The new view of the world: Abe's constitutional "roadmap"

Pacific after Allied Commander MacArthur arrived in Japan, the command August 30, 1945 Japan established the Commission of Inquiry constitutional issues to the Secretary of State as chairman of Matsumoto Cheng cure, hope that the Japanese self-reflection, to develop a new constitution to prevent the revival of militarism。
But the Japanese side submitted a draft stipulates that the emperor is still the owner of the country's highest authority, has the supreme command of the army。   Deeply concerned MacArthur Japan immediately deprived of the power to draft a new Constitution, Civil Affairs Command GHQ of 25 young officers in a week time to draft a constitution alone。
February 2, 1946 MacArthur put a note to the Bureau of Civil Affairs Whitney, and wrote the three views。
Article I, Emperor of only a national symbol; the second is war with Japan abolished state power, but also to renounce war as a means of self-defense, Japan and will not be granted powers to armed forces have。
In mid-1946 November 3 draft amendment to the Constitution of Japan officially announced。 Subsequently, the draft constitution has been distributed to all over Japan to discuss。 People seriously debated for a month, and proposed amendments。
Government newspapers and radio stations arranged in a large-scale educational program, explain all the points, and answer questions。
1947 Annual any time January 24 ministers of Japanese Prime Minister Shigeru Yoshida Cabinet of State Kijūrō Shidehara made, in terms of the new constitution, it will be added to the so-called "non-war clause", to use constitutional means prohibits Japan from any military establishment – – regardless of any form of military establishment。
  Shidehara views are certainly MacArthur, then, in the "Constitution of Japan" in Chapter IX with the following statement: "Japanese people sincerely seeks international peace based on justice and order, the country will never give up the right to launch the war, threat of force or use of force as means of settling international disputes exercise of。 In order to achieve the project before, do not keep the Armed Forces and other forces of war does not recognize the right of belligerency of the country。 "May 3, 1947" Constitution of Japan "official purposes。 According to this constitution, the emperor is nominally masters of the country, but can only play a "role purely ritual" (that is, the spiritual leader of the country)。
This place is famous Constitution Article IX, that "the Japanese people sincerely seeks international peace based on justice and order, the country will never give up the right to wage war, threat of force or use of force as means of settling international disputes."。
"In order to achieve the project before, do not keep the Armed Forces and other forces of war does not recognize the right of belligerency of the country."。
  Because of this provision, Japan's postwar Constitution, also known as "peace constitution" and "peace constitution" of Article IX has become the most important basic ideas of the post-war Japanese documents。
Such as Japanese scholars wrote that "peace constitution" is the "Convention" after the war summed up the lessons of Japan made to the world。
February 1957 "to change the Constitution to send" representatives Kishi (incumbent Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's grandfather) became Japan's prime minister。 Kishi had "Manchuria demon," said the post-war International Military Tribunal for the Far East he had been listed as a Class A war criminals, but because the United States believes he has worked with Tojo had a dispute on the Battle of Saipan issue, it is not to the prosecution, acquittal。   After Kishi to power, it wanted to achieve the purpose of amending the Constitution through a constitutional interpretation。
He pointed out: "In order to defend itself, even under the existing constitution also allowed to have nuclear weapons。
"Kishi government perversely aroused strong resistance from the Japanese people, Japanese people after the war set off the largest-scale protests in June 1960 Kishi was forced to resign。
Mid-November 1982 by the media impact of Kishi served as Japanese Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone。
Upon his inauguration, he showed unusual interest in constitutional issues。 He distributed to the press, "my political beliefs," one wrote: "Japan must revise its constitution given by the United States, this is my consistent belief。 "But the Japanese people strongly opposed, forcing Nakasone had to give up constitutional attempt。 Like they said in a conversation in mid-October of 1986 as: "Freedom National Acura postwar constitution brought about by the constitution rooted in people's minds。
Especially in the case of people born after the war increased, holding the nostalgic mood to amend the constitution, it was opposed by only。 "November 21, 2012 Shinzo Abe, president of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party House of Representatives election campaign platform released。 Ran on a platform to "recapture Japan" in the title, we will amend the constitution put forward by Japan's Self-Defense Forces to "Wehrmacht," the idea and proposed to further expand staffing and budget Self-Defense Force, Coast Guard, etc., to strengthen Japan's territorial waters Guard and other new laws。   During the last time as prime minister, Abe tried to change Japan's postwar system to achieve Japan's "normal country" of。 To this end, Abe vigorously promote the establishment of national referendum bill, reduce legal shackles for future constitutional amendments。
At that time, Abe has also set up study how Japan can exercise collective self-defense association,。 Under its auspices, the association will be proposed to implement the exercise of collective self-defense of Japan by 4 ways。 July 2013 Japan's Liberal Democratic Party plans to propose first amend Article 96 in the Senate election campaign platform in April last year, so as to realize a summary of the Self-Defense Forces to "Wehrmacht" and the Emperor changed from "national symbol" national "summit" of The draft constitutional amendment content。 The purpose is to amend Article 9 of the meeting of governmental experts to explain being discussed to form the working group is expected to discuss the future will be officially launched in autumn。
  Currently, we advocate the revision of Article 96 of the LDP and the Japan Restoration Party forces in the House of Representatives of more than two-thirds constitutional amendment proposal must seat。
If the two parties to continue to increase in seats in the Senate, the constitutional amendment could be formally put on the political agenda。

Manila, Philippines, a building caught fire 5 dead and 20 wounded about 300 people were evacuated

  BEIJING, March 19, according to foreign media reports, 18 am local time, Manila, Philippines, a collection of hotel and casino occurs as one of the integrated facility fire, killing about 20 people were injured, five people were killed and one employee in critical state。
According to reports, the deceased were casino employees, approximately 300 customers and staff safe evacuation。   It is reported that firefighters were extinguishing work more than 24 hours。
According to rescue workers said the scene of the fire billowing smoke covered the whole 22-storey high building in Manila Pavilion Hotel, hindering firefighters to control the fire。 According to the hotel and fire officials said at a news conference, about 300 customers and staff safe evacuation。   Manila Development Authority Acting Director Garcia said, we hope that no one was left in the room。
All part of the firefighters have not been able to rescue building。 It reported that some of the firefighters after smoke inhalation, were treated。
  Metro Manila fire chief, said Silvano, smoke too much, when the visibility is zero, firefighter breathing difficulties。 Even outside the building, visibility is almost zero, causing great difficulties to the rescue work。   It is reported that the Manila Pavilion Hotel is a high-rise building, with more than 300 rooms。

Kenya drought 260 million people face food crisis, young girls forced into prostitution to support their families

  [Global Times special correspondent in Egypt Wangyun Song] since last year, Kenya suffered a severe drought, the country's 2.6 million people facing food crisis, food prices rose five-fold in some areas, the number of people suffering from malnutrition and various diseases has also increased significantly。 Among them, the northern part of the country most seriously affected。 The United Nations warned that some of the Kenyan people into hunger one step away。 According to the British "Guardian" reported on the 5th, affected by natural disasters, many Kenyan girls are forced to sell their bodies in exchange for meager income to support his family, the youngest of them only 12 years old。
  5th International Rescue Committee released a report, 肯尼亚图尔 Qana is one of the larger drought-affected areas, the place many families sent their daughters city to make money, some of whom were forced to engage in prostitution, and poor income only 50 Kenyan shillings (about RMB)。   According to reports, the International Rescue Committee staff in early June in Kenya Lodwar red light district found 320 girls between the ages of 12-17 years old, engaged in sex trade。 By investigating 88 people, staff confirmed that they are caused by lack of food due to drought and had to do the work。 Coordinator of the International Rescue Committee in Kenya watt envelope, said that 88 girls from poor rural all, they said that their families have lost their livestock, no money, so the family will bid farewell to them or forcing them to marry。 Network-watt, he said many girls for the sex trade are vulnerable to abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases。 Especially those with children who experience despair is self-evident。   It reported that many Kenyan men have with their livestock to neighboring Uganda, leaving the woman to take care of younger siblings and elders at home alone。
24-year-old Mary the sex trade as a means to feed their families, she said: This is our family living out of the way, the children will always feel anxious because of hunger, it (prostitution) is not a good thing, but I need to take care of children, it can only force yourself (do such a thing), no other way。

A number of banks closed a number of fast payment channel P2P platform affected

  Pleasant loans and micro-credit networks were also recently announced that the purchase or recharge operations by the Agricultural Bank of payment adjustments affect the business, the Agricultural Bank closed quickly pay channel, will not be paid by the Agricultural Bank of shortcuts。   For the move, the Agricultural Bank of China customer service, told reporters that the central bank should be required, together with China UnionPay payment channel specification consolidation of third-party platforms, it may affect the payment transaction Some merchants, mall, platforms, websites, applications, specifically for which industries and units, it is not clear。   Customer service also said that the above is only temporarily closed, but the specific opening time is unclear。
  Reporters noted that in December 2017, the central bank issued "on regulating pay innovative business notice" (Yin Fa [2017] No. 281)。 The central bank No. 281 documentation requirements, strengthen payment service interface management system, including increasing transaction monitoring efforts to ensure access to payment services system interface unit for the scope and purpose of the agreement, and to take effective measures to prevent the system interface is used for payment services illegal use。   Under tighter supervision, there are two banks recently because of violations by the central bank payment and settlement business out of one hundred million yuan ticket。
  Illegal withholding part of the platform will be packed into quick payment It is understood that, as early as in 2016, net loan platform between banks and there have been similar cases。
In early 2016, including China Merchants Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank platform, including a number of "risk investigation" as an excuse to close the P2P interface to third-party payment。
Market analysts said at the time, to rent è treasure checked as the representative of the risk of P2P upgrade, causing regulators to rectify the Internet led financial chaos, while banks are required to or conscious or P2P policy has been adjusted。
  After the interval when banks for several months before being returned to the platform trading interfaces。
At the same time, the bank will not only P2P recharge quota cut, also lowered the bank's quick payment limit。   There are net loan industry depository system employees, noted that the standardized payment channels, or in favor of net loan industry to further regulate。 "Underlying channel paid net loan industry, many actually withholding, withholding would have been against utilities such as payment, but was abuse, high risk。 "Similarly, another net loan depository system service platform executives also said that withholding packaged into practice quickly pay does exist。   The payments industry practitioners also said that fast-free payment including payment of dense, dense and free pay is, say withholding。

Interview with "Chinese Poetry Conference" general director: poetry show life story

The picture shows the "Chinese Poetry Conference" (third quarter) posters reporter learned that, "Chinese Poetry Conference" in the third quarter from the country over one hundred thousand candidates who, through layers of selection to select different ages, different industries, an hundred forty More than bit players, both of them folks, there are innocent "after 10" players, both trials and hardships express little brother, and foreigners fascinated by Chinese culture。
  The whole selection process is very intense, Yan Fang said the program group on the one hand to examine the fixed target player – Poetry reserves, the players also need to have a life and story, "We have a very mature team of experts to go around with the selection, as well as several rounds of screening, such as written tests, interviews and other networks. "。   To do so in the third quarter, Yan Fang see a significant change, that is, know this show more and more people, "unlike the first quarter, when the need to explain who we are with everyone, do anything。 This time admiring more people, more choices available also. "。
  All the way down, Yan Fang feel very memorable, she remembers when the stadium in Xi'an, players have to play, overnight train trip from Ningxia; there are players to reach agreement and daughter, even made a total gastrectomy surgery, still insist on participating ; there is a 6-year-old boy can recite nearly 700 poems, but because there is a little lacking in comprehension and expression, missed the final stage……Yan Fang also found that, compared to high school students, students participating in this year's willingness to be more intense, "because my parents also pay attention to, and now the kids should not be overlooked, particularly from childhood to accept the education of traditional culture."。
However, she also admitted that all the players on stage, knowledge is not simply to show the amount of stock, but share a deeper understanding of poetry with you。 (Finish)。

The short fell in line forming force inflection

Shanghai and Shenzhen yesterday by the overnight US stocks opened slightly lower finishing affect both intraday index rebounded quickly once in the iron and steel, liquor and other drive, but failed to effectively continue, investors panic prevail, cautious sentiment increased。 Hot spots are still too concentrated, the majority of sectors with varying degrees of finishing all appears, before the software, aviation, military, and other plate decreases, it has become the main force of sell。 As of the closing stock index closed at points, down points, down%, turnover of one hundred million; refers to close at deep points, down points, down%, turnover of one hundred million。
Year on year turnover between the two cities once again shrinking, investors such as the amount can not effectively follow up on the market probably will increase the risk。
From the analysis BOLL, both cities pullback yesterday, finishing in the main stock index started immediately after arrival BOLL in rail, combined with the possibility of shrinking the amount of energy continue to organize short-term increased。 GEM is also arriving in mid-BOLL rail pressure area, increase the index under pressure, lack of sustained hot market, investors around the track finishing in mid-BOLL has only just begun。
From the gap analysis, the recent Shanghai and Shenzhen appear in the final after finishing a two-gap appeared, had earlier repeatedly pointed upward gap left after the Spring Festival is a real shortage, covering the market needs to ensure a reliable basis, otherwise the strength of a rebound the stronger the greater the level of callback。 Although some recent stock index finishing but still not cover the gap, the main stock index is still expected to continue finishing down。
From the moving average analysis, stock index intraday pullback yesterday, stock index once again arrive in line support area, around the long and short sides of the line will be fierce competition broke out again。
As pointed out in the main stock index runs very complicated moving average adhesion area, once fell in line to support the market risk of a sharp increase。 Deep refers also facing a severe test, after the fall of the key moving average support, the recent attempt to continue down the possibility of increased support line, investors need to be psychologically prepared twice a step back。
At present the main stock index short-term pressure remains at 3350 peers, support at 3170,3000 points, the two cities have always stepped back again twice expectations。 After a rebound in the stock index has arrived in two waves form an inflection point, the market may run two waves back to step 2 or 3 waves down the start finish area。
Investors region vigilant to guard against deep-rate finishing outside the disk drag on A-share market fluctuated wildly。 Investors control risk is still the first place, the two cities short-term consolidation magnitude probably will increase, reducing the pursuit of larger stocks for early gains。
With short-term strategy based around the resistance and support of individual stocks and indices do buy low sell high。

How can you teach critical health diet common sense

How can health, and now people are very focused on health, diet and health is a major focus in health, bad eating habits are very bad for the body, then how can health and small series together to see how You can introduce health!How can health 1, late night is often a bad effect on the stomach, because stomach all day without a rest。
2, one week only eat four eggs。
Eating too much is unhealthy。
3, chicken butt contains carcinogens, preferably not eat。 4, people often think a good meal to eat fruit, in fact, this is a misconception, before meals to eat fruit is good。
5, eat fruit in the morning is gold, silver at noon to eat fruit, eat fruit at night is copper。 6, do not add sugar, eggs and drink milk, do not drink too much。 7, fasting do not eat tomatoes, preferably after meals。 8, woke up each morning, you can drink a glass of water, which can prevent gallstones。
How can health 9, do not eat anything three hours before bedtime。 Will be fat。 10, less Naicha。 Because of the high-calorie, high-fat, no nutritional value at all。 Long-term consumption, easy to suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases。
11, fresh-baked bread should be consumed immediately!12, away from the stand。 More than 30 cm away from the body。
Never on the bed。

Watch China Postal Savings Bank?Listed

China Postal Savings Bank (hereinafter referred to as "the Postal Savings Bank") is China's leading large retail bank, located in the service community, services for SMEs, service "three rural" China is committed to providing the most dynamic economies in transition in customer base service。
Meanwhile, the Postal Savings Bank actively serve large customers and participate in the construction of major projects, and made important contributions to China's economic development。
Postal Savings Bank has more than 40,000 outlets, serving individual customers more than 500 million people, with excellent asset quality and significant growth potential。 Currently, the Postal Savings Bank to create a comprehensive electronic banking system, including online banking, mobile banking, self-service banking, telephone banking, TV banking, "micro-banks", etc., to form an electronic channel and physical network interconnection, the line virtual banking and online banking entities go hand in hand in the financial services landscape。
By 2015, the Postal Savings Bank introduced ten domestic and overseas strategic investors to further enhance the overall strength。
In "2016, 1000 World Banks ranking", the Postal Savings Bank's total assets ranked No. 22。

February 2018 Lunar New Year is a cattle fortune

February 2018 Lunar New Year is a kind of how cattle fortune?Soon the New Year, the new year is coming, a lot of people want to know how their own fortune in the coming year, then Xiao Bian today to tell you about how the 2018 Lunar New Year in February Ox people how to do fortune。 February 2018 Lunar New Year is a cow is a cow's fortunes fortune Zodiac cow in the lunar February, wealth is still relatively stable, apart from the positive financial income than in the finance and investment will also get some benefits, but this month you may be because the body reason and in some cases even bankruptcy, so the need to prepare in advance。
Usually pay attention to their expenses, even if the hand off, not recklessly, give yourself a sum of money for a rainy day。 Ox people are the cause of fortune Zodiac cow in the lunar month, the cause of good fortune, although the need to invest more time and effort, but relatively smoothly, did not encounter too many problems。
When the work gradually on track, you will encounter resistance at work less, work process will be more rapid。
But in his spare time, the need to pay more attention to the relationship between their health and their families as well, not because of work and ignore the feelings of the family。 February 2018 Lunar New Year is a chance to cattle fortune Ox people LOVE Zodiac cow in the lunar month, a female friend in fortune this month feeling better than men, encountered favorite object More。
Just this month, although you better romantic encounters, the chance of a single off is great, but will be more rotten peach。
Therefore, in selecting the other half of the time, the need to be more careful, do not easily make a decision before the selection, you must first understand each other's human, so as not to be deceived。 Girls in the process of interaction with people, it should self-esteem, sense of propriety, not to act on impulse, so as not to regret it。