deeds, must let’ Buddha’ know? As long as we have ” Buddha” in our hearts, we have good thoughts and often do good deeds, why should we hold on to a form to show our respect for Buddha?? Like the fireworks, after the prosperity, leaving a remnant of red, leaving a cloud of smoke in the sky. Or more serious, caused a fire. If the Buddha knows, imagine how she can ” bless” you?

‘ Equality and Inequality” Miscellaneous Feelings

1, and was not in the same starting line, life is facing opportunities, career development, salary level, etc., is not equal; Even at the same starting line, they are not necessarily equal.   2. Living in the same blue sky, living in different environments is the inequality of life..   3. In dreams, people are all equal. Leaving the dream, a new inequality began again.   4. If you work in the same office, you will receive unequal tasks.. Even the same task, due to different quality and efficiency, will also create inequality.   5. The world in everyone’s eyes is not equal. The same pair of eyes look at the world at different ages and cultural levels, and the elements of inequality are even greater..   6. Regions determine the inequality of jobs and the inequality of life value..   7. Sometimes, equality means inequality, and inequality means temporary equality..   8. When equality came, inequality was secretly looking for opportunities to realize its ideals.. And vice versa..   9, 2, and 3 all value academic qualifications, which in fact has created new inequalities. Because in addition to education, there are other factors such as relationship, experience and physical condition.   In meaning, everyone’s happiness is equal. In reality, everyone’s pain is unequal.   11. Equality under the idea of coercion is a cover-up of inequality. When the time is ripe, inequality will still jump out in search of an element of equality..   12. Spiritual equality is longer and freer than material equality..   13. Self – perceived equality means equality. Self – perceived inequality means no equality.   14. In the hearts of ordinary people, equality means kindness, consideration and step – by – step. Inequality is cunning, disorder and doing whatever you want.   The bell rang again, and the world was creating equality and inequality every moment..   16. It is only natural for managers to ask for inequality. Being asked for equality by managers is what life should mean..   17. Burying inequality completely, the world will be unequal and unequal. Equality and inequality is an outstanding issue in history.   The more important equality is in your eyes, the more tired you feel. The more important inequality in your eyes, the more cool you are.   19. Some people have fought for equality for a lifetime, and as a result, they have been ignored for a lifetime. Some people do only one thing for equality, but they remember his life.   On the journey of equality, there are inevitably elements of inequality, which must not fascinate the eyes and make the world useless. True equality does not exist.   21. Equality and inequality are like two sides of a coin. When one side gains the upper hand, the other side will lose, most of the time this is the case.   22. Inequality. Knowing each other during the day. Equality, tie in the night.   23, equality, peace, peace, harmony, equality, calm; Unequal, the heart is uneven, and the mind is unequal, so it is not equal to be in Chang Ran.   24. Inequality cannot be changed. It is better to start from changing the state of mind.   I’m sorry, the user you dialed has been unequal.   26, feel equal, you said slowly; Feel unequal, you silently say.

Deep down, people are lonely

Night, has the familiar feeling, because the thought floats.     Quietly, the wind leans over and waits for who to come? I am a passer – by, not a homecoming. Everyone is more or less afraid of loneliness, at certain times and places. A heart crawls in the night, thinking like smoke, like a dream yesterday, the past is like drunkenness, and will continue when you wake up..     Late at night, the wind is blowing, the moon is fading, and I am drunk … Ah, you walk alone, you learn to enjoy loneliness, and you reap unspeakable joy and enjoyment, so loneliness is no longer loneliness. Slowly, you stick to it, settle down, then grow up and mature, and you will be reborn in loneliness..     Life is a continuous running process. No one can really guide you or care about how tired you are. Only yourself can adjust yourself.. Every person with ideal, belief and ambition will seek the value of his own existence in solitude. In fact, people are lonely in the depths of their feelings. The more lonely people are, the richer their thoughts and feelings are..     Young girls in their twenties are the best time to bloom. She looked up and saw the sky, stretched out her hand and saw tenderness. She could sing the most beautiful and tactful song and have the most sad and emotional thoughts. The girl could dream or be real.. While I am still young, I have to grasp the advantages that youth brings to me, work hard, create and do some things that do not leave any regrets in my life.. If I really work hard and try my best, I will still not be as good as expected in the end. Perhaps, this is youth . Ah, youth, originally it was that delicate glass, because the liquor full of dreams makes us infatuated..     Cherish youth, enjoy loneliness and let me know what beauty is.


You tap the keyboard gently with your fingers as if tapping on my forehead to wake me up from decades of hibernation. A warm Chun Qing flows through your fingertips into my cold mind and into my frozen blood.   Through the small silver screen, you gently wipe away the crepe on my canthus, just like the spring breeze blowing away the traces of winter.   Therefore, my mind is no longer silent, my blood will not freeze, and my canthus will again have a brilliant spring festival.. Yes, you have awakened my passion and my desire.   In order to wake me up, how many winters have you sent away, how many spring days have you ushered in, how many sleepless nights have you spent, how many keyboards have you broken, and how many silver screens you have worn. In this way, year after year, day after day. So loyal, so persistent!   Some people say that once in a thousand years, once in five hundred years, but I have just slept for decades, and you have woken me up in such a hurry.. Is it true that I am your past lover?   Your affectionate answer: Yes, this is fate! This is the fate! Your answer is so positive and so affectionate that my mind waves and my blood burns!   So, you want to see me, you want to see me. No longer use keyboard to tell feelings, no longer use silver screen to convey tenderness.   Across hundreds of mountains and thousands of rivers. Finally, we met at the foot of the old Great Wall! We were speechless. In spring, we stopped in our eyes, showering us with shade, and the ancient Great Wall also took on a new look, carving our meeting deeply into every blue brick.. We are looking for lost years in such an eye.   In your eyes, I read the sadness that you hated each other late, as well as the memory that you were drenched in years..   Then the passion, let the mountain dance, let the tree bend over, let the water sing. You spread the tenderness of being late all over my body, and I deeply planted the passion of being late in your chest.. This awakened youth, with a little shy panic, long and renewed desire, has a little rugged. It’s not impulse, it’s not romance, because I was your lover in the past.   When the sunset glow falls on our shoulders, the Western Heaven precipitated our meeting. What a beautiful collection this is! Meet each other for a moment, memory is forever.   A sound treasure! Say goodbye! Since then, there has been close and far-reaching concern. I will not hibernate for the rest of my life.

A home of meditation journey

Memory, in 2012.9.1 that day on, I go to a strange city, beginning a person, lonely face of a city.  Memory, Sanya is no winter, the cold like a late autumn, enough to make me tipsy.I will leave.My emotions pile up some confusion, mixed with some confusion in the so-called statement is unclear what.As the bell sounded the end of the exam, students walk Lili, leaving people no longer left the campus, after a lapse of two days, the campus more of a Hsiao cold, empty.  On the 20th morning, the sky is still bright, the air was dense with moisture molecules quarters downstairs also glowing lights dim, put me out of the shadow stretched, pulled a little longer.Gray and black suitcase pulled his right hand, feeling a little heavy, but also a bit like portrayal of thoughts.  Accompanied by shaking the Green Paper compartment, away from the start to shorten the distance, and I was not eager to go home kind of emotion, care more about this period of helpless and college memories.Looking back at the school more than four months of day and night, had a number of troubles and tangled, how much frustration and silence.These days, more and let myself used to convert original perspective, I show the cutting edge of military training and uninhibited, in the late penalty in camouflage stood at attention Junzi; my favorite new recruit the students, enrolled in the bustling crowd around the bulletin board of the quietly leave, saying “what good students to participate in” I often become wording; I remember the morning reading sessions to contradict the words of the guide member, in disapproval understanding guide members; bedroom arguing hear me or is so naive.Not as long or short a semester so I do not know the course ends.Inadvertently, passing a quiet corner, so, meet, strange own.Was suddenly discovered that the textbook was issued is so new, the college paper work have not used a few; threatened learn guitar and bought a guitar-like fixed rust-like strings; notebook game archive records the addition of a lot; go to KTV and the road becomes more and more familiar with the Internet, but only the final exam exam room remember which campus; a community where registered teacher repeatedly coming home record this lying some numbness.Care about others, their random, but in a time like this, as the memories of his own, some will feel dejected.This university life is not what you want, however, change only the throbbing of it.Confused and anxious, as if today is not only the mood, but still no effort to change.  Memories of precipitation in one day and two nights in the car, at the moment stepped off the train, has been recalled as a dusty film, a sequel next year, I think I have to shoot with a new life script and acting, I just want to let own life turned very gorgeous.

A bosom friend can meet one of the most sought-after friends, the swan goose, to pass on a bosom friend

Handsome and Rong are from the same village. Handsome lives in the west of the village and Rong lives in the east of the village. Although there is a disparity between the rich and the poor, the two families have been predestined friends since childhood.. Rong envied being handsome and learning well. He liked being handsome and lively. They just hid their love in their hearts and didn’t say anything about it..     Rong is the youngest daughter in the family. Her father is an old woman and is regarded as the apple of his eye.. But Rong was born at an untimely time. Soon after birth, the New Fourth Army came here and her family began to fall apart. During the land reform in 1950, Rong’s family was classified as a landlord, her father was criticized, her eldest brother was arrested, the other brothers were scared away, her mother jumped into a well and committed suicide, and she lived alone with her sister.     Rong is 4 years younger than Handsome. Handsome was the captain of the school when he was in the fifth grade of primary school. Every time he left school, he was assigned the whole team and the company’s password.. On the way home, Rong always learned the tone of ” handsome company password” and was delighted to hear it.     One night handsome and several students from the village met and chatted, Rong sat beside handsome and inserted a few words from time to time.. While speaking, the handsome hand accidentally touched Rong’s hand. At this moment, the two pairs were tightly held together, and a pleasant sensation immediately spread throughout the handsome body.. At that time, adults did not like boys and girls talking together, so they called on Rong to leave handsome them. The handsome heart was very unhappy, but he did not dare to speak. Soon, Rong mysteriously disappeared, then handsome also went to study abroad, and Rong’s shadow gradually blurred in his handsome mind.     Handsome when he was in his third year of high school in pengcheng no 1 middle school, he suddenly saw Rong at the gate of the reception room. he couldn’t believe his eyes. this is really’ sister Lin falling from the sky’. The girl who was not seen in 1978 and loves to say that she loves to be noisy has become a dignified, beautiful and graceful lady, handsome, very surprised and her heart pounding.. At this moment handsome just knew Rong had studied with her sister over the years and had just transferred from Yanzhou to Pengcheng No.1 Middle School.     This meeting, handsome and ecstatic, how much he wants to meet Rong to discuss and relive his old love. However, as the college entrance examination approaches, Rong is afraid of influencing handsome students to review their lessons, so he intends to avoid being handsome. Handsome reading at Rong’s crossing several times was intended to see her, but Rong was nowhere to be seen.     Handsome got his wish to be admitted to the North Institute of Chemical Technology.. When reporting for duty in Beijing, handsome saw Rong again in pengcheng. By this time they had talked like old friends. The two met for a walk in the suburbs, recalling the past and looking forward to the future, with endless confidences. On the way back to school, handsome hold Rong’s small hand, talking and laughing. In the evening, Rong sent handsome to the railway station in the rain, and they stayed in the rain and rain. Rong’s big eyes flickered at handsome, silent and inseparable..     Handsome returned to school and wrote to Rong immediately to talk about his experiences in Beijing. Rong wrote back and told Yingjun that she had said to Yan Hua, the hometown, that she did not take good care of him at school and felt very sorry for him.. Yan Hua said, ” How old is he? He still asks you to take care of him.”? ‘ colourful jealousy is thick, I don’t know why. Since then, the relationship between handsome and Rong has become unusual.     After entering the school, Rong and handsome letters continued to share friendship to the point of no words but no words.. She writes passion, friendship and thoughts in hot language, making her handsome heart full of emotion and sweetness. Rong said she was like Lin Daojing, with big eyes, beautiful and sentimental. Rong often confides his troubles in his heart or quarrels with his classmates. Handsome and timely reply to comfort her, encourage her not to be afraid of difficulties, go forward bravely, and help her to solve the knot in one’s mind.. Rong Zeng wrote: ” Parents who gave birth to me, Brother Jun who knows me, will publish the letter you wrote to me someday to let the world know that I have such a good friend.”. She writes to Handsome almost every week and looks forward to a handsome reply every day. Whenever her classmates shout, ” Rong, Beijing has written.”! She danced and danced and was ecstatic. Students all thought she was in love with college students in Beijing and often made fun of her. instead of being annoyed, she laughed.     Rong sent an inch-by-inch photo to Handsome. Handsome loved it and often secretly watched it. Handsome once peeked at the photo in the toilet and accidentally fell into the toilet. Handsome regretted it..     On one occasion, Rong really couldn’t hold back his feelings and said bluntly in her letter, ” Jun, how much I miss you, and I hope to see you as soon as possible. I’m waiting and looking forward to seeing you.” Before the words were finished, I quickly blamed myself: ” I’m too selfish, I’m sorry for my friend, I didn’t do my kindness to my friend, and I know there is a woman like me waiting for you in your family.”. ‘ Since then, Rong seems to have sent fewer handsome letters to her, but handsome but oblivious to them, he still keeps writing to her.     After returning home in summer vacation, Rong braved the wind and talked about it and went to the railway station in the middle of the night to meet handsome people.. They walked up and down pengcheng street until dawn. Later, he sat at the edge of the old Yellow River and said his confidence. At this moment, Rong embarrassedly asked to take the letter back, but handsome said nothing back to her, saying only that the letter had not been brought. Then handsome comforted her and said, ” The true friendship between men and women does not have to be combined. I will always be good to you.”. Rong smiled shyly. In the end, they wanted to take a photo as a souvenir, but the photo studio was closed at noon and became their permanent regret.     Handsome returned home. A few days later, Rong returned to the village to see Handsome. Handsome and family members warmly hosted Rong, and they had a heart-to-heart talk with each other and had a good day of fun..Handsome passed pengcheng when he returned to Beijing and gave Rong all his review materials for the college entrance examination, hoping she could go to college. Rong said that she must enter oneself for an examination at the institute of chemical engineering, and that her biggest wish is to go to university with jung..     Later, Rong wrote to Handsome that she was in love with a soldier and had reached the point of discussing marriage. Unfortunately, her boyfriend wrote that Rong came from a landlord and wanted to join the Party and be promoted to work. She did not agree organizationally to combine with people of her background. She was very upset about this and did not know what to do.. At that time handsome only felt absurd, but could do nothing, so he had to let it go.     After Rong’s failure in the college entrance examination, there were fewer letters between Rong and Handsome. Once handsome suddenly received a letter from Rong saying: Her sister’s child is short of milk, and Jun should buy her several catties of milk powder and a pair of children’s cotton shoes in Beijing.. At that time, it was a difficult time. More than a dozen handsome family members were starving. He sent home only a few wallets in a letter. A handsome poor student had money to buy milk powder and cotton shoes, but he was embarrassed to say to her that he did not reply or send anything.. Rong never wrote to handsome again. Later, Yingjun wrote a letter to her at Rong’s new address, and I don’t know if she received it. Since then, the two have lost contact and have not heard from her..     Later, handsome put Rong’s dozens of letters to him in a box and read them carefully from time to time to review the friendship. Once handsome collated letters and saw Rong’s letters, he was afraid of being discovered when he was young, and burned them. Now that I think about it, handsome is very regretful..     Later handsome heard rumors that Rong left her sister and went to the countryside to earn a living after dropping out of the list. Later, she married a production captain, gave birth to a pair of sons and daughters, then divorced, then went to the streets, then went to university, and then the days gradually improved.. What on earth, is all hearsay, handsome and unable to find out Rong’s news. Handsome can only call in my heart: ” Rong, where are you?”? How was your life? Your handsome but never forget you, you still have a certain position in his heart; May our friendship last forever and the afterlife never separate. ”

Fall in love with a city

REVIEW: The wind will take away a lot of things, such as hot, the wind will bring a lot of things, such as cold, must be taken not belong to you, and bring not always belong to you, so do not be too concerned about, care and those who get lost, because you do not know, one day, it will leave you without a trace.  Dancer snow season, there are plum fragrance quietly struck, that cage Fragrance move one deeply, snow with the wind Da Zhezhuan child, a little falling down, light, crystal, clear, through its petals with the smell of sun, warm the cold of winter, even though it was freezing cold and warm long into a ray of Xianghun.    The story happening to someone else owns are just stories, though burst into tears, although Xinyousuogan time, happen to them into the accident, despite all that is not enough to sadness, tears do not always listen, a man falling.    The reason why is because rumors wounding speaker has no intention listener interested, like Ann’s false charges so calm as arbitrary and cake speech since ancient times have, today, but reproduce very often, things are not too complex but multi-salt of the earth simple things complicated.    Sour vinegar scent so strong, a little point of taste buds open the appetite, the appetite is always a good surprise, the attendant there are so many good food, little point to fill the stomach full, feel the taste the total will be expanded unlimited happiness and suffering, and sometimes miss is a kind of taste.    Some people say delicious dumplings, however, it is only when the New Year can enjoy delicious, and now it linger in between my lips and teeth, spread to my own tongue, little point memory opens.Although that does not taste how delicious, but more precipitation time, it becomes irreplaceable.    Flowers not love a patent, not every day like a good mood as patents, sunny place there is always rainy worry, sadness, happy, sad time to learn to be happy, might be difficult, but at least to maintain the minimum elegance and grace.Can not be forced to learn to let go, gifts of roses hand shop unless, Qingzheziqing muddy those from the cloud, do not mind too much.    There are memories of the place must be someone, someone somewhere will certainly have in the past, have in the past where there must be recalled, in fact, make you yearn that you happened here every little thing, or moved, or Thanksgiving, or miss, or miss, yet found?You want to stay where there are always people eager to see you, maybe just a meet by chance.    I do not understand why the North so love, just as there is no reason to exclude the arrival of something psychological than physiological rejection rejection in fact more serious, like no reason, like love and hate, sometimes, some things are no reason I can say, just as some things do not need to explain, like, love, too, some people love turning back a loved one, and I love the fame or fortune a city of love.    The wind will take away a lot of things, such as hot, the wind will bring a lot of things, such as cold, must be taken not belong to you, and bring not always belong to you, so do not be too concerned about, care about those lost and get, because you do not know, one day, it will leave you without a trace.    Beautiful city, beautiful people miss, miss you so far only remember its beauty, but in the end forget how beautiful the United States where, worship need faith, faith requires belief, faith need to worship the soul.Those midnight blurred neon flashing in the night sky, those flashing eyes are confused heart is still innocent eyes No one knows.    Beautiful scenery, there are places where the lake breeze wandering hands, Lang Lang’s reading voice to those where there is sweet music to fall asleep, those places are traveling walk through the trees at the side asked, there are people living where there warm wishes in silent prayer, it is the city’s dependence on you, it is your reward for the city.    The limits of human endurance is limited, when it comes to things that people can not afford to get sick, the city will, he is a breath pulsating with people a little bit closer, you may have heard it whisper midnight it was deep in the city heart murmur.    And everything was life, and that is the city’s children, not to hurt it, because you are city kids, this is the same root, fratricidal, Cao Zhi had so said, you all live together in a city , do not be so cruel, man’s nature is good, learning the wisdom of the ancients left behind does not mean you pedantic, some traditions and ideas are worthy of any era of food for thought.    Natural disasters something we can not avoid, but at least be able to anticipate and prevent, so take good care of the place you live, because you will live here forever, life had no roads, more people walk, said there is a the east-west road, on both sides of the road of life is derived from the growth of organisms with you, they are also a life.[Editor: men tree]