What men eat kidney It was a man eating a romantic escape every night

What men eat kidney kidney is the focus of male health care, sexual function is good or bad has become an important evaluation criteria。
So, men Kidney eat what 1, male kidney tonic of honey contains gonadal endocrine hormone, has significant biological activity active gonads。
Because of weak, high and have impaired sexual function, could insist on taking the honey products。
2, male kidney tonic of chocolate is not just a food make you happy。 Nutritionists believe that ingredients contained in chocolate can help steady nerves and senses open, so that people look forward to the joy。
In Western countries, since the 15th century, chocolate is considered nutritious food to stimulate sex, especially Spaniards, for generations it as a kind of aphrodisiac drugs。
So before doing the Mass, the church prohibited eating chocolate。 And it is the best gift lover lovers make energy-saving Flirt。
3, male kidney tonic of leek, also known as grass from the sun, impotence grass, longevity leek, is a common vegetable growing and fecund。
As kidney impotence, dream vent share of aid for male erectile dysfunction penis, and so have a good effect。 4, male kidney tonic after the egg is the best love love restore vitality reductant。 Eggs are rich in quality protein, which is a nutrient essential for sex。 It can be a strong vitality, eliminate fatigue after intimacy, but it can also be converted to arginine in the body, improve the quality of male sperm, enhance sperm motility。 What men eat kidney 5, male kidney tonic big Misty has been seen as the incarnation of love and sexuality。 Nutrition onion is very rich, it can stimulate sexual desire benign。
Studies have shown that a variety of enzymes and vitamins onions can guarantee the normal human hormones, so yang yin。