Childhood memories; 46

46 childhood memories, donkey mule was very young, father and family in a few middle-aged, spent about half the time, I do not know where to buy it back from a group of donkeys, there are about twenty or thirty head like it.So a large group of donkey, uniform stood in the yard of my house, because are not familiar with each other’s sake, stop with the donkey who heads conflict with each other, and sometimes also with the mouth bite each other, with tear bite also issued a hoarse chirping.    In the spring adoptive father to buy back the donkey, and I and several children in the family, a large group of donkey into the mountains.Donkey in the mountains, have run crazy and real joy; sometimes, one of the few donkeys will fight bite up in the mountains, so the bite is completely hostile battle.Typically, each other’s body will be raw and bite each other, the blood kept constantly streaming out from the mouth to break open yard; however, those animals, like do not know pain, or so crazy battle with.Our children do not know how wild donkeys would be so crazy battle.What are they to do?In order to do grass?Wild grass everywhere, they do not eat grass to chew on it.The animal world where the rules must have a mysterious people do not know, otherwise, they would not fight a badly beaten up in the mountains.More it is strange that those battles was badly beaten donkey, even a sudden stop at first fierce battle began to suffer very close to the grass to eat something on the mountain.Children in mind, after all, can only be a brute beast, the beast is among many things people can not understand.    Father bought the donkey, and later continue to be people of the village and others nearby villages went to buy, father, leaving only a mixed population of mule donkey in their own breeding.Mule, mule and hinny have the points, either mule or hinny, is not all-litter monster.In the animal kingdom, such as mule “unprecedented, and no latecomers,” the strange species is rare.Father leaving the other end jennet to raise their own, must have a reason it is extremely secretive?No son adoptive father raised mules, in the eyes of others, perhaps a symbol of wealth, but who knows, keeping a mule, in feudal ideology very strong father and my heart is not with some of the unspeakable sorrow and grief it?    My family has a mule, not as in the past, like in the evening riding on the back of the home wether.Every day, I will be out of the house mule, riding on the back of a mule, wandering in the mountains, as sheep do, naturally delegated to the mother; the mother busy time, the village shepherd girl became my family sheep-generation tube who.Compared to the sheep, laden with me every day all over the world to Fengpao mule is obviously much more interesting friends.Sometimes, mule back and forget the children, will be back at full speed run fast mule, then, the child fell off the back of a mule to.Fell child covered with stinging, lying on the ground unable to move, it mule, kiss the child from the ground to use hot air puffing of lips, too obvious, this is a rich spiritual beast.Day and night to get along, have established a deep affection between the mule and children.    In my memory, it is difficult to wait on others like a mule my family, including father and two brother, mules are so conflicting emotions give birth to it.Even when I left home, two cargo brother mule mule to the market to sell, had also suffered mule prank played out – standing in the market mules, even leaving its owner and that it piggyback cargo, frantically ran to the home!Even now when away from home has two decades of my home, when I walked around from it, the animal will punch me a nose ring, and look forward to using my vision of deja vu.I went into it, gently stroking the shoulder mule, my mule, it so standing still standing, as if my mind can perceive it!    The countryside is more common donkey figure, as the mule, a donkey than to because the price is expensive, not ordinary people can afford to raise circle of wealth beast, and secondly because the mule tall body, is not appropriate in the rugged mountain road walking on consignment; therefore, the people in general always raising a donkey.Busy season, people pull a donkey dung circles back grain; idle time, people are going to catch a donkey far away, beasts of burden back to the cold winter of coal.The function of coal not only to help people resist the cold, coal burning fire, but also the color of pure baking flue-cured tobacco is the people of the village, pure color of flue-cured tobacco to let the village children out of the mountains, sitting in bright and spacious classroom City books, read good books children return home, they will have a wealth of ideas to make home.Thus, it will become home to the rugged mountain road spacious, donkey becomes a mule; now, running on the road home, it becomes not eat grass to eat a gasoline truck.    Today, my mule, mission accomplished belong to it; old mule, standing quietly in the yard of my house every day in the sun.

Childhood memories

Childhood memories is gray.Then living in a remote small village, maybe 4, 5-year-old child showed prowess?Anyway, there was no friends, no partner, dress up every day is wearing an uncle of American soldiers to do with a newspaper-style warship hat, hands carrying a pistol ink to black wood, like a motley guerrillas left behind as in grandma’s house in front of a large willow back and patrol.Before grandfather died willow tree was cut down, everyone nostalgia.Willow is in front of a river, the river there are willow.Father said the former great river, when heavy rain can not cross the river, you can not go to school.Now the river had dried up, reddish-brown river bed naked, barren.The year is most proud of is the father have a brand new bike, permanent license, or Phoenix.Now, like the pride of driving without a license rampage certainly used car on the street drivers boast of evil associates who he just ran a red light.Why then are most interested in is the hand or foot pedal, the wheel will turn; most are desperately obsessed with a hand, eyes staring at the wheel rotating quickly, and then pinch the brakes suddenly, forcing the wheel Ga however, only.Once a good time, unknowingly bike down, heavy pressure on the body, and the head against the pigs trough, had a taste of a big mouth animal food.It must be earth-shattering cries.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.Direct consequence COM) accident was kicked by his father, long-term effects are on the bike at arm’s length from that many years later began to learn to ride a motorcycle bikes.And since a few years ago fell from the motorcycle slipping out of 30 meters, lying in bed for three months, either on motorcycles or bicycles are afraid to close.Childhood memories is incoherent.Worst failure is with the aunt’s cousin had a fight, his face has left scars; the most embarrassing scenes adults joked that the family of the village’s most run-down two dirty girl to be my wife, scared too afraid to go out a few days.Childhood memories are not clear.How can not remember how the leg is lame cousin, nicknamed Shoko is how to become a stammer, two girl who later married, I heard her every day, beaten, she gave birth to three daughters.Childhood memories seems to be only so much, seems to have dried up along with the river, it has been forgotten.Many years later, standing in the shade of the old willow once, through the setting sun, such as blood mottled, as if to see the bleak valley slowly towards a hung old ox cart, the other end of the cow plodding faithful pace.Reclining on board frail, exhausted grandfather, tightly cling to the side with his gray-haired grandmother had each other.

Childhood memories of summer eating

Decades of reform and opening up, the material life of society has been greatly improved, the diet can be quite rich; but a few decades ago in my childhood, but now is not so much good eating and drinking things.Nevertheless, the time of food and drinks, especially the hot summer diet, gave me left a deep memory….    Whenever the occasion of the summer, hot weather, the body will be a lot of sweat, so people will urgently need to add some water, a large children’s activities, especially.I remember when a child thirsty, drink water too late, it will drink unboiled water directly from the vat, thus easily Naobing.So in order to avoid children to drink unboiled water, my mother always cooked long ago put the mung bean soup, fried rice in a bowl of cold soup bowl to prepare the children for emergency use, and sometimes the mother would put a little saccharine, so I feel sweet and delicious drink up.That’s also bottled drinks, we call it “soda”, I remember one summer my mother brought me to the beach to wash the seaweed, had bought a bottle of soda on the banks of the street stalls, in my childhood memories this is the only time in.But the taste of soft drinks from thinking about it, and just short this time I saw a homemade soda in the “Youth Science and Technology”, excited immediately, which for me is nothing more than a gospel ah!So I made very little money to spend mother reported the homemade soda can approach, skeptical mother gave me money, I will go to the store to buy raw materials, after some agonizing, I can finally drink their own making soda, and when that imports of sweet and sour taste and contains gas “soda” drink, that is how refreshing, how comfortable I was ah!Later life a little better, the store had to pack cranberry powder, Chrysanthemum, almond cream, etc., can be bought directly brewed into a beverage, I bid farewell to the homemade sodas years.    We often hear of the “bitter summer,” said the so-called bitter summer, is in the hot summer due to excessive sweating, or due to poor fatigue, people’s appetite, often do not eat into the food, so it is easy weight loss.At that time the mother to let the kids can eat in the summer, nothing, really like a lot, a lot of tricks to change.For example, before eating noodles, my mother always made noodles (that time is their own Ganmian article) ready first pot of cold water, then put the cooked noodles to cash in the pot, and then served in a bowl, sprinkled with hemp juice, cucumber and end pickled toon do halogen son, not only fragrant fresh and delicious, but also to avoid sweating when eating hot noodles.The family had no refrigerator, steam dry food will soon become rancid, so the mother in the summer for us to eat pancakes, baked a cake to eat for several days, and easy to eat, now comparable to fast food.What time hungry, took a pie cut into strips into a bowl, then pour boiling water, and then point sesame oil and soy sauce, vinegar, and then you can eat on the side dishes (not every day to remember when cooking eat) , feeling very tasty, so I eat a hundred tire.There is also a summer eating, snack on similar now, and that is mother barley flour Fry well, then mix with a little brown sugar, on a big bottle, what time the children were greedy, they put out some of the in a bowl, pour a little boiling water, mix well to make dumplings, that’s how ordinary people into the shop to buy snacks to eat, this is the children can enjoy a delicious dessert.    When it comes to summer diet, you can not talk about such as watermelon, ice cream and the like non-mainstream food.Summer is also the time of childhood can often eat watermelon, but parents never remember the whole watermelon to buy a home, but only to buy a corner, which is about a quarter of a watermelon like, buy it back and then cut it piece, the children can share a person to eat.I remember when only green bean ice cream, peanuts, ice cream and sorbet several ordinary ice cream, then there are the cream ice cream, sorbet throughout the summer to eat a few that you can count them, but often can not buy an ice cream to enjoy alone, to divide and others eat.Last summer I walk in the mall, see a mother pushed his car crying, “buy the old-fashioned popsicles Lai -” they quickly bought a try, peanut flavor, but the taste has previously eaten a lot of light, but this only old-fashioned ice cream treat me back to childhood years.    Decades later, social drastic change, drastic change people’s lives, and now the daily diet is already very rich, but those childhood summer diet, those returning to the simple yet savory sweet taste, but I now have been filled to memory.

Childhood memories 53, White Rabbit

53 childhood memories, the White Rabbit was very young, my house a few white bunny.We control this white bunny rabbit called to separate from that of the gray forest area hare.Impression, and all the animals are always beautiful detached home, such as house sparrow, barn swallow, pigeon and the like; on the contrary, at home and do not touch a thing is bad, such as hare, wild boar, wild ducks and the like.In the heart of the village, a lot of time to see if it is related to the family to define good and bad animals.    Father in a corner of the yard, with wood and wire to build a nest for the white rabbit, white rabbit has become a part of my life, in my yard to live happily together.I sometimes will ask bunny childhood from their home out on the spacious courtyard of the sun.In fact, the white rabbit cage is not the lack of sun exposure, but I want to see a small rabbit jumping in the yard of cute, so only hold them out of the cage.Domesticated rabbits were always lazy, I hold to be the yard of a small rabbit, always huddled little happy bouncing in the yard.Straight to my feet to stomp too raw on the ground of the courtyard, white rabbit in the yard before jumping on two or three, then twenty-three is jumping in, has been printed in my warm memories, let me in think of the White Rabbit, when the brain is that it has a naive jumping appearance.Sometimes, I will pull back superbly fields grass in the yard to let the white rabbit to eat, (white rabbit like to eat something called “bitter Ma dish,” the grass) and I will be around to see the White Rabbit their grazing.Today, the sounds nice when the white rabbit’s teeth biting the grass, still clearly remain in my memory, so I always think of when the White Rabbit, the memory that will be sounded nice crisp sound.Eating fresh grass rabbits will sometimes pair of red eyes looked towards me, as one pair of juicy and gentle eyes, how many angels are meant to show some of the people look upon.To see such a rich spiritual eyes of the people, the hearts usually give birth to feelings of sympathy and affection.White Rabbit is indeed a very delicate animal, if you will clean the white rabbit eating grass fed, cute little rabbit will suffer from dysentery, therefore, my mother always told me to water vapor in the sun to dry grass, which It showed only a small rabbit to eat.There were times I did not listen to her mother’s instructions, the water vapor fed with grass white rabbit, white rabbit to pull the stomach come.Father’s drawer from their homes to find some oxytetracycline tablets, open water in the bowl, then turn syrup spilled on the small rabbit like to eat “bitter Ma dish”; So the little white rabbit eating contains oxytetracycline of “bitter vegetables Ma”, suffering from dysentery and it slowly got better.    Spring, white rabbit will be in their home, without a trace of hair magically gave birth to a baby rabbit.Whenever White Rabbit litter, my mother would add some of the soft blanket in the White Rabbit’s house, so that no flesh-colored bunny rabbit hair comfortably on a blanket roll.Blankets meatballs, about a week or so, it will roll out to the white fluff in a blanket.Sometimes, I will head towards the rabbit’s house to see, to see those bunny rabbit for milk in the mother’s belly below.Eat rabbit milk, sometimes crawl out from the gap in the fence, bouncing around having fun in the yard.So little white rabbit in the yard, jumping, jumping far better than their parents is more interesting; moreover, they do not need me to stomp the yard he will keep bouncing around.Usually, I’ll afternoon sun, staring at the little Rabbit bouncing around, just so fascinated spent an afternoon time.When the sun faded from the yard of my house, ran out of the house bunny can not always go your own home, I’ll pick up them from the yard, one by one, they will be returned to her mother as they pave the way warm blanket go.    Spring and autumn, father will hand grabbed the white rabbit ears, pull them out of the cage; then, father began with a sharp pair of scissors, cut the rabbits who come from the rabbit.Sometimes, sharp scissors will cut through the white rabbit hair below the skin, blood flowing from the cut on the skin of the villi.That kind of season, my heart would not be very happy.I do not know why the father to use the scissors cut white rabbit fluff it?Distinct, cut fluff is not good-looking white rabbit.On several occasions, I could not stop the doubt in his heart, he asked the adoptive father cut the rabbit’s: “Father, why should bunny hair cut ah!”Father said:” Cut the rabbit can make money, make money to buy you candy.”But, in my heart, with long downy white rabbit hopping, in fact, more important than the delicious candy; however, the adoptive father or cut the fluff of white rabbit.Father in his own way has given me unconditional love, he will never understand: based on its own and love others, and sometimes would be a great harm.    My family of rabbits, I grew up in the shadow disappeared from the yard of my house.As White Rabbit is sent to the person died or got sick, I really can not remember a thing.However, it has become less important, it is important that the White Rabbit was in the yard of my house bouncing, bouncing, bouncing.

Childhood listening to the book interesting

There neighbor from home to inform rural areas and the rise of a shadow sing singing.I suddenly remembered a childhood of listening to the book interesting.    As the head a few times too young to listen to books she listens to sleep.So after listening to a winter he did not trouble to understand the big Xiang Yu and Zhang Fei who strength.    Seven years old, which is the first year of the Cultural Revolution, winter, spring has a distant cousin was blind, just northeast back soon, spring home that day to look aunt.After the rain through the air outlet there are a few people secretly find math night blind fortune, ask future.We are pleased to blind those who seek effectiveness Gua, Gua each have a shake citing explain in detail.For example, see “Dragon was bit”, interspersed period of JiangTaiGong income asparagus tiger; see “boat was water”, it tells a walk Liu Nanyang.Chatting chatting a few people fascinated, and began to sing the blind man begged for a book.I turned down a few blind understatement touched, “three-stringed lute” creaking tune while “tapping” a few bombs get married, cleared his throat opening sermon: “the words of all the people came to the door Zhu Xian array, is the East saw a hanging sword Zhu Xian, Legend of the south hang one kill, due west.”Blind articulate, mellow voice, Banjo-playing or, to talk while singing tightly closed at a junction to a grinding halt.To listen to the book people are emotional, she begged and then goes on to talk.The blind man said this book ten days twenty days speech about them, of you want to hear is better to look for the captain to discuss the matter, give me your money and get some tea, my eight children to tell you that a few days.Several people it will afford a good position.The next day everybody wear a half-day with this thing really ground the captain.    Winter is the season of idle rural, long night Biede people uncomfortable.Small Youth Camp which heard the “excitement”, more than a dozen cold day, two Shiji Li also went to see, even went to the local fancy glances to finish also enjoyable.Sometimes people went to the camp to inquire about a child, so when I heard that the locals did not return, but next time, or listen to go.Sometimes ghost trouble also lies put out the letter head, kind of depressing to see outside the village Baipaoyitang, Ge Jige clapping hop music Highlands.At that time people suppressed for too dull life is so boring.Thus, no matter what “fun” are welcomed by the masses.    Open a book the first night rain kang kang at home, outbuildings back room crowded with people listening to the book.Blind display their skills with hand and mouth, the word level, between libretto said between singing, vivid, warm, and Mao.A period of “chaos Daji towards” a house right person joy, anger Cross, stunned, silent.Brake units waiting for ages still standing there stupidly straight.Nightlife net Thereafter, eat dinner every day people had long ago come together to urge the blind man said earlier, the blind always unhurried, calmly, timely stations brake opening time.One to two guys and got to know the blind, the blind men Chap “package koan” before and after the positive word, a small piece “Romance Sword”, “Fugitive” and the like.Both to meet the requirements of the audience and lifted everyone’s appetite.Hou then less educated rural people, some of the most historical knowledge from storytelling, theater come in.Camp yard in the past few storytellers Carpenter Please, tell the blind people than simply a bad days to go.Unfortunately, this blind grandfather said, if the street where (County) said that library visits certainly earn some good money.Because listening to library books are rich man.To sit next to a square table, the waiter immediately brew a pot of tea, while tea while listening to a book, listen more than happy to throw a few sub-child care.Grandfather worked for “trading house manager”, and have seen major aspects of society, let him call a good thing not many.Grandpa does not pull every game I have followed every day, and can help Grandpa prestige sitting on white picket fence.    The increasing number of people listening to the book, the neighboring village late cold Oh man to stand outside the window listening.    Ten days later instant.That night blind lounged look too happy, going to stir a few times when opening sanxian said: “take the words of Huang Feihu colored oxen, led by captains ran off Lintong.” ‘Tapping’ ‘saying Huang Feihu sit colored oxen, led by captains ran off Lintong.” ‘Tapping’ ‘.’Five or six consecutive times not repeated below.An audience anxious and asked: “Sir, before dawn princes Huang able to do Tongguan?”Blind man sighed and said:” Tate’s husband to eating three a year can not arrive Potato Tongguan the.”We hear Hualiyouhua, repeatedly questioned did not know blind dinner wronged.A few guys apart from anything else, take the leg to condemn people Guanfan, Guanfan they said was acting captain Feng’s life.    It turned out to be caused by two small young.On the morning of pick just twice manure, two little young for the debate on the “Lao” severe or “the original Senior” severe and picked up the pole.Captain looked anxious, and ordered two people to write checks to team sites.Ministry team is keeping homes, burned a hot white picket fence all day.They have to lie on a white picket fence laughed, saying that this treatment is good tomorrow we two also quarreled.

Childhood friend

Part One: childhood friends “heard the call childhood friend.”When you hear this song Sun Yue, all of a sudden my thoughts back to the patch of the field, when the park there.Again think of home, I think of that piece of the field again, I think when there’s partners.Where you now?Fear is already changed its appearance, scattered in their own lives!  Childhood friend, really smile that day, that sincere language of children, emerged in front.Childhood friend, ah, how are you?You gone?If it would appear in your dreams my little shadow, if you will remember that you flow with the nose and talk about the future, together to steal jujube summer afternoon in the little girl, does it in a song Back to the field piece of childhood, if there want to return to childhood, childhood friend to see strong idea in one afternoon, whether at the time think of these heart blunt blunt pain, nausea inexplicable.  That was the beginning of life most pure friendship, that water as pure friendship ah!Stay in my memories, printed in my life, I dreamed, how many childhood dreams, hold up your hands, smile ever.Grassland seats, birds and insects as partners, your flowers inserted in my head, dreams of becoming a fairy tale princess.Hi!The little groom, do you remember your childhood do little bride?!A child has been eating sweet potato fragrant now, that bright glass balls, through time and space is still way until my eyes.The toy is little, but we still did not stop blooming smile.  Childhood friend ah!We Chikuma at the turn, and now you remember me?Our unique sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, our laughter and tears together, now you remember?Our agreement, there have been vows, and now you remember?Long time no see, you ah ends of the earth, and now these days?Once the story interwoven, who is now kept in the dark mood?Chong is not the time to talk about memories, not pull away, but it can not go back childhood.Listening to those songs when young, there is always a deep sense of sadness haunting.Time flies, ma’am, sky still bright, laughing as if still in the ears, can those already familiar figure gradually blurred.    Part II: wrote childhood friend really lamented the like water, unconsciously, you and I had growing up, just like you said, love to remember those lost years, those who have had good day, memories of frolicking with us.Now just where to look for traces of the past.Nightlife net no matter how our future lives, we are no longer naive, past the rhetoric, Top Gun only our childhood dream.As innocence and naive away from us when we have been into the thirties, is not it, most of our companions have become man’s wife, a mother, only you and I are still struggling to pursue.Sometimes, when the loneliness and solitude hit, I really want to have their own home, they have their own warm little nest and a love themselves; sometimes they want to own so alone and go, come the world that end.Since it embarked on this road of suffering, why should accompany How about you let others.But in any event, and it was led by the nose fate, I am not willing.  Since we came to this world, no matter how the road, we should be brave enough to go on.Each person has different troubles, why should we let some annoyance in our lives it.Since life is so short, let us learn to love yourself.Maybe a few years later, then come back to, we will live this nostalgia.  I still do not know what to write, maybe when we white-haired, we will be relatively silent, past all dream, years of vicissitudes in our face lined, just say to himself: old, we really of old.  In this beautiful night, so that we can bless each other for each other, right, good luck!    Part III: accidental childhood friend back home, to see past partners, filled with emotion, my childhood friend and is not as common as some of the topics Ten years ago, twenty years ago as more like extra special meeting has lots to talk about the topic, it seems a little embarrassed when we meet, the topic did not know where to start.Yes, ah, things such as the Bureau of new chess game, ah, the years of this ruthless knife has been my childhood friend and carved into a middle-aged man, although we face in the world, but hundreds of miles apart, but, it seems entirely two worlds.  In my childhood friend, there are also flown go to big cities, have a BMW Dream Car, fortune get people die like.But partners in the home village of a lot of people seem unhappy.There is a student lover had cancer, Fortunately, after miraculously healed well, but also spent a lot of effort in exchange for money.There is also a distant brother, heard his wife but also because of cancer, he never returned to earth.The worst is yet to come, one of my classmates, because in a big city to work, to do is to scrub the walls of the building to the city to work, because the rope breaks, abruptly fell to the ground from high up the work space , a living person so instantly vanish.I first heard the news, at first surprised, then very sorry for them, and finally had to lament their misfortune: they did not obtain a university, not even admitted to the college, which would have a less fortunate people, why can fate so they make fun of it.But we were young together play a good partner, ah, we do with the pistol, together catch spies, play the four corners of children, cattle together.Though the fate of a little different, we are not all the same sustenance of hope: they want to have more children, and want to do a little house, I want to smooth some of the career, want to publish their own books, in fact, this is very normal, in fact, I wish all soft targets, to achieve its merits, can not achieve the overall situation has nothing to do.However, the fate of God why would you kind of tease me childhood friend ah?In rural areas they already feel fate is not very good, but why let them feel sad it?  Although the news media reported that there is a change in rural areas, but in rural areas then why not change in change, urban, urban change even faster.That being said, I am more for me who live in rural areas and sad childhood friend.

Childhood dream

Part One: Childhood dream childhood dream like colorful balloons, may be doomed to the fate of three kinds, one is flying a dream, a dream one is spilled gas, and finally is broken dreams.  — From “Purple Link mood essay” The Carousel remember the first carousel ride is when the sixth grade, then moved to the Plaza of the carousel, previously not seen on TV, is heard people say, but his never been in, very, very yearning, especially beautiful story behind it, the legend of the vast continent of Europe, the spread of an ancient and beautiful fairy tale, fairy tale prince on a white horse, to distant lands to meet his bride.At that time more fairy tale look, my heart is always especially those yearning for the prince and princess, eager to one day be able to wait for their prince on a white horse to meet his.Now not only see, have a chance to sit, I made my mother asked me to go sit Trojans, but his mother said: I’m not a child, but also to play things for children to play is also afraid of a joke, my heart’s hope so It was broken, but after a lapse of many days and my aunt to go shopping, I finally got his wish to get on the merry-go my heart at that moment I feel very happy, because I fulfilled his childhood when a beautiful dream.  Up to now I still like the carousel, not because I’m naive, but it is stable, calm, like my life now, I do not like too exciting, too thrilling things, such as a roller coaster, pirate ship, etc. Every time I take I fear death, he felt his heart jump out from the mouth like I do not like this feeling extremely, extremely insecure.Too vigorous life, it gives me a sense of emptiness could not catch anything, but instead just plain quiet life only realistic.The nature of life like water, although there is no more thirst-quenching taste but, more real.  After the small toe high heels, high heels, thin, light glowing on the ground, crisp sound, it was after watching “Cinderella” I dream of a Mei Mei’s heart, I long for the day I can wear Cinderella’s glass slipper on to my prince, and his elegant dance.Later, I will participate in the work, they begin to buy a wide variety of high-heeled shoes for myself, because of my petite stature, but also more suitable to wear high heels, do not wear high heels more non.Daphne high-heeled shoes is my favorite, it’s with each pair are tall and thin, specially designed shoes are always beautiful, especially the decorative side of the shoe, there is an extremely beautiful toe.However, with their own gradually growing, slowly found inconvenient to wear high heels, long shopping stroll foot pain, especially in poor crowded bus, no seats stood more uncomfortable, and gradually began to no longer buy high-heeled shoes, began to wear flat shoes and shoes, high heels are no longer as before so beloved, until now seldom wear high heels, became random and is no longer deliberately demands on themselves to change some habits, and ultimately failed to get their own training to become an elegant and sophisticated girl.  Those years of wearing high heels walk, makes me feel, will never forget, it’s like a bridge for some time I was growing up in the final step in the past, round the longing for a better childhood fairy tale, the prince and Cinderella’s glass slipper yearning.Nightlife Network chapter II: childhood dream of that year, junior high school has not graduated second uncle, uncle have come to our house, where half years to eat a pound of pork, the family suddenly has added two people to eat, this the constraints of life at home had become stretched even more, since it began to look at the mother’s brow not the slightest light the way, another way of saving the mother always work, so that even every meal with rice and pickles had to be planned with the cut a few bubbles meal radish pickled vegetables.  With the orders of his father and grandmother of the young uncle who push the plane all day, chopping wood, carpentry dry out.The mother is at home, he grabbed the fields, with a jingle sister said, “Mom dug Tianying Chen fog in the morning, in the evening Tam basket sling dark road home.”Because of poverty at home, I have not actually stove high due to lack of nutrition Height 9-year-old, however, is such a ‘Little’ had swept cooking at home after school with my sister, cutting grass pig, pigs manual labor.In my memory of those days, only at night lying in bed board I can feel the touch of smooth Italian, playing in a dream his father had told me about the fruit Hill Park in a small plane, pleasure boats, night so repeat those cheerful pleasant dreams, so tired during the day and scattered body skeleton with a little bit of physical recovery.  Often heard my father, uncles about the town’s people and things, which makes me even more curious to city life and desire, always look forward to the day can go and see the world outside the mountain.Primary school I gradually began to weave their own future in mind, no longer crying chickens and ducks after school when it involves buffalo go home, “the Commander” is not to gather wood, not to pick mulberry leaves,.I will be able to flee the countryside, fled Jintai this mountain town.In those days the headland I have often sat or long-established figure, looking at some of the little friends are dressed clean and beautiful, the three hoop rolling on three two go hand in hand, playing with water gun.As for me, just once again standing in the open field or hill side, “Am I on to this rotten ragweed sling inseparable from it?”I cried unbridled growled.Xiaojiu not wear cloth of a card that is from long to short pants I wear for three years, and later became wear high waist pants, carrying on that ass is often a “heart” shape patch.Not to feed the pig, which I have become kneeling bench beaten by her mother mulberry sliver reason to play, “Georgia I, you want wanderers sought-after, comfortable playing, give me a hard read, you do not see one of those bespectacled intellectuals, can not eat rice pen back the sun over the mountains.You lazy thing, changed loach afraid mud paste eyes.”In the lesson sticks and curse the sound of his mother’s blanket I had to ‘take the initiative’ to continue up the hill carrying a sling to cut ragweed.Kulei resentment in the poor days, young mind also often give birth to a little sigh, “Why do I live in the countryside, if living in the city that more than good!Also eat the father said pot pot (pot), and the city’s children can play in the same holiday park accompanied by their parents to go.”Ignorant childhood years, it was finally fled the dream of rural farming life that the status quo of the Year after year’s smash hit.During that time I kept the young convert the role of life, let ducks, and next-door neighbor MO Yong will carry over rocks in stone JINWOZI help plow through, and the other end of the house exchanged views stubborn cattle, and corn pulse and made a splash scolded me a Landrace pig manure, crop heard bloom at night.  Children living in rural areas in their hearts all have a similar dream, the most simple desire most sincere thoughts than to walk into town to see what Japan can watch the busy mobile landscape, look at that tall buildings Neon flashing night.Childhood life, though already past years, but that period of life experiences made me know how to cherish everything.And in my heart I am more grateful that ordinary rural life, it gave me honest, simple, give me self-esteem and dauntless, to my plants, Bansi half thread of deep gratitude and incomparable treasure, to my Unlimited cordial and love life.

Childhood dream of spring

[REVIEW] This is when many children are childhood eaten.Zhuizhui a kind of grass, though, and looked like a reed, and often there are many children into reed-drawing when Zhuizhui, and soon smoked a lot, when the take-home is solid, not to eat.  Spring has arrived, but unlike everywhere can smell the breath of spring previous.    Peach remember elementary school, every school line up to go home, the house of peach tree alley in the spring will blossom, many children are looked up, seemed to be looking forward, looking forward to the emergence of green peach.    Gehua shoes at that time wearing mother’s shoes Gehua, there will always be soaked before blossoming fruit trees melted ice water, came home, my sister and I go out into the quilt drilled white picket fence.Mom put the fire to the kitchen of the shoes we wear the wet side to the dry Tong,.Mother’s shoes Melaleuca, Na Xiedi is repeated again and again to do things a long winter of her relish.    Mom’s kerosene lamp kerosene lamp is a flat empty bottles of Beijing Erguotou do is a flat of.The first kerosene lamp that my father and grandfather do together, is a round bottle, the flame is very busy, very strong smoke.Winter and spring, Feishazoushi out of the window, the night was rampant rat knocked over and fell to the ground and broke.Our homework, my mother would Na Xiedi kerosene lamp.Now in sewing drawer in the far right and a pair of ten years ago my mother gave me a satisfied half soles.Children’s feet grow so fast, and so she was satisfied when I finished a foot and the sole general has grown to big, the other half Carolina, sister of the foot should be over it.    Many games and nursery rhymes nursery rhymes mother taught are not remember clear, however, spring evening sitting in a small tree, wooden pull the car to the scene endorsement mother always sleep.Mother tree trees clenched hands can now cut to the building society.Mother said smoke from kerosene lamps bad for us, unless not finish the job during the day or at night she rarely point kerosene lamps.Play games in the yard, my sister and circling around the trees, talking wooden pull car is that age I remember the evening.    Collecting firewood is also a great time of the wind, over the years, I went to the fields and static collecting firewood.Cemetery east side of the village is outside my village orchard, the orchard with a row of tall poplar, and many shrubs.There is a moment, when we went to the local winds, often there will be surprises.Very thick branches, or because of insects, or because the place is not much longer, often cut off by strong winds.Now that I think no more than we put a lot of small branches on the Bough, pull off one by one groove and one slope to reach the edge of the village under the dike happier things.    Coincidentally mother hand basket, basket good series.Outside the house, who stood a few bundles of different thickness strip trees, pear branch of the high side, it seems that every year the village pear tree pruning, purple branches on many white spots, like Cheng Xing embellishment on top.That spring my mother made up three baskets, she’s a big, I’m a little sister a small basket.Sister could not find that Xiaokuang Department (wood, fire department song into a basket), mother with a belt on a scrap company, V-belt is short, it has become a small round basket.My sister and I often talk with my mother to the ground and weeding, my mother especially large basket can hold her quivering back home a basket of grass enough home geese and pigs eat all day.    Zhuizhui This is when many children are childhood eaten.Zhuizhui a kind of grass, though, and looked like a reed, and often there are many children into reed-drawing when Zhuizhui, and soon smoked a lot, when the take-home is solid, not to eat.On the eve of the festival, Dasha and Village head in reed pit will have Zhuizhui.Dasha dry, the grass on Shapo Jian often have long stretches of Zhuizhui.Every school, many children have come to the river to smoke, clutching handfuls of neat, green and yellow colors.Zhuizhui eat: poke layers of the skin, chewing inside Zhuizhui core, tender sweet, chewing chewing chew did not.The old do not have a flavor, taste like chicken now, but more residues, if the old, like chewing cotton, but also full of debris.    Jian Jian mean grass is not long ear reed grass seems Jian cottage version of the reeds, they rooted deep, hard to pull out, even if the leaves also could not pull off the root, often handle Le too raw.Weeding time, once the grass Jian Le broke her sister’s hand, then she will not pull the saw grass Jian.Spring wheat fields to weeding, three Long mom, my two Long, Long a sister, see getting late, everyone should go back to their baskets filled.When I saw my sister and my mother off her away, she began to pull barley grass, looking back at her mother, she is very hard to pull Barley, mother ran to tell her Amaranthus grass and barley grass vine difference, also pull themselves she pretended to half baskets, but looked sideways sister looked at me and smiled secretly.    Spring wheat wheat wheat is hope, people grew up looking forward to it, looking forward to it becomes bright green spring turned into summer and then grow old golden light green from winter.Spring wheat fields often kite, a wide range, but when wheat pouring spring water when the kite is getting less.Because the children flying kites is a full field run, when some people poured ground, accidentally stepped on the foot is full of mud, a lot of time will be covered in mud.    Kite I seen her Uncle quiet family bought her kite, relatives of my family no one bought me.I did as quiet and calm with white paper and bamboo Mi (MI) children (bamboo) a paste, but how high did not fly, that’s when I knew the problem was the wind, know that it is the essence of doing kite is not the.However, to do for several days kite, made up, but do not want to put up, always I feel kite flying kites to be much more interesting than.    Miss someone likens himself kite, the cord is missing, this is his head, the other end attached home.No matter how high to fly there that miss the line holding, holding memories of the spring, holding the poor in the past, holding a happy childhood.It was a carefree times, it was a picturesque childhood, hardships seem like firewood burning stove smoke emerge from the chimney in the roof’s gone, when the fields of terraced rice paddies lane change It became wide roads, thatched adobe house into a Western-style brick house, but was midnight oil refinery smoke choking smoke woke up.[Editor: Can children]

Childhood delicious

Childhood delicious childhood, the family was poor.Flour and only when the celebration to eat a few tons, as meat, eggs, etc., only when they are sick is our luxury.But there are two delicious can enjoy for some time, I have wanted to come mouthwatering.    First, Atriplex Spring in March, where flexible branches, they peeped stars bud, “the number of points Xiaolei deep red, new green shoots between a heavy”.Do not get me wrong, it is not a new green leaves, but the elm, also known as Atriplex, elm tender fruit.Do not surrounded by red flowers, green leaves without the need of companionship, without the slightest hesitation and swagger, as if overnight, like a string of Jasper will be encrusted branches of Atriplex.    Look, ah, their houses small village, far from the fields, Goukan roadside, Zhu Zhu, a piece of lush elm, like the peacock, showing a green plume.In the spring rains, they are more fresh Tsui dripping, like bonsai carved, decorated with a small village; also deemed supported on the vast land of green umbrella to protect the people in the fields of hard farming.Warm wind, carrying a rich, fruity and pleasant, enjoy pervaded on the waves Green wheat field.    In that barren years, the lean days of Atriplex to the party, the children cheered, elm revel in the real spring in Chunhua.Abstract Atriplex farm baby who, Stock your wicker basket, a long bamboo pole tied sharp sickle, some children get rid of the shoes, holding the trunk, like little monkeys whiz to climb gone then squatted high the Shucha Shang, the wind shaking branches, the little monkey with the wind shaking, scared people on the ground a large bow of the head in the corner, yelling: “pay close attention!””do not move!”” Come down!”.Tree child has done a grimace, a stroke Atriplex to cover her mouth, stroking eating, dyed green mouth also succeeded Green.Waves of innocent laughter, rippling over the small village, like birds flying from tree-lined room, mildly sweet.    I remember I was often side edge pick Atriplex sheep, sunset, people Duer drum, Yang Du children round, basket full Duer.Atriplex picking more, put it steamed, cooked Atriplex not only more delicious than raw food, and can be stored for a long time.That piece of jade coins like fresh elm, and the cornmeal with the right amount of garlic, oil, salt and other seasonings, then placed in a large steaming pot, smoke curl, and pretty soon, it was made into a large pan of Atriplex aromatic mother overflowing Atriplex rice.We filled each bowl, with relish to eat, like to see our father and mother devour the way while he is not willing to eat, in our repeated requests he will slowly took the chopsticks, tasted lightly father, mother and makes a product, suddenly happiness accompanied plume elm incense filled the small farm house in Chunyiangran.    Second, the cicada monkey in our hometown, the cicada larvae called “cicada monkey”.This is delicious everyone hometown favorite, “iron rice bowl” era, people often “do not know meat in March”, after the wheat harvest in early summer every year, a large number of first emerged cicada monkey, became the people to satisfy their craving to eat delicacies.    Cicada monkey catch substantially three periods: sunset, and evening twilight.Sunset, the weather becoming cooler, people about to call it a day hot hard day at this time of cicada monkey is quietly staying underground vertical cave, leaving only a hole the size of the nest-like, to spy out the situation.So at this time to catch cicada monkey must be carefully observed ground, found the nest shaped like a small black hole thin as onion skin, gently with your fingers to poke the hole will likely be wide open enough to tolerate your finger, fingers encountered, cicada monkey will use its front legs as hard pincers vise your finger, you can take advantage of it out.But also some cicada monkey fails to cooperate, not only do not cater to your fingers, but they retracted deep vertical hole, either you how deeply moved, it is indifferent.At this point you only with small shovels and other tools, or to put it inside the cave irrigation Biechu.Dusk is the best time to catch cicadas monkey.At this time, the monkey has cicada arch out of the hole, off the ground, quickly climbed the trunk, the roots were low, but also the higher fingertips.Since this time the day has not really dark, without lighting tool can be clearly seen, as you just like picking fruit harvest, as much as possible to run a few trees, the more swiftly, more harvest.I remember that time I always ran, and ran the first “results” most row of old elm and willow row of old, then turned to the village before the patch of woods.Perhaps it is because more than elm, willow it, then cicada monkey is really, ah!Tens of minutes at dusk, the less I have to catch more than one hundred.Summer evening, dinner often and made a Rehan, at home no cooling fans, air conditioning, no TV for entertainment, a meal will be out of the house, meet greeting: “Go, go catch cicada monkey mile!”The village is often turned out.Men and women have to take on such as bamboo, flashlight or torch tools, the whole family out.Look ah, their houses, the village side of the road, you come to me, silhouette save animals, flashing lights.As long as there are trees where some people, there is light, looking at the lighted and people often quipped: “You see this monkey catch cicadas, more than cicada monkey”.Since this time cicada monkey has to climb up high, and well hidden, plus catch many who are mostly not a rich harvest.In fact, for most people, they are not so much catching cicada monkey, it would be better to say that they are walking in the cool air, or serve two purposes, why not do it?    After the catch cicada monkey, wash them, to be pickled in salt water as soon as possible, otherwise it will withdraw its role, the chrysalis to the cicadas, cicadas become vain and tender.Although the cicadas still eat, but the taste will be greatly reduced.Consumption is nothing less than deep-fried cicada monkey, cooking, steaming.For fuel-efficient, more often the mother is to give us steamed, marinated cicada monkey on the grate, as in a large pot steamed like steamed buns.    Steamed cicada monkey, plump, bright yellow, fragrant.In particular, it is the back of that group of fine pork, pure taste, although not stick a drop of oil, are starting to chew the more fragrant, no wonder it was called “official told us.”.Eat “official told us” feeling, is simply super beautiful feeling of enjoyment and difficult to express in words; the “official told us,” eat of it, is like an immortal life.    Today, more affluent life, but the home elm, Atriplex find almost disappeared, cicada monkey is minimal.Even find these things, anyway cooking, delicious and always felt inferior to the time of childhood.

Butterfly tears

◎ butterflies fly encounter a lone core aromatic implied very poignant love forget who is who drunkenly ◎ butterflies fly resurrected soul precipitation tears roses with green leaves still concealing her former beauty love meaning deep in the tranquil white buds piercing enough to make her love mountains and rivers whom tears ◎ butterfly sit drunk the night alone in the moonlight, dark spring from ancient legend distracting it difficult to sleep is still beautiful as a gentle wisteria spiral wound following the lingering Acacia half awake half drunk ◎ butterfly song to whom the United States and charming elf singing loudly in the freezing cold to freeze the snow where I greet the snow to enjoy the colorful wings to fly slim white hearts intake soul lung written to make life like a confused white Chan was bleeding white lotus Johnson depressed for a long time gradually build instability unbridled sentimental tears with butterfly dies