The networking industry as the most important development of the cauda equina

March 31 afternoon, Party Secretary Zhao Xuefeng MC 329 in the conference room chaired the District 2017 13th Standing Committee (enlarged) meeting。 District leaders Chen Zeng Yong, Yu Xin, Zhao Xun, Liu Zheng is a flat, Wu Nan Teng, Su Jian, Liu Xiaodong, Lin Chuan attended the meeting。
Li Limin, Zhang Lin and other district people's congresses, governments, CPPCC team leaders and relevant departments attended the district conference。 The meeting conveyed the Provincial Committee, Party Secretary of Ni Yuefeng come to my area of industrial research projects speech, the deployment of our region to implement advice; I study area in the first quarter economic work related matters。 Ni Yuefeng secretary to carry out research speech, Zhao Xuefeng said, to seize the opportunity, the networking industry as the most important development of the cauda equina; the action a little faster, then speed to achieve the work, focusing on promoting narrowband Things experiment room, the networking industry incubation center construction, accelerate the run, cooperative R & D of Huawei smart meter production, develop new projects; to highlight the characteristics of the formation of industrial agglomeration benefits of things, pay more attention to firm size and capital operation; to be filled short board, improve public services supporting the networking industry, to give preferential policies in the service industry, education, health, talent。 For a quarter of our region's economic work, Zhao Xuefeng pointed out that we must resolutely accomplish a task, fully grasp the completion of the project open, stare at tackling a typical project, emphasis on project planning, to concentrate on work-related statistics, to be without conditions to ensure in the first quarter "a good start"。
Deputy secretary, director of the CMC, Mayor Chen Zeng Yong stressed that a quarter of the work is the focus of work throughout the year, economic development is the top priority, is where the job duties, heads of departments to promote the development of higher stations; To active docking with the relevant departments to strengthen the linkage, coordinate and solve problems of economic development; to work together, precise force, tap potential, to jointly promote the economy to maintain economic equilibrium, stability, sustainable growth。 The meeting also conveyed to learn the country, the province, the main spirit of the city's party school work meeting to study the preliminary advice on matters relating to implementation of our region; convey and implement the provincial spirit of the city work conference on Taiwan-related matters; convey and implement the city's double-support work leading group-cum-created province grade support model city (county) mobilization meeting on spiritual matters; convey the Party Committee "on the strengthening of the implementation of the CPPCC deliberative democracy building", carry out research in our region views the matter; learn to convey the province and county levels for Discipline Inspection stationed supervision full coverage of township discipline inspection organizations and major construction work to promote the spirit of the meeting, a preliminary study of matters relating to implementation of the views of our region。