Four Seasons Health benefits of tea drinking wolfberry

As the saying goes: eat wolfberry throughout the year, people can be together with the world of life。
This sentence illustrates eat wolfberry Four Seasons is to share, it also highlights the longevity effect。
Experts point out that Chinese wolfberry tea, different seasons have different benefits。 Here we take a look at the benefits of wolfberry tea and drink it in different seasons!Spring main computer's eye fatigue, with wolfberry tea, can Ziyingminmu。 Proper amount of wolfberry, washed into the cup, with boiling water, soaking for 1015 minutes to drink。
The foam was cut in half before wolfberry, better efficacy。
Summer weather is hot, the method can also be used to remove water to drink anger。 To get the full performance out of wolfberry, the best method is boiling, about to medlar into the casserole, add water, boil the fire after boiling low heat 30 minutes。 Fall air dried, washed with an appropriate amount of wolfberry, and rice porridge together, have a good moistening effect Yin。
Need to resist the cold winter, desirable amount of wolfberry soaked in wine, soak 7 days before drinking。
Best to use white wine, not only can enhance the body yang, but not so excessive yang and get angry。
Who should not eat wolfberry Generally, wolfberry all ages, but not eat。 Because it is the drugs, the daily dosage should not be more than 10 grams。
Not all of them are suitable for taking。
Because of its warm body effect is quite strong, are fever, body inflammation, diarrhea, people better not to eat。
Because people wolfberry warm body effect is quite strong, with high blood pressure, too impatient temperament, or a large number of daily intake of meat leads to Mianfan best not to eat。 Wolfberry can nourish liver and kidney, liver and kidney but not empty there is no need clothing。

Li Keqiang: significantly reduce the use of home broadband traffic fee to cancel roaming charges

  Thirteenth National People's Congress at the Great Hall of the opening at 9:00 on the 5th, Premier Li Keqiang listened to reports on the work of the government, to review the implementation of the State Council on the 2017 National Economic and Social Development Plan and the 2018 Plan for National Economic and Social Development the draft central and local budgets and the 2018 report of the review of the State Council on the draft of the implementation of the 2017 central and local budgets year after year, the NPC Standing Committee listened to instructions on the draft amendment to the Constitution。
  The following is the Live Record: Li Keqiang: to grow and develop new momentum。
Bigger and stronger emerging industry clusters, the implementation of large data development initiatives to strengthen the development and application of a new generation of artificial intelligence, to promote the "Internet +" in many fields of medical, pension, education, culture, sports, etc.。
Development of intelligent industry, expand intelligent life。
The use of new technologies, new formats, new model, to transform and upgrade traditional industries。
Strengthening the emerging industry statistics。 Reduce costs to increase network speed efforts to achieve full coverage of urban and rural high-speed broadband, expanding the scope of free internet access in public areas, significantly reduced home broadband, business broadband and royalties line, remove traffic "roaming" fees reduced by at least 30% of mobile web traffic charges during the year , so that the people and businesses practical benefit to help fuel China construction digital。

McCain brother: MediaTek's first P60 AI chip release Biao Xiao Long 660

McCain still the hottest new material quality and quantity will be presented in front of everyone。 After a day of serious haze pollution, today's Beijing finally ushered in a rare good weather, though somewhat cloudy but visibility is high, the air quality has become excellent, thanks to the arrival of cold air the haze swept away, McCain brother and I make time for breath breathing。 Looking back, we still shouted the slogan "Kankan more healthy," McCain up!McCain Gedeng sets a bow, let's regaling MediaTek recently as one giant mobile processor industry, MediaTek recent days may not be better than now Meizu and Qualcomm reconciled, Jin and cash chain problems, leading MediaTek sales by the severely affected, in February this year, MediaTek's revenue created 3 years since the lowest point。
So, when the former partners are not reliable, MediaTek can only speak with their own products。
Yesterday, MediaTek launch of its high-end mobile phone chips HelioP60, which constitute the core of the chip a total of eight, including four large nuclear CortexA73 and four CortexA53 small core, clocked at up to 2.00GHz, MediaTek's first 12 nanometer process technology processor, the whirlwind Qualcomm Xiaolong 660 processor, compared with last year's release of P23 processor performance by 70 percent and power consumption by 25% when running large game。
Not surprisingly, then, there will continue to carry this new processor in April, when the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor has almost a monopoly in the field of Android phones, MediaTek P60 appears quite timely, at least you can re high-end models with Qualcomm Xiaolong under a high。
Who can in this war in victory, but also the new processor for the adaptation and optimization of products more in place。 Two bow Kan Gedeng station, again regaling Samsung, for now, digital products, especially as the type of mobile phone, computer products, flash memory is one of the essential configuration。
As Samsung is one of the manufacturers of flash memory, a recent accidents will not only make companies worried about the direction for consumers, probably will face price increases related products。
Exactly what could be causing such a big impact on it?March 9, Samsung flash memory is located in Pyeongtaek factory power outage occurs, the expected loss equivalent to the global supply of 3 March.5%。
Although the outage lasted only half an hour, but still damaged wafers 5000-6000, 11% of Samsung's 3 per month。 Samsung said that the standby power supply (designed to be 20 minutes) effectively deal with the sudden start, so it will not have a significant impact on the flash memory operations。 Although Samsung expressed this is nothing, but part of the consumer, but some sit still, and even friends speculated related products such as hard disc drives SSD is a solid price will fluctuate, for this application in the computer configuration, this is not cheap enough to do it if further price increases for consumers who drink a pot。 So I hope Samsung shows the calm will show up in the next two months, or else I'm going to McCain brother plan to change the notebook may have to put aside。 Kan Gedeng Taiwan bowed three times, and finally it said Hawking, Stephen William Hawking (StephenWilliamHawking, 1942 Nian 1 Yue 8 Ri?March 14, 2018), was born in one of Oxford, University of Cambridge famous physicist, one of the greatest of modern physicists, international reputation in the 20th century greats。 March 14, 2018, Hawking died at the age of 76 years。
Hawking unfortunate illness at the age of 21, the body is severely deformed, only three fingers can be active。
43-year-old with pneumonia surgery, and loss of language skills。
Doctors assert that he can only live for 2 years。
But he has an optimistic attitude against the disease for over 50 years!He said: Although physical disability, do not mentally handicapped。 Talking about life and death, Hawking said: "Each of us has the right to freedom of belief, God does not exist, no one is the Creator, and no one can master our destiny。 There is no heaven or afterlife, we only have this life, to appreciate the beauty of the universe。
For this reason, I am very grateful。
"Can face death, and live from me, it is worth all of us to learn, let us wish all the best of this great man。

deal!Guo Shuqing as the newly established China's first silver CIRC Chairman

  Media group interview Data for each site by reporter Zhang Shoulin China Banking Regulatory Commission, merger news, earlier already without any suspense。
But who will serve after the merger (,) the first Chairman of Insurance Regulatory Commission (hereinafter referred to as the China Banking Regulatory Commission), the mystery to be revealed。
  3 pm March 21, first chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission candidate answers formally announced!He is the former China Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Guo Shuqing!  Shandong came back four years in power, has not changed Guo Shuqing, Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission took office a year, had put the people the impression that kind of tenacity on its head again。
  Figures as evidence: the whole banking regulatory system in mid-2017 a total of 3452 made the decision, in which penal institutions in 1877 at home, confiscated billion; punish responsible persons 1547, which fined a total of ten thousand yuan。
  In fact, as early as the new year regulatory no suspense。 In 2018, the national supervision and management work conference held early this year on, Guo Shuqing has shown that strong regulation of illegal business banking market to further deepen the rectification chaos。   "Daily News" reporter noted that, in fact, as early as last March 2, Banking Regulatory Commission Chairman Guo Shuqing for the first time as a full debut at the State Council Information Office press conference had revealed a strong regulatory approach: all kinds of firm governance financial chaos。
There is no perfect regulatory system, the banking business will inevitably lead to a serious risk of exposure。
  Tornado chaos rule Guo Shuqing consistently strong regulatory approach。
As mentioned above, once the CBRC Chairman identity to the outside world for the first public meeting with the State Information Office press conference, Guo Shuqing on that attitude: resolute management of various financial mess。   Guo Shuqing, chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission in mid-2017 in February, previously served as governor of Shandong Province。
April 2017, China Banking Regulatory Commission released data, the first quarter of 2017, making China Banking Regulatory Commission administrative penalty system 485, the total amount of confiscated billion; punish persons responsible 197, which canceled the SM qualification of 19 people, 11 people engaged in prohibited banks industry work。
  Digital quick update。 As of the end of August 2017, the CBRC made the decision 2095, the punishment banking institutions 1171, a total of confiscated billion; punish persons responsible 899 people, a total of 18.51 million yuan fine。
  Digital update faster and faster。 To the end of October 2017, 10 months a total of CBRC made the decision 2617, 1486 punishment banking financial institutions, institutional total fines billion, confiscate the illegal income billion, confiscated a total of one hundred million yuan。 Punish responsible persons 1096, a total of 24.4 million yuan fines, canceled 130 people a certain period until the life of the directors and senior executives qualifications, prohibit certain period until 49 people working life in banking。
Meanwhile, the national banking financial institutions at all levels has a total internal accountability process branch 2687, personnel million passengers, 252 people handed over to judicial organs according to law。   Down throughout the year, the CBRC system altogether made the decision 3452, which the punishment mechanism 1877, confiscated billion; punish responsible persons 1547, responsible for 270 people to cancel certain period of time or even for life banking practitioners and executives qualifications。
  Behind these figures, that is, after Guo took office quickly introduce three thirty or forty other special treatment。
Thirty-three forty for the current chaos in the banking sector is more prominent areas。 Among them, three violations refers to illegal, illegal, illegal; three arbitrage refers to regulatory arbitrage, arbitrage idle, related arbitrage; four finger improper improper innovation, improper trading, perverse incentives, improper charges; ten chaos refers to the equity and foreign investment, institutional and high pipe, rules and regulations, operations, products, personnel behavior, honesty and industry risks, regulatory performance of their duties, illegal collusion involving illegal financial activities 10 aspects of market chaos。   Since mid-2017, the CBRC issued and published in succession the amount of more than 14 million yuan fines, confiscated a huge amount, the industry continues to cause shock。 But since starting the year 2018, the banking sector but also to constantly and frequently become a hot ticket。 January 2018, the banking industry will usher in nearly 500 ticket intensive offensive。
  Guo Shuqing on October 19, 2017 nineteen large delegation of central financial system open day answering reporters' questions, the whole future trend will be more strict financial supervision, strict law enforcement, strict implementation of laws and regulations, strictly enforce discipline。
  Caught up short board system and risk prevention, treatment chaos is tightly bound up short board, strong service。 China Banking Regulatory Commission on the one hand special treatment for the outstanding issues, on the one hand to consolidate the basis of risk prevention system banking financial institutions。   April 2017, the CBRC issued "on the practical make up the regulatory shortcomings enhance regulatory efficiency" and announced that it will develop, promote, research 26 normative documents。
Since last year, it gives the impression that the CBRC three days and two regular policy, of course, is not uncommon for two days and three policy。 For example, July 20, 2017 public release "decision on the revised", another day they publicly released two documents and "the CBRC system staff to perform their duties," the CBRC system staff on public-private separate opinion in the performance of their duties strictly implement the regulation. " avoidance (trial) "。 For example, August 23, 2017 publicly released two documents, "Provisional Regulations on banking financial institution audio and video sales area management" and "information agency network lending business activity information disclosure guidelines", August 25 and publicly released by the State Council Decree 683 No. "financing guarantee company supervision and management regulations"。
January 5, 2018 continuous release "large exposures commercial bank management practices" for public comment, after "commercial rights Interim Measures," the 6th and issued "commercial bank entrusted loan management approach"。 Document issued as dense rain。   After a year of effort, the 2018 national banking supervision and management work conference held shortly before China Banking Regulatory Commission pointed out that there have been positive changes in the banking industry: First, has gradually taken shape from rapid growth to high-quality development, in the year of new loans% under the circumstances, the total assets of the banking sector grew by only%。
The second is off to the virtual reality has been initially curbed the momentum of the commercial interbank assets and liabilities shrink for the first time since 2010, the beginning of the financial industry a net decrease of one trillion yuan。 A deceleration of more than 50,000 yuan, less investment by about 10 trillion yuan by special purpose vehicle。
Sheet business total size of the monthly growth rate down。 Third, the risk of compliance management awareness has been strengthened significantly reduce illegal and regulatory arbitrage, standardize business practices become more rational, more than 100 banks active contraction table。 Fourth, strong regulation strict supervision situation basically formed, significantly improved regulatory deterrent。   It was also noted above, the risk of China's banking industry overall control, but the situation is still severe and complicated, faces a number of major challenges。 Banking and regulatory authorities must keep a clear mind, must not be blindly optimistic, be sure to fully understand the seriousness of the current banking risks and challenges, complexity and long-term, it is important to be aware of, in the hands of well and be sure to strict supervision, expertise supervision, resolutely check the chaos, determined to cure ills。
  In October 19, 2017 nineteen large delegation of central financial system open day a reporter asked, Guo pointed out that, according to a series of decisions and plans, as an institution, has taken in terms of prevention of financial risks, governance banking market chaos a series of measures, there is a comprehensive program of action, there are special action program, overall progress appears to be in line with expectations。   3 months, 9 pm, Guo unveiled two sessions minister pointed out that channel, all kinds of illegal financial activities must resolutely stop。   According to the 2018 national work conference banking supervision, the CBRC this year to lay the campaign of preventing and defusing financial risks。
First, efforts to reduce corporate debt ratio, promote corporate restructuring and mergers and acquisitions, strict control of the high debt ratio of corporate finance, credit and establish joint mechanisms of two creditors' committee, to accelerate the disposal of bad loans rate。 Second, efforts to suppress the residents of leverage, leverage residents focused on control of excessive growth, the fight against embezzlement, illegal overdraft and other acts, strictly control the illegal flow into the stock market and the housing market。
The third is to continue to reduce investment in the industry, the vectors of particular interest as the investment focus of regulatory inspection, the implementation of the outsourcing list management agency。
Fourth, strictly regulate cross-promote the bank started early financing business restructuring, gradual reduction in silver letters class channel business, strict implementation of the newly released entrusted loan management approach。
Fifth, strong regulation of illegal business banking market to further deepen the rectification chaos。 Sixth, crack down on illegal financial activities, coordinating the disposal of illegal fund-raising case, as soon as possible to promote the disposal of illegal fund-raising regulations。
Seven is clear norms financial holding group, promote the accelerated introduction of financial holding company regulatory approach。 Eight is an orderly disposal of high risk institutions, the implementation of list management, development and effective implementation of risk drop planning and contingency plans, multi-pronged approach to effectively resolve cases risk。 Nine is to continue to curb the bubble, and severely punish all kinds of illegal behavior of real estate financing。 Ten is actively cooperate with the local government implicit debt consolidation。

Menstruation can eat mangoes do?Aunt come when we must pay attention to these (1)

  Is the name of one of tropical fruits, because of its delicate flesh, unique flavor, loved by the people, it is known as "king of tropical fruit," Fitch said。But some say, it is the mango, mango eating menstruation can cause uterine fibroids。So women during menstruation can not eat mango it?  Nutritious, edible mango with anti-cancer effect, beautify the skin, prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis, prevent constipation, cough, clear the stomach of。
In addition to fresh fruit, can also be processed into juice, jam, sugar, fruit pieces, candied fruit, salted foods, etc. In addition, mango leaf extract can inhibit pyogenic bacteria, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, having both inhibit influenza effect of the virus。
In fact, menstruation can eat mango。
Not so much eating mango side effects, although mango Yes, but there is no scientific evidence that menstrual eating mango chance of suffering from uterine fibroids will increase。
Because mango rich in fiber, potassium, vitamins A and C, calcium, magnesium, it has a certain resistance to the action of certain cancers, particularly its blood kidney and clean very helpful。
Guidance: It is recommended not to worry, menstruation is appropriate to eat, but do not eat too much raw fruits, like watermelon not eat like。Also note menstrual period maintenance: 1, try not to wash your hair period, if not non-wash, wash as far as possible in the afternoon, finished first be sure to immediately dry; 2, to keep warm period, which is less airconditioning in the air-conditioning room to wear more clothes; 3, avoid drinking cold drinks, ice water will not be discharged smoothly foul 4, eat sweets, helps metabolize foul; 5, adequate rest; 6, do not get too emotional; 7, bogey tub, sex。

The fish head how do you teach authentic Hunan practice

Fish head how to do that I believe many people have eaten polygonal head, it is a very tasty dishes, many restaurants have burned, then how do the fish head and small series together to see fish head describes how to do it!How do the fish head Ingredients: silver carp head materials: red pepper sauce: nutrients onion pepper salt pepper vegetable cooking wine heat cookbook 104 kcal Protein g g g fat 53 mg cholesterol 99 mg Calcium 190 mg Phosphorus 277 mg of potassium sodium 23 mg magnesium mg Fe mg mg mg of zinc selenide microgram manganese copper production methods 1 mg.The ingredients are ready to use 2.First clean the head 3.Tofu cut into small bar code on the disk, 1/2 teaspoon 10 minutes salted fish head tofu sprinkled on how to do 4.Ready shallot and ginger 5.From the middle split head, add wine, onion, pepper, white pepper, 1 / teaspoon salt pickled ginger and 20 minutes 6.The onion silk tofu into intermediate 7.Marinated fish head code on the disk 8.Put a layer of chopped hot pepper on the fish head。

Such a walk after dinner most health, these five people can not go this way!(1)

  After dinner walk, live ninety-nine。This goes for a walk on the interpretation of the human body is good, but what specific benefits it has for a walk?let's figure it out together。  What are the benefits of walking 1, enhance cardiovascular function of a lot of walking can adjust the overall blood circulatory system and respiratory function, prevent muscle atrophy and maintain joint flexibility。People walking in the lower limb to support weight, the calf, thigh and hip muscles and bones can get exercise, while the body forward displacement, the need to participate in the activities of the lower limb muscles and other body parts coordination, strengthen the heart is bound to shrink, increase blood output of the heart, so the heart is a good exercise。For example, at a speed of 80 meters per minute walk, typically up to 100 times per minute, heart rate。
  2, to improve the rate of metabolism in the elderly at a speed of 50 meters per minute walk, 48% increase in metabolic rate。
If you walk an hour a day, walk 4000 meters?5000 meters, consumes about 300 kilocalories。  3, helps to eliminate fatigue brisk walking can ease neuromuscular tension, the treatment of emotional stress of an ideal "antidote"。
Due to the systemic blood circulation when walking, the brain blood flow, nerve cell nutrition improved, mental and psychological stress can help people to relax, to eliminate fatigue, body care and enhance learning and efficiency are helpful。
  5 1 Gastroptosia humanoid contraindicated in patients with active immediately after a meal may increase stomach vibration, increase the burden on the stomach, making the disease worse。
The best meal before lying 10?20 minutes walk also try to avoid。
  2 suffering from angina pectoris who immediately after eating a large amount of exercise activities, may induce angina or myocardial infarction。Preferably hour postprandial walk again, every half hour, not too fast pace note。  3 hypertension, cerebral arteriosclerosis, diabetes best meal sit close their eyes meditatively 10?30 minutes and then take a walk, take a walk immediately prone to orthostatic hypotension, leading to dizziness, fatigue and even fainting。  When walking in patients with hypertension the best upper body straight, chest oppression or may affect cardiac function。Best before walking sole, not the heel first landing, otherwise it would be in constant vibration in the brain, it can lead to a transient dizziness。
  4 chronic active gastritis, peptic ulcer patients walk immediately after a meal will increase the stomach and intestines, eat foods irritating to the stomach, is not conducive to repair gastric mucosa。  5 anemia, low blood pressure after a meal have a lot of blood supply of the stomach, and is likely to cause brain relative ischemia during walking, dizziness, blurred vision and even fainting。
Generally, these people choose early walking。

Sleep for a few hours will be short-lived?

In the end we need to sleep much during the day and often sleepy head venting or Monday morning it is always difficult to get out of bed if it is the case, you will conclude that: my lack of sleep!Lack of sleep brought harm, I believe we are all familiar: the lack of energy, unresponsive, memory loss, reduced immunity and even premature aging body。
The most common argument is that an adult should have the sleep time is 7-8 hours, but an experiment at the University of California, the United States has come to a sensational conclusion: sleep eight hours a day will make you die faster。
Zaoshuizaoqi good sleep for a few hours will be short-lived?The experimental six-year period, jointly conducted by the University of California San Diego School of Pharmacy and the American Cancer Society。 They range from 102-year-old and 30-year-old target of one million of age were observed。 In this experiment, the subject's age, medical history, health, etc. have been taken into account, they are now with their physical condition similar objects for comparison。
Only six or seven hours of sleep a day who sleep more than eight hours a day than, or less than four hours of people is much lower mortality rate。 Wherein the person slept 7 hours per day lowest mortality, and even human sleep five hours, this factor should be less than eight hours of sleep enough people。

Where men often damp, and in the end how is it!(1)

  Refers to the scrotum due to the kidney deficiency, drug allergies, lack of vitamins, fungal growth causes such as erosion, moisture, itching and other symptoms, is a male-specific skin disease。The reason is more complex, there are internal factors, there are external factors。
Allergies, long-term mental stress, mood changes undulating people susceptible to the disease; In addition, people with certain diseases, such as chronic digestive diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders people, external factors under the action, but also susceptible to the disease。  Hazard 1.Physiological function directly affected, resulting in shortage of male power, premature ejaculation, backache petrified, sweating, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia embolism。
  2.Cause testicular diseases: often accompanied by testicular pain, orchitis, epididymitis, Seminal, varicocele embolism。
  3.Affect the quality of sperm and sex life。
  4.Induce a variety of diseases, bacteria and viruses will multiply, causing prostatitis。  Fives.Time may induce diabetes, loss of function, testicular cancer。
  1 diet care, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and grains, vitamin B2, B6 and other nutrients, after the onset of skin lesions should be kept clean, can be coated with zinc oxide paste paste some。  2, the affected area coated with ringworm cream, while elsewhere in the body after treatment of ringworm, such as ringworm, athlete's foot, jock itch, etc., to prevent re-infection cure。
  3, avoid high-calorie high-fat foods: eat less of those foods such as chocolate, fat, Izume high-calorie high-fat, these foods can stimulate the anal rectal mucosa skin, so congestion significantly, increased bleeding hemorrhoids, prolapse。
  4, avoid excessive drinking: Chinese medicine hemorrhoids mostly hot and humid, hot and humid infestation of alcohol can help them, but also make wine hemorrhoid venous congestion, expansion of Shu song, the swelling of hemorrhoids。Clinic found that most patients hemorrhoids are particularly sensitive to alcohol, usually in half an hour after drinking will feel anal discomfort, blood in the stool can be the next day, if alcohol abuse, the consequences will be more serious。Therefore, those who suffer from hemorrhoids best Jijiu。
  5, avoid spicy: eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, do not eat or eat spicy food。
Because these foods will stimulate the rectum blood vessels, so that congestion and expansion, causing tingling and heavy feeling when the bowel, thus exacerbating or induced hemorrhoids。Alcohol can cause hemorrhoids venous congestion, expansion and swelling of hemorrhoids。
  6, avoid overeating: hunger and a full meal, it will affect gastrointestinal function, the spleen and stomach damage, so hot and humid endogenous phlegm, blood stasis, bleeding hemorrhoids often occur, especially after overeating people , will make it big abdomen, abdominal pressure increases, the hemorrhoid venous blood return is affected, thereby increasing the disease。  1 therapeutic care,。
  Main effects: Jianpizhixie, water swelling, urine Shensi。
  2, barley。  Of sweet light slightly cold, the main effect: water swelling, spleen dewetting, getting in addition to weakness, heat pus and other effects, can be boiled barley and red bean porridge, better diuresis spleen effect。
  3, Yam。
  Efficacy: spleen and stomach, where the normal operation of the spleen can not eat, so as to enhance heat from the body, reducing seizure-related disorders, eating porridge and millet can be。
  4, sweet potato。
  The role of food only to prevent or improve symptoms, and can not absolutely substitute drugs for treatment of diseases。After suffering, but also scientific medicine treatment。

The "cracking wow tide drink" beverage has a national ban on drugs, do not drink (1)

  Nanhai, Foshan City, Guangdong Public Security Bureau recently informed, in early August this year, police received a report said a man named "" appears after drinking the feeling of excitement。
The first class of psychoactive drugs γ- hydroxy acid component was identified, someone's drinks contain State Control。
Hope readers friends at the time of purchase must pay attention to drink。So drink drunk What harm is there?  And water is not the same, often drinking bad for your health。
Patients with the following diseases, but also to pay attention, do not drink beverages。
  Diabetes: drinking will increase blood glucose levels, the pancreas increases insulin secretion load, so that sicker or adverse health。  Kidney Patient: sucrose, colors, flavors, etc. will aggravate glomerular filtration and detoxification burden, renal damage, increased renal edema and renal hypertension。  Calcium deficiency: sugar, spices, citric acid can combine with calcium ions into the body, "calcium citrate", the amount of calcium induced "lower", affecting children's bone, tooth development, induce calcium deficiency in the elderly lumbar acid , back pain, leg cramps, there may be "calcium deficiency seizures"。
  Mental patients and insomnia: Doping sweet drinks can easily affect the "antipsychotic" effect is not conducive to sleep and stability, making it difficult for insomnia "Dream"。
  Diarrhea patients: the sugar will increase the burden of gastrointestinal digestion and absorption。Sugar indigestion the stool was foamy and easy to bloating, diarrhea frequency。  Infant: Sweet drinks have the doll "satiety" appetite impede, harm the normal and orderly feeding, affect nutrition absorption。  Dental patients: suitable for oral teeth 35 ℃ -39 ℃ to "job"。
Sweet and cold food for healthy teeth have a certain resilience, but prolonged "cold stimulus" will lead to pulp tissue vasoconstriction, spasm, dentin hypersensitivity and pulpitis, dental and life, firmness and "bite" the ability to chew unfavorable。