British Chinese learning skills to increase the number 2020 or 400000

Data Figure: Learning Chinese。 (United Kingdom "China Daily") core reading Recently, the British "Financial Times" Chinese website published an article that learning Chinese is "highly intelligent business people" as a good。 Today, Chinese education has become an important part of the early British secondary education, more and more schools offer Chinese language courses。 Britain has Chinese into the national education system, it is one of Europe establishment of Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classroom largest number of countries。 The British government introduced in 2020 the number of Chinese language learning to reach 400,000。 More and more British people realize that learning Chinese, not just interest, but the increase is an important skill, and even enhance their competitiveness。 According to statistics from Chinese Embassy Education Section of the British Embassy, as of now, Britain has established 29 Confucius Institute Confucius Classroom 148, students enrolled a total of 16 million Chinese people。 Hanban representative office in the British market, said Li Ting, head of expansion in recent years, learning more and more Chinese students in the UK, showing a rising trend。
The number of British students apply for HSK is also constantly refreshed。 Learning Chinese appear hot and sustained and rapid development of China's inseparable, also consistent with the pace of culture, the development of economic cooperation between China and the UK。 Not only in the UK in recent years a growing number of colleges and universities offer a systematic Chinese language courses, also started to promote Chinese language teaching in primary and secondary schools。 Chinese proficiency is an important skill no doubt Kensington district of London, Britain's first bilingual private school – Wade bilingual primary school enrollment is steadily advancing first courses。
Although test the water first semester enrolled only 15 students, but the school said, confident in the future will expand the number of students to 500。 Principal Joe Wallace told reporters, learning Chinese is an important trend now, Wade bilingual schools established precisely in order to conform to this trend。 The school's aim is that when children leave here to go to school, and learning through solid training in kindergarten and primary school, they can master the use of Chinese。 Principal said: "proficient Chinese is undoubtedly an important skill。 "At present, to Wade bilingual school children, 20% from overseas Chinese families, 20% come from families fully understand Chinese, and another 60% are foreign mestizo family, showing the characteristics of internationalization。
Officials said the consensus of the parents is very important to master Chinese, Chinese no longer just a hobby classes of course, but to master the system, proficiency, ability to get the Chinese to enhance their competitiveness。
To achieve this goal, the school bilingual immersion approach。 In a special Chinese classroom, everything is Chinese and Chinese-style: books, toys, blackboard, are Chinese; speaking and writing, play games, communicate in Chinese。 Dumplings, the festival, learning poetry, sing Chinese songs to learn Tai Chi……Colorful curriculum and experience, is to impart comprehensive knowledge of Chinese and Chinese culture show。 The school believes that this immersion education can help students to learn Chinese the most natural, and we understand Chinese culture, future practice will help smooth communication。
In addition to teaching Chinese, the school also try to draw on the teaching practice of Chinese。
Shanghai math tutoring school purchased the book "a practice lesson", try using the "Shanghai Mathematics Teaching"。
Wallace said that Chinese education had high expectations for every child to master the knowledge, and the British education emphasize independent learning and critical, we want to combine the advantages of both methods of education to train the next generation。
Hugo de Burgh, one of the schools founder, said after he taught himself to master Chinese, get a lot of good opportunities at work。
As a professor, he presided over the production of 6-episode TV documentary "What you do not know the story of the West" has been played in China Central Television。 "China now is about more than 120 countries of the world's major trade partners。 I hope that our next generation ready to seize this opportunity。 "Private schools offer Chinese language classroom ratio reached 45% at the University of Leicester, Leicester City, vice president in charge of international cooperation, the University of Sarah Dixon (Chinese name: Disu Wen) published a speech by Chinese , is preparing HSK she would go to a regular school near the Confucius classroom learning。
For Disu Wen, learning Chinese is not only required to carry out business with China, but also gain valuable life。
Disu Wen benefits of working at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University for three years, has witnessed rapid development in Britain and educational cooperation, cultural exchanges, but also deeply appreciate the Chinese Society of。
Currently, she is pushing for the construction of Dalian University of Technology International College Leicester, hope that more foreign teachers working in Dalian can master the basic Chinese。
20 years ago, a group of Chinese teachers of English institutions of higher learning set up spontaneously British Chinese teaching and research, they regularly organizes conferences, and Chinese language teachers around the world demonstrate their teaching experience。
It is for this love of teaching Chinese language and adhere to, the number of Chinese language teachers teaching Chinese to join the British Research Council on a yearly basis, a non-profit academic organization of the size and influence continue to grow。 Leicester University President Paul Bor is envisaged farther, he believes that the future of international educational exchange, not only the Chinese students to Britain and other countries to study, but there should be more exchange of learning English Fangxue Sheng went to China。
He hoped that in future the University of Leicester, to have 40 percent of Chinese students to experience learning, of course, which means that students need to have basic Chinese language skills。 With the rapid development of economic and trade relations as well as to enhance the influence of China and Britain, a growing number of Britons recognize the important value of learning Chinese。
Whether it is business contacts, cooperation in scientific research, or cultural exchanges, it means more opportunities to understand Chinese。
Britain a private elementary school principal told this reporter, the annual summer camp organized by the school in China, there are many legal, banking, industry, trade early parents to register their children, these parents recognize the huge potential of the Chinese market。 As Confucius Classroom in the UK to promote, many public schools try to set up interest groups to learn Chinese。
The proportion of private schools offering Chinese classes has reached 45%。 More and more schools will be included in the Chinese University of Strathclyde in Glasgow second language just held the fifth anniversary of the Confucius Institute for Scotland celebrations primary and secondary schools。
With the active support of the Scottish local government, schools, community, Chinese language learning in Scotland has achieved rapid growth。 According to statistics, China Embassy Education Section of the British Embassy, in Scotland there are 400 schools offer Chinese language courses, which has 86 primary schools and 37 secondary schools will be Chinese as a second official language, select the number of Chinese students has surpassed Gaelic (Scotland local language) and Italian。
Among the Confucius Institute, the Confucius Classroom has played a positive influence。 Scotland has five Confucius Institutes and 44 Confucius Classrooms coverage reached the northern tip of Scotland, Shetland Islands, came to support the teaching of Chinese teachers is increasing, cumulative 30,000 Scottish schoolchildren to help understand the Chinese knowledge。 In the sixteenth "Chinese Bridge" this year's All-England Region tournament, students from the University of Edinburgh has made outstanding achievements。 On the other hand, strengthen learning Chinese, British students to apply to participate in the Chinese Proficiency Test also showed continued growth trend。
As of July this year, a total of 6237 students in the UK to apply for the Chinese Proficiency Test, compared to 2011, about five-fold increase。
For many students, to get Chinese certificates, employment in the job is a big advantage。
Last September, the British Ministry of Education started the "excellent Chinese language teaching" project, invested 10 million pounds (about 87.62 million yuan), plans to train at least 5,000 high school students fluent in Chinese four years, while training 100 Chinese teachers。
Project leader, said there are 14 schools involved in the project, students, parents and the school are very positive feedback。
In September this year, there are more than 20 new schools to join the Chinese language teaching project。
Language is the carrier of culture, a bridge。
Chinese students studying in the UK, not only to understand the breadth of Chinese culture is an important way, it is also an important opportunity to explore the world of communication。 More and more British students in China had the greatest curiosity, she wanted to know, approached her, surging Chinese fever in the best channel across the UK is to meet the aspirations of their。
( "People's Daily" (October 24, 2017 16 edition) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。