Brazil police hunt for anti-corruption upsurge was 62 Petrobras corruption involved

China news agency, Brasilia, February 5 (Reporter Mo Chengxiong) – Local time, the Brazilian Federal Police at the same time expand Petrobras' against corruption in Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, S?o Paulo and Bahia four states case "in the ninth large-scale operations, 62 people involved in hunt。  In Santa Catarina, the involvement of the police in a Brazilian oil company "corruption case", within the company called ARXO seized huge amounts of money and hundreds of pieces of watches。Shockingly, the inventory work proceeds of crime actually took 9 hours。ARXO company is Brazil's oil and gas companies, operating gas stations, production tankers, pressure vessels and other equipment。ARXO company Petrobras executives suspected of bribing。On that day, the police have arrested ARXO a company director and a partner。  According to the Brazilian "World News" website reported that the manhunt, police searched and detained 40 people involved, detained three people, 19 were released after evidence as witnesses。  4, under political and public pressure caused by corruption scandals, Petrobras President Graca – Foster and five other executives of collective resignation。Earlier the day, rumors had been spread about the resignation, investors see Brazil's government anti-corruption determination, confidence in the market, so the day Petrobras shares soaring 14.9%。  Petrobras is Brazil's largest state-owned listed companies。In early 2014, the media broke the news that the company's management on corruption exists, directed the contractor company executives repeatedly accepting bribes, and to provide political funds ruling party, indirectly led to President Rousseff support rate fell。Media said that Petrobras "corruption case" involving billions of dollars, is said to be "in the history of Brazil's biggest corruption cases."。Currently, Brazil has been the prosecution to prosecute 39 people involved。(Finish)

The young idol no "tough guy", "man" stereotype is outdated

  "And beautiful and immortal", previously used to describe actresses such as Natalie, Liu Yifei, and now it?The last time to see this described refers to Henry Huo。
Large and small screen seems small meat cream in power, than the word Naiyouxiaosheng year, greatly reducing the derogatory。 Aesthetic younger female audience completely changed yet?why?We look at more than a dozen years ago, hot off the TV drama "burning passion", "Sword", the Sun Haiying, Li Youbin who play the main male, one is a hero in troubled times, on the other hand in marriage mostly due to cultural is not high, the attitude is stiff, some machismo。 Care of the household to take care of their lives, taking care of their emotions。 Material filling grew up in the era after 95 women, met this character in the life of man, I am afraid my mind goes drifting to the famous black question mark Emoticons – they will not believe these men attractive。
  According to the latest survey of college students tend to mate, "gentle" has become the first choice, the confident, aggressive, etc. behind。
Note that the "students" tend to mate, the requirements are not "male" partner college students。
Indicating a higher educational level of women pay more attention when the spouse is also a good character, and not other things conduct additional conditions。
  Like "Naiyouxiaosheng" is the embodiment of the present stage of female consciousness "man" stereotype, such as smoking, drinking, fighting, swearing and other so-called "man child" acts quietly change, people can accept the male makeup, men can be beautiful , gentle, more tolerant society, no longer male and female into a rigid set of standards in fixed roles。 So what is it standard new man?Korean invasion coincided with changes in society, with a "kill Matt", also brought handsome flowers。 You feel small meat are very creamy yet?Contrast meat in South Korea have pointed chin into the whole development of the "net good cop," we just started a small meat。   Young women like the "cream", "fresh meat" is not only the result of the rising feminist consciousness, but also feminist performance is not strong enough yet。
The development of the situation of women's rights might glimpse see the leopard spots from domestic drama。
"Half my life" fiction heroine is a standard two great care of the household, made into a national productions into a waiting male "Goddess of Mercy" soldiers rescue the little Mary Sue, waiting for the "high-handed president in love with me," solve all the problems。   Contrast "Sex and the City" where Samantha great care of the household, she and her true image of what is male contacts?But not overbearing, president of Playboy, she posted the streets of the poster, and she wants to have a good and well; she's young slugger or a model, she felt tired, they broke up, broke up after winning Adonis, continue to invite she accompanied walk the red carpet。 After the woman is strong enough, she has the ability to appreciate, adequate control 'hot' males。   Screen "tough guy" will take time and work precipitate blessing domestic servants to secondary school in the face of heavy schoolwork, many people actually postponed to the beginning of puberty age students, precipitation came afterwards。 Has already been felt in the entertainment teenager Liu Hao Ran was originally became popular with the movie "Beijing Love Story" and youth film "the best of us," is the image of the sun energetic high school students, as they age, the challenges can be classified as a tough guy image of the "young general "(" Langya list of the wind from the long forest "Xiao Ping Jing), although still a teenager gas, but this is the initial transition; Du Jiang from stay Meng daddy to" Red Sea action "in the tough guy, also experienced a process, it is important to have good works blessing; Eddie did not want to come on tough guy in "roll bar!A letter "Before, also played a lot of" Meng Meng Da, "the Taiwanese idol drama; and it has been tough predecessors Daniel Wu, his first film debut" Bishonen "name in it with Sentimental juvenile breath。   Maybe with age, including those who creamy fresh meat from "Idol trainee" where as we all know, as long as the audience off has not been eliminated, there are always some people will gradually form their own image at the time of grinding, in fact, this is also the acting maturity, not a fixed set of people, the image of the box to limit, who played "Rui" ( "Red Sea action" in the captain) Zhang translated can not "chicken feathers fly overhead" mean?  □ Cuihong (Columnist)。

What men eat kidney It was a man eating a romantic escape every night

What men eat kidney kidney is the focus of male health care, sexual function is good or bad has become an important evaluation criteria。
So, men Kidney eat what 1, male kidney tonic of honey contains gonadal endocrine hormone, has significant biological activity active gonads。
Because of weak, high and have impaired sexual function, could insist on taking the honey products。
2, male kidney tonic of chocolate is not just a food make you happy。 Nutritionists believe that ingredients contained in chocolate can help steady nerves and senses open, so that people look forward to the joy。
In Western countries, since the 15th century, chocolate is considered nutritious food to stimulate sex, especially Spaniards, for generations it as a kind of aphrodisiac drugs。
So before doing the Mass, the church prohibited eating chocolate。 And it is the best gift lover lovers make energy-saving Flirt。
3, male kidney tonic of leek, also known as grass from the sun, impotence grass, longevity leek, is a common vegetable growing and fecund。
As kidney impotence, dream vent share of aid for male erectile dysfunction penis, and so have a good effect。 4, male kidney tonic after the egg is the best love love restore vitality reductant。 Eggs are rich in quality protein, which is a nutrient essential for sex。 It can be a strong vitality, eliminate fatigue after intimacy, but it can also be converted to arginine in the body, improve the quality of male sperm, enhance sperm motility。 What men eat kidney 5, male kidney tonic big Misty has been seen as the incarnation of love and sexuality。 Nutrition onion is very rich, it can stimulate sexual desire benign。
Studies have shown that a variety of enzymes and vitamins onions can guarantee the normal human hormones, so yang yin。

Barclays: Minutes of the Fed meeting does not affect the judgment in June next year to raise interest rates

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife network Finance YORK October 9 news, the Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced September Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting Minutes of the economic slowdown and the sharp appreciation of the dollar outside the United States expressed concern that the market believes that the Fed may signal means that no hurry to raise interest rates。Minutes after the market reacted strongly to the announcement, stocks and gold sharply higher, the dollar sharply callback。But Barclays (Barclays Captial) does not intend to change the Federal Reserve began to raise interest rates in June next year to judge。  Barclays analysts said, after the Fed meeting in September will be the content of the statement and the press conference, meeting minutes did not provide much new information compared to。Excluding the minutes showed that most members are concerned that "quite a long time," the wording might lead to excessive tightening of financial conditions, Barclays believes it would have to be expected。  Barclays said in a report: "Although downside risks mentioned in the forward-looking, the minutes also reveal quite optimistic about the economy forward, especially from the commercial status of members of their respective jurisdictions。This optimistic assessment of the main risk comes from overseas weaker growth and the continued appreciation of the dollar, some participants felt that a strong dollar is likely to delay inflation back to the target time Commission。"On the whole, Barclays pointed out that the minutes did not change their forecast before the Fed will start in June next year to raise interest rates," the risk posed to US growth despite the global slowdown in growth since the September meeting or somewhat strong dollar rise"。(Shofu compilation)

Al Pfizer and built considering a merger market capitalization of $ 332 billion

Night network, network nightlife Wall Street News 29 am Beijing time, according to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (Pfizer company) and Al Jian (Allergan, Inc.) to consider the merger, it is expected to make this year's Global M & A boom peaked。  According to informed sources, Pfizer recently proposed transaction intention to build Eyre, but at the moment only a preliminary stage, has not yet reached any agreement。Details of the negotiations the two companies is still unknown。  Al built the current market capitalization of 112.5 billion US dollars, meaning that if the deal would be the largest takeover this year。Al currently built with Pfizer combined market capitalization of $ 332 billion, S & P 500 constituent stocks, only Apple, Microsoft, Exxon Mobil and Google market value higher than this figure parent company of the alphabet。  But the two companies merge, there are some major obstacles。The first major obstacle is the price。Pfizer CEO Ian Reid on Tuesday in the earnings conference call, said he has noticed other pharmaceutical companies in the stock price fell, but he also said: "I'm not sure the price has been adjusted so that investors and corporate management I believe they have adapted to deal。"Other obstacles include Pfizer willingness of layoffs and shut down part of the implementation (this is the proper meaning large-scale mergers and acquisitions), Brent Saunders, chief executive of Al arrangements and built after the merger the new company's management team framework , people familiar with the case said。  If the deal, Pfizer's patent-protected drugs will increase the library's wrinkle Botox (Botox), treatment of dry eye of Korea (RESTASIS) and other Al built-selling drug。Pfizer has been trying to boost its brand kinds of drugs, recent $ 16 billion acquisition of the company Hospira。  A new strategy for Pfizer executives have been considering this will pave the way: the company's business was split into two parts, the sale of patent protection for drugs, the sale of part of the patent expired drugs。(Tony compilation)

1 person like a team!33-year-old's hat-trick?Luo is so Tempered

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">(Original title: a portrait of a team!33-year-old's hat-trick?Luo, is this exercise) "We have a Costa", "I have?Luo "" We have Iniesta, "" I have?Luo "" We have Nacho, "" I have?Luo " 'We are the Spanish national team,' 'I have?Lo 'face star-studded Spanish, 33 years and 130 days?Luo with a hat-trick to this is sufficient to put an end to the annals of the Iberian derby。BEIJING, client reports, Beijing on June 16 morning Sochi, so many people remember?Luo determination of the eyes, and performances Guards。The owner Portugal No. 7 jersey, is writing a magnificent, epic and far not over yet。His story, worthy of applause for all。▲ race just-field 4 minutes, C Luo broke into the restricted area under the left side of Nacho defense fell to the ground, the referee determined a penalty, C Luo surgeon personally kick hit。Portugal 1-0 Spain。▲ The first 24 minutes, Busquets long pass from the backcourt, after Pepe Costa carry the ball into the penalty area to open the foot angle the ball into the dance out of the way。Portugal 1-1 Spain。▲ 44 minutes, a long pass from the Portuguese midfield, Gerdes closed top of the ball and give?Luo, C Luo long-range kicker, Degea critical moment butter hand, the ball rolled into the net nest。Portugal 2-1 Spain。▲ The first 55 minutes, Spain was the restricted area arc free kick opportunity, Silva pass to the right side of the penalty area, Busquets near the ferry headed to the front of the bottom line, outflanking succeed Costa。Portugal 2-2 Spain。▲ 58 minutes, left the restricted area Isco cross each other is destroyed, the right plug Nacho foot volley towards the ball, the ball hit the inside of the left goal post to score the door shells。Portugal 2-3 Spain。When opening the World wave sent Nacho penalty in the second half with a record of ground-breaking for the first time Spain made ahead of time in the game, I believe that almost all of the fans believe that the balance of victory has been favored bullfighting Legion。That time not only the presence of the surface in Portugal fully behind, has also been completely overshadowed by the Spaniards on morale。Isco, David – Silva, Iniesta who with a dazzling foot of technology, manufacturing Murder frequently in front of Portugal。until?Luo stood before the kick, it all seems irreversible。He eventually credited with a nearly perfect arc, Portugal dragged back from the edge of defeat。This has also allowed the Portuguese fans throughout Fei Shite Olympic Stadium into a carnival of ocean。Spanish fans who are stunned。You know probably in a minute ago, they still think their team certain to win。▲ The first 88 minutes, closed the arc Portugal to obtain a free kick opportunity, C Luo kick iconic pop, but crossed the ball fly to score the door on the right wall after the rapid fall。Portugal 3-3 Spain。You can say the first a penalty in dispute, you can say is the second long-range Degea free gift, you can also say that the last kick of luck。But you can never deny that, C Luo eyes always hidden in one kind of determination。This is a ride to the heroism between heaven and earth, maybe it will not be the whole game exposed edge, once unsheathed, shall be as Xinghuoliaoyuan。With this hat-trick, C Luo not only created a World Cup hat-trick in the history of the oldest, but also became the fourth player to score in four consecutive World Cup。Of course, before the final whistle on July 15 has not sounded, who do not know the World Cup winner will be who gets。But perhaps many years to come, when people talk about this summer's Russia, when people praise champion, also will not forget?Luo finished performances on this night。▲ Source: Vision China in mid-2006 in Germany, only 21-year-old Luo C ^ confront the Persian cavalry scored his first goal in World Cup individual; South Africa in 2010, the body has been at Real Madrid C ^ Luo against North Korea He harvested his second World Cup goal; in 2014 in Brazil, nearly standing of?Luo end of war Ghana won his third World Cup goal。And this night of Sochi, has long been questioned "the peak has passed, state of decline," the?Luo with a hat-trick, so that all silence doubters。Maybe a draw is not enough for Portugal accounted for advantage, perhaps in the back of the game?Romania can no longer contribute such a performance。But in any case, as long as the wearing jersey No. 7 Portugal, the player still standing upright floor, enough to make any opponent has the fear。Because everyone saw it, when the poor state of his teammates, how he used a person's strength, and one of the world rival the best of several teams。Whenever the TV counter to Portugal, C Luo always red in front of the team; revive whenever the team needs a goal morale, C-always the first rescue team to stand out。He has always seemed to be tired of the competitor, which seems to make people forget that he was a 33-year-old veteran。How many professional players, in?Luo's age has been quiet in the arena for some time now。and?Luo myth continues to write, and far from doing all。Kin cloud carved osprey quill, chat Seoul to be westerly。Fame thing, Stirring, the jokes。Jiang Tao Gun Gun case, Qi days old hero。There are fans that the game in?Luo who saw the shadow of Maradona。That single-handedly changed the spirit of the race leader, the kind of desperate determination not to give up the eyes, the kind of domineering but myself Harborside。Fans also said that from the age of 33 years old who have been players who did not find traces of the years。Or that he seemed to Lisbon Sentimental boy, flying over the court that Manchester star, just crowned the new king World Player。Hero, the World Cup has always been a strong part of the stage。The night belongs to Sochi?Lo, he let the whole world with incredible performance amazing; this night also belongs to every fan, this is the exclusive affair of football, this is the charm of the World Cup。Further reading: C Lo is how exercise?1 meter tall and 85?Luo, full of strength and speed, he is also considered one of football's most physically strong players, with lightning speed, an alarming jump。and?Luo had said in an interview, "Now my physiological age is 23 years old, I still can play a long time, I could have kicked 41-year-old。I feel great, very happy, nothing to complain about。"▲ muscular (Source:" The Sun ") ▲ amazing leg muscles (Source:" The Sun ") physiological age of only 23 years old?How did he do?May 24, the British "Sun" conducted a Secret。The following is compiled from Sina Sports: Fitness is very obvious elements, C Lo Pilates exercise program to focus motion, strengthening his power。Rest is also an important part, and he has asked his strict diet。Resume training after the game is also very important, his Madrid apartment has a gym with swimming pool everywhere。Perhaps other players may watch the show sitting in front of the TV, while?Lo is to go directly to the swimming pool。?Luo often swimming with his son。This not only helps him relax from a game, but also to help him shape the physique。Swimming is a great sport, great exercise his arm, leg muscles and lung capacity。▲ love swimming (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home page) ▲ swim with the family (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home page) aside?Luo gym, he also has a secret weapon – Cryotherapy chambers。This can help players reduce muscle soreness, relieve swelling, reduce inflammation, relieve sprains, allowing players to quickly recover, which will help?Luo able to devote the next match or training as soon as possible。?Cryotherapy usually stand Luo chamber for three minutes, the inside temperature was set at minus 160 ℃ – between minus 200 ℃。?Luo also mixing of hot and cold bath to wash, to stimulate muscle regeneration。▲?Luo exercise (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home page) ▲ exercise (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home page) ▲ muscle amazing (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home) was anecdotal, C Lo do 3000 one day sit-ups, C Luo also conducted a rumor, he only can do 1000 sit-ups a week.。Overtraining will only hurt his muscles with consumption。▲ Source: Instagram C-Lo with the rest of the home is sleep?Another key element of Romania, he insisted to sleep at least eight hours a day。His family gave him great power, whether it is with the children, or with his girlfriend Georgina, still with his mother, sister, can make him feel relaxed。?Luo explained: "spiritual power like the power of the body is important。Training and physical exercise is the most important, but living in a relaxed environment, which can help to stimulate the best of themselves, whether physical or spiritual level。I spend free time with my family with my friends, it makes me feel relaxed, so I was in a positive attitude。Sound sleep is also very important, it can help you take full advantage of the training。I go to bed early, get up early, especially before the game。Sleep can help muscle recovery, it is very important。"Of course, C Luo spent a lot of time in the gym, participate in the Real Madrid training ground training three hours, participate in training five times a week, returned home to continue exercising in the gym。?Luo Pilates classes conducted in their own homes, which will help?Luo physical strength。He said: "As long as the right, you can train anywhere。When you are up front or sleeping, you can in your bedroom, the motion。Once you develop the habit, you will find this easy, you gradually become a habit。"C Lo once skinny, but now he's very well-developed muscles。All this change stems from his 11-year-old。?Luo said: "I remember the first time I have heard a child say to another person," Do you see what he's doing?This guy is a beast. "。I often hear this evaluation。Even my coach too。But there are people always say, 'Yes ah, but unfortunately, you're so skinny'。Indeed, I am very thin, no muscle, so I made a decision at the age of 11。I know I have a lot of talent, but I decided to be better than everyone trying。I slipped out of the dormitory began in the evening, go for exercise。I became more and more strong, more and faster。After I entered the stadium, I thought that was the little man, I see, I feel like the same end of the world。"Of course, if there is no healthy diet, C Luo all efforts will be wasted。▲?Luo cuisine (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home page) ▲?Luo drying dishes (Source: Instagram C-Lo's home page) C-Lo is not a vegetarian, but he restricted his meat intake to avoid excessive intake of fat。Fish is?An important part of the diet of Romania。Braised cod, onion, potato flakes, fried eggs, these are?Luo favorite。?Luo once said: "I eat a high-protein diet, there are a lot of whole grain carbohydrates, fruits, vegetables, and avoid sugary foods。Eat regularly。If you exercise regularly, you need to keep your body in a high energy state, burning your body to play better。I sometimes day to eat 6 small meals, make sure I have enough energy to play the best game in each level。"Head of the Portuguese national team has revealed:" C Lo eat a variety of food, but as a responsibility of the athletes, is his favorite fish, seabream, swordfish, sea bass。"C Ronaldo often upload Instagram photos of food he eats, there are potatoes, bread, tuna, etc.。Real Madrid match, Real Madrid players often arrange to eat sushi。Since in 2005, C Luo do not drink。Not only because of his eating habits, but also because he had a drunken father, because alcohol died at?Luo was only 20 years old。?Ronaldo's mother Dolores, is?Luo team an important one。She often spent time at home, cooking, ensure?Luo strict compliance with their diet。Zidane also?Luo protection。Beginning of the season, C Luo suffered in the downturn, the first 12 league matches and only three goals, but after the outbreak of the Primera Liga consecutive goals, but also to help Real Madrid qualify for Champions League final。He has scored 450 goals for Real Madrid, a full 127 ball beyond the second Ming Laoer。

Health spa tips to master the chronological order healthier

Spa For some, there may be some strange, it is relatively hot in recent years, a way of health care, many people will choose it in spare time to relax。 Today, Xiao Bian gave you bring health spa tips to master the chronological healthier oh!For the spa, everyone is familiar with, people will often Wenquan Hui made a variety of SAP care, but also in normal life a few have done some simple spa treatments per day。 And you know what time the order spa treatments that do this small series to tell you about the time sequence routine day spa。
Health spa tips to master the chronological healthier spa treatments, note the time the order spa treatments for people seems to say is a better way to approach skin care。
The following small series to introduce spa skin care chronological order it!Want to maintain healthy skin, moisturizing care is very important。 Give your skin is essential to drink water work。 However, do not forget to pick a good time Oh, so that the skin to better absorb moisture。
SPA first station: 7:00 get enough sleep eight hours, and the skin is not actively absorb moisture equal to 8 hours。 So the skin will be a bit dry, the most simple and effective way is to drink a glass of water, let the body functions working again。
Health spa tips to master the more health advice in chronological order replenishment measures: moisturizing facial moisturizing cream + Lotion +。 SPA Second stop: 9:00 to the company, beginning the day's work, stressful commute some people tired, this time do not forget to give yourself a cup of water, replenish moisture loss of the body just。 Recommended replenishment measures: According to sweat case plus moisturizing cream + drink。

British Chinese learning skills to increase the number 2020 or 400000

Data Figure: Learning Chinese。 (United Kingdom "China Daily") core reading Recently, the British "Financial Times" Chinese website published an article that learning Chinese is "highly intelligent business people" as a good。 Today, Chinese education has become an important part of the early British secondary education, more and more schools offer Chinese language courses。 Britain has Chinese into the national education system, it is one of Europe establishment of Confucius Institutes and Confucius Classroom largest number of countries。 The British government introduced in 2020 the number of Chinese language learning to reach 400,000。 More and more British people realize that learning Chinese, not just interest, but the increase is an important skill, and even enhance their competitiveness。 According to statistics from Chinese Embassy Education Section of the British Embassy, as of now, Britain has established 29 Confucius Institute Confucius Classroom 148, students enrolled a total of 16 million Chinese people。 Hanban representative office in the British market, said Li Ting, head of expansion in recent years, learning more and more Chinese students in the UK, showing a rising trend。
The number of British students apply for HSK is also constantly refreshed。 Learning Chinese appear hot and sustained and rapid development of China's inseparable, also consistent with the pace of culture, the development of economic cooperation between China and the UK。 Not only in the UK in recent years a growing number of colleges and universities offer a systematic Chinese language courses, also started to promote Chinese language teaching in primary and secondary schools。 Chinese proficiency is an important skill no doubt Kensington district of London, Britain's first bilingual private school – Wade bilingual primary school enrollment is steadily advancing first courses。
Although test the water first semester enrolled only 15 students, but the school said, confident in the future will expand the number of students to 500。 Principal Joe Wallace told reporters, learning Chinese is an important trend now, Wade bilingual schools established precisely in order to conform to this trend。 The school's aim is that when children leave here to go to school, and learning through solid training in kindergarten and primary school, they can master the use of Chinese。 Principal said: "proficient Chinese is undoubtedly an important skill。 "At present, to Wade bilingual school children, 20% from overseas Chinese families, 20% come from families fully understand Chinese, and another 60% are foreign mestizo family, showing the characteristics of internationalization。
Officials said the consensus of the parents is very important to master Chinese, Chinese no longer just a hobby classes of course, but to master the system, proficiency, ability to get the Chinese to enhance their competitiveness。
To achieve this goal, the school bilingual immersion approach。 In a special Chinese classroom, everything is Chinese and Chinese-style: books, toys, blackboard, are Chinese; speaking and writing, play games, communicate in Chinese。 Dumplings, the festival, learning poetry, sing Chinese songs to learn Tai Chi……Colorful curriculum and experience, is to impart comprehensive knowledge of Chinese and Chinese culture show。 The school believes that this immersion education can help students to learn Chinese the most natural, and we understand Chinese culture, future practice will help smooth communication。
In addition to teaching Chinese, the school also try to draw on the teaching practice of Chinese。
Shanghai math tutoring school purchased the book "a practice lesson", try using the "Shanghai Mathematics Teaching"。
Wallace said that Chinese education had high expectations for every child to master the knowledge, and the British education emphasize independent learning and critical, we want to combine the advantages of both methods of education to train the next generation。
Hugo de Burgh, one of the schools founder, said after he taught himself to master Chinese, get a lot of good opportunities at work。
As a professor, he presided over the production of 6-episode TV documentary "What you do not know the story of the West" has been played in China Central Television。 "China now is about more than 120 countries of the world's major trade partners。 I hope that our next generation ready to seize this opportunity。 "Private schools offer Chinese language classroom ratio reached 45% at the University of Leicester, Leicester City, vice president in charge of international cooperation, the University of Sarah Dixon (Chinese name: Disu Wen) published a speech by Chinese , is preparing HSK she would go to a regular school near the Confucius classroom learning。
For Disu Wen, learning Chinese is not only required to carry out business with China, but also gain valuable life。
Disu Wen benefits of working at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University for three years, has witnessed rapid development in Britain and educational cooperation, cultural exchanges, but also deeply appreciate the Chinese Society of。
Currently, she is pushing for the construction of Dalian University of Technology International College Leicester, hope that more foreign teachers working in Dalian can master the basic Chinese。
20 years ago, a group of Chinese teachers of English institutions of higher learning set up spontaneously British Chinese teaching and research, they regularly organizes conferences, and Chinese language teachers around the world demonstrate their teaching experience。
It is for this love of teaching Chinese language and adhere to, the number of Chinese language teachers teaching Chinese to join the British Research Council on a yearly basis, a non-profit academic organization of the size and influence continue to grow。 Leicester University President Paul Bor is envisaged farther, he believes that the future of international educational exchange, not only the Chinese students to Britain and other countries to study, but there should be more exchange of learning English Fangxue Sheng went to China。
He hoped that in future the University of Leicester, to have 40 percent of Chinese students to experience learning, of course, which means that students need to have basic Chinese language skills。 With the rapid development of economic and trade relations as well as to enhance the influence of China and Britain, a growing number of Britons recognize the important value of learning Chinese。
Whether it is business contacts, cooperation in scientific research, or cultural exchanges, it means more opportunities to understand Chinese。
Britain a private elementary school principal told this reporter, the annual summer camp organized by the school in China, there are many legal, banking, industry, trade early parents to register their children, these parents recognize the huge potential of the Chinese market。 As Confucius Classroom in the UK to promote, many public schools try to set up interest groups to learn Chinese。
The proportion of private schools offering Chinese classes has reached 45%。 More and more schools will be included in the Chinese University of Strathclyde in Glasgow second language just held the fifth anniversary of the Confucius Institute for Scotland celebrations primary and secondary schools。
With the active support of the Scottish local government, schools, community, Chinese language learning in Scotland has achieved rapid growth。 According to statistics, China Embassy Education Section of the British Embassy, in Scotland there are 400 schools offer Chinese language courses, which has 86 primary schools and 37 secondary schools will be Chinese as a second official language, select the number of Chinese students has surpassed Gaelic (Scotland local language) and Italian。
Among the Confucius Institute, the Confucius Classroom has played a positive influence。 Scotland has five Confucius Institutes and 44 Confucius Classrooms coverage reached the northern tip of Scotland, Shetland Islands, came to support the teaching of Chinese teachers is increasing, cumulative 30,000 Scottish schoolchildren to help understand the Chinese knowledge。 In the sixteenth "Chinese Bridge" this year's All-England Region tournament, students from the University of Edinburgh has made outstanding achievements。 On the other hand, strengthen learning Chinese, British students to apply to participate in the Chinese Proficiency Test also showed continued growth trend。
As of July this year, a total of 6237 students in the UK to apply for the Chinese Proficiency Test, compared to 2011, about five-fold increase。
For many students, to get Chinese certificates, employment in the job is a big advantage。
Last September, the British Ministry of Education started the "excellent Chinese language teaching" project, invested 10 million pounds (about 87.62 million yuan), plans to train at least 5,000 high school students fluent in Chinese four years, while training 100 Chinese teachers。
Project leader, said there are 14 schools involved in the project, students, parents and the school are very positive feedback。
In September this year, there are more than 20 new schools to join the Chinese language teaching project。
Language is the carrier of culture, a bridge。
Chinese students studying in the UK, not only to understand the breadth of Chinese culture is an important way, it is also an important opportunity to explore the world of communication。 More and more British students in China had the greatest curiosity, she wanted to know, approached her, surging Chinese fever in the best channel across the UK is to meet the aspirations of their。
( "People's Daily" (October 24, 2017 16 edition) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

Misa 25 points and the Nets cut the Hawks 4-2 slumped season so far

  Ticker May 2, Eagles force away to 111-87 Nets victory, the total score in the second round cut 4-2。   Hawks next opponent is already swept the Wizards。 Starting five, Teague 5 vote total loss, a scoreless, but assists 13 times。 The other four starters scored in double figures, Paul – Paul Millsap 25 points, nine rebounds and six assists, Demar – Carroll 20 points, Kyle – Kyle Korver hit 10 three-pointers 6, take 20 points and 8 rebounds。
Dennis – Shilao De 12 points。
  Nets failed to become the first team winning less than 50 percent while the "black eight"。 Brook – Lopez scored 19 points and seven rebounds, Deron – Williams 13 points, Joe – Johnson 12 points, six rebounds and six assists。
Off the bench Jia Lite – Jack 11 points, seven rebounds and five assists。
  Eagles regular season ranked first in the eastern part of the winning streak of 22 games more than the Nets。
Regular season of four encounters with the Nets, Hawks all win, and win points per game。   Nets after the final battle of the regular season, before they get playoff tickets。
But in the playoffs, their home game winning streak, will always tie 2-2。 After the defeat away again, the Nets forced today to the impasse, only to win, to get the tie-break opportunities。
  Unfortunately, the Nets did not show determined to win the momentum, after the opening, some listless, and soon in trouble。
  First section there are 7 minutes 22 seconds, the two Williams made three free throws, the Nets only 10-11 behind to。
But the next four minutes, the Nets hit only one ball, but the Eagles inside and outside the bloom, Kyle Korver hit two consecutive three-pointers, hit a wave of 12-2, 23-12 in one fell swoop in order to widen the gap。 Nets hit rate is not high, and frequent mistakes, did not look like cornered team。
Carol-thirds vote at the end of this section, leading the Hawks to 36-23。
  Hawks in the second quarter gave the opponent the opportunity, after the beginning of this section nearly four minutes, they just hit a ball。
After the Nets shot a wave of 7-2, only 30-38 behind to。
This section there are 5 minutes and 20 seconds, Johnson hit three-pointers, the Nets will be chasing the score became 37-40。
Nets even have a chance to tie, but Jack After long shot。
Millsap for the Eagles hit a record one-third, even after they scored five points, hold our ground。
This section Hawks had 15 points, but still dominant 51-45。
  Hawks regain the feeling, the gap quickly opened the third quarter。
This section shortly after the start, Kyle Korver hit three-pointers, Carol vote with a fine, "three-point play," succeeded, Hawks to a wave of 23-3 start this section, in one fell swoop opened the gap to 74-48。
For up to 6 minutes and 29 seconds, the Nets hit only one ball, but the Eagles hit four three-pointers, one Korver hit three 3。 In this section there are 5 minutes and 31 seconds, the Nets only by the Anderson-thirds vote, but only drop in the bucket。
In this section, the Nets then unable to narrow the gap to 20 points or less。
This section there are 1 minute 01 seconds, Millsap hit three-pointers, leading the Hawks to 90-62 with 28 points。 Eagle single scored 41 points, the first three quarters to lead 92-66。   Competition also 7 minutes and 51 seconds, Horford hit a ball, scored Pobai Hawks to 100-73 lead。 Nets launched a wave of attacks, Jack vote with a penalty scored three points, then another shot, scored five points, the Nets played 9-0, chasing the score 82-100。
Eagles nearly three minutes, not shooting, the game there are 4 minutes 07 seconds, Carol layup, they maintain more than 20-point advantage to 104-82。
The Nets gave up resistance, early removed the main。
Hawks just leave, let the main break。
  Bench players in the field consume the rest of the time, the Eagles 4-2 to qualify to meet the challenges of the Wizards。 (Angkor)。

North American arctic weather continues outdoors exposed skin 10 minutes to frostbite

BEIJING, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) reported, following the east coast of the United States and Canada a few days ago "bomb cyclone", suffered another Arctic cold front enveloped the weekend, a number of cities the temperature dropped to all time low。 Blizzard paralyzed traffic leading to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, the busiest virtually shut down, the United States there are over 3400 times and outbound flights delayed。 Reported in Canada, the Bureau of Meteorology forecasting temperatures in Ontario and Quebec will be close to minus 50 degrees Celsius。 Temperatures around the east coast of the United States may as low as minus 45 degrees Celsius。
Authorities warned that as long as the skin exposed to cold weather for about 10 minutes, will be frostbite。
4, the east coast of Canada was fierce snowstorm, the so-called "bomb cyclone"。 Media reports, from Texas to Wisconsin, at least 19 people were killed in a blizzard; air traffic chaos, many flights were canceled。
To 6, there are at least 3420 flights in and out of the United States of delays, the situation among New York's Kennedy Airport and South Carolina, Charleston airport of the most serious。
Management of the Port Authority of New York area airports evening announced that it will limit the flight landed at Kennedy Airport, including regular flights。 The council said that a large number of flights flown after snowstorm, plus damage to some of the equipment, the organization of work for the gate of aircraft and passengers lag。
Flight tracking website Flightradar24 says at least 12 times international flights have to wait two to four hours the boarding gate to let passengers off the plane。 Passengers stranded on planes for hours appeal, the plane then waited a long time to receive baggage。 Multi-trip trans-Atlantic flight landed just give up JFK Airport。 It took off from Moscow Aeroflot flights decided to "U-turn" over Iceland。 Norwegian Air took off from London flights are corrections Stewart International Airport, 112 kilometers north of the landing outside Manhattan。
A Japan Airlines flight from Tokyo also changed landed in Boston。 Meteorologists said the arctic weather will continue into the beginning of this week, the central region such as Kansas and Tennessee will drop freezing rain, freezing to the road traffic accidents will increase。
Eastern Canada also suffered extremely cold weather the past two weeks。
Multi flights Toronto airport delays and cancellations, several communities in Quebec coastal strip of a flood。
Meteorological Service of Canada warned: "will be frostbitten within a few minutes the exposed skin。 "The authorities urged motorists to prepare emergency supplies in the car for a rainy day。