2018 What's new railway changes? The total iron as you draw focus

Xinhua Beijing January 2 electric (Han Jiahui) 2018 is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up, but also transport power, railway ahead of the start of。 In the first working day of the New Year, China Railway hold its annual conference next deployment objectives and key tasks。 I still remember, last year's "renaissance number" speeding, Internet ordering, EMU seat selection, intelligent recount pit stop, transit connection transfer, regular passenger services, intelligent navigation and other major stations to benefit you and me。 Railway construction this year, which will have new breakthroughs? – commissioning of new lines 4000 kilometers, of which high-speed railway 3500 km by 2018, based on the protection of railway safety, based on the completion of the following major objectives: In rail transport, passenger traffic volume completed million passengers, freight volume million tons, total conversion turnover of 3.89 trillion tons km; in railways, the national railway fixed assets investment arrangements 732 billion yuan, 702 billion yuan of which the national railway, new production line 4000 km, of which 3500 km high-speed rail; railway in the business, to achieve total revenue of 745.8 billion rail transport yuan, multi-operating revenues 320 billion yuan。
– to build high-speed rail network and the Internet "dual-network travel life," high-speed rail, online shopping, Alipay and China shared bicycle known as the "new four great inventions", this year's high-speed rail and Internet turn how chemical reactions take place?It is understood that the total iron will further improve the operational mechanism, develop the transport chain extension services market, the positive development of the Internet ordering, online shopping mall, hotels and other passenger travel related services, and accelerating station car Wi-Fi, "high-speed rail + shared car" and so on project to build high-speed rail network and the Internet "dual-network travel life."。 – "No revival" open front door, tickets travel more convenient high-speed rail has become the first choice for people to travel, "the revival of number" is to let us take pride in the "State of the weighing"。
2018, China Railway will always play a high-speed rail network effect, expand the "revival" EMU group CDB range; the establishment of big data to support the EMU product design and fare adjustment mechanism, the full implementation of week "4 + 3" CDB organizational model ; expansion of Internet ticketing system functions, provide explore appointment booking service, the implementation of e-tickets, ticket sales push into the rural towns; promote the construction of frequent flyer system, increasing the number of successive convenient transfer station, ticket window extended services, special services to create passenger rail ; implementation of the "toilet revolution" requirement, remediation station car environment, improve the passenger travel experience。
– build quality, intelligent railway projects in accordance with the requirements of high-quality development, deepen the "Consolidated Standard, quality and efficiency", 2018, total iron will be "fine works, Zhang Jing intelligent" and Beijing to male An intercity railway focus, create a number of fine works to ensure the overall system to achieve the optimal level of design, quality construction to operational functions, and establish China's railway construction model and benchmark。 – Expand the scope of EU-China trains CDB to construct railway international logistics system in mid-2017, Central line trains were to open 3600, over six years from 2011 to 2016 the total number of open line, to become "along the way" building landmark achievements。 2018, the total iron in Central Europe will continue to expand the scope of opening line trains, trains CDB to improve quality and efficiency, and actively develop international parcels, express mail business electricity, cold chain transport high value-added supply, attracting more cross-border supply。
At the same time, promote the orderly implementation of the old railway, a project to promote India Niya million high iron, Hungary and Serbia plug railway line construction segment in Thailand and railway projects, railway steadily going out。 Editor: Fei Fan。