The efficacy and pig intestine laxative effect reduces urinary frequency

The efficacy and pig intestine laxative effect reduces urinary frequency。 Pig pig intestine large intestine, can be made into food, then eat pig intestine pig intestine What are the benefits of efficacy and role of what small series with a look at the following on the efficacy and role of pig intestine together now!Intestinal fat digestion and is used to transport food, there is a strong toughness, not as thick as pig stomach, as well as the right amount of。
Can be divided into the large intestine, small intestine, porcine intestine and bowel function according to the first, their fat content is different, the leanest intestine, intestinal fat head most。
Stir-fried pig intestines most tastes, Hunan general practice like stir-fried, served hot delicious。
There are pig intestines bleeding of the moistening, tonic, thirst-quenching effect。
For the treatment of weakness, thirst, rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, blood in the stool, constipation embolism。 Ancient physicians homely for hemorrhoids, bloody stool or bloody diarrhea。 The main nutrients: fat, protein, vitamin A, vitamin é therapeutic efficacy: improve digestion, treat constipation, reduce swelling crowd: like people can eat。 Especially suitable for colorectal lesions, such as hemorrhoids, blood in the stool, rectal prolapse, frequent urination are。 Taboo crowd: eat cold period; its cold, where the spleen, loose stools avoid Zheyi。
Pig intestine of pig intestines efficacy and role of efficacy and role of a thirst quencher hemostasis of a bleeding pig intestine moistening, tonic, thirst-quenching effect。 2, lubricating laxative intestinal pig intestine, enhanced bowel function and prevent dry stool。 3, the stop frequency of urination can be treated pig intestine of human intestinal diseases, anti-dry Hua Chang function, reduce frequent urination。