Chen Zhihong: work, the most important is the general direction you want to

At an early age, I have been thinking about, the things we do, effort can do, if they work hard than others, then surely you can do better than others.Gradually I found that not the case, some people, is more comfortable than us, than we harvest. Than we than we harvest also comfortable, but we can not blame others.Because their direction is right. In Fuzhou, there are a few good friends, I really envy them are super.Because they really are by a computer, and one can earn hundreds of millions of.Some are doing the auction, some are doing Taobao customers, and some even sell virtual products. Certainly a lot of people do not believe, as I once did not believe the original can also make money by QQ as a. Gradually, talk in depth, and often play together.Really will find that they really cattle than we. Cattle than not our efforts, because many of them are playing everywhere, really boring to downright, therefore, will be thinking about where to play, where to go jogging and the like.The most annoying, even if they return to work do not work, there are one or two employees. Their families are also very happy, but also very virtuous wife.Sometimes I wonder, how good things so that they account for. Later I know, except that they have their own strengths, what a specialty.Some people will find a large platform, it is able to see how others do, and they do it themselves, that is their general direction of the other. What is the general direction of it.It is such a thing costs $ 5, we sell $ 6, they sold 200. For example, we always think by free traffic, and they even borrow money is borrowed investment and advertising. We think the next, we can be very hard, but on top of that, we really did not expect. Maybe we thought, we are not going to do the.But it looks like the general direction is really right. According to our normal business point, the positioning is not the same, the results are not the same. We have a 90 in the group after also very powerful.He studied very carefully, and learn from him, thinking only of learning.He did not learn of other.Such as what PS, what image processing, that he will not, he will cook it?will not. But he would buy food, he will vote in advertising, he knew, do you need to do high-end. So he has done very well, you can earn more than 50,000 a month.50,000-100,000.And he did just two years Taobao. He does not cook how to do it, it does not matter, and his partner will do. But also a partnership with him, and his partner are very happy, because as long followed him on the line.Although two people are very powerful, but are doing their own good.So, their general direction is right. If cooking does not know how to cook, I know how to command, that engage in PS every day, so in the end also will be very faint. So the general direction of a lot of things really can be easily.You do not need to work so hard. We are talking about efforts appear to be very hard, in fact, not really hard. Why, because we have the wrong direction, the harder will only lose more. I often say that an example is at our junior high school when the site taken apprenticeship, they learn in the classroom, blowing fans, then with the girls dating.And so we suffer, they are still dating.Many years have passed blink of an eye. When we were at the site when they graduate, still blowing in space, dating. They did not do anything, but it is what we are doing better than.What we have to do, what to eat bitter. But the result, but we still flies very happy.Why, the general direction is wrong. A few days ago a friend said, one of his friends, Taobao three months, the loss of tens of thousands of 30.I asked him that, under your guidance, do Taobao can do loss, really strange.He said that was not his guidance, that friend will not listen to him. He said that his own friends to purchase, own photographs, pricing is more than 40. Hit the train every day, but the conversion rate too small.Then ask several people to operators are Lynx operators.But the Lynx operators to operate the store, after all, did not do it.I said, okay, that under your guidance, will earn back hundreds of thousands of. In fact, according to me, as long as the general direction of, the other no problem. The general direction of, as long as we do not have to stop, as long as the pay, there will have to pay harvest. Like most articles that do the bidding of the beginning of 100 million -200 million a year, but net profit.Investment is also very small.Then a man.If I told this story to my father that I want my father scolded meal and estimate. My mom will not scold, and he’ll teach her.And will say, then you do it, you ask 2 people.Can two million a year.That’s the theory, but this thing can not be copied.But the general direction can be replicated. Why not say, for instance, those products, we’re going to study, to recipes, the company wants to purchase channels, a lot, but also investment and advertising.There main thing is that if we focus on these top now. Maybe the effect will be greater.Because from 0-1 is the most difficult, but from 1-10, then stick with that copy. But the general direction really can learn, like I always say high-end. Like my friend said, must find a way to buy a house to buy in the city, a wife must marry big family. Although I know that certainly can not be absolute.But is this really the direction of direction. As we have graduated from college, to think out of the money, but those who have been thinking always sensible to continue reading.Just like in college, we can always think of where to go to earning 100,80.But they are always reading. So, although we work very hard, but they are hundreds of times more than we gain, we also have to serve. Who we are so big, even a general direction do not understand, why did we have so much, and even a general direction can not be found.Who we are so big, even a general direction do not know how to judge, directly silly to do it. So what kind of direction it is a great direction.In a word, it must be specialized, high-end, there is the depth of.For example, we now do one thing, then we have to think about, it can be faster and efficient, better quality. As long as this way, it is only like this, then we certainly would have been in progress, has been growing. I open a bar that a friend once before doing the bar industry, spent three years, made hundreds of projects, even family house mortgaged.In the end, an innovation must be micro-innovation, so that he would look up. So, the big direction, must be based on our own, by ourselves, then to imitate and learn. In early times, we certainly will not believe a word can change lives.But now I believe we have a lot of people will understand.Because life is really a lot of turning points, a lot of break points, it was tap. Originally or on the road, and perhaps soon also to the highway.And it will be for decades highway. So, anyway, we must be on the general direction of.Before not right, we learn, grow and more, do more, and more to research and explore, more to know people.When we really, and only then do the rest. Perhaps a lifetime as long as done.Days later simply As they say, we have been blown space on it. In fact, this is the direction to do things among the most basic, and most important.By the way, we are also very happy. Original text, my micro-channel / QQ: 838504315, welcome to add.

Can not wait with the River of No Return

Can not wait with the drain, in that the great hills, on the Red Cliff.Wine Lin Feng, looked Wu hook, railing shot thorough guide the country will be a lengthy past.    Think that thousands of miles Chengjiang like training, actually my boat leaf.Around vice versa moved abroad trip, men of letters, could not ascend to the Yueyang Tower, eight hundred Lakeshore panoramic view?Only way is to pay homage for scenery, mountains and rivers pointing figures, cheerfully ancient and modern times past.Unexpectedly pregnant with nostalgia the country want to go like the wind, fishes continuously in their hearts.Yueyang famous building is still there, day and night Dongting waves flow, just the old saying goes, have to go by Huang, white clouds golden empty leisurely.Only the wind tearful, sigh a river rolling eastward, away yo ages rise and fall things, not take away a person’s enduring feelings.Death not go, ten thousand music sorrow in their hearts.    I can not wait with the drain, in fear that Lingding foreign beach, the cuckoo bird sings look for blood.In that skim the sound go back in with a handful of tears, sprinkle a cup of sake, pick a bouquet of flowers, and an indomitable spirit distant memorial.”Everyone must die, to retain loyalty according to annals”.Man has to go back, the spirit never died, also noble spirit forever.This immortal Lingding foreign ah, around the clock rates, such as blood Tao Taodi tells that evening, telling the back Neilingding.Sword in hand, look around at a loss.Reed flowers snow on the beach, still Lingding foreign Tao.I asked Su Jun, how can you say eternal heroes, the mighty river that was removed, all faded away?    I can not wait with the drain, the more lengthy past millennium.Qinhuangdao outside, have not seen an ocean, it would only hit the fishing boats come and go Yanbo, know who to side?Look east Tateishi Wei Wu whiplash, bold verses that will fly, hanging on a patch of sky between the white sails flying in that Hebei earth for thousands of years Durian.Immortal waves dark and bright, clear and dark, bleak autumn wind and quarter after quarter, and now it is Rhapsody.Old leader may not forget: “confident life two hundred years, you would be splashing into the water three miles.”.Dove Mountain should remember that a tie “Waves” was surging to Beidaihe how many immortal poem engraved.    Can not wait with the drain, green Reeds go there, go there in the River Island, My Fair Lady, let look for a firm and unyielding melted water tenderness little.Roll up with flowing hair past millennium, swaying Wanlv tenderness with snow skirt, a surplus sleeves reverence, leaning Lianmei tells cries treasure.Endless day and night big Jiang Liu, endless stream, a love poem hero.Let the Miluo River of innocent people, the Yi River where the waves warrior, Wujiang River riverside decapitated, in a spirit Reeds gray Angola.    River of No Return, and faded away countless heroes, but left many immortal poem.You state standing on the stage, we do not grudge rain Yangtianchangtan.That is gone with the wind long years, during that time in my head is humming heroic patriots cry.Listen to the waves rolling in, echoing that Qu Yuan Fu, Su words, there is Li Bai’s “waterfalls three thousand feet, the suspect Galaxy nine days.”.    We do not have to follow the drain, lift a glass of water on the Yangtze River in Chaoyang, swig a tie “Azolla”; sit a long day of wind and rain booths, listen to the song “Yue Ling Ling”; in that Qionglouyuyu on the moon, see often grudge the world, the sky the moon full moon.    Watching the child window to see the River of No Return, Qing Jiang also sprinkle a month.    2011-11-26

Bookish women’s style

1.Bookish woman, I’m sailing lighthouse of human civilization in the history of the desert, a few want to find about the fate of mankind, hoot situation of female giant, bizarre than Pearl also rare; I’m looking up the stars of literature, trying to find a little label name history of female wit, dawn was actually micro-Xi, starlight pale, very few.I can not help but sigh with emotion, creatures repeat itself biased, why only the halo of glory cover the head’s masculine, feminine is so cold the other half?History so unfair, why only give the stage eyebrows vertical jump, yet so many outstanding female cover behind the scenes?How unfortunate literature, so many rough throat big voice crying in wanton, but mildly curl jade Qing you of a few to sound annihilation?  I do not pay homage to those ambitious queens, who was among the Cheng-ting, is the strong survive, had committed numerous sins; however, bookish women in the annals of times but put beyond worldly splendor, and establish a civilization to future generations benchmarking, they are the guidelines wander milestone ahead of scholars, literary immortal ocean lighthouse!  Sappho, ancient Greece was then the great poet ambiguous but unattainable woman, her skin deep contempt for the vulgar lady and her husband, informal family status and name of the festival, disdain secular taboos, candid writing and singing.She themselves as noble, its own way, with bold and imaginative strokes, tell the real sentiment of love and life experience of fresh, lyrical poetry generation open a precedent!  Cai Wenji, the fate of Unfortunate she bumps removed the Central Plains, north desert, sand filled the world situation and well-being honed her stroke, homesick tears drip into a stained “Eighteen Songs of a Nomad Flute” romantic swan song.Frequent wars, death, involuntarily, her full of pathos, and work hard every word written in blood and tears “indignant poem”.Cai Wenji, so take care of literary history, in the soil of realism in out of the cold proud of the wonderful work!  Qingzhao, although since the number Yian, but comfortable when?After enjoying a short and sweet music of band, she suffered a parting of the deep-seated Acacia, and the tragic pain of bereavement, the shame of subjugation!In the context of the Indus even take rain, poet dies at night.In the play off other people’s laughter, she laments in vain “grasshopper boat, many worry Zaibu Dong!”Qingzhao, a change in the Short Sentence paid to sing Huan field of frivolous Entertaining Plaza, home country hate and express worry where the graceful words into fresh lyrical realm of the sublime!    2.Bookish women and self-reliance of the United States by the matriarchal to patriarchal clan, in human history, it seems the first line, but it seems perverse: when caste or low level of distinction has become a sign of people are ignoring his mother gave birth, thousands of years of prejudice and discrimination, and make Women become affiliated, has no right, no profit, nameless points, no freedom, even public sale!However, civilization and knowledge, they wash away the shadow of Pioneer Women’s eyes, they run, shout, fight for a place in the secular fight, fight for the equality of women’s rights!  Tang Xue Tao, living in remote West Sichuan, the name is a bear of Geisha, but her reasonable manner, has maintained a more independent personality.She learned intelligence, not because of the daughter body and shied away from contact with the magnanimous governors who freely and Yuan Chang Chou and white writer who “girls’ books” reputation, her legendary.Xue Tao unrestrained love of fiery red, ignited her lively personality and unconstrained; Xue Tao of “gray King Day odd” bamboo witness Qingyu, to express her feelings chaste love.She lightness finds, fraternity and not chaos, never married, leaving countless beautiful legend.  George Sand, this petite, proud Chuan personality, maverick French woman writer, she stubbornly believe that love is life, her life is born by love, for love and beautiful bloom, love and devotion to wither!Unique upbringing gave her a different kind of personality, George Sand contempt secular bias against women, she Fen own power, to break the shackles of traditional heavy woman.So she writes under a male pseudonym, disguised as a man frequented social occasions, publicly flow upward social pundits bold challenge.She no secret of his love for excellence in the opposite sex, the blazing love selflessly dedicated to the genius poet Musset and exotic pianist Chopin, the achievements of their immortal fame!Her novel, her legendary love life chasing her vigorous, so that the whole of Europe literary men eclipsed!  Qiu Jin, Jianhu Woman on the modern history, Shaoxing, Zhejiang fertile soil gave her the human scenery talent, but also brought up her tough personality fortitude.Qiu Jin broaden the knowledge of mind, she determined noble, willing to do the decent women weak inaction; the bleak reality let her down, lamented “ashamed drag on no account to save time.”.In order to salvaging the country, she went to school, explore good way to save the current political situation.Alliance to Qiu Jin pointed out the direction of the revolution, she bowed practice, do school Kai wisdom, and actively instigated the overthrow of the Qing decline.Their dreams, Qiu Jin generous to die, Bullet in the Head, for the democratic republic died, her regrets, smiling souls forever go down in history!    3.Bookish women, unearthly beauty monotonous and boring life, easy to kill your spirit, to be mediocre.Married woman, wife, mother of shouldering responsibility, but also for daily necessities and exhausted mind, the custom for thousands of years to make them difficult to think of leisure time, how much wisdom was sensitive women buried in the living room stove busy, older than starched mending of hard work!  However, there are still outstanding women who have born in scholarly family, have the opportunity to feel admiration for literature, the spirit born intelligent, hard to read, think, beyond!The pursuit of the good and the beautiful, noble make them fun, informal decadent etiquette, the achievements of vulgarity reputation.Maybe life is not satisfactory, and more bumpy ground, perhaps the reality of her situation embarrassing, but as long as the chest hidden poetic, as long as there is a pair of eye, there is a wonderful pen, romantic kingdom of God is no longer out of reach!  Su Xiaoxiao, that round Qiantang lake moon and swayed, her childhood better educated, have a different aesthetic profane, her innocence, love and hate, shock move to serious blow to the ethical code.Over the public by virtue of their talent, Su Xiaoxiao the admiration of love into poetry recital, a warm personality, make her exceptionally enchanting bloom of youth.Living in the brothel, she does not love love Jin talent, heart infatuation meaning only in the case of Nguyen Lang, for the love stick, die for love, loyalty share, share elegant, earned her name through the ages Yan!  Yun Xie Tao, this amazing woman precocious childhood, because if describing snow catkins and Caiming spread far and wide, her family learning profound, clever and smart, can not be reconciled only female red knit good wife, from time to time reveal its aggressive edge literature.A clear theory, when the husband’s brother young boy speechless and ashamed, Xie Tao Yun Kang ran to succeed, group of words with disabilities, with her profound literary attainments, with her calm and comfortable style, calm rescue, received a standing ovation for the women’s Yang some ambition!  Lin, Cao Xueqin’s “Dream of Red Mansions” in the first talented woman, was suffering parents died tragically depend on others, but also gave her sentimental spirituality extraordinary strength of character and self-reliance.While guarded ring gauge Jia people choking, but still conceal her literary talent romantic.She, as the fame and fortune as a cloud around them, just want to find pure love in the Grand View Garden.Broken-hearted sense of things, she borrowed funeral flowers sustenance of life experience no sway with the tragic fate of Duojie.However, Tianduyingcai, her is not popular final volume stream, youth premature death, Xu Xi infinite space provoke descendants.    4.Bookish daughter, full of life, such as Yang Hua Mei life as easy to have withered, full of unpredictable variables.Troubled times of hardship, discrete, lonely, Acacia, so how much her daughter gaunt; Mourn the Death of the past, reality anxiety about the future location of the exhibit, but also countless reminders of the old roots.  However, when you are steeped in a beautiful text, indulge in a romantic literary air, it will whisk do faint light melancholy brow, smooth heart bitter wounds?Suffering and frustration, good for the province are concerned, is an intangible spiritual wealth, it makes you based on higher, see farther, to get a thorough understanding three-dimensional life, even if weak and susceptible as women’s, will be inserted into thorns the flowers will be in the shadow of bitter cold and Italy would like Chang E, the graceful Poetry, the glow a faint smile.  Living at ease, well-off enough to live a prosperous era, pampered ladies out of a beauty salon, yoga studio, Miaomei painted lips, body weight, presence Shaohua expect with jade fat powder.For amusement lady collapse names package, BMW, feeding pets pass the time, or looking for excitement in the casino ballroom drugs, staged scenes of farce full of mercenary.  After flying over the sky of fireworks, and even show off their wealth has also tired, why not show off just as an alternative aura, the realm of the humanities as the pursuit of a higher spiritual life?Almost midnight, listening to an elegant hymns, chanting Zen sound or light, would you give up alcohol and narcotic nicotine, will tear magnificent mask, fresh and natural, easily adaptive to enjoy life and loving it?  Britain, the home of a poor priest nineteenth century, Bronte sisters around the fire faint chill heavy fireplace, full cupboard in Jinjin circulated among the classics, in warm weave their own fairy tale.They revel in the brilliant literary fantasy, forget the belly of hunger in the rich cultural nutrition, poverty like spider silk.Alcohol alcohol breathing oxygen humanities, Bronte who day by day ‘growth, although whether the rice on the embarrassing, but also cold Audition’s scarce, but bookish filling the little sisters of the soul, they do not have low self-esteem, did not sink, learn independence, self-reliance, optimism in the ordeal, this has been a name in future generations of “Jane Eyre,” “Wuthering Heights”!  American woman in a small town than a decade later, the United States of Massachusetts, home to a create a new era of American poetry – Dickinson, her life was rich and dull, tedious social rejection, too busy to travel, but in manage redundant redundant chores apart, immersed in self-microscopic world, slim feel natural home side, the idea of sophisticated and colorful verses, observe the evolution of society, thinking about the true meaning of life.Because of a deep love for life, because of the tireless dedication of literature, she introspection and full, no shortage of speculation and beyond, shining plain brilliant Xijinqianhua!Such books woman, her life had not wasted, fried thunder in the silent office, in the ordinary born great, as evidenced by a model of humanism through the ages!  Because the network is booming and last but not yet Dragon Baby Anne, that no fixed abode, like wandering talented woman, she was willing to live independently with its own way of maintaining the unrestrained personality, revel in the freedom to control the game characters.She created as a lonely drink wine, when everyone is drunk, she was sober strange, Liu Wei realized that life, uncover the true face of the bustling, glamorous and even plaintive, even if the edge of solitude, even decadent unconventional, but it has another kind exciting and fulfilling!  There are a sea of unrestrained network tranches humble green literature, literary fans to a free Imagine the sky, to pen lovers acre of fertile countryside, many women are quietly reclamation, the work diligently and sacrificed and worked not return chart, only a few years in order to fulfill their dream of literary Su, only for spiritual self-realization of the value of life!These shuttle between the sister, or the girls on campus, or a doctor, tellers, or just as a full-time housewife Dickinson, they do not love rouge love the scent of ink, paid with correct answers, reads poetry, never tired, I sustain this material desires pure land on earth in the cross-flow, it is always filled with the faint fragrance of books, the initiation of the faint hope of a better.  I also thought of female students at the school, former female colleagues, many bookish faces, their makeup, no gold no silver, clothing is not luxurious, respectable amiable people; they are polite as pie, honest and generous , elegant style of conversation, so inspiring.Perhaps the product is superb school girls forced to drop out family, blighted annals of books, but always and everywhere in life, he exudes fragrance of their civilization decent books.Perhaps the inclination elegant female colleagues, and ultimately difficult to escape, in plain old, but their style is bound books SENCERE influence the younger generation, the most condensed into a nation continues tough roots.!    Fives.Bookish mother, radiation humanistic ideals of the glorious national rejuvenation where fundamental?For centuries, people with lofty ideals thinking very hard, diligently pursue, vigorous political campaign?Westerly Learning?Prosperous industry?Urbanization, fast forward?Do not seem to fly, the answer is a simple truth could not be more simple, it is very humble, very real: the revitalization of the nation that millions of civilized and wise mother!  Just imagine, a bookish young mother with her arm around his baby, loving, full of patience, immense interest to teach babies to speak, to tell him the story of the history of classical and romantic fairy tale, teach him to learn to recite poems Song, the development of small baby’s intelligence, enlightenment child’s thinking, let the children nurtured in the noble human environment, expect them to grow into a mature mind, hard to forge ahead, sentiment elegant society, and this is what a touching scene Yeah.  If the mother has a more perfect accomplishment, she will guide children to love nature patience, loving contact with various kinds of art, even though he is not a painter, musician and poet, but able to appreciate the art of music, love to have a tolerant compassion , accept all kinds of social existence.Such a bookish child’s mother not to distort the will, forcing them against their will to participate in various training courses, not because of the child’s grades moment behind and fly into a rage, sarcasm beaten.She will think of their growth process also have detours, she would care for vulnerable children’s self-esteem.Such considerate mother, her children, if not outstanding talent, personality is healthy, mental health, they will be honest man, hard work, mindful that such is the backbone of civic society!  Japanese women after marriage fertility, motherhood is her top priority and full-time work, government support, social care, family go all out, all for the next generation, the future of Japan for their nation!Hong Kong, there will be a home economics school early, Mrs. Hall, where not only teach financial management, cooking, but the main reason is child care, intensive care how young lives, how to let the children grow up healthy, how to guide their psychological matures, so training out qualified mother, inevitably more responsibility and pride, rational brilliant civilization inevitable generation to generation.  Warring States Period, Mencius’ mother to his son studying environment, moved three of their home, and finally cultivate a slightly male Tao Wei’s “sage”; Zeng’s mother in order to keep its promise to butcher training children.Song’s mother, back tattooed incentives son sake.They clearly knows, as evidenced by Jesus Christ Biao, is the foundation of fine traditions of Chinese history because of their small acts of kindness and rewritten, they will have a prosperous nation!  Some claim that a real need to develop at least three generations of aristocratic heritage.Modern society does not need to idle high above the false nobility, but the talent of high quality, positive youth is to build a noble Humanities and Social brick, refining them, not only need to have respect for humanity, individuality school education, but more behind the idea civilized, educated generations of extraordinary books devoted their mother, because the mother is the most important people at the beginning mentor, had great mother, only thrive outstanding offspring, only Zoran male as the nation.  Unfortunately, our economy is still very poor, our thinking is still very backward, our eyes still so short-sighted, humane education brilliant shine difficult, so many girls lose the opportunity to study, they just sensible, directly on the ground, like beasts of burden farming in the fields, or on the assembly line to drain the blood and sweat of workers, they are unprepared in a hurry to do the influence of his wife, mother, bookish rare, genetic ancestors only remaining Pusu Shan read, or even numb selfish, even irritability, violent, crop stubble children have struggled in ignorance and poverty, to fend for themselves!  I hope there will be a day, farming is no longer simply rely on people to carry labors, contribute sweat is no longer the sole breadwinner, GDP do not take human wave tactics to improve, raise children for old age is no longer a theme of a generation generation.At that time, is climbing the ladder of knowledge, science and technology is beyond the weapons, literature has become the darling of society, art is no longer an ivory tower elite minority of patents, bookish much admired mother, happy to live in each home..At that time, the humanistic ideals of national revival, will be in the real soil out wonderful!

Best life, is parting

[REVIEW] night, Dali City night.Bar Street, the release of those who are awake with his beautiful dark.The kind of release, those of us outsiders can never be experience of.Here, I can not see wearing the national dress of the Golden Flower..  He said to her: I’m gone.  She did not speak, looked at the direction of his walk, turn around.If we say that the biggest regret of Yunnan trip, I would say, I did not go to Lijiang.If there are some gratifying thing that I went to Dali.    Dali ancient city is small.Quiet afternoon, soft sun, shining seems still sleeping child.Only to fall when the setting sun, this ancient city slowly regained consciousness.Because together with the guests, eventually gave up his coveted inn, it is said to live in the most beautiful hotels in Dali.I have to admit, this quaint hotel in Dali city, are on the road since a few days, I feel most comfortable.Pavilion, pavilion, Pingtan.The hotel is in the city street.    Late at night, the city of Dali night.Bar Street, the release of those who are awake with his beautiful dark.The kind of release, those of us outsiders can never be experience of.Here, I can not see wearing the national dress of the Golden Flower, nor with sweet love Sweetie Ah Peng brother.The women have a slim figure, a detailed end compact notebook child, in the corner of the bar, ice clip a cigarette, perhaps they are, waiting for the real people encounter.    Dali night, dreamless.  Dali morning, yet wake of the ancient city, I waved goodbye with.No nostalgia, nor Qiannian, because I never thought to find here a patina encounter, but also did not want to leave some of their own craze.  Life is the most beautiful parting.

Barbershop heard

In the afternoon, I went to the barber shop haircut.Barber shop a small street in the little store in town, but the service is very good.Therefore, in this little barber shop are some of the regulars are familiar with, this is one of my regulars, went to the barber’s barber happened to meet some people, the elderly, there are children, there is a similar middle-aged man like me, the room is not large but it is like a small world, is packed, they talked about the haircut, there is talk about national affairs, but also household chores, have in the past, there are now, from this little barber shop after all, are ordinary people, they hear the talk is more about the elderly and children.Today I want to write the text is from the beginning of these topics.The elderly and children are vulnerable groups of society, we need to focus on, we have to care for them.However, some people still inside them are ignored.    With the development of society, improving the quality of life, the average quality of life is also enhanced, the elderly has gradually become the focus of our attention, especially in our country, the pension system is not perfect, social pressure is particularly large, elderly the problem has become a major social problem we face, this problem urgently need to be resolved.    Speaking for the elderly, from my barber shop topic of a middle-aged woman talking.Middle-aged woman spoke in a small town thing we had recently happened: a year-old man nearly ten days, because he did not raise people begging in the streets, and in one morning, but lay quietly next to the garbage heap leave.Found her, she had passed away.    Hear this matter, the house suddenly silence for a few minutes, the hubbub stay in the air.I think we all like me, or are thinking about what it?A person walking the course of eight years, but she can think of his last moment even leave it in the garbage heap?The old man is gone, she puts a life of helpless people left behind to survive.    A person is a book, read the old man at the end of the text to life, triggering resentment us out of a life abandoned, for which there is a barber shop to the elderly woman asked: “Where is the old man’s sons and daughters to go?How they have the heart to do this alone elderly abandoned?”For this answer, people in the room there will be no right answer can be found, but the rap sound really touched by some of the people – sons and daughters of the old man of conscience dog eat it?    Since it is necessary to severely scold scolding was fun.As mentioned above scold, something seems a bit uncivilized, but compared to those who are indifferent, I think the conscience of society in terms of some of the more gratifying.    After hearing the women finished the event, there are people inside the shop, said: If God know it, the old man’s sons and daughters one day God will be thunderstruck.On the surface, this man’s curse words really hard point, but this a hundred times stronger than some cold person.It also triggers the reason I write this text.As the author, I am naturally biased towards the former, while the cold and more unbearable, as a society need new air, and if we numb you even have forgotten the people, but also to the development of our society hear the real sound?    Away from an old man, let me think of life at the last minute dash revealed to frustration, yes, we as a member of this society, no matter what kind of society we are in the hierarchy, we must dare to use their own conscience, to understand the responsibility we bear in life, do not give up easily, and to dare to use their real voices to deliver around the world, and perhaps would not achieve any effect, but at least for the elderly and other social problems in the face of time, You can take the initiative to undertake.    For the elderly to leave this topic, just when everyone stimulate discussion of divergent views: a three-year-old woman, then caught my attention, and I subconsciously looked at the front of this woman, this woman is tall, wearing a dress, wear a pair of glasses, from the point of view of her dress at least as a national staff, she said: on the pension issue, the state has adopted a series of policies, the future elderly dependents problem will be resolved.    The woman, then, is for us to listen to loud noise disturbed the mood of comfort, in fact, in dealing with the issue of the elderly, the government in the past few years really Xia effort gradually changed our concerns about the issue of the elderly.    After a moment of silence in the room, and again restored in discussion.Barber shop who was also someone to walk, talk, middle-aged woman done left the barber shop hair, long hair shawl, black, at sunset, is so beautiful!    The wheel me a haircut, next to someone reminded me that I did not react, a middle-aged woman stood in front of me said: Brother, let me come, my son to make up classes, but also to cook at night.Middle-aged women, then I had to become one of the next barber who continued.    - Well, adults so hard, how sons and daughters can understand it?Today’s children, it is incredible, the parents’ intentions as a trifling matter, is it.A middle-aged man lament, I think, perhaps to hear some of the topics beside women and caused me to say, does indicate the child’s problems as our focus today, children hope for the future, focusing the social hot spots, appears on some time ago, school, education some questions about the education of children, caused widespread concern in society, I am an educator, naturally know some of the topics of education, however, next to a fat man, then, as I understand and confused, in such a high-pressure society, want to change the current problems of education, may not be a person whom can.    Age As students look fat, he said: one of his primary school classmates last few days of the depression, stay home like a fool, I do not know the day is like this, what is the point ah university?    Very glad that they did it to school?A thin man in front of that fat man nodded..    Maybe I’m an educator, on the fat, then great concern, now, pressure is large, the children learn from an early age to become a machine, until one day out of control, will cause us great concern, and even remorse.He says things like fat, in fact, many around us, but we ignore it.I am deeply in this topic apex opening.    Time off very slow, do not know how long it was my turn, the rationale issued to complete, is already 7 pm, the town has been lit up street lights, vehicles coming and going, flooded my shadow.    2013.10.2

Autumn silk language (II)

It is autumn rain, dripping Lili drift a land of sorrow.    It is not no gain Moreover, in harvest season.The fields, the golden corn kernels under full flap gently, holding in her hand, heart thrown sweet taste.In the evening, sitting in the courtyard, listening to Qiuchong cheerful melodies, soybeans shell slowly flap open, speckled Liu Kei, feel harvested rippling heart.    A touch of sadness came from?Is cloudy weather, or rain started falling, they render a state of mind, out of the deep indulgence in the heart of sorrow.So when the harvest has strengthened the heartache of losing.People do, how so?Did not yield the desired harvest time, harvest it for fear of losing.For me, not without the ability to harvest, but there is no ability to stick to wealth, so the larger the capital, losing more.    Many people are eager to gain wealth in their life, so people have to admire the huge lottery prize, and see this as a successful, happy sign.Just do not know they have no ability to control the wealth, if not, it may not be happy, may still be a burden or a disaster.Is not hard in pursuit of their own needs, life is a great tragedy.    How much money are often the result of comparing ourselves to others, you really need not be so many people may still not diminished the enthusiasm for the pursuit of.As a mortal, it is hard to behold.On the road in pursuit of wealth that he turned a corner, practicing Mind as a top priority, in order to improve the ability to control the wealth.To do so, is not just to put the pieces of secular chasing beautiful coat?    Difficult to understand the spirit of the pursuit of.As the truth of life are numerous, people recite more, performed less.Try listening to tell the autumn, “a cold autumn rain” is not contrary to the law, Lili Siyu secret in the world to talk to the fall, just to remind people never understand this concern and good faith, take it as annoying bit long-winded, so adding to her troubles.    To think, there are many natural language, in the pursuit of material wealth in the process, we were ignored, misunderstood.As I wrote in a poem: “Oh, the sun \ you have been in the distance \ temperature and no impermanence \ is the well-being of my mind \ reflected as temperatures rise and fall you \ you throughout the year has not changed \ My heart just change \ He painted a beautiful illusion.”Sometimes, I can understand nature good reminder, but we do too conceited, unwilling to obey its instruction, the result of its own way, really sad autumn rain continue.Try “Zen” to purify the mind and enhance their execution, hunkered down in the yard, the woods, deliberately let the heart quiet, but never long enough to listen to the inner voice, an upsurge always difficult calm.Now we know that meditation is not as Buddhist monks, such as sit cross-legged, all pursue spiritual purification behavior Jieke called Zen, and concentrate on doing things hands is the best method of cultivation.So, no longer bother to meditation, but rather concentrate on doing things the current.    Autumn still gently tell, but people do not stop to listen to hurry.Sit by the window, and was wounded souls looking for a warm nest.Yihuo sad tears, Jiyu emotional, I do not know how to vent, is wistfully share alone.As I said, contrary to the advice of autumn, taste alone lost emotion, words spelled faint sigh.Siyu hope the coming year, no longer so helpless and sad.    September 7, 2011

Attachment late autumn

Section I miss summer without saying goodbye quietly away, leaving only the land of Fallen flowers.I do not know whether it should continue to look and linger? ? In the high tide general surprise, I like the withered state of mind that is if, like waking up in the same kind of grass autumn. ? In the familiar smile, I peep over your face general wind.  Enron in my dreams, you like the wind, like silk stroked my beard.However, if you and I are destined, why I can not always find your tracks? ? To listen to your footsteps, bathe your grace, I have gone through the prairie, through the mountains, through the hustle and bustle of the urban population, the country has gone through ancient villages.  But, unfortunately, is how much I! ? My inner courtyard is enough clean sweep?I still do not give you enough pious devotion? ? Are you deliberately test my endurance and deep feeling, or am I not qualified to share your sacred feelings? ? If I were doomed to admire your beautiful poetry in each song, so let me away from you it.?I lost, the lamp will be light and beautiful home in the heart. ? And I get will be free, peaceful, innocence, and sweet solitude. ? But, unfortunately, is how much I.  Cold winter came early, I was told, the hustle and bustle of downtown have seen your shadow, but my late autumn, when you can knock on my door knocker, lit it fend off the cold stove? ? I am one of those people who lost loved ones in.Spring, I too hard to work.Fall, I also happily harvesting too.However, my crib is still empty, and look forward to except a pious heart. ? I ask too much of?As well as the heavy burden of my. ? Do you believe it?My late autumn, not your mercy, hear your words of blessing, in the face in the crowd, my head even when wearing the king’s crown, I will continue to be nothing! ? While I was still in the orchard ripe season, come pick it, do not skimp on their own. ? This is the best of the harvest season, the sun is warm fruit garden holding in her hand. ? Fruit branches while still playing and singing, they are quickly taken back to the store in your cellar. ? Do not wait until Snowbird braided black giant net in the sky, but do not be afraid to step on broken my garden. ? I am full of look forward to, even if you are just my thoughts in the golden fruit knife and fork. ? Come on, my dream, and singing nightingale absolutely clear in TV drama. ? October autumn embrace the North, they came to my dream about a fairy tale sealed for centuries. ? Section tangled order to better sing for you, let me temporarily silence for a while. ? You are rest, my late autumn, aromatic doing in your dream when,? If there is dew drops your eye, do not panic, that was my Tuo Liming give you a rainbow of debris. ? When you wake up, if I found myself in sorrow chew, please lark singing along with the spring ring, because that is what you gave me strength. ? The foot rest, my late autumn, here are holding the annual grand bonfire party. ? Remove the burden off your shoulders, forget tomorrow the sun, and we dance together.Add the strings musician sound of your laughter, into your rhythm in the drums drummer’s, anecdotes or tell us about your journey.   ? Late autumn, why silent continue to go your way? ? It is anxious to find the ends of the earth your past life lost companions? ? As always, to use endless disregard prove your loneliness, pride promise to fulfill your promise of their own? ? Whenever I peeping a wasting away of your cheek, like a warm spring breeze swaying, kind of shy to talk to my heart and secret feeling that I was confused, I do not know whether the melancholy bright eyes on you to stay awhile? ? However, my late autumn, even if my heart only dipped a lingering tears, but also into your life murmur of movement.   ? I also want to go through your hard tarried in the inn, it has countless times in the heart outline your image. ? Thousands of miles of road have asked pursue your footsteps, we have requested the breeze carry a seal closure thick letters. ? In fact, why bother it?My late autumn, in time of endless reincarnation. ? Journey back in helpless snow that night, I had to tell your footsteps. ? When the white clouds in the lotus pond in full bloom lotus to put it on, I had to catch your shadow. ? And when the storm set off a seat house, and I know your charm still exists. ? Many of my desire, my heart is heavy. ? Fantasy in the crowd and you meet by chance, you are afraid to bring my hand to see your king. ? Eager to disturb you with the wings of a dream my sleep, afraid you really came into my dream crib, since I can no longer walk into the blue dreamland. ? My late autumn, let me plug in a lily in your vase to go away quietly strike.Met even after thousands of years waiting for that day, let me pass you by, so the punishment will make me sing for you forever. ? If my notes like a meteorite falling into the lake, disrupting the autumn of your sleep, so I still attributed to the silence, and silence to fill my emptiness. ? I muscle in silent torture.Even retired the night, the dawn will not come, I have to persevere with that dream. ? Fantasy III was soon busy day at a time day and night kiss on the lips is over the moon. ? My days are getting weak day by day, but you miss the spider will spit it tightly wrapped, and with overlooking eyes will extend it to the end of the End of the World. ? Struggling in the ring thinking I threw loose his soul, yet the pieces you pick up the morning sun dressed as a beautiful bride, and kicking sticks with a magpie song will be sung its laughter. ? Even if you do not care about the moonlight I slept in Medina in childhood, but I can not remove face the vicissitudes of a long journey, for fear of your generosity become unable to answer incantations. ? I feel remorse or joy?When the promise through the time tunnel, ripped off the veil of mystery, like the March of the same peach is not able to open in your tent? ? Even if you can smell my hallucinatory dream brewed rice wine aroma, I was afraid you really smashed my feet clean water, so I will never fall into the soul of fantasy. ? If my pain can increase your joy, let my heart lost on the deserted streets of winter. ? If I were yesterday or tomorrow tears of sadness, can add a firewood oven in your Dan, let me hold up an umbrella, to prop up wet rainy days of sunshine. ? However, my late autumn, I just want to open the floodgates of mind in your smile, furrowed my looks in your sigh, when you are still sleeping, delicious breakfast is ready for you to quietly. ? Even if you grant me to fight, I will refuse to open it, back to the moment before the most beautiful memories. ? Even if you spread all the beautiful scenery after this moment in my mind, I only when it is nothing slim. ? Time are busy and spend the waiting. ? This is my reward or punishment, my late autumn?Maybe I should find a warm little stove, accompanied with a cold and lonely through every moment, and let the soul completely betrayed the promise of flesh promise? ? My heart is always confusion.I tried to capture the light of truth in your smile projection of fragments of time, but my heart is not suffering from the siege of the shadow of flesh spit upon.Maybe I really can never be uprooted himself, personally dedicated to you before, my late autumn. ? Let me put flesh abandoned in the billowing dust, and your soul only conclude eternal fate strike! ? When will stay out of your boat, crossing to the other side I go, let me be completely freed from the body and soul? ? I have to wear shackles to myself, because I was still far from finished singing your song, the people on this side of the sea, let me be their slaves, the only way, when I finally stood in front of you, can really find peace. ? Perhaps the fantasy: the winter wind sent the drums sounded in the land, and planted with late autumn cold snow filled the joy.In its cold lips, my humble life will begin a long prison sentence.My fragile heart, this thin glass has been filled with fear of juice. ? Section IV blessing let the Big Dipper traction live my feet, my late autumn, in the moment, let my footsteps to find the way home. I wish I could sleep for a moment in your weak arms, quietly undertake your kind eyes cast my salvation forever. ? At this moment, my late autumn, let me like a lost lamb will eagerly call you. ? Do not cocoon firmly wrapped around the fog of my mind to ignore not step on, you send messengers foot lightning and thunder storm swept away them until they turned into thin rain, silently nourishing my heart — —–? In many people’s eyes, I was rebellious; in the eyes of peers, I was crazy; but the children of the world, I simply do not deserve their elders.My soul and body, has been abandoned by those popular precepts, sink, and can no longer go back. ? Forgive my wayward, my late autumn.Long days, has been the temptation, is constantly unfamiliar with, the rebellious world, and that becomes a deep yearning. ? When the night is open huge wings flying over the earth, my light, will appear on the screen, arrived on time on my finger.Your every note is a spray, like the tides rushed joy Shua my fragile heart shore. ? Sunny during the day, but I have nothing.During the day, ah, you hide in the face in the crowd, my melancholy eyes you will find some traces. ? Only in the night, I will get richer.Your original ecology of the language, like the spring breeze southern April, gently blowing my hair.In your footsteps kissed fertile land, I find again and again that the golden key to open the door to paradise. ? My light, daytime poverty exchange, is full of night; the pain of waiting for brewing, is mellow wine.I want to give up all of the work at hand, I dumped all, enshrined in the hallowed halls before you, pray for you to eternal life. ? In this prayer, I firmly believe that I will get you a sincere blessing. ? When you like a hard-working swallows built their nests in the eaves of my heart, I do not feel joy, filled with not only a love of good times, as well as parting touch of sadness and melancholy. ? Flowers in full bloom, began dying.May children full time, also started incomplete.When you complete your mission, that is, you do the time my fate. ? I have no regrets, do not want nothing.You play my flute in the most beautiful emotion in the tone, I already have a life of dazzling Rongchong. ? Thanks to the fate of the goddess, she let me hold a foreign land to your sleeves in the shadow of light, I was drunk!  When I finally quietly call you my late autumn, already overflowing with tears in my eyes. ? Dew kissing the lotus leaf, the sun pouring toward last night’s secret.Fogs the top of the road has been dissipated. ? Let me be their king, holding a scepter through the majesty of mud and grass, through the blues, my late autumn. ? I am pleased to wish you happiness will come, I perceive your soul sing praise nursery rhyme, perhaps by then is a matter of extraordinary non!?

Another year Daohuaxiang

Autumn wind sent a slight coolness, walking in reinforced concrete cast of a small town, blinding lights, the crowd Hustle, hustle and bustle of the night market, which seems to have habits, but also deemed never close.Far called at the home of his father, said the outlook for this year’s harvest.I knew he had just finished pesticide paddy back, feet field full of mud, covered with dew of full disclosure, this phone first, I even smelled the familiar smell of wood smoke and secretion clearance pleasant Daohuaxiang.    Another year Daohuaxiang!    I was lucky, I was born in that year, the village began to implement sub-field home, childhood memories of parents always daytime, morning to evening, working hard in the fields, carefully Sinong that a few acres of thin.    Jubilee year has not yet sounded, and my father early rake good seedling, water that surrounded the field plot is fine, always makes me think of a child of something similar to Simmons, and lying up there in a dream sleep!Only to be a spring, and my father wearing hats, I am similar covered under the kind of seed capsules will keep well, along with his hopes.After several rain, slowly, seedling from yellowing light green, dark green and then becomes a light green.Until finally a black bird merrily flew over the yard, the sky came the “cuckoo, cuckoo” sounds, the planting of!    I know there is a seedling opened the ceremony, pray for good weather, bumper harvest.I always often late at night, from the sweet dream was awakened by the sound of firecrackers that Cuixiang.When eager arrived seedling side, the ceremony has ended, leaving only the red firecracker paper and positive for burning incense on the ridge.Seedling, the bright green seedlings micro wind shake, father and mother are sitting on the “vine horse”, a ridge ridge to pull the seedlings.    The seedlings are tied father bamboo sling supporting a paddy field to another side, the left wooden Dage machine line, we sub-Fu Xiashen half, a hand seeding, planting hand, mechanically repeating the same operation, as far as possible be consistent depth, even before and after.Big Brother is the fastest, most sloppy, often inserted just under the seedlings, and before turning around and floating on the surface of the water, the father had to re-do it all again.And I was the slowest, as long as planting, back pain just was not, try thinking of the mind home to eat fried beans.Brothers impatient, take me to catch up to the ridge cattle.    Xixishushu plug seedlings over, from afar, the fields showing a faint green.Of farmland job getting busy again, paddy weeds not far behind, and grow together with rice seedlings.So in one weekend, we Kangshang “Yun hoe” cautiously down the rows of rice plants, the rice seedlings root rake in the fertilizer with weed mud together, even as a small dam, it seems like a dragons of.    Fertilization, irrigation, fight drugs., Looking forward, looking forward, the rice seedlings became higher, the longer the rough, and finally rice blossoms!Father stayed all day in the field ridge, pray to God for help at the same time, continue to fertilize water retention.The sweat and toil is not in vain, cooked rice, a golden fields, Zhu Zhu bent over rice, glistening grain swaying in the autumn wind.Mother took out a rusty sickle, please file file Carpenter was boring light oil.After confirming the last few days the weather is good, the whole family all out, take on a sickle, carried “threshing barrel”, come to the edge, then cut rice cut rice, threshing threshing, drying of drying, everyone happy with, in the estimation of this year’s harvest, paid the estimation of the public grain, after leaving rations, how much will be left, how much can sell.Total the heart: the exposure for the family new clothes, buy a new one as a neighbor bicycle..Drops of sweat was lit up with smiles and we harvest vision for the future.    Relying on this piece of land every year in spring green autumn yellow, Fruitful, hand in grain tax, to solve the food and clothing for the whole family, covered with a new house, he earned a fee of four brothers.”Rice said floral harvest, listening to the frogs,” For us, the hope is much more than poetic.Because it represents the New Year new clothes, new shoes, new bag, as well as fragrant oil fried rice.    As the years before the river village, and not be slow to come.Slowly, planting replaced throwing, “threshing barrel” into a thresher, finally, harvesters, seeding opened the ceremony disappeared, seeding Ma, Yun hoe gone cuckoo no trace, but it is more rice increasingly worthless.Brother, third brother has dropped out work outside the home, family and concentrate on my school for Big Brother.Tuition face problems, the face of difficulties granaries no longer receive food, the father had to be crushed into paddy rice, again with a wheelbarrow to push tens of miles outside the small lakeside village, one a knock on the door to sell, and eventually opened to Big brother and the door of my college.    Rice shining golden in the sunlight, but no longer attractive.Though the agricultural tax free, and even the seed subsidy, but the village people’s enthusiasm for farming depressed, difficult to sell cheap price, the more the more loss of species, including the father of the plight of so many farmers at a loss.So the village is no longer contracting fields of people up, abandoned land began to rise, but the parents insisted, and refused to let the barren land in the hands of half points, but every year when rice flower fragrance, show a harvest of frustration indifferent.    We saw the dedication of parents, and therefore understand the parents’ affection for this piece of land.The annual “Robbery and Snatching” and harvest, the family is still a major event.Last summer, a rare rainstorm struck home, all the family has matured a few acres of rice awaiting harvest flooded, the flood has just come off, our brothers and we rush home, almost in the mud to help clean up the lodging of rice.Efforts by the whole family day, can receive a basically closed up, but also the entire harvest not worth the round-trip fare, but we know that the account is not so algorithms.    No matter how the passage of time, not in the hands of barren land one point, parents simple idea, but it seems they faithfully fulfill the duties as a farmer.In particular about what’s “fight father”, “relationship”, the success or failure of wealth, power status on the realities, I can no longer expect cheap food, farmers can no longer hardships of life, “Rice said floral harvest “is no longer reduced to the countryside” legend “.

Always smiling sunshine 1

These days too many thing that always wrong!Inevitably reminds me a lot of memories..With this issue, I was looking for.Constantly affirm themselves, they deny themselves, then certainly, then denied, turned a full circle, back to the root cause of the initial writing up, I was initially writing it, did not have the desire to become a writer, did not want to Literature becomes the ideal piece of art, I just went through a life, I saw, heard, experienced.Then, I think, trying to see the front of this life, and to get what we can find.I am writing, but is a tool for me to communicate with the world.That being so, why should I care about the pen to write out what kind of literature, why care about how people look at me.I am determined to come back to this simple starting point, abandoned in the past experimented with, obsessed with those “literary” things.I pay more attention, it is what I say, what was found.And this choice increasingly firm, and became my literary faith.  Walking in the square, the mood of the day adrift in the rhythm of the square dance, this is the city’s most prosperous of the lot, the young prostitute who miscellaneous heap of many, they are breast, navel and bare breasts looming, most of them rich makeup, smoking a cigarette smoke delicate thin Yan, one Showmanship at the roadside selling show, feasting along the way, I have not the slightest desire, a prostitute glanced over at me, rather abruptly to sentence, handsome, beautiful women want to do?I did not wish to provoke them, come quickly left the square.  .The night, my colleagues and to the night market downtown wandering around, not to think, I was the local police to catch, and I did not have thought, would be like this.I was thinking to himself, hoping to muddle through, and that several police bluster, alcohol filled the air around the hat was wearing, collar open, more one, he necessarily handled a shiny bald head!Carrying the rubber stick, pipe in mouth, at night, that little bit of Mars, is so “bright!”My first reaction, and finished, was secretly crying: ID cards did not bring a temporary residence permit no, no money on hand: the ID card out, police said armor.  No, I categorically said, a temporary residence permit!.Police B shouted no, I know this, they can not extort money tonight, they will not let us, then, wearing a fairly regular police one by one to ask that ancestral home, where to work, work Zuosha of.When I asked, I do not know what reason, I do not fit very attitude: “Where to go to work?”The police came up to me and asked dismissively,” Dafen Oil Painting Village!”At this time ,, police propylene looked at me, when I keep shawl with long hair, beard can paint, wear embarrassing iso.” ‘I was one of?”The police asked..  ”Xinjiang.”My so that the police seem to see the dawn of the morning, they took me to a car, they continued questioning the.”Your ID card?”I say lost, the police looked at me skeptically.”Your temporary residence permit the?Police asked X, ” ‘I do not’, police Ding gave up my foot, my drop-down on low seat.X police asked again, you’ve got installed much money, I said no!The police were thoroughly impressed by my not!  I did not, the police seem to see hope, they searched me, and threatened me, beat me, no matter how they hands and feet, I have nothing.Police palpable do not see hope.”He pulled that off in a few days!”I heard them complaining in private with.I huddled with the body, sitting on the ground.  No one will have to pull a feather boy.They took me down, as the Italian.  ”Boy, put out after a temporary residence permit, do not let me catch you,!roll!!!”I came back I happened to say to my colleagues, they said it was Guangdong security, not the police, they ask for money.You have no money, they certainly put you!You only poor painter.I can not understand their travels, down from the police left me a good impression.Every time the police saw that my resentment police often let me clean up this once, now I can not understand the police, why, with the police, it scared people work efficiency?  I was so, in the bustling city of Shenzhen, all alone, away from family and friends around a month to go, they do not know what to insist, no girls in the city, let me stay, city, cold the people feel terrible; the city, without my nostalgia lover, I do not know what to stick to love, like a luxury; this city, I do not desire to work, yes, I was the only silly stick , unyielding dead science children……  Six months later, I was no change at all, I began to doubt my choice had I mixed in literary circles for you.  I no longer write, it touches encounter a lot of good people around, we had just arrived, to society, to work full of enthusiasm, but often hit a snag, so we had to work the word hostility.This will not do, so-called art, it seems naive at that time, have enough to eat, how can arts….  I thought to quit, quit.Ten days in a row did not find a suitable job, I can not help but feel sorry for my resignation at a friend who lives with, looking for work during the day, at night eleven points back to a friend’s house, but also a friend cook for me, I was not taste, but cash-strapped, can only bite the bullet and lived, and anxious friends, find someone else to say as a part of living, looking for a good work, how?There is really not a penny in the hands of the day, after friends know, unceremoniously he gave me three hundred yuan.This savings is to save an “artist” life, otherwise, I do not know today will Zuosa good job, at least, I was not in literary circles…..  I’m looking for a live —– art director at an advertising agency, so that the art I died in my appeal, once again full of new life!Is a print advertising media, mainly do fashion, I wear many hats, planning, quotes, shooting, selection of films, finalized, we cooperate very happy.In other cannon shotgun, suddenly discovered photography glamor better than painting, I had never had the idea of painting my career, I do not love painting, and I got tired of a man who very daytime sleep the night painting life, I feel, high efficiency photography, a single fast, but also access to stylish, trendy, concept, not long before I moved out to see a friend’s house.  After you mix and familiar, the efforts of all wisdom, trendy fashion large piece turned out.The boss of all ages.

Addressed to anyone remember the young

At home is the best time to harvest, if you do not know, if not to the heart, how can we understand, is off the shadow of years, or wandering blood, are painting the soul, described the taste, exciting and open-minded, life’s dream thus began the struggle, because the pace of learning and describe the mind and the combination of wonderful bright, brilliant thoughts sweat shining eyes, look to understand the encounter clear sigh of scrolls, an understanding, an intimate, read from the heart the students, from thinking about, the way there is heaven and earth, heart, home, a well-being, a blessing, wrote in previous years streamer ———– Inscription.    Read the health of classroom life, burning the hearts of the sun, is the share of dripping, this youth is recorded fleeting thoughts, feelings go edge, love casual grace, folding another teardrop, draw down the voices Department of flowers on the table, bring a meal of progress is the share of the myth, the legend is the share, the share is even more beautiful legend, cumulative Love, stick up the mind, drawing a lot of color, the combination of this resource is not re-interpretation of the world stage, but the word is still wandering mind, read the roll is still a dream, describe the struggle began reading finishing.    At that time, heart beating, but did not read the next line of makeup, the records describe weaving a lot of joy, beauty cohesion ordered more similar dream, mind reading phase, is the way, walk carefully edge, a dream, go with the idea of love, a reading light singing, reciting a cup of sea, lift the hearts of the cup, they begin passing hearts, do not analyze, do not calculate’s not painting, but for the future weaving a lot of pace, a lot of Remembrance, fold the other corner have had the joy, laughter, bitter, presumably looked, smiled, Red and more wonderful.    Thoughts scrolls rotating spindle curtain of bright, falling sound of footsteps, is off the ink drop of blood, it was not shouting at every step of the hygiene conditions, it is indescribable drops buy smile, that laugh is not meet the look, but look back again, and again Acacia, the sea a long time, but asked at different times has been the guardian of my heart was sinking, is off the ink feelings, heart drops read thoughts, warm and bright, hidden strange is not available in the future, the future can not escape time of harvest, mind reading, read in health, thoughts are with Air China.    Micrometer-owned life color, spiritual worth of paintings, Ling-Ling’s love so handsome, gentle and respectful spread in the beautiful city, a beautiful sunset promise, the heart spring day, night to wake up, come and go, Xu Xu screen screen, ticking away the sun is so, describe the dripping hearts of thoughts and admiration, case color chart is mind paying, the combination of too much effort, everyone’s shining Review, describes the struggle for direction, is love, your heart will have a beginning, a love, make way there really is to pay, let love with the Red.    Not time, do not mind the immediate future of a fog, an affectionate look back, weaving paintings, gem described, one by one superimposed, recalling the past is to go without, my mind a sun dress, gown is hanging shadow warm regards, Zhanzhuan instantly became a teenager, a youth across the beautiful Looking back, arrived miss Andi, clear state of mind has changed in the eyes of the harvest, bright sunshine harvest seasons changed, the situation had to ask ourselves, in many people have, step by step similar scene, all in a dream play.    When the sunset but unfortunately, life-road, squandered his thoughts, turning the mind, warm heart go cold painted Indian fly, step by step, affectionate look back, look at the reality of the Bureau, and asked inner change, then bit like Wang, Lulu bow song, that had to know, heart grow up, the dream will change, the future belongs to confront themselves would adjust the mind, and the way to deal with the change from the start, asking discourse changed the dream to wake up, curious to visit a lot of show direction is confused or health, are the battlefield harvest, because the departure, because to deal with, altered knew adjustment.    Had the heart to ask, read existing asked Xu to the Red side of truth, loving mother passionate love of the Father read more, step by step with hearts, hearts, tears unfortunately fleeting, double Downs strings in one fell swoop, a dream sunset Mo negative lift, about dawn after Xi desk.    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