Amnesia Girl

Suddenly that step noodle shop from the street looked crowded, wide open shop shop signs posted huge poster face, attractive color food image people have of appetite, can not wait to walk into the store.This is a small shop, only a table, a small corner store also free up in advance to place a big pot of stew good pig’s trotters, Linzi Li glanced at the menu, only to find that spicy trotters face their own point too many times.Thinking less than a minute, she immediately made up his mind, “the boss, we must face up to this.”She said, pointing to signs pictures face.The boss is a little man, hand pull noodles longer than he heard a single point, he ramen action paused, and then came a loud and clear crisp words: “Go ahead, you first sit.”Although the memory has not been restored, but many things still have a strong sense of familiarity, like it happens all the way to the phase of the store, a look at the menu before they feel that they must often be, but unfortunately can not remember the previous scene.Surface has not come up, walked into this store to five people, men and women, to take the lead was a boy, seventeen-year-old, looks like a student, like themselves.Into the store, he was staring Lin Zili, looked up and down, from head to toe look too carefully, Lin Zili where to stand his eyes, just glanced at him, he goes on to conclude that fine eye pimple face life provoke tired, not to mention his other plans wretched eyes.Store only one table, they will definitely have to fight the table, the thought of this, Lin Zili changed his mind when the Church of noodles instead packed away.She left seat, went to pick-up window boss said: “My face pack it, I come back for a while, soups and sub-surface open.”That one will know the old customers, and know when to be packaged specifically asked, they will separately packaged noodles.Noodle shop next to a patisserie, two only separated by a wall, the store is so small that only the sale of a window, just came out of glutinous rice cake also suffused with heat.Looking at the mountains of colored snacks, life and she asked one: “Boss, you have Jianbao?”” No, we do not sell Jianbao home, you need to look at what other point.”She then you look closely, previously a dazzling look Jianbao into a beige floss bread,” then point to the right.”She said, pointing to floss bread.Paid the money turned around and found previously stare people in the face of the store which will in turn look to their own standing in front of the shop, Lin Zili scared clenched his bags in his hand, he pretended nothing had happened to go forward a few step, the man actually did not wanted to move up, to keep up with his.She suddenly remembered before heard rumors from the city occurred a few cases, all girls are men followed to the house were killed, this thought scared her scalp tingle again.Now have to hurry to get rid of this man, her farther and anxious, turned into a commercial street in front of the street commodity dazzling, crowded, and she told the man she lost, disappeared.And so relieved ready to go home, a bigger problem in front of her, she forgot how to go home, standing in the center of the crowd, looked dazed.Left Inquiry back to the house noodle shop, and the remaining four have been eating face, and his bowl is also squarely on the table, packaged noodles share of people still have not come up, old hesitation after the money or else first and then the following.Inquiry just left a funeral pedestrian students come back, that shijiazi people of tears, took them to ask things of the deceased during his lifetime, until finally get out, already growling stomach, eat a few people discuss together bowl.Li Yuan consultation and left the best relations, Li Yuan died a few days before they came to this noodle shop, the store, though small, but the taste is another home can not match.Entered the shop and saw the girl my age, he always felt that you saw her, flashed the kind of sense of familiarity impact on his brain, forcing him anxious to solve this mystery, whenever he to open the girl got away with it, and eventually even disappear in the crowd still have not seen back.”Usually can not tell Li Yuan a place where not, and how he would suddenly take things too hard of it.”Short hair cut with small Aya says.”Oh, I heard from the sea to float when the people are bubble up, especially terrorist.”Speaking of another person.Inquiry ignore them left the topic, his thoughts went back to Li Yuan last time he came, Li Yuan was talking about himself and what was it, the day they drank, two people feel are good, said a muddle stack.Oh, yes, he said, a girl, also open the phone so he glanced photo.Left inquiry put down the chopsticks, looking heavy, he remembered something made him realize: “Perhaps Li Yuan was the killer.”The people here are quietly eating face, he did not put this idea to say, in order to avoid any further complications.Lin Zili back in the home with the help of the police, saying that in fact the only home and cook their own aunt, my parents divorced when she was little, my father travel frequently, can not contact her mother, she would just lay in confused to grow to 18 years old.Today saw the man may be in the noodle shop, Lin Zili had a bad dream, she dreamed that a man by himself to the ground, frantically tearing their clothes, scared she awakened from a dream, to take cold sweat.Vacation is not over, temporarily do not go to school, Lin Zili not know what kind of student, school or learn slag Pa.The doctor said she was affected by the stimulus, the memory only slowly restored, these days she has been thinking about why they would amnesia, and that will not dream about it, every time I think she felt a wave of panic here.Her home not far from the sea, Linzi Li imperceptibly to the beach, he happened to meet a man yesterday.”Students, please wait.”That man take the initiative and say hello to her.”I am also II, like you saw in school, we met yesterday, and I feel a bit familiar to you straight staring at you, you might scare.”So, I am not a bad man, now Made Man, Lin Zili feel that he was not so ugly.”I was too cautious, forgive me.”” You, who lives near here?How time to come?”” Not very far, walk on to.”Just then, playing games on the beach holding a child root very thick stick and ran over, busy woods answer did not notice, but fortunately, the man quickly pulled her hand.”Be careful!”She nearly hit several children, left roar wanted to ask the children if there is thought in Lin Zili, it changed the tone, he said:” The stick accidentally hit someone else, from where you brought, fast go back.”Several children pointed to the distant, he said:” There is ground to pick up the watermelon.”Then we go long.After a simple conversation, so two people met, but also had a left inquiry Contact.After Somehow, the left and consultation carried out some conversation, Linzi Li changed his initial image, manners conversation that he felt very gentleman, courteous, Pro, respectively, when in fact she really admit that he regarded guy.Inquiry today left deliberately went to the beach and see where Li Yuan was found.Li Yuan died that night left another inquiry and friends to have a drink, go home and Tang Chuangshang, and stumbled Li Yuan took the phone, he seems to be what people blocked the mouth, he heard a strange sound , in addition to the woman’s voice.Left inquiry has not remember it until he felt the girl look familiar, he remembered the girl’s crush on Li Yuan, just think of it that night phone.He kind of intuition, Li Yuan’s death and about the girl, although he could not analyze what.However, he preferred to think too much.And left that night after the consultation meeting, Lin Zili dream about him, he came toward you in the midst of beautiful woods, made her feel everything is so wonderful and happy place, perhaps, she was a little like him.The next day, she even think about meeting him, but this is no reason to use it, and as a girl, too initiative also is not right, they just know it, even friends are not really.She found him to enter the number of micro-channel, apply friend added, soon I got consent, which made her feel overjoyed.But they are no more talk, Lin Zili checked his circle of friends.It turned out he would write poetry, circle of friends, there are a few first signature poem, well written, is her favorite type.With this intention, she seems to be able to back out a few modern poetry: “You come to the world trip, you have to look sun in the sky, and your sweetheart walking down the street.”She memorized the verses themselves think of it, it seems doctor of medicine really useful so high drug prices is justified.For his past, his life bit by bit, she is ever more like it, I feel he is the kind of guy you like, do not exaggerate, not artificial, real and interesting.She thought, the school must be more dealings with him, what the story might get it, seventeen-year-old girl can occur, like when people always naive like a child.She danced holding the phone in the house, talking to himself, looking very happy.Since the exercise left to think of it the night of the phone, and my heart has been very uncomfortable, it is not the police, should not control it, but just think something was, he would rather he did not think of it this detail.Lin Zili plus his friend when he agreed, but her heart is still inconsistent, although a sophomore girls can not have any similar murder of amazing moves, but she is, after all, people like Li Yuan, after all, their doubts objects.School come soon, Lin Zili been tempted mood they want to see Left inquiry, she really felt in love.Now all the students know her amnesia, teachers are also exceptionally tolerant of her, she was careful to introduce a variety of situations, but strange to say, she’s a little knowledge did not forget, but more sophisticated than ever before.I heard that exercise has left the basketball game, she bought a bottle of water go out into the playground to run from the canteen, and bottled water when the booing crowd of people again and again: “Oh, there is beauty and bottled water Yeah, we have.”Lin Zili shyly ran away, but my mind was left mixed feelings inquiry.Lin Zili just because he is close to death and her doubts about Li Yuan, not to let her fall in love with himself, which he did not know at how to do, maybe he should not continue in the tube Li Yuan thing, otherwise it will affect to own life.He decided, no longer care about it, so he deleted the micro-letter Lin Zili, and decided not to contact her.Lin Zili soon find themselves being left Inquiry deleted friends, listen to her lesson was frustrated not go.Their performance is not too obvious?It is not that you are not looking so he does not like himself, a lot of problems plaguing her.Sure enough, the girls are not active, this will make her lose interest in boys.The inquiry was deleted left that day, she had a dream.A piece of watermelon at the beach, there is a boy put her on the ground, violently wants to take off her clothes, face and tears she cried, seeking the boys let her, but the boys did not hand movements stopped himself suddenly like a changed man like then, the effort becomes larger than that of boys, the last faint knock him with a wooden hand with a vine on his feet tied to a rock into the sea the.But so after she woke forgot to put this dream, she left for the loss of inquiry and sad, that did not get his favor and sad, but she was looking forward to a love of it, why he refused to give yourself the opportunity to do.Lin Zili Note treating physician in the month before contact her guardian, the result after a month to see the forest dad.The doctor said: “Your daughter’s situation is not very good, we recommend that you take her psychiatric take a look at, in order not to affect her physical and mental health of individuals, we did not tell the specific circumstances of her own, she may suffer from split personality.”I’m a dad, shocked the whole person in there, their hard work not just to give her a better life Mody, how would this be what he seems wrong, he should accompany her side.”Or treat it as soon as possible.”Unfortunately, Lin Zili know nothing, just wondering himself appeared destined for a life but can not have, even if recovered memories, she will never know their heart of hearts what kind of sin is also hidden, I do not know You have to bear what kind of sin, she is no longer enough to make it easy to simply love one’s sins.I heard that exercise left to transfer, and Lin Zili never saw him again.Dad came back, saying that with a doctor to help her treatment, she also hopes he can return to normal as soon as possible.Every time I go to the beach, she will always be remembered inquiry left, the sunlight, beautiful people.00

A child of those sad things, provoking tears.

A child of those sad things, provoking tears 1 family was poor childhood to death, can solve the food and clothing, but that is wishful thinking fruit snacks!I equally poor at home and a small partner to death secretly took to the streets picking up trash to eat, so-called garbage is thrown away after the bazaar carpet uncle who nearly spoiled hardly recognize the face of no name cook cook fruit, mostly bananas, followed by apples, oranges there for the winter!Often after the fair, there will be two similar two small dogs like villain infested firewood, flip roadside trash, positive and timid, flip over quickly hide eaten!  Later, we visited the village duo and canning factory, attention of the high walls of the drainage channel every day, waiting to be discarded cans out of the moment lightning fish swallow!  2, elementary school when the family was poor, there are times to work overtime at noon father came back late, I left him with fried fried rice (for the first time to cook), he was moved back to me five cents of large sums of money (5 cents a popsicles), I went to school in the afternoon to buy a popsicle, leftover money lost.  Classmates picked up to our teacher, the class teacher in the classroom to ask who lost money, I raised my hand at the same time, a good home conditions of male students also raised their hands, and did not ask the teacher asked him to put the money and then looked at me with contempt in the eyes.  I’ll never remember the good teacher, she made me study hard hard work, it is to not let people look down.  3, eleven-year-old to the field school, my aunt will not let me live with them, I rented a few square meters of basement, eating meat is sandwiched stare uncle, a little ring true heart he will be snapped to eat every night rice will return to finish the basement, what entertainment did not, no friends, no one to speak to hold internal injuries, for a long time had the room bed, wardrobe, desk moved around every day to pass the time.  4, eat apples over a child in kindergarten, saw little friends eating apple, I used to tell him, you eat I eat apple skin!Nima!Eat the skin!How I love to eat apples ah!!!  5, a child at home is poor, I remember the first time I eat cherries, my mother went out to work to come back that day, went to the market to see a fruit stand fall two big cherries, then she picked it up yet either ask the boss, the boss said Do the.This is my first eating cherries.  6, a child, the family was poor, her mother went to the vegetable market selling vegetables into the dish, several city boy eating pomegranates on the back stairs, eat a throw a nuclear.At that time God has seen the horse world are wood, do not know what they eat horse things of God, then they found out I was intently watching them, so deliberately threw a few pomegranate nuclear, then I did not really pick it up and tasted taste they laughed and said: Oh, you really see her eat!Silly!  Now we see pomegranate hate.  Fifth grade 7, primary school, from April to October, a full six months, wearing only a pair of pants, dirty wash the need to dry in a well ventilated place, otherwise can not do the next day not to wear pants.With the father said, my father pulled the pants Article grandmother gave me, the elderly wear wide pants with blue flowers, it is not the courage to wear to school.We had a whole summer.In November, the winter comes, but fortunately there are winter wear pants.  8, I’m fine childhood in the countryside, hungry went to the mountains to dig potatoes, baked sweet potatoes and the like, there is the pick peaches, pears, etc..Of course, the family often neighbors who came to say I stole something dug their home.There is eat rhododendron, azalea, said Nima adult child eat a lot of nosebleeds.Later, once the hungry can not eat more than a NNN.  9, in high school, because the family could not scrape together the money to buy a quilt, often at night and wake up cold, forced to stay up late to get up early every day.Whenever students wonder why not change the bed quilt thick point, I was terribly embarrassed.  So, even now, food and clothing have no problem, but I would still like my friends above said, in the supermarket to buy discounted fruit, dying of thirst also try to go home to drink boiled water, eat snacks, like to buy to spread the goods.  10 hours for some time, and my father outside contractor owes a lot of money.Then a lot of people came to our house the millet beans arrived in what can take away all the money.Little sister to school a semester because no money to pay school fees, books are not up to the holiday, only light exercise books.  I remember that sometimes there is no rice to cook, my sister and I take a bowl to someone’s home to borrow, borrow and borrow things are oil salt things done, when my sister and chatted about last year, cried, I feel the good old.  11, a child at home is to get the orchard, so a variety of local fruits, such as peaches, pears and oranges oranges has never lacked for a variety of fruits to eat, but the family rarely give us pocket money, then see the school children in the school gate eat snacks very envious of the stalls, the only chance to get pocket money, is sometimes a good mood grandmother and sister will give me one or two cents, so when I saw my grandmother hand into his pocket and began listen to the sound of plastic bags there, because my grandmother’s money is wrapped in plastic bags.  Later, when my sister, who started sixth grade, my mother did not give me breakfast and started giving me a fee too early, my sister two days a week to come back, so I put 5 cents every morning for breakfast all the money saved, so sister came back I had two five, I brought my sister to eat in the canteen bought.My sister is very distressed, gave back every time I eat bought back, the breakfast is also estimated that she saved money, right.  Before the junior clothes is still there, but after junior high school, the family too much pressure, I started wearing my sister’s old clothes, I remember that time I did not wear a coat, only one sister school uniform coat, a wear is one week and then go back to my mother to wash, then wear next week.  Once a town of relatives dinner, my mother wanted me and my sister went, my sister and only a coat, but I can not wear uniforms to go ah, my sister took me to her clothes by a primary school student, in fact, the clothes I wear large lot.Which is very time I hope not to have children out of clothes to me, that was quite a luxury for me is the.  12, from where we admitted to the best high school area, I was fifteen years old the first time into the city, I thought: the city is really big ah!In fact, it is just a small county-level cities.  As a bonus, my father took me to the flea market to buy a pair of pants a dress, she spent a total of fifty yuan, but I’m glad it was my first time to wear clothes more than fifty yuan.  I was wearing my clothes to go to the supermarket to buy things with my aunt, a bespectacled woman led a little boy pointing at the back of my aunt and said to the boy: Look, rustic.  13, before kindergarten, the boys eat a salty kind of seeds, a group of us beside his leftover seeds shell that put his mouth sip salty.  Another time, I took my woman to play with my brother went to the temple yard, sell candied fruit to my brother, I’d look at the next woman I still have not bought me candy.  There childhood road, filled with a lot of road like a stone, there are many stones that expired sugar, I picked it up to eat, a few boys hit me with a small stone.  Later primary school also played with stones, but I just go on the road, did not provoke them.At that time my parents no matter, I’ll play a man in the field, and now I am also a person, I was kind of born with it very lonely man!  14, I was a child, the family no money, there is a younger brother to eat popsicles, just the kind of street takeout Popsicle, and my mother to see my brother very hungry, gave him one minute of the coin, when a Popsicle dime a small root.Britain’s fart brother ran, the man who knows not the minutes of.My brother would come home crying, my mother was very angry, take a bunch of money to a sub-question, how, and the minutes are not money!Later, my brother or give in exchange for a Popsicle.  Another time, my younger brother home is selling apples, me and my brother went to his house to play, a small cousin to eat apples, took a bite, and gave my brother a bite, a child Well, like this play eat.My aunt came back saw, the little cousin beat up, say, always eat in front of outsiders!What are you lost light!At that time, I immediately took my brother away.Later, I never go to her house.  15, once a good class family and beautiful female students by male attention, thirsty come to me to drink, I was a bottle of mineral water which comes on irrigation water at home, the girls take over the bottle suddenly hesitated and asked I bought or home with, I said belt, she immediately gave me quite find it too.  16, once set school uniform primary school, the family did not give me money, I am a person in the class did not buy.So that after three years, every school there is a collective activity, that they will have one dress and others do not.Now I am married and economic conditions is not good, I’m afraid to have children.  17, I think of a sister, a child my mother died, his father came to our married there, done neighbor, I know her.She has two younger brothers, is a large biological mother and stepmother is small.  Ever since I met her elementary school, she began to take care of his two younger brothers, her cook and everything is done, when the mother is simply a (PS: She has one year younger than me).Her father and stepmother in a 20-minute walk away from the street opened a shop, do not take care of children.After her mother’s house to live with her neighboring house, she did not do anything as long as there will be scolded after her mother, stepmother to complain.Stepmother love little brother, her particular bad.  Once her mother finished the afternoon mahjong, she did not make dinner, was stripped stepmother beat him up, not to eat dinner, kneeling on the stairs one night, dawn the next morning, the adults did not get up, she was lame his feet do breakfast.  There are parents once in the shop by his father to play (not her fault, is framed stepmother), and later played for some time did not dare to wear short-sleeved, will reveal scars.And when the fight is to make her knees, not allowed to move, not allowed to say anything.So she was hit in the back room of the disciples did not know, that just scolded.  There are a lot, people really quite chilling.She is still commendable kindness.  18, comes to the poor, my cousin most pathetic.She is the sister of my mother’s daughter.She was seven years old, his brother-year-old.Her parents divorced them not in possession.Mom ran, regardless of their dad go out.  Two siblings did not eat off of their own home to eat tomatoes.Eat red, then very red.Later also eat green.The last two had diarrhea almost died, five days eating tomatoes!  Later, someone sent word to call my mom to see them, to know this thing.We are a bit far away.Finally, her uncle shelter them up.One uncle, died after the two of them to mix in society, are only read primary school.  Sister was twelve years old are Pianjian several men, there is no reading, and now my sister has not married off a 29.Too many families who, because of her gambling father, his mother remarried several times, saying they did not tutor, watching her mother to know she is not what good stuff.  She also hates her mom and dad.Did not get possession of them, naturally a bit wild, no training, or is it a character flaw!Whenever I see a contradiction between husband and wife, advised divorce from someone on the offensive.They do not understand children without parental care how miserable childhood, much bitterness secretly tears flow!Only to see people have grown up.  A while ago sister said her parents do recognize my mother, my mother do not want to.Because her real mother alive.In short cousin various difficult!  As shown, I was very young, walking is not very stable 19, when only my mother took me.It was a summer evening, a thunderstorm at about food also drying out, the mother desperately want to move back to the food, so nobody took me.  I hobbled hugged her mother’s leg was so young do not understand, my mother no way, I was a man locked in the kitchen, let me piercing cry.  When she opened the kitchen door, on my legs, arms, all shaded place no clothes all covered with mosquitoes.  That summer, my legs a rotten pack a bag and then even into the film, and later purulent, long time to get treatment at the hospital.And my grandparents in less than 50 meters away from the place I was, without touching the piercing cry listening to granddaughter.  20, when the kindergarten, the family was poor, in addition to three meals a day, the only snack that is dry bread, the bread is cut into pieces, and then on the outside tan dry, conducive to storage, I would grab a few day kindergarten dry bread in your pocket.  Once the class has a little girl with a Shaqima eat, her grandfather was the village chief, so she often delicious snacks.She said to me, you want to eat it?How can kids do not want to eat?I said I want to eat, she put the half-eaten Shaqima into my mouth, I just want to bite, she smiled and quickly ran away, leaving empty I grew up in the mouth and nose to smell Shaqima sweet taste of this thing is to go to school I was one of the engines strenuously, to study hard in order to free the poor from bullying.  21, I was a child in foster care in someone’s home, a lot of things to do every day, did not dare to eat, scolded every day, three days a small play five days a big hit.In all boil every day, several times calculate suffered a curse, was hit went dark room crying, shouting her mother, but also not too loud, kept crying, especially uncomfortable.  In particular I remember the winter for years, very hard thin shoes, warm clothes completely, my entire people are frozen, and now think I do not know is not an illusion, my eyes like frosted eyebrows, as when the class is not holding tight pen can not write, can only draw the line at sixes and sevens, also said a teacher at the time, go back and followed the woman said, changing his shoes I would like to think cold with hot water at hand, she glared swore by viciously cursed me.  I daydream every day, like my parents suddenly appear, take me away.But the fact is helpless, parents have no idea.My mother did not know the woman it will put on a show, and I was afraid of her sad, there are times I heard her crying over the phone, I can not stand it, and I think what bitter to eat, I have to endure, do not let my mother sad.  Sixth grade, my parents take my leave, my grandmother tube, and finally do not have to feed and clothe scolded beaten, I year, 4.50 pounds of fat, too much grown.  In the days of childhood, the book is my only consolation, I see very complicated, but do not see, that is my spiritual food, my happiness Township.While playing this word when I’ve been crying, but it is this rain comes.Painful memories of the time I have been buried, was most impressed by the picture of a person I often go to the hill, lying on the grass, watching the blue sky and white clouds, especially lonely.  22, a child his family was poor, had to pick someone with a classmate on the playground leftover half do not eat snacks, junior high school had to go back to pick up sugar in the auditorium after the adjournment (just hosted the event, in the middle for everyone to sprinkle sugar).A child want to eat snacks, but parents can not afford to give me did not dare to.  Now his family was getting better and better, but think of a child to feel particularly sad.I kept thinking if I had children, I will meet her those little humble desire, if I have daughter, I want her to live as proud as a princess, do not feel inferior, can live in the world standing.  23, I’m 90 women, seven children at home my old platoon 6, followed by a sister.Poor child in the family, what to eat nothing down, because I do not love what meat.But from an early age rarely eat chicken, because to kill a chicken only two legs, nieces and nephews nephew or something to eat, will fail to get me.  Grade 2 transfer from the countryside to the county school, learning is very good, but the family was poor can not afford to buy nice clothes, always be looked down upon, being bullied.Later, the junior high school, adolescence, or no clothes, wear uniforms throughout the year, Saturday, Sunday wash, Monday through.  There are times forget to wash, and I’m anxious gonna cry, then take my mother or my aunt household washing machine dehydration, dry one night, the next day dressed to go to school.Others are new uniforms, school uniform I wear very old very old.  Being bullied by students in the class, taking difficult to listen nickname.English Weekly afraid to pay money to $ 14 every time my mother would finally give me, then hate her, and each time asked her to, she always said no money.  Jacket can wear uniforms, wide big, wear jeans below the article through the sister.I remember the year my sister bought me 4 times in two very nice pants, a white one pink, has been put on, to wear two days, crotch where darned again and again, for my own use of sewing up.  Later did not go to study not want to be bullied by classmates, I do not want nothing to wear.Now I do not regret the decision, although it is not willing to tell my friends I never graduated from junior high school.But I can now own money, I can buy nice clothes, and I can dress myself will not be ugly people say, take a nickname.  Now still low self-esteem, wearing a little better if the clothes will not dare take to the streets to buy clothes or something, afraid of being looked down upon salesman, will basically try to buy, no money to buy will not dare try.  24, I was a cleft lip and palate children, because a child limit medical conditions, surgery is not successful, although the appearance and ordinary people, but mumbles.Because of this, go to school, teachers do not accept, so I went to school with disabilities, although later into the school, but also ignoring ridiculed treatment.  The teacher sent the papers he was wrong, but my hand with a cane the Purple Green.Call me on stage to read the text, but in the next laughing at me, told me to go rolling down, listen to listen to is not clear.Other students badly written word, is to be scolded, for I’ll just drive me home.  Healthy lesson let the boys go outside to play, the girls talk to the teacher in the classroom physical health of those days, and offered me something that I am sick the rest of the body I do not want to say, anyway accustomed to, thank you, dear devil.  25, the moon, and I have two sister dropped out of school to go home, to help his father sell vegetables to give me money to go to school, first day of the festival organized by the school outing to Taierzhuang grave, the students generally with about $ 10, my father gave me only 5, I do not understand, angry, five did not want.After my sister know, chasing on foot about 2 km to 10 dollars stuffed in my pocket.  26, childhood family was poor, sixth grade, no bike, had to go home for dinner at noon, time is very tight, just enough time to have to take the path back to school.The so-called path is to take the ridge, summer on the ridge can often run into a snake, back to a home can sometimes run into two or three times.  My life, I fear snakes, and there are a few girls are not afraid of the creatures it?I fear snake bites, so whenever I come across a snake bolted home three or four miles, and I ran home breath.Because at that time can be silly, did not see even thinking about stepping on snakes, snake run so fast not bite.  Now those childhood ridge walk are gone, the provincial highway repair, what has changed, you can often think, really want to hug their time.  27, special greedy I was a child, there is a sweet drug is laxative, fruit guide piece, I often secretly eat, then go to 28 diarrhea childhood home did not give pocket money, think about chocolate see people out on the ground on the very spot pick up your mouth.Another time my brother stole the family ten dollars, gave me two, was stupefied, never took so many large sums of money, and later took the family know we were beaten up, and finally had to pay the money back.  29, when children in large classes, pick up the same table leftover noodles, is thrown into the garbage heap of the people.And I said to her shy, I want to eat you throw the bag of instant noodles, and she nodded, I am glad to still holding on to a little taste of the playground, the students around them cast envious eyes ah, for bag can not bear to throw, pour a little lick in her hand, Shen Zhaoshou let me play with a little good companion per person.  Later the rich at the same table to go to better schools, and now often saw her, but I could not understand why she has been hiding away, saw her, I thought of instant noodles bag of shame.  30, I was a kid very stubborn, and she often noisy, my elementary school when she was just a stroke a lame foot, junior high school PTA meetings, I’m not willing to let her go out of my face fear, then she fares in order to save a dollar , walked two hours to school, then at the door to see her disheveled appearance, then I do not understand, think of it now cry.  Ever since I was in high school she never went to my school, and even though I want her to go.At that time her body has been very bad, so I always wanted to go to college, then college entrance examination last month before I leave the next day, he passed away.  31, childhood family was poor, the deepest impression is that only winter wear red shoes to a pair of broken toes sticking out, is already in junior high school girls, because the fear of the students joke, they put pen painted red socks , between classes and students did not dare to play with the fear of being found.Home mom also beaten, crying while washing socks with cold, cold hands are insensible.  Always remember that biting cold of the night, and now they earn money, buy clothes and shoes addiction, may be the missing his childhood self compensation for it.  32, a child has a doorstep selling watermelons, tempts me to call my mother to buy a watermelon for me to eat, my mother did not say anything just looked at me and crying, and then the next day out of work.When the car she told me that I want to earn money to buy a watermelon eating.  33, my father beat my mother is gone, he said, to buy things, and possessed of my brother again locked up in the house, the snow goose feather ah, he said’ll be right back.My brother and I had spent the day in the snow also seen him come back, not hungry just holding my brother went to my father, he went to the old supply and marketing cooperatives, found that the acquisition of persimmon fall where throw a bunch of persimmon, we eat Jianlai eat face with paste feces, as my father just passed by to see us, to take home meal dead beat.  I do not remember that night we did not eat, anyway, the day he put us in the house turned off the light and left, my brother and I have been afraid to cry, because those shadows, I now have very afraid of the dark, afraid of hungry.That year I was four, my brother was two years old.  34, went the way of night school Cross Street neighborhood, carrying a yellow bag is so heavy, hole shoes could not carry my body, I was about to lie down, he saw on the ground half a Shuanghui ham, do not hesitate to pick it up the remaining half to eat out.Really too delicious, delicious so I ate squatting on the ground crying.That year 9 years old.  35, remember when Grandma was carrying a small basket into the street to pick up the watermelon rind, home grandmother with water and then wash, grandpa and I eat good fun ah!Another time with his uncle to stopping child, people put sugar to pour boiling water, drink of finished sugar did not even finish, I Duanzhuobeizi down ah ah upturned neck down, he just stop ignoring the angry uncle’s eyes.Another time, my grandmother took me to the people to eat wedding, just eat the waistband hold off on the way home and had been hand Tizhaokuzi.  36, primary school every ten minutes between classes on tour with my sister and playground can often pick up a few cents to buy food.Coz pick up someone else’s bagasse eaten.Sanmei cheated four or five children, and said to her delicious mouth open eyes closed, she did, the result in her mouth was dry chicken poo, I was only a little bile special dare whispered curse, weeping dig my sister’s mouth.  37, the girl’s parents at a very young age she divorced, she followed her mother (her father was not a thing), a single mother in rural areas is not easy at that time.Once, her mother in the kitchen cooking, she was playing outside the house, eating an apple (in rural areas have to take that time to change some bad food prepared fruit), then the leftover apple nuclear threw in a puddle.She suddenly thought of her mother also raised a pig, no food to feed, the pigs can eat apples nuclear!She did not hesitate to pick up drops jumped into a puddle when she was five years old.  38, a child at home to feed the hens to lay eggs, but her mother forbade us to eat, to wait for the guests to eat.Then, one day, saw a chicken, only to reveal a half, I’ll pull out.With wet toilet paper wrap, grilled over the fire for a while, they suck up, although students also relish.Something complete, had to put a calm cope with her mother, because she touched the chicken stomach will know that there is no egg.  39, elementary school when the family was very poor.5 dollars a pair of white shoes that is my only shoes.Whenever it rains, put the shoes wrapped in plastic bags into the innermost bag.To the school because of dirty feet, always reluctant to wear out shoes, barefoot on the class, and then go back and barefoot, because it is the mountain, the feet are often stones and roadside dwarf tree branches, grass, draw a strip bloodstain child.At that time also feel very happy, also because white shoes clean.  40, a child flies well, although now rich, eat what you buy, you can point the dish on the table a people eat, the clothes can be set with a pair of high heels, but my heart has always lived a little cowardly inferiority girl. Disabled inspirational stories celebrity inspirational stories inspirational success stories truths who is scarred before you may just see a successful homecoming appearance, brilliance, people envy.But before they succeed is what, you know?Some friends may know, some people may not know.Ten million understand, who are scarred former success.The scars, some in their own tireless efforts bump, while others are for others to see that they are not cut out for disparagement.But anyway, the real truth is scarred.  85th Academy Awards held in Beijing in February 2013 the morning of the 25th in Los Angeles Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Chinese director Ang Lee with “drifting juvenile fantasy camp” once again won the Best Director Award.At the same time he became director Ang Lee directed the history of the first 3D movie with Oscar-winning.Ang Lee scored twice re best director award, “Young School” get four awards 成最大赢家, let Ang Lee not only elated, but also glowing terms, frequently kissing Oscars.But who knows, before he succeeded scarred?According to media reports, Mr. Lee is 38 years old before they get the chance to film, 42-year-old before getting his first Golden Bear in Berlin, before the age of 38 he has been unknown to find his dream movie in New York.In addition worked as a waiter, he did not become famous artists in New York all the things done at home with children, cooking, writing the script, go to the studio to carry a large bag of 38-year-old man has nothing casual work, no wonder I look in his eye Yue where acute in mind, money is not, nor is it does not give money, you can only shake their heads, regret dead daughter marry such a hundred no one’s dead Wen Qing.In the first three lecture, Mr. Lee tells Sisy Chen old friend in such a little-known but no lack of meaningful words.  Mr. Lee scarred before the fame, which became famous person in the world is not black and blue before it?  Published “evolution” of Darwin, then decided to give up practicing medicine, was his father’s rebuke: You stood decent thing and quit all day just to hunt, catch the dog, rat’s arrest.In addition, Darwin revealed in his autobiography: a child, all the teachers and elders thought I qualification mediocre, and are smart do not touch.  Edison reaction unresponsive child, teachers agree that he did not have the ability to learn.  Einstein’s 4-year-old will speak, 7-year-old will read, teachers said about him is: unresponsive, and no group head is full of unrealistic fantasies.He has been dealt a drop out, has also been rejected when applying for Zurich Institute of Technology.  When former Russian writer Tolstoy college and dropped out because of bad grades, the teacher thought he had neither read minds, and the lack of willingness to learn.  The French sculptor Rodin’s father, lamented that they have an idiot son, College of the Arts test three test it does not go yet.    Successful people in mainland China is no exception.  In the real estate sector well-known Pan Shiyi, born in 1963 in Tianshui, Gansu rural areas, transfer to the county, began his life of wandering began.At that time, because of his rural accent is heavy, so head down to the county high school all day, to graduate do not know how high school building.Unlike now, every day to a certain place to see in the end how high the tallest building this place, contemplating their own business based on this highly associated.The end of 1987, Pan Shiyi, the first time to go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, time to head off the South, who left with more than 80 dollars, and this is his venture capital.Since the No border pass, this venture capital have ordered a 50 dollars asked people to lead the way, from a hole in the barbed wire following stole climbed into the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone.Into Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, Pan Shiyi, first for three meals a day and kept on the run, and soon entered a consulting firm, when consulting firm that shell companies, computer training, to lead the way Hong Kong tourists, reception Mainland director, tour manager, what money whatever.Because of language barriers, eating habits are not suited, life has always been to Shenzhen Yuan Shi Yi can not adapt, so he was very depressed.Two years later, Pan Shiyi Bianxiang company volunteered south of Hainan.Hainan power shortage can be very time, the lighting of the electric generator of his own hair.Six months later, with the advent of economic downturn, most prospectors are dismissed, Pan Shiyi decided to stay and take a chance.Imagine the extent of hard luck.Two dollars a haircut, he has to cut bargain with others, than like the original green face beast Yang sell knives as they would.Night sleeping on the beach, but also the clothes buried under the sand for fear of the dead of night to sneak thief; others in the room to see the Spring Festival, to see half of it was the landlord boom out.Pan Shiyi This is now behind the glamorous past.  As Bacon said success: poor quality may be exposed Fortunately, the best quality is also bad luck are displayed or just people often talk about being laughed at mediocrity, it is likely to be misplaced genius worth mentioning anyone’s success, its sad history behind an insurmountable.Who aspire to go beyond, or go beyond the background, the result is more failure.Because there is no successful exercise, which is extremely shaky foundation.In this regard, friends say, is a blessing exercise, nutrition is suffering, I am afraid that in this bar!So, let us have this awareness early, happy face hardships it, no matter hold hands standing to serve the powerful, hands-on physical exertion or agitation plaster, scarred is a must. Every business leader has a sturdy childhood losers in life to see how others efforts can fail, but stood on the wheelchair must defeat beautifully Spirit Walker Wen / Zhang Peng is suffering in life is a compulsory course in front of the boy, thin and small body seemed to be buried in a wheelchair, could fall at any time like.His height was 1.4 m, weighing only about 20 kg.But as soon as he spoke, unwavering tone and loud and powerful voice will infect everyone.  The world was born with a rare disease osteogenesis imperfecta boy, called Liu Daming, 19 years old.A long time ago, there are doctors predicted that he not live two years old.  Mother Zhao Jiaolian never thought to give up life son Daming.She still remember, only the large big-ming six months, when there is a bath, a broken arm, to the hospital initially diagnosed as osteogenesis imperfecta, patients with this disease is known as glass doll.The family’s nightmare began.  The doctor advised her: the child to do nothing else but live the age of two, there is no way to cure the world..  Very young, big-ming and other children will realize that they are not the same.He can only honestly alone, can not play, can not fall.His only space and a sofa bed.Read a book lying on the couch, listening to distinguish other people’s footsteps, he became one of the few large-ming childhood fun.  Later, he began to learn to paint in bed, unfortunately, less than two months to study painting, his left leg and broken.  In the days accompanied by pain, Daming liked to read, but also take up the Tang.He began to reveal his amazing talent in terms of memory, as long as simple Tang mother taught again, he can recite.  But beginning no one is willing to receive this special school children, school children are worried about security issues.Daming to 7 years old, he had finished school elementary school curriculum..When he wrote his full name and home address in front of the elementary school principal, he was admitted to primary school in Lanzhou City is a Ning.  In 2000, Daming 6 years old, in Beijing, he was first-class orthopedic specialist sentenced to death.But passionate attachment to the parents, he did not give up, they stay with rapids Daming again and again to spend life.The difficult process of seeking treatment for many years, so that the boy knew from the urine of life and well-being, mental mature than their peers.  In 2012, a large Ming’s condition deteriorated again, severely deformed spine is a huge trumpet-shaped, entire stomach is extruded into thin strips, milk can not drink a few mouthfuls of spit, every meal can only eat thirty-four spoon.At this point, the original intact occasionally blurred vision.Last resort, Daming family once again embarked on the road to medical treatment.  In a domestic authority of the hospital, the old experts watching the film, for large-ming father reluctantly shook his head, said: within a year, do not consider doing this surgery is best to take a lie.  Dream again broken, but not willing to Daming.He later wrote: I am not willing, not willing, as long as I can move, I will go forward, go down with a crawling, can not climb on the move, rub, whether it be ugly posture and more.  In 2011, the first held in Suzhou National High School campus poetry meeting, Liu Daming with a touching poem “Spirit Walker” sensation in Suzhou City.  His opening remarks, young poet on the wheelchair, to share his life: I think life is suffering a compulsory course, unseen behind the success of bitterness, and brave behind there we can not imagine the suffering.Everyone should be limited in time, bursting out of their own infinite value of life.  The illness left torso, the living soul left your torso to the disease, yet the soul of life left, you will be happy to share emotions, yet the grief left chest, you will dream to youth, yet suffering left dedication song “spirit Walker” is the portrayal of his life Liu Daming.  Daming body ever need to put a heavy casing for supporting the correction of bone, metal strip close to the skin, and the pain he was red with rage out, often fainting.Throughout the winter, his clothes are always wet.Even sleep at night, I had to wear a hard plastic case that, over time, the body in several places are grinding off the skin.  He loves life, even though his legs unable to stand, but he was obsessed with basketball.In his bedroom wall, plastered with posters of idols NBA star Kobe Bryant.  Daming like Kobe Bryant not only because of the famous players of this game.Bryant had a reporter asked: Why are you so successful?Bryant asked the reporter: Do you know the way to Los Angeles 4:00 do?Reporter shook his head.Bryant said: I know that every day 4:00 looks like Los Angeles.This story has greatly inspired the boy in a wheelchair.  I think that a person is no longer alive thing, and not only for reasons of prestige, money and struggle, the target should be higher, bigger, I would wish that the whole world into the wheelchair gives me a fortune per share personal.Daming said.  Daming time was pressing his own time, he did not want to waste life.After 2012, the doctor was sentenced to death, he had a premonition that his life may soon come to an end.He classes during the day and writing at night until two or three in the morning the next day, he hopes to be able to write a popular book.  Because sitting spine would hurt, so he can only tummy time of writing, so he often feels shortness of breath, sore arm.  Nothing makes him feel hard-won than a school.In order to go to school, he almost lost their lives due to conceal the truth.2009 mid-year, he found his legs muster a packet.He soon realized that this was 4 years old into his leg in the two X needles, acupuncture is now broken knee, has revealed the tip.  At this point, it is a critical moment in the sprint test.He quietly concealed the disease, reluctantly classes, blood often flows from heel trousers, he was unaware.  Illness knocked him out again, in 2009, Liu Daming ninth brought to the operating table.His leg bone was cut into 5 segments rearranged, put the leg in the new X-pin.Because surgery syndrome sudden, large-ming shock, leaving only a faint breath.The whole operation and danger, hit the shot in the arm by only a narrow escape.  Let them regain the life of courage and a lot of people suffering from pain and different, Liu Daming is so sunny, honest, hearty, gratitude and full of vitality.  In the large-ming attended the Northwest Normal University Affiliated High School, he was affectionately known as our classmates Hawking.From high school career began in 2011, Liu Daming get teachers and students Zhongxinggongyue like preferential treatment, teachers and students to grow good care of him, all the more the spirit of big-ming regarded as the spokesman for the class.  Little is known about the big boys can not stand is the class of basketball coach.By virtue of their unique understanding of basketball, he won the students recognized.Other basketball team beat the class that night, Daming QQ space to share a mood: Can you do one day coach I feel happy.See you fly and basketball court, I realized the dream seems most.  In the struggle and unremitting disease in 2011, followed happiness.5 days time, Liu Daming gains have been three national awards.Works “Let us in the future in hand,” novel “night pale” has won national awards.In addition, he was also named the year’s Top Ten juvenile literature.  In 2012, Liu Daming once again won the China Writers Cup Juvenile literature prize, the poem “Spirit Walker” Bing Xin won the National Youth Literature Competition Award.Also in that year summer, Daming went to Italy surgery, life and death hangs in the balance.Before leaving, he was almost in a final farewell and students: I really hope can come back, I hope you will give me courage, so I took the courage to face life the longest, most horrible time of his surgery from Italy back, surprisingly, he overthrew the already written half of the autobiographical novel, then knocked again Yi Zizi.He declared his new life in such a way.  You hate it fate?Reporters asked.  I do not hate it, on the contrary, I want to thank destiny.Fate gave me a different body, gave me a special mission.Daming said.  Why book named above fate?  After the book was published just want to, can make people live in the poor in urgent need of strength, regain courage for life.Perhaps this world, then I have suffered the same fate with the people to see it, to re-think that this world is beautiful, the live properly themselves.If such objects can come true, even if I am not in this world, and will feel at ease. Only left foot, still write good life fate of a joke, and I can not turn against Nick Zhe Hu: God carry me

10 kinds of women’s status in marriage, you are kind?

10 kinds of women’s status in marriage, you are kind?Before reading this article, you first click on the title of this article below in blue to learn to do a clever woman and then click on attention, and click the top public number, so that you can continue to receive a free article.Every day Share.Totally free subscription, please rest assured attention 1, Mrs. Queen is the head of this type, is a true feminist.Regardless of the size of things by themselves, and men at home, there is no right to speak of, not even free, everything had agreed to do by his wife.This is a typical female Weak Men type of family relationship, generally due to very useless man, or a man so in love with his wife, too arrogant sake of form.2, nurse-based economic status of women is not independent, or the status of both men and women too poor, or too cowardly female in character, and in a weak position at home, they formed a long-term habit of turn the other cheek, and put It had become the family’s nanny.Such a wife, to serve on the laws, the next to raise children, but also to her husband obedience.It is purely selfless type, no female self.This type of wife, in fact, also includes those full-time wife.Full-time wife appear to be pampered, in fact, nothing more than a senior nurse with a master status.3, is the home of Mrs. Butler-type finance ministers to co-ordinate arrangements for the family payments.As a staff accountant cashier unit, on a budget, but it is generally true of the players live.Because it is the housekeeper, she still gives her husband the right to call the shots, and put out his own opinion to.Such act decisively Mrs. mostly competent, but because of the status of the butler, the whole family’s eating and sleeping are responsible, so be sure to avoid the type of nagging old woman.4, partner type can also be called a type of cooperation, the relationship between husband and wife as partners, their economic confrontation, the implementation of the property notarization, you are you, I am me, it points clearly, household spending implement AA system.Parenting support for the elderly needed funds, all the way to implement their commitment to the.This type of marital relationship, and more from in remarried families, but much room for future development.5, multi-lover to husband and wife to live, of course, including deputy legal protection from the fact that marriage is really lover.Husband and wife to live, work due to objective factors, house, remarried, resulting in difficulty two people together, so this lady in the legal protection of marriage, occupied the position of housewife, and her husband’s relationship is essentially like a lover , together from many.The cover of stealing his wife’s lover type, no matter from which perspective, are the correct words ring true, I am afraid that can only be known as mistress of title.If you want to become authentic wife, also we need to continue efforts.6, left behind his wife of such type, status in the family is still the housewife, but in essence it is the same as vases furnishings.Because her husband is either across the ocean, either on the outside and has built a new nest.Due to the property, children, and other honorary title, can not be separated from divorce, separation or divorce conditions are not ripe, and therefore saved a family in name only.7, contract type a marriage certificate, but signed a permanent or short-term contracts.He had married married not out of sexual gratification, but because of some kind in order to achieve their purpose.This marriage with a lot of utilitarian, so the relationship between husband and wife, just to fulfill a legal obligation on.This family is very unstable, nor peace, day or flies like a pool of stagnant water, either a little noisy every day, kicked three hundred sixty-nine.Once the time is ripe, very easy to tear up the contract.8, attachment type that Mrs. either economically or emotionally, have a strong dependence.The man as his lifelong patron, the man is a true pillar of the family.Once the men left the shelter, and that they know what to do.If it is to rely on the economic performance of female survival is poor, life is difficult to take care of themselves; and if it is to rely on emotion, so women are mostly spoiled, of course, including lazy women.9, the relationship between husband and wife and confidant of such type is very close.Minds between husband and wife act in harmony.Women are not only able to understand her husband, but also a timely manner all ready for her husband, and whether in business or in life, is a good assistant of husband.And her husband keep in good faith between friends, love between family members, like a lover’s passion, romance substantial and family life.10 mixed together, this type of family-type wife relationship with her husband, both mother and child, another brother and sister, and even a variety of ingredients like father and daughter.It is a real flesh and blood, harmony.In such families, women are very gentle, but also good at thinking, harmonious and stable family-run can.Xiao Bian guess you might also like the following featured article: “This eight kinds of fruit do not eat at night!And then also like dieting!(You must know!) “▼ Press the Fanger Wei code to identify concerns in the micro letter backstage reply 7 View article

In spring, writing is late

I should be glad that those traveling from south to north are destined to go through two springs, but I don’t know which spring belongs to me. Maybe they are all gifts from heaven..   Spring is here, it must be here, even if I haven’t noticed it yet.     Spring in northeast China always comes late. It’s not hard to imagine. After the Spring Festival, I started from my hometown of Qinba and came to the northeast. Qinling is recognized as the dividing line between the north and the south of our country. I have traveled half of my motherland for two days by train.. When I left, the wheat seedlings in my hometown turned green. I remember that the previous year was also the year after the Spring Festival, and the peach blossoms in my hometown opened.. When I left this year, I carefully checked that peach blossom was really playing hide-and-seek with me.. Without the peach blossom farewell, it seems that parting is a bit lost.     But I still feel, clearly feel, I started with spring.     The morning when the train slowed down and stopped at the terminal, I saw from the window early that it was snowing outside. I sent a message to friends in my hometown: I have arrived safely in Changchun, where snow is falling. I just want to surprise them, it seems that this will get more people’s attention. Every life needs the nihility of other people’s care, even if many times it is like Plato’s love, it is comfortable to think about and think about it..     From the moment I got off the bus, I started looking for spring belonging to the northeast. I looked at the falling snowflakes and smiled stupidly as if they were dandelions I brought from my hometown. I looked at the silent sky and gazed at it for a long time, as if it were my distant and empty mood. I watched the snow melt slowly. The melted water moistened the road and my heart.     I should be glad that those traveling from south to north are destined to go through two springs, but I don’t know which spring belongs to me. Maybe they are all gifts from heaven to me..     At last, the snow is almost gone, at least there is no white, and the sun is like a kind old man. When I wake up every morning, I have covered the wall opposite the window, giving me the illusion that spring has come. The sunshine in northeast China is too early. It has something to do with longitude. I miss it earlier.. Like when I was a child, every morning when I woke up, my father and mother had already warmed the house and saw them, I saw the sun.     Together with the sun, the sky is high and empty, blue and blue. Just like Ling Shijiang wrote about the sky in Tibet, you know how blue it is in the northeast, and no one really knows. At least I still don’t know, which is why I have been afraid to describe the sky above my head..     Let the sun come early, let the sky be higher and bluer, at least in this way, I will think spring has really come.

i want to hold your hand

Time passed quickly, and in a twinkling of an eye the carefree little boy who likes to look at the blue sky turned into a young man with a spirit hanging around and not knowing where to float, something was always stirring in his heart..     Dream, I want to hold your hand so that I can follow you to wander the world.     Dream, where you drift, I will turn into the seed of dandelion with the wind followed by your wandering footsteps.     Wandering, let your own words fall on this ordinary land, in every article, telling about my wandering life, in every font, full of my heavy footsteps.     Walking, searching for the beat of life, becomes more brisk because of chasing dreams. Looking at the smoke in the distance, I don’t know where I will drift today, where I will run away, where I will keep searching for dreams and looking for the direction of wandering.     Once fantasized, sitting on the castle, watching the white moonlight, listening to the nightingale singing, doing what she wanted to do and leading a quiet life, but this is just a fantasy, a dream, a dream that is not realistic. But I have been trying hard to find, to find, to find the place where I can put down my dream, to pursue the unknown road and to find spiritual sustenance..     Wandering, wandering, wandering in the vast grassland, looking at the running antelope, looking at the nearby mountains, the beautiful scenery intoxicated me and made me infatuated, so that I had to move out a small space to remember. Leaving here, I like to freeze the past scenery in my mind, leaving only the fragrance of talking about memories..     Walking, I do not know when the distant sunset will disappear from my eyes. Looking at the beautiful scenery, I took a carefree step forward. The distant sunset guided me forward, guiding me in the direction of my progress. The distant dream did not know where to float. I followed the wandering dream with the direction guided by the sunset and led me into the unknown road.. Wandering, walking through all parts of the world, leaving footprints I talk about, or deep or shallow sadness. The beautiful past was fixed in mind, placed in the past scenery, passed silently, leaving only the fixed picture.     I want to hold your hand so that you can take me to the streets.     Drifting, drifting direction makes me lose myself and don’t know where to go.     Pursuing, pursuing the unrealistic dream I had, the wind lifted up my hope, took away my thoughts and let me keep pursuing it.     I would like to put my dream in the most hidden space of my heart, place it in the beautiful upper water, and go wandering in the world with my bag on my back..

How far is the network from real life

Today, it is National Day, because the company can only take one day off. After leaving work at ten o’clock last night, I made more than 40 kilometers to get home so that I could write a small article on the Internet.. My wife’s company had stayed up all night in order to take a day off, but she didn’t come home when I got home..   After work, you walk into the house and lock yourself in the house. If you like, you can live like this: hand over clothes to the laundry, hand over dinner to the take-out department, hand over housework to the hourly workers, and hand over the children to the nursing home … Ah, then, you can easily take a bath and sit in front of the computer and start your day’s online life.!     You can purchase daily necessities online. Then, you start chatting online. Or take a look at the online TV series. You can also find a few people online to fight against landlords. Looking for three or four friends to play mahjong; Or find a chess fan to play chess. Your life can be very simple. You can go to the space to eat all kinds of vegetables, raise the cute chicks and ducklings, and at midnight, you can also go to other people’s garden to secretly eat vegetables. When you want to stimulate, go play a gun battle and go to the game space to kill several enemies! This is the network life, many people are here in the past most of the time. A person, enjoying the happiness of a group, cannot leave home, but his thoughts can be derailed freely.!     Work during the day can make you feel very tired. If you are a white-collar worker, you may have to sit in the office all day long, even dare not say a word at the meeting.! If you are an employee, a strict workshop management system will make you the same as a machine. Don’t joke, even if you look in all directions, you will be recorded by video.! These are our modern life! In other words, our life has entered the Internet age, so you have also been programmed! So I think, in the end, how far is life on the Internet from real life?     I didn’t have a network when I was born in the late 1960s. Therefore, my childhood was not brought up on the network. I want to tell you how people lived at that time.! When we were young, we would sneak into other people’s vegetable gardens and steal sweet potatoes in the production team’s fields, but of course it wasn’t a big steal. We just saw it on the way to school and grabbed one and a half of them without extra trouble.! On one occasion, my hand was stretched out from the crevice of the stone and finally I couldn’t get it out for a long time, and then I cried.. Another time I stole grapefruit from someone else’s house and climbed up the wall erected by the stone bar because my eyes were fixed on grapefruit, my hands were stretched out, my feet were empty and people fell off!     Women get up early in the morning. They have to make breakfast. Before cooking, they have to do two things, one is to go to the well to pick up water, the other is to take the big black pan to the big sanitary ware and scrape off the ash on it with a hoe before going home to cook! The edge of the well is lively, the daughter-in-law girls often laugh incessantly, the big soil hygiene is also lively, and the squeaking sound of scraping the pot makes people feel very sweet! All over the place are crows and dog barks, birds and flowers, and the old uncle’s voice of killing pigs often barks before three or four o’clock.!     The men who want to go to work all get up for dinner, and the children who want to go to school also get up early, squeaking and croaking under the tree at the corner of the house to read books.! In the rush to harvest seeds, one side was the roar of threshing machines and the other side was the slogan of people struggling. On one side was the call to pick millet and dung, and on the other side was the laughing and swearing of girls and boys. On the one hand, there was the angry rebuke of shouting at the oxen, and on the other hand, there was the singing voice broadcast in the village.! This is a happy team. They worked together in a division of labor and cooperation. Although they were poor at the time, they were simple and hard at work, but they were very happy.!     At noon, men who don’t want to sleep will gather three to five to play cards and play mahjong, but they won’t bet on money, because everyone has no money. The bet is to stick a note on their face or the loser will drill the table and see a big man with a note on his face and a cat sticking his waist under the table. All the people above will laugh. At that time, they will be called poor and happy.! While women will carry a load of clothes to the river to wash, a group of big girls and daughters-in-law will be on the edge of the river while washing, talking about men’s whispers, talking about parents Zhang and Li, laughing and splashing water with their hands when they are happy.. Such a life is natural and simple!     It’s all right in the evening. A few friends often get together, play a few cards and drink a little wine, go to the east door and enter Xijiaxiang, or the troops are playing movies. One person is holding a small bench to watch it for an hour or two, and then come back talking while walking. Life is like this. There is not much pressure, but there is too much leisure.. In the end of the year, one person gets 12 kilos of oil and more than 100 kilos of millet.. Raising a pig, a dog, a cat that catches mice, chickens that lay eggs, ducks that yell, and rabbits that eat grass. It takes a whole year for a pig to kill a hundred catties, but the meat is sweet and green. The same is true of chickens and ducks, which have few eggs but are nutritious. Such foods are natural and original, and have no hormones and are not contaminated.!     We were dressed in homespun shirts, eating raw sweet potatoes, chewing raw wheat, carrying a small military schoolbag, a rusty knife in an iron pencil case, a soybean – sized eraser, and a few nail-like pencils. The schoolbag was not heavy, but we studied very hard. There are no shoes at the feet, but the pace is very happy!     Today, it’s National Day again, because the company can only take one day off. After leaving work at ten o’clock last night, I made more than 40 kilometers to get home, just to write a small article on the Internet.. My wife’s company stayed up all night in order to take a day off. She didn’t come home when I got home. This night, I was alone in front of the computer all night and didn’t even close my eyes until the next morning at 6: 00 am.! In the evening, my wife wanted me to accompany her on a trip to the street. I pushed her because I wanted to catch a draft. She went bitterly to herself. After she left, I felt uncomfortable and sorry for her, and inexplicable pain hit me hard.! Is this the modern life we want? If in the past, I thought we could go out and have a good walk together, even if we didn’t buy anything, just look at it!     But not today, because only rest days are my personal working hours, and in normal times, I have completely sold myself to the company.. So sometimes I often think that people living in the Internet age are tired or not? Happy is not happy? How far away are they from real life?[ Responsibility Editor: Yi Er ]

Happiness on the Corner

I feel very happy recently. Really. No cheating.   A few days ago, I found that the Gaishui rice in Shaxian snacks is delicious and I feel very happy.   Yesterday, Lao Wu invited him to dinner. He ate very full and delicious, and felt very happy..   Listen to Guo said today that you don’t have to climb Xiangshan this week. I feel very happy.   Last night’s fundraiser was very successful and felt very happy.   I saw a handsome boy on the road. It was a coincidence that the handsome boy gave me a look and felt very happy..   As the Mid – Autumn Festival drew near, xu teacher sent a text message saying that the Mid – Autumn Festival sent ten yuan, feeling very happy..   I’m going to eat egg yolk moon cakes in a few days. I feel very happy just thinking about it.   . Ah, what is happiness? Happiness is actually the trivial things in life. Warm. Comfortable.   Call mom, listen to her blabbering words, listen quietly, then nod and smile as if she were in front of me at the moment, then add quickly: ok! The in the mind will be very warm.   The third sister came back from yoga practice, and the second sister came back soon, Lao Tzu didn’t know what to look at there, laughed from time to time, and chewed at things.. I feel at ease. I feel at ease here. I am a insecure person, no matter where I am, I feel empty and scared even if my parents are around me, but I am at ease here at 712..   After watching Dostoevsky’s participation in the crime and punishment bill for a while, I felt a little strange. I don’t know what’s going on. Now I look at anything and I want to be connected with the law.. Perhaps it may be the reason for studying law.   The life of a person is just a few decades. Happiness or misfortune is just his own subjective feeling.. People who think they are happy will feel very happy even if things go wrong in adversity. On the contrary, if a person always feels unhappy, he will feel in hell even if he lives a paradise – like life..   Whether you want to live in heaven or hell depends on your wishes.   I envy and admire those who clearly live very hard but feel very happy. Such people, like those who kowtow, may have dirty hands and clothes, but their hearts are cleaner than anyone else’s. Those people also, maybe they live at the bottom of the society, they don’t have delicious food, but they are happier than the task force. That’s because they have a very happy heart.   I also want to have that kind of heart.   Now try your best to start …… Happiness is not far from me. I look forward to meeting it around the corner..   Happiness on the Corner.

Gather together

After 30 years away from his alma mater, the old classmates met in March 2013, the happy season of spring and blooming flowers, and the expectation of 30 years finally converged into today’s laughter and laughter, which became a resonant emotion surge.     After 30 years of passing water, let’s always cherish the ambition of serving the country. Thirty years of vicissitudes of life have added a few silks of splendor to us. We were young and vigorous in those days, and now we are middle – aged, with temples stained with frost.. In the past 30 years, we have experienced too much hardships in starting a business, too much rain and snow, and we have reaped fruits and created brilliant achievements.. In the past 30 years, we have walked together with the times. We have witnessed the development of the country and the change of the society together. We bravely responded to all the ups and downs of life, sang songs all the way, remembered our duties and served the country..     After 30 years of teacher-student relationship, let’s always be grateful. Thirty years ago, the teacher did not know how much effort was expended in the face of our students who were few and far between.. Every time we have problems in life, there will always be teachers asking questions and asking questions, every time we have problems in study, there will always be teachers answering questions and answering questions, and every time we wander at the crossroads of life, there will always be teachers’ guidance and guidance.. Teacher, you are our paving stone, you are our navigation light, and you are our booster. In the past 30 years, every achievement we have made has been devoted to your selfless efforts. Your teacher will never forget it and it will be difficult to repay it..     After 30 years of care, let’s often think about the friendship between our classmates. Although living conditions were difficult 30 years ago, all memories are still so good. Despite material poverty, our spiritual world is rich and full. We look forward to the future and have dreams in our hearts. Let’s never forget the music of youth on campus.. After leaving school, we all ran our own things, and even haven’t been masked for 30 years. Today, we finally fulfilled the dream of many people for many years. Although we can’t name each other, we still vaguely remember what we looked like at that time. From everyone’s expressions, I saw a caring heart that has passed through 30 years, with deep love and lasting friendship..     Thirty years of rain and wind have made us remember the beauty of life. In the past 30 years, we have done our duty of being a son and a woman and filial piety, and our children have also learned something or started a family and established a career, and we have also done our duty of being a father and a mother.. After sending away the morning of life and the midday sun, we ushered in the afternoon sun. It’s time for us to hurt ourselves, live happily and work happily..     Time can take away youth, but it can’t take away the deep friendship between classmates, how many times we have been dreaming and how many times we have been longing, let’s put aside the noise of the world, put down all the troubles, go to the corridor of the past, listen to the familiar voice, look at the long-lost face and rediscover the beautiful memory..

Fate ( the other two )

Life is so short that we are eager to release our dreams when we are young. Unconsciously, in the drifting sound of time, we are looking for our own best years. I don’t know how many years later, at the moment when you suddenly look back, do you still remember my vaguely beautiful appearance and whether you still moved by the lush years.   The fate is as light as the wind, and I always yearn for each other as if I were a drowning man desperately grasping the straw in a dream.. However, after all, I still can’t catch it, just like tears in my dream.   Tears are meaningless cries and all beings are equal. Because the desire is too much and the search is too far away, fate is even lighter. The dead are like this, the river flows eastward, as if the scenery is beautiful, everlasting and peaceful, but it is so hurried that I am caught off guard.. Close at hand, and quietly passed away.    [ time ][ original ]jiangdong, waves washed out. The dead, like husband, don’t give up day and night. Time, like running water, drips silently forward, irretrievably in the rising and falling of the sun and in the splendor and gloom of the stars..   The greatest power in the world is the power of time, because he is irresistible, because he will never return, no matter how brilliant and beautiful a person is at one time, he will eventually grow old in time and settle in the dust of history.. Even though the’ spring breeze glows over horseshoe disease’, it will eventually become loess. No matter how rich a person once was, he will eventually disappear in time and melt into nature, and his money will eventually be owned by others..   As if people were born here and died there, they interpreted a dream in the transformation of time. The prosperity and decline of the past are the changes of the sea and the fields in time.. Creation makes man, and man is the most elven species in the world. He can feel the changes of the four seasons and the alternation of the sun and the moon. However, ordinary people cannot appreciate the ” gradual” of time.. Gradually, it was an imperceptible change. Unconsciously, the figure of a child was gone. Unconsciously, the world began to become more complicated. Unconsciously, frost and snow were added to the temples, and the former passion faded. Unconsciously, the old dragon clock shrank into wood carvings in the warm corner of the winter until this moment, when it was suddenly awakened that he was really old.! Looking back on the past, one’s life – youth, youth, middle age and old age – is like a flash in the eye.. Very close – as if in yesterday; Far away – that was clearly many years ago. Sigh in memory: Alas, life is really short!   In fact, people’s life is very long. We just numbed the changes of time in the gradual progress of time. By the time we discovered it, it was already many years later.. As if our changes were completed in a flash, that’s why we have the feeling of ” between the fingers and the waves”.   Jiangdong, the waves washed out. I woke up early in the afternoon without giving up the night and day.. The solar term has arrived in late autumn, and the day is very short. When I got up, the afternoon sun lazily dropped into the courtyard of the patio, and the white walls around me reflected the yellow sun, giving me a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.. On weekdays, when I am free, I have no intention of feeling the beauty of this godsend life until I find it after work – this short break, but I am not allowed to enjoy it more and more deeply..   About half an hour later, I have gone to my workplace. After a short break, we started our own work. At this time, the sunset has been hidden under the earth, but the curtain of the night has not completely hidden the vacant world. Before long, the night became heavy without interest, and the high-pressure lights in the freight yard shone with a bright yellow and red color, shining every inch of my work.. These bright lights in full bloom will shine all night and will accompany me faithfully tonight.   The long night was full of peace and noise, as if in a lonely dreamland, but the roar of the surrounding machines clearly demonstrated the extraordinary excitement. The bustle annihilated the silence and also annihilated everyone. I occasionally looked up and looked around. Everyone was doing his own work and no one was paying attention to others. The atmosphere at night easily made people ” indifferent” and in this ” indifferent” inertia, I suddenly felt the insignificance of people – how insignificant people were in the endless nights around me..   A thousand years ago, a guest of letters visited Red Cliff and sighed ” One Chestnut in the Sea”, and tonight’s night was also a source of such feeling, as if the ancients had gone after a thousand years of reincarnation, leaving only such a sentence and such a state of mind to give the latter taste when the long night is over and when the black wings of the long night fade away their great curtains, the light of the new day will soon shine on the earth.. In other people’s dreams, I worked all night. I learned in the dawn that life is not easy. When I think back to me at this moment several years later, I should thank tonight, because it gives me a deeper understanding of the meaning of ” life is not easy”. These four words alone give me more reason and understanding to respect and tolerate others.!   The morning breeze blew away the dawn, and the feeling of numbness that hung over the night suddenly vanished, like the longing to wear that will come out of the East China Sea in the day, although I don’t know what I want at the moment.. Just when I had this mood at the moment, I inadvertently looked up and it flew into my sight. It hovered in the air gliding, but never flew out of my horizon. Finally, it stopped on a steel shelf not far from me. This is an eagle, an eagle I don’t know where it came from.   The place where I work is near the sea to the east, with jagged logs and spreading thousands of grass on the shore. Pine trees are in the majority, pine leaves are like needles and pine branches are like covers. It is very suitable for the reproduction of small animals. Perhaps it is the reason for this. This eagle flew here to look for them..   There are thousands of classes in the world that live forever and are busy because of their lives, just like me and like this eagle. I work tonight to live, and eagles leave their nests to feed for a living. The eagle in memory is low on the hill, and the legend says that the eagle is nestled in the cliff..I looked to the south, it was a dense village, and in the distance was a misty mountain. Although the mountain was not very high, I thought the eagle’s nest should be somewhere secluded there.? In the secret place, there is the eagle’s concern. My eyes flitted past the village where morning smoke curled up, and through the thin foggy Mianshan, I seemed to see a nest hanging on the cliff, two pairs of inexperienced and sleeping eyes in the nest, and I seemed to see a pair of gentle wings firmly guarding the eagle’s hope..   For the eagle in my horizon, it doesn’t know where the food it is looking for is hiding at the moment, however, it suddenly flies away, toward the depths of the forest, disappears, disappears in the line of sight I watched, and I know it has gone to the place where it is looking for hope..   The first ray of sunshine on the new day cast itself on the earth, and I stood in the sunrise. Suddenly, I felt like I was standing in hope. Although everything was hard to predict in the future, as long as I pursued it, as long as I did not give up, like the eagle that had just left me, hope would be closer and closer to me until one day, I could reach it.

Early autumn

On the sunny day of early autumn, the sun is warm, the wind is cool, the wicker is graceful, the autumn insects deep in the grass chirp and sing in the afternoon, and the plump caterpillars crawl anxiously on the ground looking for a way out. The garden has long been uninhabited and overgrown with weeds, and the flowers originally planted have been submerged. The first two days suddenly saw a small yellow flower in the garden and white butterflies dancing among the flowers. It turned out to be a cauliflower, just blooming in this season. Is poured out a new idea.     Sometimes when I rest at home, I will voluntarily weed in the garden, with all kinds of grass juice on my hands. There is a small piece of green grass in the garden, but a lot of dog’s tail grass will grow in the garden one summer. When weeding, sometimes I will roll to the leaves of the grass, and the grass juice with slightly bitter palms will be mixed with light vanilla flavor..     The early autumn afternoon wind is also cool, although the sun is still a little warm. This kind of weather is the most pleasant, isn’t it. Beans covered with fences, white or purple. The melon seedlings on the haystack, the big leaves standing upright, the yellow flowers facing the sun. The corn cob in the field is about to mature. The leaves of bean seedlings are yellow. Although it is still a large green area in front of me, it is no longer the lively tender green in spring, but dark green.. It was green with time settling down, green with sentimental attachment before saying goodbye to the world. After a gust of wind, some leaves that are too early to grow old will fall in rustling. Day by day, the ground rolls with the wind.     Sitting on the bench, I will quietly listen to the wind in the shade. The sun sent the shadow of the wicker down sparsely. The shadow on the ground is wobbly, just like the ripples on the surface of the water. I like to listen to the wind, the wind between flowers and plants is like a butterfly stirring its wings, it is a whisper of tenderness. The wind among the willows is as graceful as it is, and it is also rustling and soft, and the leaves rub against each other to appease each other, which is the chatting of ancient beauties.. The sound of Hongda comes from poplar forest. Poplar tall and strong body posture is not jump in its thick voice shouts. Even if a small gust of wind passes through, it also stirs up waves of echoes. If there is a strong wind, it will be rough. The wind is either gentle or surging, or whispering through the heart, or purging the feelings of love and hate between the breasts.. wanton and simple, will eventually calm down. If you lie on the sunny grass, you are a small member of all things in nature, and you are the same walker, walker and reader. Maybe I will never understand the mystery of nature and the meaning of life, but it is a great happiness to feel the wind with my body and mind at this moment..     The blue sky, white clouds and sunshine in early autumn . Ah, not only my love, but also the love of swallows, sparrows and all the unknown birds.. It is the love of bees and butterflies. They danced so joyfully and sang happy songs. Even if the cold is about to strike, they also know their respective destinations. As long as the sunshine is sunny and warm during the day, it will still be a good day.     I don’t know when the haze will come, but it will leave after all. Just like the summer and winter of the season, the weather is sunny and rainy. Some people say that the sufferings and difficulties of the world, the disputes and troubles, are only a practice in this life. Someone once encouraged me to convert to religion and find spiritual support. And I always stay away from religion. Whether it’s the creation of God or the gift of nature, enjoy all kinds of scenery, listen to all kinds of beautiful sounds, taste or coarse or delicate food … Ah, enjoy it and suffer it inevitably.. People are nothing more than perceptual or rational feelings and thinking. It is like a high sky in autumn, which can hold bright sunlight and heavy rain and strong winds.. Try to be a person with a broad mind.     I would like to be calm in this world’s practice.