Dodge reports of property: by 50 million not yet "old Lai" was fined 100,000 yuan | property

  Second Intermediate Court to order the property Ryu report violation fine of $ 100,000。
Meanwhile the court to pay a fine of courtesy Ryu, write an apology letter to the judge to admit mistakes。
Court courtesy Ryu pay a $ 100,000 fine report a violation of property order, the court case continues to be executed。 Court courtesy Dodge maximum amount of penalties Edition written report property "old Lai" Second Intermediate Court fined 100,000 yuan fine of 100,000 yuan for the first time at the violation of personal property to make the report, the Department of law / Beijing News reporter left Yan Yan "I thought I could not take the court how, really did not expect the real thing!"Subject with tens of millions of dishonest debtor Liu, recently in Beijing to pay a $ 100,000 fine to the Second Intermediate Court even said sorry。 Beijing News reporter learned that this is the first time the hospital to make the maximum amount of fines for violation of personal property reporting order。
  The judge handling the case, due to the changing times in various forms of personal property, property verification workload and other reasons, the property reporting system has not been strictly implement。 Court hopes the case, strictly implement property reporting system for such cases after the debtor to produce shock and awe。
   50 million by not also refused to implement a final judgment in August 2014, Liu and an Investment Management Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as investment companies) and as a guarantor of the International Real Estate Co., Ltd. signed a tripartite loan contract, the investment Ryu The company 50 million yuan loan for one year。   "Liu bought a Beijing sales due to multiple violations, it has been ordered to shut down real estate projects, but its own inability to inject enough money to restore the operation of the project, and therefore borrowing 50 million yuan, the project dedicated to the returned principal buyers used。
"The case the contractor leaves the judge introduced, but Liu did not implement the agreement in accordance with。
  At the same time, because of the overdue loans, investment companies Liu was taken to court, demanding repayment of loan principal and interest, the judgment by the trial court of first instance to support the investment company lawsuit。
After the first trial, Liu has not actively fulfill the obligations in the legal document。
  April 2016, the Second Intermediate investment company seeking to enforce。
Court reports, after accepting the implementation of the case, the first time issued a report of property order against Ryu, make it in three days truthfully report property status, and repeatedly summoned Ryu, and urge them to talk to the hospital。 Ryu deliberately disappear, avoid negative execution, for various reasons were evasive, refused to appear in court, refused to submit financial reports。   Not truthfully report by the Executive Property Court judge found that the maximum amount of penalties Upon inquiry, Liu had registered under the name of a Mercedes limousine。
Then, immediately ordered deadline to deliver, Liu was taken away by the vehicle again refuse to pay。
  "Liu lives in Tianjin, we have not seen many times I went, the judge commissioned a friend reply。
At the same time, he claimed the vehicle was robbed, and yet did not provide proof of report records。
"Ye judge said, this is obviously not submit financial reports truthfully, can not control the actual vehicle, first went to Tianjin Vehicle Administration implemented the seizure of the vehicle。
  The Court further measures will be included Liu dishonest debtor list, limiting its high consumption, immigration, and rolling in the media publish or broadcast their dishonesty information, clues extensive collection of property to the community。 Face deter the court, Liu was forced to reports that they had been seized other property to the Second Intermediate Court, but the rest of undeclared property。
  The face of Liu overdue and does not accurately report the property, two in the hospital believes that the implementation of the target amount of cases the larger; because it did not report property held by the Court resulting in unclear circumstances of their property, can not dispose of property, enforcement of financial claims is difficult to achieve, a tremendous impact on the implementation process; Liu obviously subjective bad faith, accordingly, decided to impose the maximum amount Ryu penalties prescribed by law – a fine of $ 100,000 and the deadline to pay。
  Forced by the courts to enforce deterrence, Liu initiative to go to court to pay a fine of $ 100,000, truthfully report their property status, and that has recognized the error, willing to cooperate with the Court to identify the property, dispose of property。
At present, the case is under further implementation。   "The next step would also like to take coercive measures, if there is no good reason not to fulfill repayment of loan principal and interest, will transferred to the police detention。 "Ye judge said, but also to ascertain his marital status, and whether divorced spouse, find out if there is jointly owned property may take further measures。   ■ dialogue the judge: "Activate" property reporting yesterday afternoon, the Beijing News reporter interviewed the judge in the cases of。 For the first time, the Second Intermediate Court to impose the maximum penalty for a violation of personal property reporting order, the judge said the court will be more strict in the implementation of property reporting system。   Beijing News: What is the legal basis of this case is fine?  The judge: two hundred forty-one according to the provisions of the Civil Procedure Law, the person concerned fails to fulfill its obligations to inform the implementation of the legal document, it shall report the current year and prior to the date of receipt of the notification to implement the property situation。 Debtor refused to report or false report, the court can award or its legal representative, the relevant units of the main person in charge or directly responsible shall be fined according to the circumstances, detention。
  Beijing News: This case is the second in the hospital for the first time to make the maximum amount of fines for violation of personal property report so, why had not taken such measures?  The judge: Most fines are not effective, many debtor in itself would be no ability to repay, unable to pay a fine of more, can only increase the workload of judges, they can not achieve good results, while out of the habit of thinking, anyway, the introduction of so many years, no one really ever been fined。 Another reason the times are changing, before the property so few very simple bank deposits, cars, houses and the like, now is not the same, very diverse forms of personal property, such as Alipay, micro-letters, funds, insurance, etc., increased verification workload。   Beijing News: For such cases before what measures will be taken?  The judge: the past, the penalties in such cases, for refusing to perform acts that, while the case for violation of property reporting system, when you do not truthfully declare to be processed。
Had not previously taken such drastic measures, strictly implement the instructions of the Supreme Court, "Activate" property reporting system should function。   Beijing News: The significance of this case is where, what impact on future similar cases?  The judge: for other similar cases of the debtor is a deterrent, not just non-performance, but does not declare will be punished, the pre-treatment, while courts in the implementation of the institutional, will be more strict。
  ■ Background property reporting system can effectively identify the property "property reporting system is the implementation of the program, to identify the debtor's property clues most effective way," the judge introduced, no one knows the condition of their property than the debtor himself, the implementation of a number of countries procedure, the debtor's property has Disclosure system, in accordance with the debtor to court to report truthfully property status, otherwise they will be severely punished。   According to reports, the implementation of the program also has property in our reporting system, in addition to the provisions of "Civil Law", the Supreme Court "interpretation on issues of applying execution of the program" is also on the property specific implementation methods were standardized reporting system。   In addition, in mid-2017 the Supreme Court "on a number of issues in the property survey civil enforcement provisions", time reporting of property, contents of the report property order, the debtor should report contents, property changes, a supplementary report by time , and several obligation to verify the applicant's right to know the relative court, refused to convergence report and criminal penalties, the end of the reporting conditions were refined。   The judge said the Supreme Court held that property reporting system can effectively identify the property in recent years has asked the courts to implement, and by judicial interpretation to refine this system。