North American arctic weather continues outdoors exposed skin 10 minutes to frostbite

BEIJING, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) reported, following the east coast of the United States and Canada a few days ago "bomb cyclone", suffered another Arctic cold front enveloped the weekend, a number of cities the temperature dropped to all time low。 Blizzard paralyzed traffic leading to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, the busiest virtually shut down, the United States there are over 3400 times and outbound flights delayed。 Reported in Canada, the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting temperatures in Ontario and Quebec will be close to minus 50 degrees Celsius。 Temperatures around the east coast of the United States may as low as minus 45 degrees Celsius。
Authorities warned that as long as the skin exposed to cold weather for about 10 minutes, will be frostbite。
4, the east coast of Canada was fierce snowstorm, the so-called "bomb cyclone"。 Media reports, from Texas to Wisconsin, at least 19 people were killed in a blizzard; air traffic chaos, many flights were canceled。
To 6, there are at least 3420 flights in and out of the United States of delays, the situation among New York's Kennedy Airport and South Carolina, Charleston airport of the most serious。
Management of the Port Authority of New York area airports evening announced that it will limit the flight landed at Kennedy Airport, including regular flights。 The council said that a large number of flights flown after snowstorm, plus damage to some of the equipment, the organization of work for the gate of aircraft and passengers lag。
Flight tracking website Flightradar24 says at least 12 times international flights have to wait two to four hours the boarding gate to let passengers off the plane。 Passengers stranded on planes for hours appeal, the plane then waited a long time to receive baggage。 Multi-trip trans-Atlantic flight landed just give up JFK Airport。 It took off from Moscow Aeroflot flights decided to "U-turn" over Iceland。 Norwegian Air took off from London flights are corrections Stewart International Airport, 112 kilometers north of the landing outside Manhattan。
A Japan Airlines flight from Tokyo also changed landed in Boston。 Meteorologists said the arctic weather will continue into the beginning of this week, the central region such as Kansas and Tennessee will drop freezing rain, freezing to the road traffic accidents will increase。
Eastern Canada also suffered extremely cold weather the past two weeks。
Multi flights Toronto airport delays and cancellations, several communities in Quebec coastal strip of a flood。
Meteorological Service of Canada warned: "will be frostbitten within a few minutes the exposed skin。 "The authorities urged motorists to prepare emergency supplies in the car for a rainy day。