Lace | Jenna incarnation butterfly concave shape is also suitable for wind goddess nightclub

  Recently, Jenna updated their social media ultimate temptation to show off wearing underwear, which resembles a set of dress nightclub girl, Jenna slept in the flowers, like a beautiful butterfly unruly。   Photo, Jenna lying on a chair, blurred eyes looking at the camera, her breast, her navel, her waist, her legs, the body of every place in people's hearts desire to tell, wrapped in black silk her legs, pulling the straps on the pants "ball" fans heart, rippling also tied。 Jenna's big legs apart involuntarily cross, wrapped in lace, where there is a never even worked on the seas。
  Jenna looked at the appearance, people can not help but think of her sister Kohler – Kardashian, she is almost the majority of NBA players to be the object of pursuit, but was often criticized by fans。 Today, Jenna has become the NBA star killer, after a Clarkson, Parsons and other players, the Clippers star Griffin and quickly became captivated by Jenna, on social media often release their own beauty sexy photos of Jenna, why should they worry no one knee star。   When Griffin saw Jenna is so enchanting and charming, he can not help but recall that night nightclub in Los Angeles, both passion and some lingering fear was photographed paparazzi, very exciting feeling to think that in two between the body trigger。 Jenna too long to taste the taste of the man's children, and the last time, and still Clarkson Lang affectionate concubine intentional in together Lovers, drawing near。
Jenna suffered hurt feelings in the face of the enthusiastic pursuit of Griffin, Jenna may have to think twice about the。 After all, since the nightclub Spring Night moment, the two are not the paparazzi photographed again。
    (Mo Xiao Ye)。