Portrait charming heart care

Soulful eyes; good hyperactivity red dragonfly; pondering love being the height of summer peaches; always like stupid pomegranate opening in the autumn of confession; One Tree dark spit fragrance proud little tender charge; narcissistic and coveted setting sun yo ancient willow; fighting to make the final and wet Qifeng still upright hanging over a medal credit for not pride costumes ginkgo; taken refuge in the mountains posing as turning the old Ridge also partial to conceal all sorts of style awesomeness or to attractiveness of burlesque leaves; .The beauty of the world is so great, so people are moving, shocking, fascinating, but perhaps only a charming young heart is the dream of livable place.  Who has the youthful heart, who is the richest man.Made its rich because of ownership, have a treasure omnipotent all-encompassing.As long as the treasure that in mind, all good things and will call the moves of that is to.But only have to have the key to open that mysterious treasure.It is up to you with passion and sweat redeem passcodes, with the wisdom to fight for the right to use.Nothing in this world who would be dumb enough to selflessly prepare a free lunch for you.Should the day you “hit day dirty” like the sudden unexpected “Aventure” bumped, you have to be careful, and quickly borrowed a pair of eye it: savory “pie heaven” or bloodshed charm traps in rivers and lakes, well aware of when tight.The heart can not be greedy vertical light, hither and dreams avoid flooding.All too often good things are fleeting, we must learn to cherish the opportunity you have today.Do not envy the genius Li Yu Huan only we know how to indulge in corruption Elixir of Love Aromatic Jiuhan incurred harm the country lost their lives filled with grudge, to learn to bear with the hardships and eventually became dominant Goujian, even though the heart of the world is still behind bars.Through the vicissitudes of life, not necessarily Xu Jiaojiao face red decline Tsui term reduction in the sun and the moon peeping in; their dreams Do not Let the heroic figure walk slowly to the Ship Even Sank sad Inn.”Youth have a dream, chase brave,” not only puffed up with pride but also a heroic posture to go to cash arrogant pronouncements on the promise of our young.”In the Mountains”, the coordinates of the heart should always occupy the high ground, so that we only have one life to the maximum extent possible to stay a little less regret, more than happy to get some of the smile.  May you my heart has a beautiful scenery of Xianghe small pond, pond blooming busy, Tong River Willow trees, often haunt red dragonfly, shame month Rye.Remember, our beautiful dream seclusion in which to act to exercise caution.Do not be afraid to reuse your Rouchang, I will not hesitate silly tired my arms.When non-stop for the dream and desperate, also need care charming portrait of the heart.(End) Author: New single pen name: stupid pomegranate QQ: 1264546395 pomegranate open

First met you

Pretrial flowers after season, always feeling lingering rain.How much will fall into someone, the only light midnight bed alone.Dream Fairy picture of God as woman, frequently embracing two two sessions.Ching Fang Yan Yan good makeup, I only wish Fang Huanxi.Not yet reached the middle of the night waking people, listen to a Spring Lake.Wang Wei heard of “paradise”, I do not know when to meet again.The poor can not meet see, I have a pain around Who.    Surging sand fly over, near and far different.Ye Fei Shan to its visitor, the poor face a non-vegetable garden.For the nets to ward off sand-twos where to find.Lifa fly thick coat of dust, water becomes yellow semi Hechi.Whispering Color in front, lingering rain always love.    ——– Inscription worried about the rain slowly, only to find that endless, surging, fearless sea.Looking forward, the road to go home.Distant journey, step by step startling, less company, also I do not know whether to insist on.At first, only a fantasy that one day, you can go to break, to enjoy that quiet time gentle and easy touch, moving a little time and stimulation of the sea.    How many times is the breath of the sea call in a dream, and how many times lingered, his hands touch the waves roll up the waves, circle around the ring spread between the sky and finally disappeared in the sea.I think, one in sight, and the waves crash was no turning back.Staring, a trace of emotion, carried by the wind.Tides, waves to the waves come, see, deep sea, clear, colorful seaweed.Little circle, on and off, they left in a dream.    Sea whenever they want, instead of listening to soft music on the sea, the sea is watch others traveled screen.Pure, blue sea, the breeze blowing countless waves, floating down the body, bathed, happy to leave, did not forget stole a glance, got into the sand.    Dangqi breeze waves, he saw the girl under the umbrella of, an elegant shawl slightly curled blond hair blowing, red glasses frames, a little rainbow-colored lenses, high nose, cherry mouth.Mesh blouse with a sexy bikini combination, with the eye-catching red pleated skirt.Internal rainbow bikini draped blouse in the hollow, indeed, even more exciting, such a picture, this style adds a little more mellow style.Wind drift, but also adds a beautiful landscape for the beach.    A picture postcard, depicting beautiful picture, a sand painting to a dazzling, light music one song after another on the sea, are brought back in my heart you the first sea —-!I met you, my life is the greatest happiness!Open chest, hold you, hugged tightly, only to drown in your boundless, no proof of the mind.Blue sky bloom for you, you guard the earth, between heaven and earth, you most gorgeous!    this moment!I stand before you, a look is your face.When you are quiet, calm, quiet, like a sleeping child, either you touch, just opened his dim eyes, glanced continue to sleep.Do not fear, I gently stroked, they seem to give a warm embrace.When you move, rough, ferocious, just like a dragon, fear of the next second, and you spend the rest of his life.    Slightly open sea, clear and pure, light blue but with a hint of green.Surf and sand, every encounter, all with a different kind of way to commemorate returning echoes.I heard the sound crisp ear, flexibility strong, Jing Xiaxin, you will find that the symphony of life, over and over again sounded.The sparkling sea, like silk, like unbroken impact on the island nameless.Coconut Island, will occasionally fall, splash, splash radiance.Soft, spray on the aura, bloom non-stop swing, like a white lotus, lightness finds.    Sunset drunk, drunk at sunset.Fiery phoenix-like, do not want to sleep in the sun, night fell and had to leave quietly..


cheongsam.Woman [text / seductive woman] woman wearing a cheongsam across the street, a touch of incense, immediately enchanting the whole street.Painting the back, most likely to arouse the curiosity of passers-by to find out.Exquisite undulating curves, like in March of peach, tender Ruixin beautiful bud, and that trim the fold just right.As for the face, she does not look back, you know, if enough Allure is also scheduled magnolia, lilac-like.    Abortion is a river, floating desire, human circulation, thousands of variables.Woman in mind this side, the other side might mistake the mood thousands of miles, because she saw and heard insights played a subtle effect.    Perhaps the whereabouts of the woman is the other side of the garden, a post.I hope that the shoulder can be placed mood.Some love, being drawn wire shallow lingering.Of course, this love is forever, or such as the morning dew, the day known!    Perhaps the whereabouts of a woman is the other side of the mall.Spend a lot of money, in exchange for colorful clothes, fill the excavated lonely emptiness, pain of mind and body wrap.New clothes for women, great magic, seems to have broken heart can recover as soon as possible, and stronger functions.    Woman wearing a cheongsam, total reminiscent of the Republic of China, I think of Eileen Chang, think of the suit and tunic, coffee and tea, red wine and champagne, high heels and foreign dance, especially dressed in cheongsam charming woman and handsome man embracing swaying rotation when between western music and folk tunes, walk on the elegant, subtle, Dr Rosanna and other Qingsu love unspeakable.So then it became gentle circles!Foreign and local human world wind style confrontation, mixed, collision, interleaving, the ensemble of Western symphony charm of novelty, lovely and cute.    But, I only hope the dress of the woman, is a warm place to return to, it is best to go on the way home, you can go toward the embrace of their parents, can cuddle in the arms of her husband, can in bed head burst into tears, can merrily singing in the window of the home.Unlike Chang, although in the firmament of that era, such as the talented stars like Shining, but helpless relatives could not rely on the humble, love dust falls on it to uphold the bloom, but why suffer betrayal fickle villain not opened his eyes to see the love and affection of pity, cause to wither, fangfei no longer be scattered.    So, dress, woman’s banner, graceful fluttering in the wind Xu, perfect interpretation of the women inside the colorful capital of Korea.

Miss, is a persistent pain

Unconsciously, I have entered the cycle of seasons and last season。Durian surplus with snow in the parting of Cambridge, belongs to regain that period we have traveled together in the good old days。    Cold air, blowing woke up my sleeping dreams。Around the time, you have a few a few parting load。Early in the morning, when Yimiyangguang from outside through pink curtains come, my aching eyes refracted stop dithering。Outside screens, dressed in a cool breeze blowing, but I deeply feel the cold of winter brings freezing cold。Slightly opened eyes as if sticking together, pillow wet hands on cheek。Know, tears, and at midnight madness grow again。 Lying in bed, quietly watching the vase to put the flowers growing on Dongmei。Think of that year, you have personally for my trim package delivery bouquet of Dongmei。You will lovingly a red bloom, plug in my hair and told me softly, even put flowers in the world here, also arrived, but you most is the bow of the tender。Whenever my mind, as long as the flash of a moment about our memories, your thoughts feelings, I can not help but secretly poured out, sweeping the heart。    You said“A short absence, of life and death to life。”But now I have to pick your messy hair, forget Chinese clothes, all day suffering in the days loyal。So far, where you are?    “Some people say I fuchsia”。But only I knew that one day, you will be waiting for me at the corner of the horizon, waiting for my long-awaited reunion with you。“Weak three thousand, you are only willing to take a spoonful”It is with this sentence, so I made a heart go hand in hand with you day and night oath。I think every human heart, there is a sadness turned to writing, and you, a thousand hundred times that I read that psalm are intolerant of their trouble。Whether it is the lonely forest, or the noisy streets, you are in the line of the poem's protagonist。The lights dim, the many grass, the only thing that is hidden in my heart love, no one to replace your shadow。    Say“Miss, is a persistent pain。Like wearing intestinal poison, people on pins and needles, pain unbearable。”But, even if you are not with me, your memory as long as there bit by bit, and I'm happy。I do not think relentlessly This is our farewell, and I will not let our love become quicksand fingertips, so that all the good become a thing of the past。    Love, as have the snow outside the window, silent, graceful; love like flowers bloom in lake given to dust, never need watering, set off。If in truth and love will be dependent; if not the truth, just like the floor of thorns, always hard line。    The depths of the Red, the word love is difficult to manage。In this fickle years, I only wish to make a pure lotus, people in the crowd to smile for you Dimei。Mozhi meet a fate, I do not want to flip back and forth in the on-again story, on the day you leave, I will not hesitate to tie the hands of the red string joking, you and I are bound together eternal life。    Up, sitting in front of Ryoka mirror, dressing himself carefully, Jie a wax flower, gently inserted between the hair, put on your favorite pieces of red dress, to Cambridge in the winter snow flying, Fuqin one, the you call。Only hope that in the coming time, I can laugh reading the vicissitudes of life, in Lengxiang plum where you can put poems of love has been so go solo。。。。。。

Joe Chan talking about the financial industry away from the main business: "other people's fields planted himself shortage of land."

By the State Council Development Research Center, China Development Research Foundation hosted "2017" was held in Beijing on March 18。  China Insurance Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Chen Wenhui at the forum said that the current Chinese financial industry's six major risk concern: First off a real risk to the virtual; second is the financial risk of deviation of the main industry; Third, the risk of failure of corporate governance; Fourth radical risk management; Fifth, the risk of asset-liability mismatch; Sixth liquidity risk。  For the financial risk of deviation of the main industry, Chen said, forget the origin of some financial institutions, away from the main business, blindly engage in diversified, fully licensed, staking keen to earn quick money, the main industry is not the main cause, not vice sideline, there even he planted someone else's land, shortage of their own land。This phenomenon exists in all areas of the financial industry in varying degrees with some even avoid regulation by way of external channels, etc., table, if mishandled big risk there will be。  Chen Wenhui suggest that to effectively prevent and control the risks faced by the financial sector, there is a general requirement is to strengthen and improve the regulatory。  The following is the speech Record: Joe Chan: Dear Mr. President, ladies and gentlemen, Hello everybody afternoon!I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the financial system risks and deal with today's problems。  First off real to imaginary risk: the financial sector China currently has six major risk concern。This is a matter of fundamental direction of the industry and the financial industry risks For。If the financial sector out of the real economy, excessive self-circulation, will lose its profitable basis, the last will inevitably systemic risk。This is the deep-seated causes of the US subprime mortgage crisis, and had to pay by the financial。  China's economy is facing financial problems and imbalances in the real economy。Speaking just easy to chairman in 2016 China's financial industry accounts for the proportion of 8.3%。2016, net financial industry reached 2.0286 trillion yuan, and net profit of 2.3158 trillion yuan over the same period the national state-owned enterprises is roughly equivalent。This data may also explain the financial sector doing well。This data also shows that the financial sector funds idle money to money speculation phenomenon to some extent is there; the second is the financial industry deviated from the main business risks。This is a strategic risk level, have an impact on the overall enterprise, the industry will。Forget the origin of some financial institutions, away from the main business, blindly engage in diversified, fully licensed, staking keen to earn quick money, the main industry is not the main cause, not vice sideline, and some are even planted someone else's land, shortage of their own ground。This phenomenon exists in all areas of the financial industry in varying degrees with some even avoid regulation by way of external channels, etc., table, if mishandled big risk there will be。  Third, the risk of failure of corporate governance。This is a major risk at the operational level。Financial institutions can change money on a piece of paper, there is a strong public and huge externalities。If the shareholding structure is irrational, poor oversight, corporate governance may distort, internal and external supervision will fail, financial institutions are likely to be the individual who actually control, or even become their private interests to achieve the ATM or financing platform。Once the risk of large, often end up to pay the whole of society; Fourth aggressive risk management。Originally gives financial institutions are well-organized, document image management。However, there is a bad phenomenon now, is that different types of financial institutions, regardless of the risk, one-sided pursuit of profit, blind comparisons on the rate of return。In fact, if we take risks, liquidity and other factors to consider as the weighting of different types of financial products yields have its rationality, not the higher the better。  Fifth, the risk of asset-liability mismatch。Financial institutions' balance there are some mistake on the deadline, with the structure is normal and is a source of profit。But from practical point of view, some financial institutions to go through channels, plus leverage, etc., greatly exacerbated the extent of asset-liability mismatch, artificially increasing the financial markets with short money long, long money short with risk。Recently, some do engage in information management products pools of capital, hidden great risk; Sixth liquidity risk。This risk is mainly a representation, or reflect other risks results。Some financial institutions away from the main industry, the radical operation but do not pay attention to the rational allocation of assets and liabilities, even misappropriation of funds, and finally it is likely to lead to liquidity risk。  Currently, financial security has become an important cornerstone of national security。We in response to the financial risks, it is necessary to grasp the basic law, but also from the reality of China, to new ideas, the courage to play, as the initiative。  First of all, it is to really establish a sense of the real economy。The real economy is the foundation of this, for in the mid-industrialization of China even more so。To serve the real economy as an important strategic positioning, as a basic rule, implement the various areas of finance, to ensure that the industry do not make the wrong direction。Financial innovation must be to improve the operating efficiency of the real economy as the goal, we must resolutely prevent the money money speculation, the phenomenon of self-expansion cycle。  Secondly, we must go back to basics, focus on core business。Industry specializing in surgery, a big difference between the real economy and the financial。The real economy in unfamiliar territory, the financial industry is often difficult to do。Similarly, the gap between the internal financial industry is not small, and some financial institutions to do their own thing yet, but the grass is greener on the mountain, thinking about the short cuts。From domestic and international experience, a true evergreen business tend to focus on core business, deep plowing market。Only the financial sector back to basics, focus on core business, in order to truly improve the core competitiveness。  The third is to effectively improve the corporate governance mechanism,。Strong financial institutions as a public company dispersed ownership requirement is reasonable and legitimate。In addition, management should regulate the terms of reference。For example, for large shareholders to have a certain constraint as chairman, CEO try to be professional managers, both for the operation of corporate governance norms, but also help to develop a real financiers; Fourth, continued to adhere to sound business。  To effectively prevent and control the risks faced by the financial sector, there is a general requirement is to strengthen and improve the regulatory。This time, the recent international financial crisis occurs there is an important reason is that the regulatory authorities turn a blind eye to risks。Prevention and control of financial risks, regulatory responsibility, bear the brunt。To be filled by a sound regulatory system short board, strengthen supervision and coordination, the implementation of draconian laws, so that the regulatory eye teeth grow fangs, really take responsibility, be sure to let illegal who pay a heavy price: only make him afraid, to make him give up the idea of speculation。I believe that with the transformation of China's economic reform, and gradually improve, continue to strengthen financial supervision, financial market risk rules will be able to get effective prevention and control, finance will also play a role in the bigger and better serve the real economy。

Hunters often leveraged capital placards trading the inquiry letter inquisitive!

March 13 –18 days, in addition to abnormal fluctuations in the stock inquiry, the inquiry 37 cities were released letters, chain increased。  This week, in the context of the broader market turmoil slowly upward, increasing holdings of major shareholders of high finance, capital Hunter lever placards are frequent, close attention has led to the exchange, from the holdings of the motivation, internal protocol, source of funds, leverage and pledge flat aspects of warehouse holdings of risk and subsequent plans, the "sheer pressure" inquiries, one by one point demining risk。  Huge holdings asked ceiling investigate the source of net profit doubled last year, it was announced holdings of major shareholders plan to initiate inquiries Exchange synchronization。  March 16 evening announcement shows Everest in Tibet's second-largest shareholder of Shanghai Song Shi Xiang Gold Investment Partnership or persons acting in concert intends to holdings of company stock within 12 months, the amount of not less than 300 million yuan。That same day the Shanghai Stock Exchange sent a letter to the Inquirer, the maximum amount required explicit disclosure of holdings, holdings of money is involved express leveraged financing, and leveraged financing requirements Highlights liquidated holdings of risk existing in the process。  This "squeezing toothpaste" type of inquiry sources of funding, probed the relevant collateral liquidation risk, has become the brand Inquirer cases。  March 9, the actual controller Michael intends announcement within six months of total holdings of 300 million -10 million shares, corresponding to 3 stake.49% -11.63%。Calculated at the day's closing price, the total cost will be between 1.4 billion to nearly 50 billion yuan。  In reply to queries Exchange for the first time, the new lake in the Po represent actual control, though has reached absolute control, but optimistic about the company in the development of overweight and Jiedi funds on the one hand from the actual control of its own funds, the scale of not less than 15 billion, partly from asset management plan, the upper limit of the total 8 billion yuan。It is noteworthy that, as one of the key conditions for the application to withdraw funds, the actual control holdings need to pledge this new lake treasure shares to information management plan。  Then two inquiry letters issued, asking where the gearing and the future repayment of funds is from the listed company guarantee or secondary market stock holdings。  Xinhu Zhongbao from March 13 morning temporary suspension。Then reply, the upper limit of the amount of credit line of credit provided by financial institutions, not the actual amount of holdings, also said the actual control line of credit will be used with caution, and finally the actual amount may be much lower than with the letter of 8 billion yuan。  While the new lake in the Po said the future to repay the loan funds will not come from a listed company, it will not be guaranteed by listed companies, while the actual controller does not exclude holdings of shares based on market conditions during the existence of。  Pointed out that the regular press conference last week, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, shares of leveraged acquisitions or implementation of holdings, usually the Share Pledge。When the stock price volatility, excessive leverage ratio is likely to cause focus on selling, endangering the operation of market stability and investor security deal。Also, because there is a subsequent pressure to repay financing body, it is also likely to cause occupation of funds of listed companies, holdings of non-compliance issue shares。  Placards ferret out whether the actual control protocol placards parties to use trust funds, leveraged exchange holdings also led to a chain asked, concerned about financial risks, requires listed companies to express, whether actual controller placards parties reached whether it has the right to control and subsequent reorganization plan。  Capital investment led three times since January placards, the cumulative spent more than $ 1.5 billion stake closer and closer to major shareholders of listed companies。Their motivation placards popular concern, exchange listed company has asked issued 2016 annual results of pre-cut announcement, brought capital investment continues to believe that investment can be long-term, stable returns in what the reason。  At the same time claim on the capital investment in additional disclosure, the controlling shareholders of listed companies, the actual controller such as whether to control, shareholding structure and production operations and other matters have had any contact or to negotiate, to reach the relevant agreements or other arrangements within the next 12 months if plans for the reorganization board of supervisors and senior executives, as well as follow-up plan holdings。  As a source of funding, Yunnan International Trust case has also been repeatedly inquiry, require the disclosure of all the most recent placards whether the funds come from Yunnan International Trust and $ 1 billion paid-in capital contribution; and penetrating disclosure relates Xiamen International Trust and Yunnan International Trust , the specific sources and amounts of financing and the general principal of its own funds of funds, and the amount of funds from different sources of financing, respectively, the deadline, the cost of capital, and whether follow-up will receive capital investment through the secondary market holdings additional collateral。  Also staged a similar regulatory inquiries。Song Xiaoming's positive Wall Agricole announced its withdrawal from the occasion, Huilong Hua Ze appeared, and continuous placards host second-largest shareholder, holding 15% of the estimated cost of more than 500 million yuan。  Exchange sent a letter to the inquiry, indicating the presence supplemental disclosure requirements "pull strings" to introduce incoming cases Huilong Hua Ze, and Huilong Hua Ze constitutes a connected or acting in terms of relations with Song Xiaoming, whether pre-negotiated placards holdings reached related matters arrangements, such as the existence of holding shares on behalf of the。  In reply, the Great Wall Agricole denied the existence of concerted action or relationship with Hua Ze Huilong, represents not know Huilong HuaZe placards holdings Tianmu Pharmaceutical's overall plan, does not exist behalf of the holders。Huilong Hua Ze caliber to maintain a consistent reply。  To maintain funding, when Huilong CDT reply to inquiries, said at this stage to buy Tianmu Pharmaceutical shares of the top 10% of the funding for the WLS Hua Ze's own funds, while the last line loans。Current Tianmu Pharmaceutical shares held by the pledge of the current situation does not exist; not rule out future holdings through equity financing pledge, etc.。  Since Huilong Hua Ze January 24 for the first time since holdings, Tianmu Pharmaceutical shares have risen about 16%。  Strengthen supervision of investment Raiders (Original title: high finance capital holdings are frequent hunters often leverage placards exchange inquiry letter inquisitive!) (Editor: DF318)

Global stocks and the disintegration of the real estate market opportunities depends on the European Central Bank

The Committee considers that the development of the Federal Reserve, and the stock market ahead of the economy。  US Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) led by the Federal Reserve Chairman Xi Yelun are in the midst hike mode, but now, it is going to reduce the Fed's balance sheet。This is another way FOMC to tighten monetary policy。  The Fed seems intent on gradually reducing reinvestment, rather than abruptly stop。The Fed also seems inclined to stop reinvesting matured claims holdings of bonds, without any direct selling bonds。In this process, the liquidity from the financial system to be removed。When the fall of the wishes of liquidity, undertake financial market risks will decline。  And compared to the Fed, the ECB is an entirely different model, which is actively involved in monetary stimulus。We can say that the European Central Bank to put liquidity worldwide stock and financial markets, coupled with the expectation of fiscal policy to offset the austerity policy of the Federal Open Market Committee have been implemented。But those days are numbered。The ECB will also end its stimulus plan at some point。When that time, the global economy will start to feel more immediate FOMC monetary policy tightening by the arrival of the pain。  What's more, there's more trouble ahead。  Through the new investment demand macro analysis to measure the investment rate of change of the rate of naturally found in the long time, this natural rate of change is a sharp decline。Decline began in December 2007, without sustained stimulus money injected into the global economic system, we are seeing today is a different story。  Specifically, the object needs stocks, bonds and other assets will be significantly reduced, existing foam will also cease to exist, we will face the risk of recession or depression。This is because, historically, when fewer new dollars can be invested into the economy when to go, recessions and depressions would be unexpected。  So, this leads to an important question: When the final loose end stimulation, the European Central Bank ending economic stimulus, affect the FOMC monetary policy tightening began to be aware of when the world, the so-called investment will quickly be reversed standardized level of demand。As the FOMC monetary policy contraction, risk appetite will be significantly reduced, while natural investment demand simply can not support the needs of today's existing assets, the economy may be off target。  From every point of view, the stock and real estate market will collapse。The timing depends on the European Central Bank。  You might like (original title: Global stock and real estate market depends on the timing of the collapse of the European Central Bank) (Editor: DF318)

Football parent-child soldiers! Bailey: My son did not have a reason Beckham cattle X eldest son in an awkward position

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Beijing on the 17th is Father's Day, this festival is full of warmth, his son will express blessing to his father, caring for his father for many years to appreciate。In the football world, the father and son also appeared a few players, they are either campaign for the country in the World Cup from different years, respectively, either as a coach and player at the same time at the World Cup, success stories of a section。Players father and son who defend the national honor refers to the Danish team, Manchester United fans are most familiar with the players than the team Shi Chuanqi goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel。In 1998, Peter Schmeichel of Denmark on behalf of the French team played in the World Cup, this is the only time the old Shu career World Cup tour, they reached the quarterfinals at the World Cup that。Back to the club, Manchester United's Peter Schmeichel help achieve the "Triple Crown" achievement, reaching a career peak。The last year of his career, Peter Schmeichel joined Manchester City, while his son Kasper Schmeichel then followed his father to join Manchester City youth academy。Adult, Schmeichel was removed a small number of British lower league club, starting in 2011, he played for Leicester City。In 2016, the team he won the Premier League title。Father and son team representing different Premier League summit, but also foreign aid, a time in English football to become the elephants。World Cup, a small Schmeichel was named to the squad Danish national team from the Premier League to the Champions League, World Cup and then, father and son join in the same event in different years, can not help but sigh, "father, like son."。Schmeichel similar with his son, as well as Spain Sanchis father and son, both of these are Real Madrid legend。Old Sanchis scored the only goal for the Spanish national team, just took place in the 1966 World Cup, and 24 years later, the small Sanchis follow the Spanish team, came to Italy to participate in the 1990 World Cup。This is a defender of the father and son, they are guardians of the Spanish national team and Real Madrid, Sanchis and his son played a total of 921 times for the club, winning combined total of 12 league titles and three Champions League titles, not only in the history of Real Madrid in the entire history of world football, this father and son is unique。Kingdom of the Netherlands also appeared Blinder tulip father and son internationals, old Blinder participated in the 1990 and 1994 World Cups every year, while the small Blinder is to show his face at the last World Cup in Brazil。Van Persie group stage which recorded the sensational diving header, it is from a small Blinder assists。Of course, the World Cup and a pair of father-son "alternative", that is, Mazinho and his son。Mazinho it was in mid-1994 World Cup champions Brazil, while his son Tiago as a Spanish international has participated in the World Cup。In addition, there is a small Mazinho's son Rafinha, although also a member of the Barcelona youth academy, but he decided along his father's footsteps, for the Brazilian national team, and two years ago he has represented the Brazilian Olympic team Olympic men's soccer gold medal to get over。Father and son father and son soldiers into battle generals words and deeds of ancient China, when many military commanders off the son always close at hand, on the one hand have a care, but it is also hoped to be able to experience a good son pillars of, such as Cao Cao and his son Cao Pi and his son Yue Feiyue clouds。And 20 years ago, the history of the World Cup had taken place, "Father handsome, the child is the" story。In 1998 France World Cup, the Italian team had a father and son file, Cesare Maldini as coach, while captain Paolo Maldini is, the letter called the "father and son soldiers into battle."。That World Cup, the Italian team reached the quarter-finals, eventually losing to eventual champion France in a penalty shootout。Maldini and his son, like father and son soldiers, also appeared in the 2010 Slovakia Cup squad in South Africa。Old coach Vladimir Weiss and small players Vladimir Weiss is also a father and son, even more amazing is that, Weiss is an absolute football family, small Weiss grandfather used to be Czechoslovakia the international team, helped the team win the 1964 tokyo Olympic Games silver medal。Three generations have left their own football story, and both worked hard in football a certain status, people have lamented the Weiss family strong football DNA。In addition, Van Marwijk and his son Mark van Bommel, though not pro, but they are Wengxu, 2010 FIFA World Cup, Dutch coach Van Marwijk is, while Mark van Bommel is a general array。World Cup, coach Van Marwijk is Australia, while Mark van Bommel is assisted in coaching the Fockers。Reporters observed inherited his father's trade, excel in difficult listed among the father and son, the father is a world-class star, and the son of examples of similar height can reach almost nothing, such as we know Pele, Diego Maradona and Kelu Yi husband, their son, let alone catch up with his father's achievements, and even become a qualified internationals are difficult。Of course, there will be no opportunity to appear along the road in his father's World Cup。This relationship not only in football, basketball, too, two sons, Jeffrey Michael Jordan and even the NBA Marcus can not hit on the bench。In fact, in football, the situation inherited his father's not that much, excel rather than blue is even more rare, partly fame after his father, wife of mostly lack of football talent, that her son is very likely there are some deficiencies。On the other hand, many of his father's boyhood general living conditions even worse, such as those from the slums of Brazil Pele and Ronaldinho, is driven by the desire to change the fate of their power to become top players, and their children silver spoon, since childhood superior。Pele once said that his son is absolutely impossible to achieve his achievements, the main reason is because his son is a "rich second generation", and sure enough, Pele's son ultimately only a less successful goalkeeper。Beckham, too, the eldest son Brooklyn was in the Arsenal youth academy training, but the current situation, his mother Victoria into the entertainment business, but is more suitable for their own development path。 Of course, in addition to talent and economic base, attitude and luck are also two key factors, the question "Ball II" in the career must face is how to get out of the shadow of his father, a lot of times, people like to compare the performance of his son at the same age period son once not as the father, and ultimately, behind talk。Without a strong heart, it would be difficult for someone able to withstand such pressure will only fall into a deep self-doubt among。In addition, not every son has that kind of luck father in 1996, small Cruyff to join Manchester United, started small Cruyff performance was remarkable, as well as league goals, let people see my father shadow, but an ankle injury ruined his career, until his retirement, he can only look up to his father's height。So, the well-known father and son may be luck in football, from the fans perspective, each dedicated to a wonderful performance in professional football circles and his son, represents the spirit of heritage kind of sports, we should send applause。

United States Los Angeles organized a national coalition force to prevent the abolition of DACA program

Data Figure: US President Trump。   According to reports, the number of immigrants affected by the DACA program up to about 85 million people。
Last September, the government announced Trump, unless Congress pass legislation, or they will repeal the plan in March。
  "We have been in order to keep DACA efforts to benefit from the program for thousands of students dream of seeking a definitive answer。 "Says Darfur," the cities and counties across the United States with dreams of students who will be standing side by side, they represent the values of American education, work hard and always full of confidence for a better tomorrow。
"Last September, Attorney General Sessions announced the abolition of the plan time to say," compassionate approach is now ending violations, enforce our laws。 If Congress choose to change those laws, please follow the procedures established by the founding fathers, the national interests in the forefront。
"It is reported that the US Congress has not passed any legislation reservations DACA program, but the federal judge who blocked an attempt to present the plan to abolish government Trump。 "The young man is under the protection of the DACA program should focus on how to build their own dream of the future, rather than worrying about who is separated from their loved ones and home。
"Los Angeles Mayor Guxi Ti said," We will stand by them, they have made an outstanding contribution to our community and economy, they are also very simple, but the stability of every American can get and recognition。 "According to the Darfur office revealed that all of those currently protected by the DACA program, nearly 50 percent live in the 40 cities involved in this action and counties。   This legal document pointed out that if DACA program was abolished, then the local government economy will suffer direct damage, and the community will become more insecure, DACA recipients for fear of being deported and become less likely to report criminal activity。 Which also said that in the action plan to abolish DACA, practices DHS random and treacherous, neither meet the requirements of "Administrative Procedure Law" and did not provide reasonable grounds for the decision to abolish the program。

Women's hair once a month, 10 years after actually get cirrhosis!

Current Location: woman body hair once a month, actually have to cirrhosis after 10 years!2018-3-1414: 7: 6 Source: REVIEW: Recent media reports, Harbin Chan every month to hair, lasted for ten years, two months before the skin begins to turn yellow, to the hospital for examination, turned out to be liver hardening!Doctor said, when Ms. Chen to the hospital, is already in advanced cirrhosis of the liver, was diagnosed with chemical liver injury, retroactive history, Ms Chan said there is no damage to the liver who have taken drugs。
Doctors final judgment, leading to cirrhosis main reason for the perennial hair…… 6, to wear gloves when coloring, try to avoid pollution eyes, face and lips。 Around the hair before the hair growth around a stack of dry towel bar, securing both ends in the back of the neck, can prevent the flow to the face and neck dye。
Hair fast operation, shorten the time as much as possible contact with the skin of the dye, dyed repeatedly washed with running water, washed thoroughly。
Avoid hair in the shower。
7, to minimize the number of hair, the hair extension of the interval。 Who should not hair?1, are damaged scalp, eczema, urticaria and other skin diseases related to hair dye patient contact site of inflammation may lead to。 2, pregnant women, after breast-feeding women in hair dye chemicals are absorbed through the skin, whether to child through the placenta or breast milk, at present not yet known, but for safety reasons, not hair。 3, allergic Compared to normal, these people are more prone to allergies to hair dye。 When choosing hair dye, need extra care。