Hunters often leveraged capital placards trading the inquiry letter inquisitive!

March 13 –18 days, in addition to abnormal fluctuations in the stock inquiry, the inquiry 37 cities were released letters, chain increased。  This week, in the context of the broader market turmoil slowly upward, increasing holdings of major shareholders of high finance, capital Hunter lever placards are frequent, close attention has led to the exchange, from the holdings of the motivation, internal protocol, source of funds, leverage and pledge flat aspects of warehouse holdings of risk and subsequent plans, the "sheer pressure" inquiries, one by one point demining risk。  Huge holdings asked ceiling investigate the source of net profit doubled last year, it was announced holdings of major shareholders plan to initiate inquiries Exchange synchronization。  March 16 evening announcement shows Everest in Tibet's second-largest shareholder of Shanghai Song Shi Xiang Gold Investment Partnership or persons acting in concert intends to holdings of company stock within 12 months, the amount of not less than 300 million yuan。That same day the Shanghai Stock Exchange sent a letter to the Inquirer, the maximum amount required explicit disclosure of holdings, holdings of money is involved express leveraged financing, and leveraged financing requirements Highlights liquidated holdings of risk existing in the process。  This "squeezing toothpaste" type of inquiry sources of funding, probed the relevant collateral liquidation risk, has become the brand Inquirer cases。  March 9, the actual controller Michael intends announcement within six months of total holdings of 300 million -10 million shares, corresponding to 3 stake.49% -11.63%。Calculated at the day's closing price, the total cost will be between 1.4 billion to nearly 50 billion yuan。  In reply to queries Exchange for the first time, the new lake in the Po represent actual control, though has reached absolute control, but optimistic about the company in the development of overweight and Jiedi funds on the one hand from the actual control of its own funds, the scale of not less than 15 billion, partly from asset management plan, the upper limit of the total 8 billion yuan。It is noteworthy that, as one of the key conditions for the application to withdraw funds, the actual control holdings need to pledge this new lake treasure shares to information management plan。  Then two inquiry letters issued, asking where the gearing and the future repayment of funds is from the listed company guarantee or secondary market stock holdings。  Xinhu Zhongbao from March 13 morning temporary suspension。Then reply, the upper limit of the amount of credit line of credit provided by financial institutions, not the actual amount of holdings, also said the actual control line of credit will be used with caution, and finally the actual amount may be much lower than with the letter of 8 billion yuan。  While the new lake in the Po said the future to repay the loan funds will not come from a listed company, it will not be guaranteed by listed companies, while the actual controller does not exclude holdings of shares based on market conditions during the existence of。  Pointed out that the regular press conference last week, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, shares of leveraged acquisitions or implementation of holdings, usually the Share Pledge。When the stock price volatility, excessive leverage ratio is likely to cause focus on selling, endangering the operation of market stability and investor security deal。Also, because there is a subsequent pressure to repay financing body, it is also likely to cause occupation of funds of listed companies, holdings of non-compliance issue shares。  Placards ferret out whether the actual control protocol placards parties to use trust funds, leveraged exchange holdings also led to a chain asked, concerned about financial risks, requires listed companies to express, whether actual controller placards parties reached whether it has the right to control and subsequent reorganization plan。  Capital investment led three times since January placards, the cumulative spent more than $ 1.5 billion stake closer and closer to major shareholders of listed companies。Their motivation placards popular concern, exchange listed company has asked issued 2016 annual results of pre-cut announcement, brought capital investment continues to believe that investment can be long-term, stable returns in what the reason。  At the same time claim on the capital investment in additional disclosure, the controlling shareholders of listed companies, the actual controller such as whether to control, shareholding structure and production operations and other matters have had any contact or to negotiate, to reach the relevant agreements or other arrangements within the next 12 months if plans for the reorganization board of supervisors and senior executives, as well as follow-up plan holdings。  As a source of funding, Yunnan International Trust case has also been repeatedly inquiry, require the disclosure of all the most recent placards whether the funds come from Yunnan International Trust and $ 1 billion paid-in capital contribution; and penetrating disclosure relates Xiamen International Trust and Yunnan International Trust , the specific sources and amounts of financing and the general principal of its own funds of funds, and the amount of funds from different sources of financing, respectively, the deadline, the cost of capital, and whether follow-up will receive capital investment through the secondary market holdings additional collateral。  Also staged a similar regulatory inquiries。Song Xiaoming's positive Wall Agricole announced its withdrawal from the occasion, Huilong Hua Ze appeared, and continuous placards host second-largest shareholder, holding 15% of the estimated cost of more than 500 million yuan。  Exchange sent a letter to the inquiry, indicating the presence supplemental disclosure requirements "pull strings" to introduce incoming cases Huilong Hua Ze, and Huilong Hua Ze constitutes a connected or acting in terms of relations with Song Xiaoming, whether pre-negotiated placards holdings reached related matters arrangements, such as the existence of holding shares on behalf of the。  In reply, the Great Wall Agricole denied the existence of concerted action or relationship with Hua Ze Huilong, represents not know Huilong HuaZe placards holdings Tianmu Pharmaceutical's overall plan, does not exist behalf of the holders。Huilong Hua Ze caliber to maintain a consistent reply。  To maintain funding, when Huilong CDT reply to inquiries, said at this stage to buy Tianmu Pharmaceutical shares of the top 10% of the funding for the WLS Hua Ze's own funds, while the last line loans。Current Tianmu Pharmaceutical shares held by the pledge of the current situation does not exist; not rule out future holdings through equity financing pledge, etc.。  Since Huilong Hua Ze January 24 for the first time since holdings, Tianmu Pharmaceutical shares have risen about 16%。  Strengthen supervision of investment Raiders (Original title: high finance capital holdings are frequent hunters often leverage placards exchange inquiry letter inquisitive!) 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