Tan Jing and Robert.Wells concert

English interpretation of what Fang Jingdian; international artists cross-border cooperation; rock pianist in the world to help out; the UK's top bands of the utmost support; the BBC broadcast the whole record; Tan Jing is about to sing the most resonant voice of China……Sponsor: Main International Olympic Committee Marketing Commission, Mr. Xihaiboge; Organizer: Royal Albert Hall in London; co-sponsored: China Beijing City Tourism Commission; Supporters: China Beijing Olympic City Development Association, UK LOCOG, the IOC marketing Commission…… 1, the national strategic level: positive response to the seventh session of the Sixth Plenary Session on the promotion of cultural undertakings prosperous call, the Chinese culture spread to the rest of the world; 2, operation of the market level: break the traditional model of government financial support for cultural send out the initiative courageous exploration for foreign mainstream performance market, relying on strength to conquer Great Britain……Director of the system: Peter JPRODUCTIONMANAGER: PeterJgerhult; British Joint Producer: McGregor UKUNITPRODUCTION; MichaelClegg; Music Director: Chen Jun MusicalDirector: Chen Jun Stage Manager: Nicolas Eller Sen STAGEMANAGER; NiclasEliasson; sound synthesis: 丽萨爱伯格 FOHSOUNDandSOUNDDESIGN; LasseAlehag; lighting: Passion Lale Sensha Hillview LIGHTINGDESIGN; PelleLarssonShaxiaolan ……。