United States Los Angeles organized a national coalition force to prevent the abolition of DACA program

Data Figure: US President Trump。   According to reports, the number of immigrants affected by the DACA program up to about 85 million people。
Last September, the government announced Trump, unless Congress pass legislation, or they will repeal the plan in March。
  "We have been in order to keep DACA efforts to benefit from the program for thousands of students dream of seeking a definitive answer。 "Says Darfur," the cities and counties across the United States with dreams of students who will be standing side by side, they represent the values of American education, work hard and always full of confidence for a better tomorrow。
"Last September, Attorney General Sessions announced the abolition of the plan time to say," compassionate approach is now ending violations, enforce our laws。 If Congress choose to change those laws, please follow the procedures established by the founding fathers, the national interests in the forefront。
"It is reported that the US Congress has not passed any legislation reservations DACA program, but the federal judge who blocked an attempt to present the plan to abolish government Trump。 "The young man is under the protection of the DACA program should focus on how to build their own dream of the future, rather than worrying about who is separated from their loved ones and home。
"Los Angeles Mayor Guxi Ti said," We will stand by them, they have made an outstanding contribution to our community and economy, they are also very simple, but the stability of every American can get and recognition。 "According to the Darfur office revealed that all of those currently protected by the DACA program, nearly 50 percent live in the 40 cities involved in this action and counties。   This legal document pointed out that if DACA program was abolished, then the local government economy will suffer direct damage, and the community will become more insecure, DACA recipients for fear of being deported and become less likely to report criminal activity。 Which also said that in the action plan to abolish DACA, practices DHS random and treacherous, neither meet the requirements of "Administrative Procedure Law" and did not provide reasonable grounds for the decision to abolish the program。