[How to make mantou]_How to do_How to do

[How to make mantou]_How to do_How to do

In the northern areas, every household will eat steamed buns. Many people who do not have an elderly person will also make steamed buns, especially there are many types of steamed buns. Some add milk to the steamed buns, or add eggs to the steamed buns., Walnut kernels, peanuts and other dried fruits, if you want to make delicious and healthy steamed bread yourself, the choice of method is still very important, because the steamed bread is good or not, the key lies in how we should choose and make.

Cute white fat healthy buns material gluten flour 200g No. 2 granulated sugar 40g fresh milk 120ml yeast powder 2?
3 g olive oil 5 ml First, prepare the ingredients.

Sift the medium flour flour first.

Heat the milk to 60 ° C, add the yeast powder to the milk, and stir together.

Method: Heat in a microwave oven for 10-20 seconds, let the milk heat to 60 degrees (no thermometer, touch with your fingers, just feel a little hot), pour the fresh milk and yeast powder from step 3 in batches and stir well.

Do n’t do it all at once, slowly mix it well!

Knead the dough from step 4 in the washing method, back and forth, left and right.

If it is too sticky, sprinkle a little more flour, knead it for smooth and non-sticky hands, put it in a steel basin, and cover it with plastic wrap for about 10?
20 minutes.

Take out the dough and flatten it, and use a club stick to squeeze the air out.

Fold it into three folds, then sprinkle a little flour, squash it again and squeeze it into air.

Spread the flat noodles with water on top, then slowly roll the noodles into a cylindrical shape (be careful not to let air in, but tightly), and finally cut into the required number of portions.

Put the chopped raw buns in a container and ferment, about 40 minutes?
90 minutes.

The time depends on the fermentation status of the raw steamed buns. I waited for the steamed steamed buns to become lighter.

In addition, because the California air is very dry, I add cling film and leave it in my oven for fermentation (the oven is not heated, and it is completely used in a large container).If you use cloth, you can use chopsticks on both sides like me, so that the water vapor will not drop to the bun.

Small reminder: Don’t put it so tightly like my bun, because it will stick together after the steaming!

After steaming, don’t open the lid too quickly, stop for about 3?
5 minutes.

Freshly steamed buns come into contact with cold air immediately and will become wrinkled.

The delicious buns are out!

Although the dough is not carefully kneaded to the smoothest surface, the filling is already fluffy and won’t stick to it?

Steamed bread is a kind of food made by adding flour, water, sugar, etc., and steaming it after fermentation. The final shape is hemispherical or long.

In Jiangnan, steamed buns with meat, vegetables, bean paste and other fillings are called buns, while ordinary steamed buns are called white steamed buns.

Taste delicious and soft, rich in nutrients, is one of the essential staples on the table.

North and South people distinguish buns and buns.

There are two types of buns: stuffed and unfilled.

The head is generally semi-circular in appearance, and a big red seal is printed on the top of the festival; the stuffed buns in Jiangnan area are mainly two types: bean paste and oil in oil.

The buns are creased at the kneading point on the top of the semicircle without red marks. They usually have a variety of meat fillings, bean paste fillings, rapeseed, cabbage noodles, shredded radish, pumpkin, chives and eggs.

Ingredients for making steamed buns: flour, fermented noodles, (white sugar), water, alkali, (green-red silk).

Because it is fermented and easily blocked, people with a bad stomach should eat less.

Material flour, water practice 1.

1. Add flour, water and dough to the fermented noodles (old noodles) and put them into a pot or proofing box for fermentation (the fermentation time depends on the indoor temperature and the number of old noodles) 2.

2. Take out the fermented dough and add alkali and white sugar (white sugar can be added according to your favorite taste. Basically, no sugar is added in the north, only white sugar will appear in the south).Place the medicine on the drawer of the cage with the mouth of the medicine facing upwards, sprinkle the green and red silk, steam it on a hot fire for 20 minutes, and remove it.