Color analysis and stool bleeding disorders

  First, the blood will mostly immediate bleeding, blood flowing extravascular very short time with the feces through the anus, or will be directly after the outflow。 Appearance similar to the blood flowing traumatic bleeding, red or purple color, dark red, after slightly longer time may be solidified into a clot。   Blood will often in the following diseases 1, hemorrhoids: the most common anorectal disease clinic, each internal hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids can cause, usually accompanied by blood or stool and after blood。 External hemorrhoids are generally no stool bleeding。
  2, rectal polyps: anorectal outpatient than, the typical symptoms of low rectal polyps painless bowel bleeding。 Bleeding stopped after the end of defecation defecation, how much amount ranging generally not blood mixed with the stool, polyps or high position, quantity, can also be mixed manure。   3, rectal prolapse: general outpatient anorectal visible, typical symptoms of early red tumor prolapse outside the anus, bleeding may have a bowel movement after a long illness。   4, anal fissure: the performance of anal pain during defecation, and after a period of time。
Accompanied by blood in the stool, blood bleeding surface side manner with feces, does not mix with feces, blood and after some patients。   To determine whether the reason for the above diseases of blood in the stool, may be diagnosed by an electron microscope anorectal。 The reason Currently, some hospitals use of imported high-definition anorectal mirror, the lesion site can be enlarged several times, which can effectively find blood in the stool。   Second, discharge of pus and blood in the stool mean something to both of pus, but also with blood, blood leaner appearance, and sometimes contains a lot of mucus。
Bloody stools containing blood and pus or mucus, and are often found in cancer or colon inflammation intrarectal。
Here are some common diseases: 1, colorectal cancer: common outpatient anorectal。 Typical symptoms of anal discomfort, defecation, stool deformed, blood and pus, redness of the skin fresher or dark red, may have mucus in the stool, often blood, mucus, feces three mixed。   2, colon cancer: more common in outpatient anorectal。 Patients with early onset of bowel habits, such as increased frequency of bowel movements, may have abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation, fecal gradually extended duration of bleeding, mostly containing bloody pus or mucus, bloody dark。   3, ulcerative colitis: outpatient anorectal rare。 Typical symptoms include prolonged mucus or pus, accompanied by lower left abdominal pain or abdominal pain。   Third, melena (tarry) refers to the stool was black or dark brown, also known as tarry, upper gastrointestinal bleeding one of the most common symptoms。 Mainly for upper gastrointestinal bleeding black stools, often accompanied by vomiting, palpitations, fatigue, anemia and other symptoms and signs。 When the small amount of bleeding, and slower blood longer residence time in the intestines, intestinal fluid discharged by the action of the stool that is black; if the amount of bleeding, shorter residence time in the intestines, the blood is discharged dark red; particularly large amount of bleeding, and may be quickly discharged when the bright red。

It is called longevity fruit!Snack day care center, glycemic control (1)

  We no stranger to peanuts, peanut nourishing tonic, helps to prolong life, folk called "Changsheng Guo," and soy together and known as the "meat plant", "the Hun", like milk, eggs, nutrition rich distinctive。So, every day to eat peanuts can protect the heart blood sugar stable, is it true?  Peanuts can protect the heart controlled blood sugar answer is yes。
According to nutrition research, nutrition peanut very rich and comprehensive, containing protein, unsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, vitamin B group, vitamin E, carotene, potassium, magnesium, zinc, calcium, moderate daily consumption, can achieve health effect, in particular to reduce blood fat and prevention of cardiovascular disease。  According to another study found that if a diet of red meat replaced by peanuts, can reduce the risk of diabetes 21%。Peanuts will slow down the absorption of carbohydrates。
If you eat peanuts in the morning, your day can stabilize blood sugar, can not be exaggerated。
Of particular note is that patients with diabetes: people with diabetes need to control the total daily energy intake, remember not to eat too many peanuts a day, the best medical advice to eat。
  Peanut effect are: 1, lowering cholesterol: peanut-containing plant more of the hormone, plant sterols interfere with the intestinal absorption of cholesterol, reduce cholesterol absorption; resveratrol has a strong antioxidant capacity, can prevent the oxidation of cholesterol deposition in vessel wall, can inhibit platelet aggregation polymerization, prevention of vessel wall plaque; luteolin can prevent the bad cholesterol oxidation。
  2, bleeding: Peanut vitamins?Hemostasis。Hemostatic effect of red peanut peanut higher than the 50-fold, on a variety of bleeding disorders have good hemostatic effect。
  3, anti-aging: Peanuts contain vitamin?And a certain amount of zinc, can enhance memory, anti-aging, slow decline of brain function, moisturize skin。  4, prevention of tumor diseases: selenium peanuts and another biologically active substance resveratrol can prevent cancer diseases, but also reduce platelet aggregation, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease chemical preventive agent。

Men's Health knowledge MEN site easier and less layer of skin inflammation

Men's health knowledge, a lot of men in daily life must be mastered content。
For the purposes of the relevant parts of the men, we should focus on health and health care。 The following small series Interpretation of male health knowledge for everyone。 A man less layer of skin irritated where many people have this question on which parts of the body man missing a layer of skin inflammation in fact, this part of it is a man's armpit prone。
We all know that many men do not tend to wear clothes to take care of, so it is easy to wear clothes wrinkled skin armpit sweat glands developed while men than women, men have the habit of not shaving armpit hair, armpits so encourages the growth of bacteria, when armpit broken skin, these bacteria can easily invade the body, causing inflammation of the axillary men。 So men need attaches great importance to this point in life, some people may think, this is trivial for good health and not have any impact, but think it would be wrong。
Because people under the armpit lymph is, if not treated armpit inflammation, it could easily allow bacteria through a wound lymphatic invasion, making health suffered more serious injuries, so the men in their lives for this thing armpit injured Popi be sure to pay attention to it before they can。
Second, the armpit ulceration inflamed hazards 1, the bacteria invade the lymphatic You know, lymph is the most important part of our body, they can quickly destroy the bacteria invade the body, it can be said for the protection of health, has irreplaceable significance。 But the number of bacteria is eliminated with a lymphatic limit, if the bacteria invade the lymphatic large one, could easily lead to disease appear on the body, even when the lymph suffered damage, destroy the function of preventing cell affected by cancer, there may be It will make people suffer from cancer。 Men's health knowledge so you want to protect the health of the body in life, in the case of axillary skin ulceration occurs must pay attention to it。 2, discomfort to know more sensitive armpit skin, if there have been cases of axillary skin ulceration, it can easily lead to greatly increased discomfort, and even a little moving about will feel the pain, causing huge problems for the people's lives, this is the second point armpit skin ulceration caused, but also the most minor point。

Hong Kong media: senior PLA General Staff Headquarters adjustment numerous positions adjustment

Hong Kong media: senior PLA General Staff Headquarters adjust various positions adjusted || Abstract: People's Liberation Army headquarters level recently conducted a wave of personnel changes, involving the General Staff, General Logistics Department, General Armament more important positions。 General Political leadership is not only to adjust。
Hong Kong "Ta Kung Pao," 6 published a series of articles analyzing the PLA headquarters level recently conducted a wave of personnel changes, involving the General Staff, General Logistics Department, General Armament more important positions。 Terms of the General Staff, Armed Police commander and former Deputy Chief of Staff Admiral Wang Jianping Wang Ning will be reversed, assistant chief of staff will be transferred to Takatsu president of Academy of Military Sciences, Jinan Military Chief of Staff Ma Yiming successor will be Chief of Staff Assistant, total Minister of General Staff Major General Zhang Ming of strategic planning was promoted to chief of staff of the Jinan Military Region。
Wang Jianping is first transferred from the Armed Police Force Deputy Chief of Staff of the senior generals。 61-year-old Wang Jianping early years in the Army, 15 Army divisions into armed mobile divisions in 1996 a large disarmament, when he was transferred to the 120th division commander Wang Jianping, armed service, served as Tibet Armed Police Corps commander, deputy chief of police, chief of staff , deputy commander, commander of the promotion in mid-2009。
Wang Ning Zecheng a redeployment of the armed forces for the first time by the Chia Tai military history class post commander, before he served as commander of the armed police are rising from deputy military region level positions in any of。 Newly appointed Chief of Staff Assistant Ma Yiming, a former People's Liberation Army mechanized infantry brigade of the first brigadier, after the former director of the Office of Jinan Military Area Command, from 2004 to 2012 served as the 26th Army chief of staff, commander, by the end of 2012 promoted to chief of staff of the Jinan Military Region。 Through the Army chief of staff, a large military chief of staff, and this time they go to the office of the General Staff。
The current leadership of the General Staff, the Chief of Staff only Room Feng Hui and Ma Yiming has a large military chief of staff work experience,。 General Logistics Department of the coming two deputy ministers are former General Logistics Command and Chief of Staff Major General Zhou Song, former president of the People's Liberation Army General Hospital, Shu Zhang will be, former vice minister of the General Logistics Department Qin Galaxy will retire。 Qin Galaxy Prior to serving as Deputy Minister of the General Logistics Department, PLA General Hospital, also served as president。
Zhou Song and a former People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison chief of staff, deputy commander of the Guangzhou Military Region Deputy Chief of Staff, General Logistics Department in 2013 transferred to office。
And Zhou Song and similar, the General Armament Command chief of staff Major General Li Shangfu promoted to Deputy Minister of assembly, deputy political commissar of the Chengdu Military Region deputy political commissar of the General Armament Department Chaishao Liang will be transferred, the former Assembly deputy political commissar, political commissar of the Second Artillery Corps has been promoted in the Wang Jiasheng。
As the eighth session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of Chaishao Liang also serves as the deputy secretary of the Central Military Commission, General Armament Department of the Discipline Committee。
Li Shangfu served as the Xichang Satellite Launch Center commander, responsible for launching the task is too Chang E series of satellites。 The article says that in late September 2014 the army chief of staff meeting held in Beijing, commanders and staffs research building under conditions of informatization, make arrangements to strengthen the construction of the new commander of the organ。 Met with delegates stressed the CMC Chairman Xi Jinping, the new face of national security situation and preparations for military struggle the new requirements, we must strive to build a new type of commanders and staffs, and constantly enhance organizational command team winning the information local wars。 In December, the Central Military Commission issued "on efforts to build the party's command, to seek the views of the good fight of the new commander of the authorities," Xi Jinping reiterated the proposed "enhanced awareness orders, seek to strengthen the good fight, strengthen the style construction, strengthen reform and innovation" the fundamental requirement。 Analysts say the current leadership of the Central Military Commission, the Central Military Commission vice chairman and two of the three branches of the military commander of the Second Artillery Corps, sea and air have served on the General Staff。 CMC Vice Chairman Fan Changlong in 2003 was transferred to the Chief of Staff Assistant Chief of Staff of the Shenyang Military Region, a year after putting the Jinan Military Region Commander。
Mid-2004, when he was deputy commander of the Shenyang Military Region Military Region Air Force Commander Xu Liang, Guangzhou Military Region Deputy Commander Wu Shengli, commander of the South China Sea Fleet deputy chief of staff for promotion at the same time, two minutes later any Air Force, Navy Commander。
Ma Xiaotian, the current commander of the Air Force, the Second Artillery commander Wei Feng and also followed this approach。
The paper said that under stressed that joint coordinated operations in the background, the leadership of the General Staff absorb sea and air, the Second Artillery Corps generals to participate, has become an established practice。 Currently Sun Jianguo, deputy chief of staff, B Xiaoguang is to represent the Navy, Air Force。
And after the birth of the Second Artillery Corps Takatsu tune palm military ASTRI, whether it will follow the selection of a general from the Second Artillery Corps, to the General Staff office, remains to be seen。 General Staff through experience, and almost the only way to become commander of the three branches of the military。

Chinese aid to Nepal Armed Police Academy officially put into use

  Xinhua News Agency, Kathmandu, March 19 (Reporter Zhou Shengping) – China aided Nepal Armed Police Academy officially opened on the 19th, Prime Minister of Nepal Oliver attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon。   Nepal Armed Police Academy is located in the western suburbs of the capital, Kathmandu。 After visiting the school buildings, indoor and outdoor training venues and other buildings, Oliver said, Nepal has long needed a modern armed police academy, this dream has come true today。   Olivier expressed the hope that college will be able to train a large number of skilled, superb ability of students to deal with security threats continue to increase, to ensure national interests Nepal。 Oliver told the selfless assistance of the Chinese government, the Chinese Embassy in Nepal and construction unit of China Railway 14th Bureau Group of hard work and special thanks。
  Chinese Ambassador to Nepal to Hong said in his speech, the Chinese aid project with other projects, like Nepal, Nepal is a symbol of friendship, full of sincere feelings of the Chinese people to the people of Nepal, but also embodied the true friendship between the two peoples under earthquake test。   Nepal Armed Police Academy project in April 2015 officially started construction, after the 425 earthquake and other difficulties, in May 2017 a high-quality completed on schedule, and in June the same year delivered Nepal。
  Nepal's Home Minister Thapa, Nepal Armed Police Force Director Shrestha, chairman of the China Railway 14 Bureau Zhang Ting Jun, hundreds of people attended the ceremony。

How newborn baby bath bath newborn baby steps

How newborn baby bath?Give the baby a bath for many new mothers who are especially men, do you know exactly how to do newborn baby bath?The following night on the net to tell you in the end how newborn baby bath。
How newborn baby bath first thing to do is to bathe in the required items to get ready。
Such as disinfecting the umbilical cord was (before the newborn umbilical cord did not fall), pre-coated to change the baby clothes, diapers, and small towels, bath sheets, bath, cold water, hot water, baby powder and other things。
At the same time check your fingernails, so as not to scratch your baby, then wash hands with soap。Newborn baby is delicate, he just left the most stable of the mother's womb soon, so very carefully to his vision of an ideal environment and the proper temperature。
The best keep the room in general feel most comfortable 26?Between 28 deg.] C; temperature of 37 [deg.] C places?Preferably about 42 ℃。Pour cold water can be first in the basin, together with hot water, and then try the wrist or elbow, the water temperature is just right。
It is noteworthy that, to avoid a direct hit gust of bathing, to prevent cold sick。
Bath time should be scheduled for breast-feeding a baby?After 2 hours, or easily cause vomiting。Step newborn baby bath first step: prepared in advance, such as bathing supplies, baby towels, clothes, diapers, bathtub, toiletries, etc., thus avoiding coming and going, so that the baby blowing wind。How newborn baby bath Step two: put away the clean water, and then the baby gently into them, from top to bottom, followed by washing。
Wash your hair, preferably with two people, one person hold a good person to baby shampoo。It must be noted that the folds of baby body parts, but these parts are particularly vulnerable to filth, oh, the network can experience first night playing shower gel in the palm, fold in gently rub your baby's site again, washing with water。

Do not forget the loss, even if the sea horizon

Mo Yan Brief Encounter, Murdoch parting Love War, but, I parted with you, even if separated by End of the World, also Mo lost not forget。    ——Inscription Yin Mo lost not forget one, sing a sad song through the ages。God has given us in the end how much sway the edge alternative, if that is the fate, but why leave again and again, why people always sigh, edge to edge to edge of the water?    We met the love, always thinking about forever。Thus, there is bickering, frustration and hurt each other。Everyone has a separate living individual, in nature, it is not bound to an individual and a willingness to own instinct。    Love, this is wonderful, but a mix of many factors that harm the background many times, love the sky, will be volatile。    Once, I met you, my heart is also thought fate dictates。Until that day, you leave, I suddenly, fate just an excuse to encounter nothing。I love you, but will not occupy your mind and body, it is because love you, I let you go into the horizon。    Perhaps a true love, never is their own heart, not tie him down, not possession, not hurt。    Who, in the river Fuqin miss the music sounded。And who, journeying want to watch Hugh said exchange of love at the other end, to the yearning tears, the ripple ran into the river, looking into mourning。Read The Way, only tears two lines。Du Yi evening, I stopped for the evening sun, saw that the depths of the Red sunset like a deep sadness。    Does not consider, since the memorable。I, in the vast earth to meet with you, day to fill the gap wander through our wonderful times together。However, Since when, I can not hold your hand began to tear。    My heart, you are not clear, your love, I intended hangs in the balance。Perhaps the love between us, had come to an end。Perhaps the bonds between each other, have mutually return, we owe the two incompatible, so you have to leave。    You finally leave me。After many years, I finally understand that the original so-called fate, the so-called depth, and return only owe each other nothing。You owe me pain, I inevitably ask your love, and I owe you, I also want to say false hope to time with the pain of separation to repay。    Wandering about why people love between possession and forsake!Their own, will always be their own, not their own, even though Juanqimei, in the end means it hard。    Have you ever uncertain in my world, after landing like Dead Poets Society gave me comfort, this life is the best compensation, Why should I dwell on you, the pain between the two。    In the rest of the time, life is still endless。I am with you, across the distant past, it has become a familiar stranger。However, I still remember you, you remember me?If not, how could I in the fragrance garden full of tulips in full bloom you dream of passion?    Even across the horizon, we have Mo lost not forget, even if there is no intersection, has enough。Perhaps, this is the true meaning of love it。    Flowers and the world, a Bodhi leaf, one a sigh, a sigh as one mourning, as one only one person, though this life and you can not spend the Zither and years, I am also no regrets。    He loved, and understand, know, just let go。Your sky is my heart is full of sunshine skies, your smile is my Mouzhong Olympus look, your happiness is my long-cherished wish of a lifetime。This life, I am with you across the horizon, Mo lost not forget……

Asia-Pacific US military exercise tactics: within 24 hours of arrival to the world any of which

The US Marine Corps F-35B owned four aircraft landed in the Atlantic on the LHD-1 amphibious assault ship "Hornet"。
Vision China courtesy (profile picture) US military in recent years because of the changing strategic environment and the evolution of the form of war, and actively explore the many types of new operational concepts, promote the improvement of the use of force models, and relying Pacific region, particularly in the Western Pacific forefront of power system, with the diversification of troops using activity, active use of various types of new operational concepts and validate。 Recently, the US military two types of combat-proven quite seriously and drill new concepts: First, the US Air Force's "fast Raptor" concept; the other is the US Navy's "firepower enhanced version of the Expeditionary Strike Group" concept。 "Quick Raptor" highlight the flexible deployment of the concept of "fast Raptor" (RapidRaptor) concept, also known as "F-22 type aircraft rapid reaction force" concept, put forward in 2008 by two F-22 fighter pilot。 This concept requires the four F-22 and a C-17 type machine (equipped with the necessary maintenance and service personnel oil bomb equipment, etc.) to form a "rapid mobility group" includes within 24 hours of arrival of any one of the world's forward base, the ability to independently carry out attacks and air support missions within 72 hours。
US Air Force in 2013 formally adopted the concept and began a series of operational test and evaluation。 2017, the US Air Force to further develop on the basis of an "agile combat deployment," the notion that two F-22 type aircraft provide logistical and communications support syndrome of a C-17 type aircraft, to the forefront of rapid deployment airstrip, C-17 provided by the oil supply and communication relay projectile as the F-22。 In addition, the US Air Force in late 2015, also put forward the "fast X" concept, intended to "fast Raptor" fighter deployment model used to promote other than the F-22, a small task grouping, quick access to cutting-edge expand operations。
Deployment model the concept of "fast Raptor" and "agile combat deployment" Compared with the traditional large-scale fleet deployment mode, can significantly reduce deployment time, and reduce air refueling requirements and the number of troops involved in the deployment of。 In addition, the concept of "fast Raptor" and "agile combat deployment" has a significant advantage in the following three aspects: First, obvious advantages covert action。
F-22 and C-17 type machine composed of small task grouping took off from the same base, non-stop destinations expand operational readiness, half-way without having to transit, stops, after landing can be quickly deployed by C-17 provides a strong ability to reprint suddenly fuel, ammunition, maintenance, allegations, communications and other support to protect, can significantly shorten the task of preparing and planning time, and enhance the deployment of covert operations。
The second is the ability to highlight flexible response。
The concept of "fast Raptor" and "agile combat deployment" expand the choice of F-22 type aircraft forward bases to enhance the rapid mobility and response, and the US military deployment in the opponent under unclear circumstances, the implementation of the first enemy strike, after the task is completed or exposure can be deployed quickly evacuated, reducing the risk of combat was。
By implementing this deployment concept, the US military stealth aircraft can be dispersed more flexibly deploy US military bases, increasing capacity to respond to enemy firepower of concentrate。 The third is conducive to innovation mobile strike style。
US Air Force that the traditional deployment greatly reduces the tactical flexibility and operational tempo F-22 type aircraft, it is difficult to meet the global demand for rapid response operations。
In recent years, the US Air Force to accelerate its Asia-Pacific and Europe "quick Raptor" deployment exercise, to promote its development to combat direction, and intends to expand the scope of use of such a deployment mode, to further enhance the mobile strike capability and maintain air superiority and deter potential frontier opponent。
Once the future of the US military to promote the concepts used in the F-35, F-15, F-16 and other fighters as well as allied warplanes, combat capability of its emergency response for emergencies and crisis in the region will significantly increase。
"Expeditionary Brigade" concept optimization amphibious early January, US Navy, "Hornet" amphibious assault ship into the waters of the western Pacific, then "Dewey" and the "Sterrett No." missile destroyer arrived in the western Pacific, and "wasp No. "component 'firepower enhanced version of the expeditionary strike Group', and on March 5 implementation of F-35B vertical landing exercise near the East China sea, the US amphibious fleet to further enhance the comprehensive combat capability of air and sea。 "Expeditionary Strike Group" is the operational concept of amphibious landing ships for the US Navy to respond to the new core maritime operations form a "low intensity, land-based delivery by force," the proposed。
Each combat brigade by a "Wasp" class amphibious assault ship as the core, with two transport dock ship or dock landing ship, plus an escort, "Ticonderoga" class cruisers, a "Allie·Burke "class destroyers, a 'Perry' class frigates and an attack submarine Composition。
"Expeditionary Strike Group" With all kinds of helicopter fleet Wasp-class amphibious ships and two belong equipped, landing craft, will be carried by the troops as quickly delivered to the land, and by the Wasp class amphibious assault ship superior command control and communications capabilities as well as carrier-based aircraft to provide firepower to carry out military operations。
"Expeditionary Strike Group" has a strong offensive and defensive capabilities, can relieve the pressures of the US naval forces are facing forward presence。
In case of emergency, Expeditionary Strike Group and Carrier Strike Group is also in formation, ready to put into a regional war。
As commissioned by the Navy F-35B aircraft, the US Navy Pacific Fleet to further expand the original "Expeditionary Strike Group" concept, the proposed "enhanced firepower Expeditionary Strike Group"。 "Hornet" amphibious assault ship can carry up to 20 F-35B aircraft type, its comprehensive combat capability equivalent to a "light aircraft carrier"。 With F-35B air combat and support advantages for sea and air Wasp amphibious fleet of sea-to-ground strike capability and air defense capabilities will be significantly enhanced, and thus have the ability to carry out high-end war。 "Fire enhanced version of the Expeditionary Strike Group" concept will further optimize US military air defense, anti-submarine, surface warfare, ground attack and other operational capabilities and expand amphibious formation of task areas and operational depth, the amphibious ship fleet from a single login assault cluster development for multiple functional integrated maritime cluster operations, thus greatly enhancing the flexibility of the use of US military force at sea。
US to new operational concepts for future challenges through forward deployment and delivery capability to secure Global Vigilance, Global Reach is the US military has long been committed to achieving the goal of。
The beginning of the end of the Cold War, in the "superpower" asymmetric pattern, the US military to achieve this goal to some extent,。 But "9·After 11 "incident, the emerging powers and non-state actors rapid rise to US military dominance, in particular power projection capabilities constitute contain。
The US military believes that with the development of globalization and the widespread diffusion of information technology in the world, America's major competitors have gradually equipped with "anti-access / area denial" capabilities (A2 / AD), to form a more mature air defense missile defense, precision strike capability to effectively target US military threat。 To this end, the US military from the air and surface warfare domain are proposed two types of operational concepts。
The US military believes, "We need new operational concepts to solve the conflict on security。 "US military attaches great importance to 'fast Raptor' and 'enhanced firepower Expeditionary Strike Group' concept of operations。
After coming to be mature concepts will help the US military in the Asia-Pacific region continued to improve carrier strike groups, the operational effectiveness of the force Expeditionary Strike Group, stealth fleet, etc., and thus more likely to win the battlefield advantage。
In addition to these two important concepts of operation, the US military in recent years, also proposed a "combat drone bees," "Five machines based battle cloud" concept of operations, etc., but these concepts are still in the planning stage, not yet entered the stage of verification exercises。 In recent years, the US military to promote military transformation as the starting point, actively planning new war theory, put forward a large number of new concepts, new ideas and new perspectives, and focus on the concept of innovation as an important way to combat the ability to shape and design, emphasizing the proposed first, the concept "is a concept of operations", always put the focus on combat operations and winning the war。 Throughout the US military concept of operations in recent years hot push its strategic intent focused on the following three aspects: First, to further improve force projection model to improve operational efficiency; second is to strengthen the global commons entry and freedom of movement; third is to crack " anti-access / area denial "threat。 In essence, the US put forward a series of new operational concepts, reflecting the change of military ideology of new features and new trends, not only revolutionary changes in the military field "signs", but also the construction and transformation of military operations "navigation mark"。 Currently, the innovative concept of operations has become an important strategic starting point for the US military to promote the core fulcrum of innovation and seek to occupy the absolute dominance of military competition。 US forces continued to promote innovative operational concepts specific practices worthy of our attention。
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Deutsche Bank: the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates a clear inflation-linked

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, Dec. 18 news, Wednesday (Beijing time Thursday morning) the Fed's latest monetary policy decisions , as the market expected, the statement will "maintain zero interest rates in quite a long time," the wording removed, but said patience will maintain a high rate hike issue。Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) pointed out that Wednesday's Fed statement was dovish overall tone is conducive to financial markets。Indeed, on Wednesday, US stocks rose about 2% after the recent correction。  Wednesday's Fed statement on the assessment of the US economy in line with market expectations: GDP growth has picked up, but more limited, the inflation rate has dropped and the unemployment rate continues to fall。In addition, Fed officials predicted median 2015 to 2017 by mid federal funds rate is slightly lower, but the goal has not changed the long-term interest rates。Although "quite a long time," the wording is replaced, but the new wording does not signal an imminent rate hike issue。  The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) said in a statement: "According to the current assessment, the Commission considered the start normalizing monetary policy stance should remain patient problems。The Committee considers that the guidelines are consistent with the previous statement of。"Deutsche Bank economist pointed out that this means that if the equivalent of 'inflation forecasts remain below 2% of the Commission's long-term goal', the Federal Reserve will not raise interest rates。  This is very critical because the first interest rate increase five months after the beginning of the word "patience" to use the Fed in January 2004, this time the wording of the Fed will raise interest rates and economic indicators point clearly linked, that is, inflation。  Deutsche Bank is the final conclusion: "If next year the inflation did not move closer to the 2% trend, the Fed will not start raising interest rates。"(Shofu compilation)

Deutsche Bank: Fed should raise interest rates as soon as possible to avoid a repeat of the 1994 bond market crash

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK, June 8 news, the US Labor Department on Friday announced new non-farm jobs in May The number of 280,000, far higher than the 22.Market forecast value and the previous value of 70,000 22.30000。At the same time, average hourly earnings are accelerating rise。Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) said the Fed should be clear that the intention to raise interest rates this year and throughout 2016, otherwise all asset classes are likely to face greater volatility。  Deutsche Bank economist pointed out that the timing of the first rate hike perfection does not exist, allowing interest rates to rise quickly if the Fed 1%, then you can avoid interest rate rises later than 2%。  If interest rates rise too fast in a short time, it could lead to the bond market crash。Recently, the German government bonds in developed countries, led by long-term government bonds fell sharply, investors believe that long-term low interest rates and easing has led investors to bet on one direction, resulting in lack of market liquidity is an important reason。  Deutsche Bank said in a report: "Now the foreign exchange market confusion and anxiety bond market in 1984 and 1994 similar。"In 1984, the sharp appreciation of the dollar impact on US exports of capital goods, resulting in sharp drop in US energy and agriculture profits。While the overall economy is still healthy, but painful Midwest and Texas, the US dollar eventually to intervene, and signed the "Plaza Agreement" in September 1985。Now, how much the appreciation of the dollar but also without serious damage to US growth is still unknown, but if, as in 1984, as the impact is more concentrated, may face a political rally。  Mid-1994, the Federal Reserve conducted a series of successive rate hikes, causing bond market crash。Generally believed that the Fed would not raise interest rates for a long time after the end of every year from 1990 to 1991 recession, and when the time comes to raise interest rates, but also greatly exceeded market expectations, causing investors to panic, rush to open arbitrage positions the results bond market entered a bear market in a period of moderate inflation。  "What is our view that?If policy makers believe that the second half of this year to raise interest rates too risky, then they should think about it, if unit labor costs accelerated, next year had to quickly raise interest rates risks arising from potentially much greater, "Deutsche Bank in a report in the case said。(Shofu compilation)